Penn Station East Coast Subs
8373 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48093, United States

Review №1

First time. Food was great. Will definitely recommend to others looking for a sub close to an east coast flavor. I had the chicken philly, they put sauce on it accidentally as if I ordered the pizza sub, but it was still tasty. My mother and her husband had the philly steaks. They were pleased also.

Review №2

Bought 4 10" subs for just under $9 each. The subs were all excellent, just wish the price had been $1-$1.50 less each. Will return, but will be looking for coupons before doing so.

Review №3

Great food! I had a cheese and steak sub that was delicious. There were a couple of hiccups in ordering and not getting all that we ordered. I was surprised they didn't up-sale us for the fresh made lemonade or fresh baked cookies, which are both delightful.

Review №4

Great subs, I love the chicken cordon bleu, chicken teriyaki, and the Italian. Sooooo good.

Review №5

I really enjoy this place, the food is delicious and the staff is really nice! Definitely worth the price!

Review №6

It was wonderful the food was great, everything was price reasonable and the service was on point.

Review №7

I love this place. The workers are so incredibly generous, and i've made friends with some of the workers. Food is also very tasty. 10/10 recommend

Review №8

Great food...wonderful service

Review №9

Simply the best comfort food on planet earth! A bit pricey, though. I guess you get what you pay for...

Review №10

NOT open til 10 anymore. Had to waste my time driving here to find that out as Google hours are incorrect.

Review №11

Foods delicious and staff is friendly.

Review №12

Love this location

Review №13

Great guys. Got 2 subs and one wasnt correct to order but they understood perfectly and compensated me for my time! Fantastic workers there. would recommend it.

Review №14

Love this place. The staff are always nice, food is always good & the place is clean. Recommended for a quick bite.

Review №15

Great philly and great fries. Friendly service. Quick.

Review №16

Love the sandwiches here. Served nice and hot and many varieties to choose from. They probably have one that will become your favorite. ~ JTC ~

Review №17

Great sub sandwiches. Reasonable price and portions too

Review №18

Food. SUB'S, GREAT Service.

Review №19

Worst location around. I've talked with managers multiple times but honestly its just a bunch of ghetto people working there usually. There are friendly crew members too, but dont hold your breath.

Review №20

I used to frequent the Penn Station in Rochester when I worked in the area. It was excellent, especially the pizza sub. This experience however was another story. My son ordered a small Club sub, hot, no cheese and no dressings. What arrived was some warm bread, and a few tiny scraps of meat. When I complained to the staff (I presume one of the two women there was the "manager") I was told "What do you want me to do? I don't make the prices".It was a simple case of theft. I look forward to the OUT OF BUSINESS sign on this joint. I will never return and discourage others from patronizing this dump.

Review №21

First off, I love Penn Station's food, and have been to many other ones and never had a bad experience. This time I waited 25 minutes for my food, and when people after me started getting their food, I asked about it. Nothing was said at all, the cashier just put my order back in line. I didn't have more time to wait so I asked for my money back. I was given a refund, with not a word said to me at all. Even an acknowledgement would've been nice, but they just continued to work and basically ignored the issue, except to issue a refund and hand me the receipt.

Review №22

Omg it was so good

Review №23

Staff not wearing masks. That's my last visit.

Review №24

Good food! Fries+vinegar=Amazing=] Lemonade is good too.

Review №25

Staff was okay , my chicken teriyaki tasted very salty though not sure if it was because they drenched it with teriyaki sauce or what!!! I mean I didn't order teriyaki sauce and bread. My fries where just okay , grease could use a change as well. Pretty sure that fries are not supposed to be brown. In all honesty the chocolate chip cookie was the best thing I had bought from there.

Review №26

Sub and fries were wonderful! Also had an amazing cookie!

Review №27

Avoid this location. You will spend your entire lunch hour waiting in line.

Review №28

The sandwich was very good, but then the give me cold fries and I paid 3 for some cold fries. They were not only cold, but old very disappointed.

Review №29

Very clean, great food and a friendly staff.

Review №30

I have no idea if this is a good place. I wasn't there so ignore my rating.

Review №31

Pretty good for a corporate sub shop I must say even better than Jersey Mike's. I can't fault them and I'm a picky guy I love their lemonade and their Italian sausage sub

Review №32

Simply delicious! Good prices. Clean. Fresh. The staff really work hard and fast. There was a lot of people there cuz it's so good, but the staff got us through pretty quick. Everyone needs to try this place!

Review №33

With rave reviews from co-workers and friends, I decided to try a Penn Station Sub. Granted this is lunch time but every single person after me received their food (maybe 6 or 7) with no sign of mine in sight. Nothing was said at all, until someone started walking around with an Italian sub (for here) and yelling out the name "Paul". My name is Alison and I ordered an 8 inch Italian sub with fries and a drink to go. I was finally asked what my order was and was told "this must be it then..." had to wait even longer for them to bag it up and cook me a small fry as I had ordered originally. No apology was issued nor any kind of compensation to retain a possible future customer and refrain from leaving a negative review for this location. Needless to say I was late back to work from my lunch hour so thanks for that. Food was alright but the customer service was some of the worst I've ever had. With so many other places to eat in this area, I'm floored by the lack of human decency and customer service received. Hope this review helps the restaurant to improve and help others to choose somewhere else to eat lunch until then.

Review №34

Food was great! Service was outstanding. This would be a great place for a quick bite

Review №35

Best subs around. Clean building, quick service, and friendly staff

Review №36

A different take on subs. They offer a handful of unique makes. The fries and cookies are a must to try.

Review №37

My daughter Akiyah Danforth loves this place

Review №38

They were very polite and the place was very clean

Review №39


Review №40

Awesome steak and cheese. Blows Tubbys, subway and any other sub shop out the water

Review №41

All in all the service and the atmosphere are really great. The food was good till I hit the last few pieces of bacon, that were spoiled meat. I did tell the manager about it and that was good enough I guess. Maybe I'll try them again, as far as prices well that was the best part, inexpensive but great service, well worth the extra.

Review №42

I came in tonight and the manager is walking around touching everything and her hair and starts to make my sandwich with her bare hands. I asked her why she never wears gloves like the other team members and she says because she washed her hands. I told her she didn't move from that spot. She says you want me to remake it? I said the guy not her. Then she proceeds to put on gloves that she said wasn't mandatory.She starts to talk about it with other customers and tell the staff they don't need to wear their gloves. MyOrder# was 123 @8:37pm.I came in once before and the same night manager was sweeping and then turned to make my sandwich. Tried to lie and said she washed Her hands again as I watched her the entire time in hopes that she didn't touch my order.If gloves aren't mandatory hand washing before touching customers food should be.I won't be coming back. I work at GM across the street and will be spreading the word about the poor service recovery effort made by this manager.Feel free to reach out to me if you like!

Review №43

I'm not exactly sure on the authenticity of the Philly cheesesteak as I got the small one. I think you need to get the 8 or 12 in with toppings to make it a real true Philly cheese steak. Either way the sandwiches good enough I'm going to come back and try it again. The fries are fantastic, you must get those.

Review №44

We love all Penn Stations! Tried almost everything on the menu! Get it east coast style, you won't regret it!

Review №45

Fresh delicious food with great customer service!

Review №46

Great food as service! Penn station has the best subs around!

Review №47

Staff is unpleasant and receives your order as a burden to them. Walked in around 930 (they close at 10pm) and was essentially forced out because they “already started cleaning up”. This service does not correlate to most penn stations. Highly recommend another location.

Review №48

Very kind; helpful, and attentive.First time here for a veggie grilled sub.Everything was immaculate

Review №49

Amazing food and service

Review №50

Delicious Dagwood sandwich. Very clean. I hope more people get to know about this place.

Review №51

Chicken Teriyaki was very good and very friendly staff.

Review №52

My husband and I stood at the counter for 6 minutes and not one of the 2 people greeted or acknowledged us, but we were really pissed because there was NO LINE... They had ONE order before us!Finally, we just walked out...It's unfortunate that we were treated so poorly! Try My Pizza Place instead! They act like they want their customer's business!

Review №53

The young ladies took my order, then one of there friends came in and one of them asked what he wanted he told them they made his food before mine and he didn't pay for it. The young man must've worked there cause he asked for a hat from the back. She proceeded to give him his hat then came around for a hug all while I'm standing there waiting for my damn food that I paid for.

Review №54

Staff were nice,food was ok but not worth the price

Review №55

Justin was a really nice and respectful Employee that was my first time walking in there and he was extremely nice and we ended up spending more than we were supposed to have because he upscaled everything please give him a raise I will definitely come back every day for my sub bc of him I own my own business and I can see good potential employees when I look at one Great job

Review №56

Order took 30 minutes. They were short staffed on a Friday night. Food was good.

Review №57

Alright for lunch, a bit more costly/less healthy than subway but overall filling and good. Has loyalty app where you can acquire points for free food & 10% discount for GM employees with badge on non-specials.

Review №58

Nice establishment with friendly staff and great Italian sub.

Review №59

They make one of the best italian subs ive ever had, if not the best.The philly cheese steak is also amazing. Good prices, great service.

Review №60

The sub's aren't all that good and the staff isn't the best. They also take a while to make a sub, if you are trying to get something quick to eat I would not suggest going here.

Review №61

Manager Johnathon moceri is extremely polite and gave me a great experience here it was clean store awesome atmosphere

Review №62

Underfilled overpriced subs. Subway is a way better deal. $15 bucks for a sad footlong and fries was a horrible joke. Save your money. Eat fresh.

Review №63

First time at this location. 3 people working. Two of them exceptionally rude. The guy especially. It's like they weren't interested in taking an order, making the food, or being even marginally friendly or helpful. The guy working was rushing me through placing an order I was reading to him (doing an order pickup for myself and a coworker). I love Penn Station...but I think I'll be avoiding this location in the future.

Review №64

They may be the best subs in Michigan..

Review №65

Great food!! Clean and friendly!

Review №66

Quick service. Good lunch choices.

Review №67

Great selection of subs with room for personalization. They also have fries which is a good combination. I love the lemonade.

Review №68

They make some great sandwhiches along with some good fries and they have very good service

Review №69

I wish we would remember this place on Mondays when they have the 6" special but we keep coming back on other days too.

Review №70

Just had the chicken teriyaki sub and I love it keep up the good work and their french fries out of this world next time I order I will order more chicken and more onion love love love

Review №71

I've never been to one before. They make the fries fresh. That's probably the best part about this place. The philly cheese was alright. I think you get more bang for your buck at subway. I bought a SMALL drink, SMALL sub, and SMALL fry and it was $11.00. Way too expensive. Also the staff was not that friendly.

Review №72

Disappointed. Ticket #52. Order 6inch sub, but when I got home I had two small subs made to look like. 6inch sub. So displeased with the quality of food. Won't go back to that Penn station (12 mile and Van Dyke in Warren MI.)

Review №73

Always has really good subs to me home away from home

Review №74

OUTSTANDINGThe Rouben and Philli Steak are what I have tried so far.... It's for sure a meals worth of food wrapped in Cheese Paper. LOLThe Cheese doesn't stick to itTry and Enjoy

Review №75

Penn Station Subs in my book makes the best veggie subs ever. If I want veggie subs, then this is where I will go! The french fries don't disappoint either, I always ask for mine well done, just ask, they will be happy to leave them in just a bit longer! Not too often, but oh so yummy when I allow myself the indulgence!

Review №76

The sub was excellent but the fries were cold. Besides that, i love this place.

Review №77

The food is good, but service is Horrible. The employees are rude with the exception of the female manager (no clue what her name is). They forget something every single time we get carry-out which in turn means my sandwich is cold by the time I get home. Typically try to dine in, but then you have to wait 20-30 minutes to get a freaking sandwich. The other locations do not have this problem so this is disappointing.

Review №78

The service was terrible, took 15 minutes to get a sub with no one else in the line. Shortly after I arrive to my house with the sloppiest sub I couldn't even eat and I feel like I wasted 20 mins of my time and 14 bucks

Review №79

Great place both young ladies were nice

Review №80

I love the people that work at Penn Station in madison heights and they have good food!

Review №81

Great Subs...!!!! Download the app for a free Sub !!!! Fresh.. Great Rolls.. Friendly Staff..

Review №82

Nice grilled subs

Review №83

I called 15 minutes before my lunch to place a to go order. They put me on hold by placing the phone down. I then spent 10 minutes listening to the cashier ring other orders and then forget about me. I asked the cashier about it 25 minutes later when paying for my food. She picked up the phone and saw it was still off the hook. While waiting for our food we noticed no one working was wearing gloves and when I tried to call later to complain no one picked up. This place is unorganized and not worried about health code. Not going back to this place

Review №84

Went in today to take my daughter for lunch. Allen was great taking my order and preparing my food. However when it came down to getting my drinks I asked for a regular lemonade for myself and a kids size for my daughter. There was a Douche Bag ( tall slim white male, with his hair in a ponytail and the sides of his head shaved, with tattoos) that responded we don't have kids cups here. I then proceeded by telling him the kids cups were right behind him. He again lied and said we don't do that here. I'm not sure why he even felt the need to say something he was doing paperwork he didn't take my order. So I just decided to get myself a drink and planned to share with my daughter since the DOUCHE BAG LIED AND TOLD ME THEY DID NOT HAVE KIDS CUPS. After getting settled st my table with my food Cheryl came over with a kids cup and apologized. However that is not enough for me. I will no longer support this location with my business and will make sure my family steers clear as well.PsPenn Station please stop hiring rude DOUCHE BAG EMPLOYEES THST LIE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.Hire more people like Allen and Cheryl.

Review №85

Staff greets you as you walk in. If they're busy they will still acknowledge you to let you know they see you. The food came out quick and when handing me the food the lady smiled and said some nice things. This was my first time visiting this location and it most certainly will not be my last.

Review №86

The food is good and reasonably priced, but my perception is that the staff doesn't have the time for my crap. Between being sighed at for asking what was on a sandwich then not hearing correctly at first, being run over by a staff delivering sandwiches when I did not get out of the way fast enough, and having my sandwiched aggressively dropped on my table without a word, I won't be back.Thanks, but there are enough options nearby that I can find one with a staff who values my desire to not be treated as an inconvenience.

Review №87

I was Totally excited when Penn Station opened on 12 Mile. I am use to the Penn Station in Rochester Michigan as they have always been good to our company and personally, it's sad to hear of these experiences because I was bragging to so many people who never even heard of Penn Station!!! Thus far, I've had no trouble.... The only issue I do wonder about is " where ate the real fries, you get bits and in Rochester you get whole sliced fries!!!

Review №88

This was my first time eating at Penn Station, I ordered the Philly cheese steak, fries and a fresh squeezed lemonade. It was a great sandwich, very filling. Everything is ala carte, no combos.

Review №89

Highly disappointed with this location. My first experience eating at Penn Station was at the location on 16 Mile near Mound Road. I was so impressed with the chicken salad sub at that location that I couldn't wait to take me husband in to the store on 12 Mile and Van Dyke.How disappointed I was that they only had two types of chips; Dorito's and Baked Lays and my chicken salad sub was nothing like the one I had on 16 Mile Road, there was hardly any chicken salad on it, it was all lettuce and tomatoes and sub role.Even though the 12 Mile and Van Dyke location is within a quick bike ride, I think next time we'll travel a little further and go the one on 16 Mile, the subs were stacked with filling not just vegetables.

Review №90

Good cookie Tuesday!....I dont give anything 5 stars....

Review №91

Very good customer service. Greeted as we came in, loud and friendly lol (young black guy with glasses). The menu was explained to us, including that the fries are cooked in peanut oil.I told the guy I have a peanut allergy. The woman helping on the line (possibly manager?) overheard and made sure the young lady (who may have been new) wiped down the prep board and didn't get any fries near my food. She consistently checked that she followed those instructions, explaining that a peanut allergy is serious. I was very impressed that she took such precaution for me.Everyone checked on all of the patrons throughout us dining.The food was pretty good, by the way lol.

Review №92

Came in 22 minutes before close, employees were mad, rude when speaking. Said it's going to take a minute because all the equipment was already off and cleaned... lol, good sub though

Review №93

It was ok. They ran out of pop syrup for mountain dew, asked for mayo and mustard on the side, didnt get that. Place was clean though, and a satisfying lunch.

Review №94

Took over 20 minutes to get 2 6 inch subs. Totally ridiculous. And I ended up getting food ahead of woman in front of me

Review №95

Waited for 45 minutes still didn't get my food

Review №96

I just tried to call their phone was off the hook like the other reviews said. Food is great

Review №97

On Tuesday June 5th, 2018 this location was horribly understaffed. When located near the GM tech center full of engineers, you are going to slowly lose business if you keep pissing off your smart customers. VERY DISAPPOINTED. it will be awhile before we come back here.

Review №98

Just left getting food and my fries are burned from over cooking, not happy didn't have time to go back

Review №99

Out of all the sub shops this is my favorite

Review №100

$6 for an italian salad is much better than Jimmy John's $8 unwich. i love the low carb options.

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