1980 Niles Cortland Rd SE, Warren, OH 44484, United States

Review №1

Great experience. Our server was Cheyenne, she is very sociable and provided great customer service. There was a little mix up but the manager Mark came out a personally informed us of the mix up and kept us updated, he was also very sociable and polite. Food was great. I had the cheesecake pancakes and I would highly recommend!

Review №2

Went to IHOP because they advertise all you can eat pancakes with any combo breakfast meal. Well that is false advertising. I ordered my combo meal , it arrived at the table, and no pancakes. I ask the waitress about the pancakes , she replied " your combo does not come with pancakes because it has toast". What? She did not tell us this when we ordered and specifically asked for pancakes. Not only that I ordered my eggs over medium and they came out slimy. All I can say about the food is I was disappointed. But that's not all I was disappointed about!It's very cold here in Warren, Ohio. You would think if you were going into a restaurant to eat it would be warm. It was so cold in there that you could not take your coat off! Even the waitresses were wearing they're coats. If a restaurant wants business they should at least keep the place warm enough to eat in without a coat.

Review №3

Got to have a very nice breakfast/lunch with my darling daughter. The nice ladies that sat behind my daughter even paid for our meal. We had a great experience thanks to our waiter and the friendly customers.

Review №4

The five stars are for the excellent service that was received by RJ. He was well mannered and very attentive. We had a very pleasant experience today and the food was good as well. Thank you!

Review №5

Food and service were excelent

Review №6

We weren't that thrilled to come here, but my daughter wanted to. We went to the IHOP in Boardman and loved it. Our waitress Ashley made it such a fun, wonderful evening. My daughter had the chocolate pancakes. Talk about your fix if you are a chocoholic. Chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips and chocolate syrup. They were delicious ( I snuck a bite)..light, fluffy and a chocolate lovers dream. Two of us had the steak tips. They were delicious! I had shrimp with mine. Wasn't that thrilled with the shrimp. Guess I am a fantail shrimp fan and these were not. The corn was good as was the red skinned mashed potatoes. Whatever sauce they cooked the steak tips in was divine! We can't wait to go back to order them again. A pleasant surprise was an added shortstack of pancakes that came with meal, so we had breakfast the next day!

Review №7

Tried the Senior meal lunch menu. Turkey avocado sandwich & BLT with baked potato soup.... EXTREMELY Tasty...!!! Great price & attentive service. Win/Win

Review №8

Great food. They have really good omelettes and pancakes. Sandwich was a little dry but overall would certainly recommend it.

Review №9

Food was great. Ordered takeout and our order was ready upon arrival. The cannoli was so good, I hope it stays around.

Review №10

Love the Swedish crepes!Menu is easy to understand!Clean atmosphere and friendly waitress.

Review №11

This is the third visit to this IHOP in particular and every time it has been a long, drawn out process just waiting for a table.An entryway full of people and yeah, I expected a 15 - 20 minute wait UNTIL I started looking around. Empty tables and booths but the hostess looking around like she didn't see the empty tables at all!After ten minutes of being there, hostess asks two girls if they were waiting for a table & then asks if their name was on the list. I wasn't upset she put them before everyone else (they were there long before we were) but could someone PLEASE train this person to be a proper hostess?There were two of us, we ended up sitting at a table for six. Not that it was a problem for us but what about the family of four and a baby that was there before us?

Review №12

It is a nice place to eat breakfast or brunch, but the waiting is sooo long to get your food.... you can wait for 15 minutes before anybody even takes your order and then it takes at least half an hour to get the food. No matter how many people are in the restaurant.

Review №13

Service was good, food was great. Wish pricing was a lil more family friendly as compared to other local restaurants

Review №14

Had to get eggs redone as they were like hockey pucks in stead of over easy. Water tasted and smelled like coffee instead of hot water for tea. Very disappointed

Review №15

Hadn't been there for a while. Had the pancake egg combo breakfast. Love the butter pecan syrup. Had to wait too long for my change when i needed to leave.

Review №16

Takes to long the crepes we order. Food was cold. The only good was the waiter very nice.

Review №17

Expensive for 1, 2 ordered 3 short stack to go. Almost $7 for 3 small pancakes, get home and no butter or SYRUP just terrible

Review №18

Our recent experience wasn't the best, we normally have breakfast here when we are in town visiting family. The service we had this past Sunday was terrible, rude attendants at the door. Servers argued when we wanted to switch tables because we were placed at a small table for a larger party. Many people were sat down and served food before we received ours even though we were sitting for awhile, the manager discounted the bill -which is why I gave two stars. The food was also very sub par and cold, what was upsetting is that this used to be a regular breakfast spot during visits and now it isn't due to recent terrible experiences.

Review №19

Love this place food is fantastic. It could use a little work on the house keeping end of things but other than that great. Go here quite often.

Review №20

We had a server in training so we didn't count that against this review. This lunch was amazing!! I mean as soon you get inside the smell of pancake batter and bacon have your mouth watering before the hostess can even ask how many are dining! Obviously the pancakes are amazing... No brainier but I was equally if not more impressed with the burger my son had and the chicken "burger" I had. A really great selection of meals and deals we joked that we would do "brunch" which is what we had then lunch after shopping and dinner later on just to try everything on the menu! I highly recommend this IHOP in Warren!

Review №21

$11 for an omelette, there are so many local places where you can get a better breakfast for a better price

Review №22

Horrible I dined in at 10:30 am with my friend and I,my pancakes tasted like bacon grease. I placed a take out order the fries was hard. The carpet is gummy dirty,milk dripping on the floor. The server station was not cleaned needed swept. The appearance of the place needed an upgrade inside and out. I'm quite sure I won't be back

Review №23

Food was great no issues but our service was a little slow. I felt like we all ways had empty cups and when we would ask for something like ketchup she would go get it then walk around for a few before she would deliver it to us. It was a little annoying.

Review №24

Restaurant is filthy, carpet is sticky and gross, breakfast wasn't anything great. Doubt we'll ever go back

Review №25

Tilapia was excellent. Server was good. No complaints was a very good meal. They have good breakfast too.

Review №26

The air conditioning was on when I got there but a very friendly young man who worked there turned it off! He said it kicks itself off from time to time so dress warm if you come here.

Review №27

Server was very good and very kind. Best experience so far.

Review №28

Over easy eggs were not cooked and service was non existent

Review №29

My wife, and grandson and I ate full breakfasts, hot drinks, coffee and chocolates, while enjoying fast service and a very polite waitress.

Review №30

Very good always love there food and very good service

Review №31

Great food. Staff on the left side of restaurant sucks. The right side is awesome!

Review №32

We always have great service and awesome hotcakes..try the hot chocolate

Review №33

Very tasty! Came for the new web cakes! Very sweet and good!

Review №34

The food was very good havent been there in years and great service!! I will go again.

Review №35

The server was extremely nice and helpful. The food was good and the price is good.

Review №36

Great omelot excellent service.Nice and relaxing meal.

Review №37

First time here and it did take a little bit of time to get our food but I have to say the food was delicious and breakfast isnt even one of my favorite meals.

Review №38

Excellent waitress. Good food, we had berakfast. Not much you can screw up there.

Review №39

Good menu & good service.

Review №40

Good stuff...low price..good service.

Review №41

Food was good,service was good,and got to have milk shake with breakfast

Review №42

Good never ending pancakes, ate until I bust....

Review №43

Good food fast service and friendly staff prices are reasonable

Review №44

If I could give 0 , I would! PAID with gift card online, the took it off my credit card.. then told me to contact online. Food was cold, after I waited for it. Strawberry Banana pancakes..(no strawberries) on them. Confetti kids pancake, no frosting topping.. no receipt in bag to contact online ordering to get money switched from credit card to gift card... What a freaking joke this place is.

Review №45

Food was great, waitress was friendly. Not very clean from customers before us, booths so small it was uncomfortable.

Review №46

Great food great service love this place

Review №47

Give them four stars just because I really like the strawberry cheesecake pancakes!!!!!!

Review №48

Fast friendly service. I ordered the Philly Steak Stacker. I was not impressed, it was not good. I should have known not to order a nonbreakfast food at a place that specializes in breakfast food. The people that were with me ordered omlets, and they looked good. That is what I am going to order next time. One of the omlets had a hair in it. They apologized, replaced it and took it off the bill. They handled it perfectly. The prices are great. I love good food at great prices.

Review №49

My first time at IHOP. Loved it! Amazing staff. Well worth the 10 dollar tip I left.

Review №50

I enjoy going here with my mother whenever I'm in the area.. she loves the pancakes.. but the omlettes are what I get..

Review №51

Freezing inside. Food is good.

Review №52

The service was above, and beyond the typical IHOP!! The food was just ok if that, but we spoke with the management on duty! We made a point to do this because it made our server look bad as if she wasn't doing her job correctly, and I'm not a fan of that at all!!! Overall this place was good, we had a clean both for us, silverware that was wrapped was clean, and glasses and plates were also clean......if the food would have been as good as the service I could have given this IHOP a 5!!! Thanks for the great service(I hope this server knows who she is)on our way to Brooklyn!!! Thank you IHOP Management team for listening to our feedback, understanding our discretion, and hopefully the server is killing it still as I write this review!!! Not many people now can appreciate what it takes to serve half a restaurant and keep up with everything like a pro!!

Review №53

Food always good and to sign our names to wait for a table, it was ok.

Review №54

Better than it used be. Fresh food. Cleaner. Friendly staff

Review №55

Service was ok but there was 2 tables in the restaurant and the cookbook for ever. Messed up the order, for both tables. ??? SMH lol

Review №56

I will never ever go to this IHop again. We had hair is our food .

Review №57

Great Food and Free Kuds meals and awesome Waiter don't know his name but big guy with 5 kids.

Review №58

Really great good, reasonable prices!

Review №59

My experience at IHOP was pleasant and the service was great

Review №60

I haven't been to this restaurant in a few years because I don't live near here anymore. My son lives close so we decide to meet for breakfast. I arrived first and got a table the rest of my guest arrived 15 minutes later. We were seated right near the serving alley but for some reason no one noticed us. We waited 25 minutes before our server took our drink order. We watched as people arrived after us ordered food and ate before our food order was even taken. When we finally ordered our food it took and hour to get it. Our server seemed overwhelmed and a bit annoyed when we asked for straws for our drinks but other then that she was polite. I use to love this place but was very disappointed in my experience. The restaurant was very clean and I was greated as soon as I walked in. I own and operate my own small restaurant and know how important guest service in a timely manner is.

Review №61

The place wasn't packed, and it took so long for the food to come out. The hash browns were burnt. And under the table was trash and smelled really bad. That place never was like this. Don't know what happened. My omelette was good. Service was bad.

Review №62

Not the best IHOP I have ever been to. Do not order the steak unless you dont mind being disappointed. The pancakes are pretty good. Do not go in the mornings on the weekend unless you have some time to kill.

Review №63

We arrived to a crowded waiting room. Expecting a long wait but was surprisingly short. Experience a minor inconvenience but the hostess quickly and cordially accommodate us. Mercedes, our waitress, was very attentive and friendly. Food was good and prepared well. Very good experience for a very busy day.

Review №64

It was okay. The service was okay. Our waitress didn't introduce herself, felt like she just wanted to get on. The food was good though, reason for the 4 stars.

Review №65

Good food at a good price.

Review №66

We had a wonderful happy and kind waiter food is good too

Review №67

Friendly service, great pancakes and omelette!

Review №68

Love I hop pancakes beat pancakes anywhere.

Review №69

Sadly the restaurant was very unclean. Floors and Windows were dirty. Restrooms were awful. I don't know how it's not reported and something done about it. I've never seen it look so bad.

Review №70

I wish I had taken a picture of the omlette but it was tiny, less than half of the size it usually is. It took forever to get our food which is why we did not send it back either. I can only assume that it was a new cook.

Review №71

Birthday sundaes are the best! Great staff and food came out quick!

Review №72

We usually have a great dining experience here, but today was different. Our party of five agreed to meet by 10:00. My husband & I arrived early to make sure seating was available. Almost immediately we were seated, with the other three arriving shortly thereafter. The restaurant wasn't crowded, but our food orders took much too long to be served.

Review №73

Love this place and so does my kids

Review №74

Waited 30 minutes to be seated. Another 20 before we got a drink. Forgot some food when it finally came. Need to hire experienced help.

Review №75

We went to breakfast Sunday morning, and have been there a few times before. Today was bad, and it seems that every visit has gotten progressively worse. The food was good, and everything came up pretty quick. The service, on the other hand, was HORRIBLE. Our waitress was bad, award winning bad. We asked for ranch. You'd have thought we asked for gold. We were never given silverware, so we sat for 5 minutes staring at our food while our waitress (who told us that was where she was going) took two different table food orders, and re-filled another tables drinks. We asked the hostess for silverware so we could eat. The waitress then came back by and said, "Oh ya, silverware, sorry". And asked if we wanted re-fills on our drinks, we said yes. That never came our way. We didn't see our waitress again until we flagged her down, after 3 attempts, to ask for the bill. Will not be back.

Review №76

I took my grandson to IHOP last week. Our waitress was excellent! My grandson got sick right before our meals came. She kindly packed up our meals so we could quickly leave. From the time we were seated until we left, she was helpful. She really felt concerned for him

Review №77

Ordered online for pickup. Wasn't ready when we got there had to wait almost 25 min longer than our original pickup time. Ordered a few dinners that were the same but made differently didn't mark n e thing so we had to guess which steak was medium which was medium well n which was well. Was sloppily thrown in the bags n half out order like toast that came with meals was missing VERY Dissatisfied and disappointed for dropping 80 dollars

Review №78

I love me some IHOP but quality is going down. Burnt my pancakes and had to beg for a drink refill.

Review №79

This is absolutely the worst restaurant ever. My server was horrible. The food was cold and I do mean everything which was odd cause we were the only ones in the place. And the only thing worse than the food is the management. They should all be fired and replace with people with better customer service skills. Definitely won't be back and don't suggest anyone else go there either!!!!

Review №80

Portions are small and staff always takes there time getting to the tables. I reccomend Bob Evans over Ihop

Review №81

Good food. Good portions. Plenty of menu choices. Not the cheapest place to eat but not outrageous either.

Review №82

Good food and friendly staff as always. If you're both over 55, ask about B1G1F

Review №83

Great food and services.

Review №84

Service could have been better.

Review №85

Poor service I got my check before my food and it was cold when I got it. Refills are not free. Dirty dirty dirty. Long wait. No better than any pancake.

Review №86

Great. Food and service

Review №87

Always a decent breakfast when you don't feel like making it yourself. New York cheesecake pancakes are a personal favorite. Eastwood mall location a million times better than boardman location in terms of speed of service and quality of food.

Review №88

It's nice place nice place to eat friendly atmosphere good service okay

Review №89

The pancakes were extremely thin and small. They did not cover the small side plate they were served on. My french toast was cold and had to be nuked. Service was ok at best. This was the second time in a row things were sub-par. I will be getting my pancakes at Bob Evans from now on.

Review №90

Called in wouldn't take my order :( it's 11:10 they close at 12:00!

Review №91

Clean and not to busy. The waiter I had was not at all that great. She was more interested in anything but her tables. The other wait staff was super nice and had gone out of there way to make sure we were taken care of. Our food was cold but more probably the fault of the waitress not the kitchen.

Review №92

This place maybe under staffed but everyone had great attitudes, and was very polite

Review №93

Good food good people

Review №94

Dirty and server was rude to me and my daughter because our silverware was dirty and we asked for new ones. I'm so sorry I don't want a bite of someone else's breakfast and spit. Definitely would never come back to one by Eastwood mall

Review №95

Good food. Reasonable prices.

Review №96

The waiter really messed up our order, decided he didn't need to write it down. But mgmt made it right.

Review №97

I love the service and the people! Top notch

Review №98

We had to wait 45 min for our meal. They weren't even busy. Food good,waitress good

Review №99

Under staffed, went at 3:00pm and only 1 waitress an 1 cook on duty. Waited 45min for food

Review №100

Food is way over priced

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  • Address:1980 Niles Cortland Rd SE, Warren, OH 44484, United States
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  • Phone:+1 330-505-9480
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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