519 South St SW, Warren, OH 44483, United States
Review №1

Food is always super fresh when I go which is the only reason this is 2 stars and not one.. The wait is always super long. They have got my order wrong the last 3 times I've been there one time I ended up paying for something I didn't ask for and didn't want. Do not recommend.

Review №2

Food is constantly terrible. The consitantcy make me believe the food is just bad. 2 stars because it is fast food slightly above a McDonald's but not by much...

Review №3

Great food, terrible service. Went to the drive through, the young lady who took our order was short with us and took a terrible tone with us. She told us to "Hang on a minute." when we were mid order. Then a young man can on the speaker and was equally as rude. We continued to be polite and respectful and placed our order. Food was great though. Please train your staff!

Review №4

Other than not completing my order (missing burger) the food I had was good, and the server was nice.

Review №5

Waited in line with 12 cars ahead of me. Burgers and fries were extremely cold considering the food should have been warm due to the rush. No napkins were in the bag. Impossible to make a left turn out onto the main street. I rather drive to Akron or Cleveland and get better service. Came all the way from Campbell and I'm very disgusted. I will say the bacon on my burger was the best part of my meal LOL

Review №6

Their fries are a-ma-zing!! My daughter and I loved the blue raspberry slushies, they were perfect for a hot July day. Three of us ordered lunch, not a single complaint.

Review №7

Great service and the food was fresh and hot.. I live in Garrettsville which is a good distance away.. So now, I don't have to drive to Brookpark.. Thank You..

Review №8

Great food; a little pricey; quick service friendly staff.

Review №9

Food never the hottest, customer service not the greatest. There is one lady who works there that is awesome

Review №10

It's okay but is what it is. Cheap fast food.

Review №11

I got what I wanted- couldn't say anything else was remarkable

Review №12

Food and service excellent,drive up has curve the caused the loss of a hubcap.

Review №13

Best fast food. Great staff. Friendly and great service.

Review №14

Food was really delicious and affordable. The wait time was a little bit too long but I believe it was due to the drive thru being really busy at that time of night & only 2 employees working at the time. Drive thru worker was really nice & helpful. Definitely look forward to going back very soon.

Review №15

This is the meanest rudest one in the area. They make you feel rushed and I can see why it's avoided. Please I invite you to go and try them out to also see why this is clearly a one time place you will NOT return to.

Review №16

I love Banana shakes

Review №17

Good service from the star team.

Review №18

I can't wait to find myself near a Rallys. Food is great.

Review №19

Food is good an the young lady in the drive thru.. we as very nice...

Review №20

I can't review the food, never got the chance to eat it, or even get any. Went through the drive thru and was told to wait out front by the pickup window. I stood there ten minutes whilst every employee ignored me, even after seeing that I was there. I wasn't worried and thought to myself that they were just busy. However after another few minutes one of their coworkers opened the window I was waiting at, just to talk to a different employee that was behind me in line.

Review №21

My favorite fast food chain. Extremely slow at this one though. Be prepared to wait for a half hour

Review №22

The food is always fresh and the workers are very pleasant and cohere to the covid guidelines

Review №23

Great food. Very good service.

Review №24

Rallys is always amazing! 10/10 would recommend!

Review №25

Food is ok, if a bit on the greasy side, bring a snack or a magazine for the wait at the drive through. 30 minutes for 4 cars in front of me.

Review №26

Came here from Florida was way better than the ones down home I was with good company

Review №27

Great hamburgers but I ways seem to have to wait just a little too long in line.

Review №28

Rude and take forever to give you food act like your not even there

Review №29

Husbands food was stale and tasted is not very good and way to pricey for the taste

Review №30

Drive through took an hour

Review №31

Had a Rally burger with cheese meal, large size. Price was reasonable, and the sandwich was pretty good. Seemed fresh, and wasn't dried out. Seasoned fries were pretty good . Ordered a root beer, and since this was a "large" order, the drink was ridiculously huge. Tasty, but come on. It would take me hours to finish that drink. Threw most of it away. Order medium and save some money.

Review №32

Fresh food and great service

Review №33

Not my favorite but its average

Review №34

Did a great job today guys thank you everything was really good

Review №35

Just to let you know I was there this morning ordered about 15.00 worth of food listen and watch the two working..laughing and saying how they spit in every White persons food...yuck, I'm a nurse, and yes I am white. I WILL BE SEEKING Legal actionUpdage 7-24-20Owner never responded back after they said they would so I contacted the health dept.

Review №36

They can mess up a simple order..All Rallts bank on you not coming back to make it right..They stink!!

Review №37

This is a classic taste for me. They use to be real popular in Cleveland when I was growing up. The big Buford is a must have if you go here. The prices aren't expensive either.

Review №38

My wife loves this place and there's shake machines always up unlike its competitors

Review №39

Walked up waited 15 min no one would take my order so I had to go get my car and go threw the drive thru

Review №40

Great food good prices.great service

Review №41

If you like miracle whip and seasoned fries this is your new favorite burger joint!

Review №42

Even being short staffed, they rocked it. Great food, good service but get these people some help!

Review №43

Best Big Buffurd EVER!!!

Review №44

The food was cold and it tasted like garbage won't go there again

Review №45

Slow service but always great food

Review №46

Should not need to call from the drive-thru line to get someone's attention to take an order. And then to wait another 10 min for them to hand me the wrong food is ridiculous.

Review №47

I was just there. The manager wouldnt speak to me. They refused to give me my entire order. A young kid kept slamming the window in my face. They accused me of having all the food, even when i pulled everything out to show them i didnt have it. I asked to speak to the manager, they slammed the window & when i asked to have corporates number they said its on the receipt which its not and slammed the window. I just made a huge complaint to corporate. I will never go there again and i will make sure everyone knows how they run their business.

Review №48

I asked for extra bbq sauce and they said okay well its extra $ and if not I could exchange my other sauce then I said nevermind and pull away to find out they NEVER GAVE ME MY SAUCE TO BEGIN WITH. WONT BE BACKTERRIBLE SERVICE.

Review №49

Took a long time for service and a quite long time for food.

Review №50

Good Fast Food!!

Review №51

Good food, although they messed up my order the last time I went. That's fast food for you. Drive Thru people were nice the two times I've been there. New restaurant but it doesn't look like they finished any of the curb areas. Makes it look like they gave up. Maybe they'll do that in the spring.

Review №52

Love the fact that Warren, Ohio has a Rally's once again. It changes things up a bit. Like the deals and selection. No complaints thus far..

Review №53

They food is just to greasy for my taste! I feel like just ordering a bun with grease. Lol

Review №54

Hands down the SLOWEST fast food place I have ever been to in my life. When the place first opened and the line was wrapped around the block, it made sense. But now even in the handful of times I've been this year there's never been more than 2 cars ahead of me and I've still never gotten in and outta line in less than 25 minutes. I'd be even willing to kinda let it slide if at least the food was good. This time in particular, even my BURGER wasn't warm anymore. I've already lowered my expectations of this location to ever expect hot fries, but this was a new low. To say it was cold would be an exaggeration, but it was devoid of heat. It was probably made when I ordered it and then just sat in the bag while I waited in line for 15-20 minutes. I think the girls at the window could tell I was annoyed which is why my receipt is conveniently missing from my bag. I was there at the window long enough that I watched one employee try and make a stacker, mess it up, another girl showed her on the counter the instructions of what goes in them to make it, she tried and did it wrong AGAIN, so the second girl just made it for her instead. She handed it to the customer at the front window and even SHE must've screwed up because she took it back and had to put something else on top. Please get some better trained employees in that place. It's the blind leading the blind in there.

Review №55

Fries are awesome and definitely try the Baconzilla!

Review №56

I mean, it's Rally's what needs to be said? Big Buford it's the bomb.

Review №57

The chicken bite box was only 4 chicken the fries were burnt an we could taste old greese i was disappointed

Review №58

Great burgers, love the fries. Service was fast and courteous. Good value

Review №59

Drivethrew takes forever!

Review №60

Fresh fries were PERFECT!

Review №61

It was like checkers for some reason.

Review №62

I loved their banana milkshake.

Review №63

Great food ..good service

Review №64

Bad neighborhood but good food

Review №65

I come back to edit my 5 star review from a year ago. Almost everytime we come here our order is incomplete or wrong. It has just been a dissatisfying experience the last few times we've been through. The food is good.

Review №66

They get a five star just for the fries alone. Best fries I have ever had in my life. Cheap too

Review №67

When it's open there is cars lined up around the street.The service here tends to be somewhere between slow and slower.The food at Rally's of courses hit or miss but tends to be good when they get it right.Speed of service is not what this particular Rally's is known for.They tend to be "mostly" correct on getting your order as you wished at least an 80% likelihood you'll find the food you ordered in the bag as expected.Good news is most of the folks working there are fairly friendly about screwing up your order.

Review №68

The service and Food was great

Review №69

Love it.... but when I say no cheese or tomato on my sandwich that's what I want and they always still put it on . So they would have gotten 5 stars butt

Review №70

Always loved to eat here.

Review №71

My people's hooked me up. The R.O.B. ,gonna be alright! !!!! Thank you LORDI will push cars outta my way to get my Rally s. No joke

Review №72

Customer service is not very good!

Review №73

Takes too long to get orders

Review №74

Seasoned fries are worth the drive

Review №75

Customer service is terrible. Seems as though the workers need trained better. Service is slow and not due to lack of employees as there are always a ton of people working inside. There has not been one time that they have gotten my order 100% correct. I'm not even sure how the place is still open. This review is based on about a handful of visits since they opened. And it's the same rude, slow, and terrible service each time.

Review №76

You know, I've been there maybe 20 times.They almost always get my order perfect.Only 1ce they forget my pie.A month later they gave it to me.Awesome!

Review №77

Good food, but painfully slow.

Review №78

First time ever here, I'm not an Ohio native so this was the perfect place for fast food. Good burgers and shakes, definitely wish there were more of these places back home.

Review №79

Best part is they are cheap

Review №80

Food was poorly made.burger was sloppy and to much sauces. Skimpy on the fries. Nothing was fresh made. It don't even compair to niles rallys back in the day.

Review №81

Good food, service ok, was specific no onion on hamburgers and we got it anyhow on our burgers and they weren't busy

Review №82

Very very good compared to other fast food burger places. Good iced tea too. Drive through is very slow though.

Review №83

I liked their food but it's just fast food.

Review №84

Ordered my food had to wait 10 minutes for my food when I got it the chili dog was lukewarm good fish sandwich was piping hot which I was happy about but then when I bit into it and all that tasted like was fryer Grease I was upset I will no longer be ordering food from our Rallys

Review №85

Captains log 330:It has been 23 minutes since I ordered the combo meal. Still no luck. I can feel my insides twisting in pain. The person in front of me looks delicious. Might sacrifice them if it takes longer.Update: 30 minutes in. Finally got the food but in return I lost 30 minutes of my life that I could have used for more important things like write a better review.

Review №86

Awesome food

Review №87

Slow but affordable with pretty good taste

Review №88

I could feel the extreme hatred of the waitress the whole time. A value fry had been dumped empty underneath the food. Only an emotional bag and 8 fries that were at the bottom of the bag. I kindly and timidly showed her the empty paper for the fries and showered her the little bit of smashed fries under my food and asked for another value fry. The loathing was unreal. I was so scared that she was going to spit in my fries or blow up on me. After a long wait the manager asked why I was waiting there, and the manager starts yelling at the shrewd worker who botched the dollar fry I had gotten for my 4 yr old, and by now I'm terrified and crying that I upset multiple people over a value fry. It nearly ruined my night. All this was after a 20 minute wait and they didn't even give me my 2 BBQ sauces I paid extra for. It was my first time there. What did I do to deserve this? Why?

Review №89

The food is good and a reasonable price for fast food.

Review №90

Always check your food.

Review №91

Love the funnel fries!

Review №92

Their Burgers are so good and the FF are 2nd to none totally Delicious, Good service,and reasonable

Review №93

Love the food....but didn't get all the food we paid for..

Review №94

They are quick, accurate, and efficient in taking and filling your orders. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If a worker isn't sure of an answer to your question they will find out for you instead of just saying they don't know.

Review №95

I love this place it's always quick service and the staff is extremely nice

Review №96

The food is really good, but poor service.

Review №97

Great food, good prices, super nice crew. This place is non-stop busy all the time despite being directly between 2 other fast food places, which should tell you something! I would have given 5 stars but, because they're always so busy you sometimes have to wait quite a while on your food. I've waited over a 1/2 hour before, but it's still worth it lol.

Review №98

I've wanted to try this place since they put it in as I remember the Rally's in Niles from childhood but it isn't on any normal route that I take, but I finally got to stop there today. The wait in the drive-thru was average. I got everything that I had ordered, no complaints about that. The fries were so salty that I felt I needed to be seen at the ER for overdosing on sodium. The girl that gave me my food didn't say anything when she handed me my bag, just gave it to me and shut the window. It was nothing special, I probably won't go out of my way to come back.

Review №99

The people and food are always great!

Review №100

Nice people

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