The Grub House
26613 Hoover Rd, Warren, MI 48089, United States
Review №1

Great meal with excellent service at a good price. Very filling portions, meal was served fast and freshly cooked to order.

Review №2

Not bad. Not spectacular. Ok for a bite to eat but I can't say it was bad or great. Staff was friendly.

Review №3

Ordered a takeout tonight. Burger and grilled chicken both very tasty! They forgot to put chili on my husbands fries, but I called and they were very sorry and gave me a credit for our next order. So, great customer service, will be back.

Review №4

3rd strike... we have ordered from here multiple times after dining in once, which went great. The food was good, the server was nice, no problems. Then we ordered for delivery, they lost our order because they were having problems with their website, which happens, we were patient while we waited another hour for our food. We ordered again online, but when we got our food it was cold and missing toast, one egg was over medium, which is what I ordered, and one egg had a broken yolk that had been completely cooked.Finally today, we ordered for pick up... why not give them another shot, not much to screw up when were picking it up right? Wrong. The burger that comes with jalapenos came without jalapenos, and the fries that come with the meal were missing. We called to let them know and were told that the manager was out right now and someone would call us back if they could replace our fries.... really? Are you that hard up that you have to get permission to fix your mistakes?So we told them never mind, we wont be ordering from them anymore after 4 failed attempts to dine through their facility.Someone did call me back to apologize, which is appreciated, however, the damage has already been done, and were no longer going to be giving Grub House our money.

Review №5

Their food is amazing. The food you order is never greasy, tastes like what you order not the grill. The burgers are delicious and I rarely eat red meat. Their marinated chicken is out of this world. The restaurant is clean. The servers are friendly, courteous and you never need to ask for anything. If there was a spot for 10 stars, I would give them an 11...never a bad meal yet!!!!!

Review №6

It isn't so much the food. It was actually good. But there were other issues. First of all, they don't give a bread basket with the dinner. When they first opened, they had amazing rolls, but now, not even packaged breadsticks. Next, the place looks bad on the outside. Their front door was cracked quite badly months ago and still hasn't beenfixed. There is a whole vertical piece missing on one side of the door. Usually someone is standing right outside the doorsmoking, so you have to walk through that onyour way in. It's just not the best dining experience.

Review №7

Eaten here twice within the past week. Today, for Mother's Day, hubby and I went for breakfast. He's an omelette aficionado and said his Grub House special omelette was best he's ever had!!!! That's an endorsement!! He said pancakes excellent, too. I had good stuff, too. Very friendly staff. Clean bathroom.

Review №8

The chicken wraps are phenomenal! Always perfectly made! A little pricey, but still worth a visit.

Review №9

I went here for the first time on a cold winter night. I read the reviews on their burgers so that is what we got. I was not disappointed at all, great home style burger I couldn't make better if I tried. Also, the price of a single 1/3 burger was very very reason. My son got the double cheese burger which wasn't much more. Also got the sweet potato fries which literally melt in your mouth. Delicious but pricy ($4.25). I suggest just splitting the fries with someone else, they give you a generous portion. Also, the waitress was fast and attentive and just a nice person to serve you. We will be back to try the breakfast food sometime.

Review №10

Just had a burger and fries and my wife had the super patty melt and cheese sticks. Both were cooked excellent, juicy and great flavor . We finally found someone who can cook a great burger. I'm looking forward to going back . Great job chef !!!

Review №11

I Love this place so much I'm a regular But PLEASE CHANGE THE FRIES BACK TO THE GOOD FRIES PLEASE !

Review №12

Great food, AWESOME service, especially our waitress, Jackie! She was very attentive, great suggestions on food. The fish n chips were excellent, as well as the Alfredo sauce on my kid's pasta & the balsamic dressing on my salad. Will DEFINITELY go back, want to try their breakfast. A lot of interesting breakfast items on their menu. Five thumbs up, 5 very satisfied customers!!

Review №13

Ordered 3 grilled chicken salads and some popcorn shrimp. Shrimp was tasty that's why I gave 2 stars, but salads were pathetic. I use to order from here every week about 6 mos ago and their meals kept getting worse but prices raised. Salads are $10-11 and it says mixed greens - we got the end core of iceberg lettuce (the white chunks of the core), ew. Then says cucumber - didn't get any. The chicken was all fatty and couldn't chew through it, it was just very gross. All 3 salads like that. Very disappointing.

Review №14

This is my new favorite. With a menu this large, most people expect frozen reheated for. NOT the case with these guys. My daughter's pasta was fresh and tasty. Every item ordered was fresh and hand done and the food was outstanding at a fair price. I'll definitely be back. Amazing!!!

Review №15

I went in with my friends & got a double cheeseburger with fries & my friend got a fish and chips with a yummy fresh salad!! Everything that was served to us was fresh tasty & very delicious!! By far my favorite place ever!! Never really liked docs but coming to the grubhouse made me fall in love with the food& location is great!! I will most definitely be returning:-)

Review №16

It looks like the Warren location has closed up for good. Any details??

Review №17

Great food and attentive sevice. Greek and Chef salads were unbelievable in size & freshness. Very well maintained ladies room. We will be back.

Review №18

Very pleased with our dinner, the service was excellen, our waitress Elizabeth was very nice, very prompt and professional. My Ruben was incredible. For the great food and service I will be back.

Review №19

I hate to say anything negative but yuk...The first time I went there I had a huge black hair in my salad and still was charged. They should have at least offered me a new salad or apologized about it. Totally grossed out.I went with my dad recently and ordered breakfast. I don't know how to describe the omelets... I won't even try to. Before it was grub house, it was good. It's unfortunate because my dad and I usually went there at least once a week and it's in a good spot. The waitresses are okay but hope they get a better chef ?Idk... but everything we ordered so far wasn't exactly good. It doesn't compare at all to the previous owners and staff. It used to be good.Hopefully they'll get it right. The hair in my salad just ruined that place for me.

Review №20

Food always tastes great, and our waitress is super nice! I haven't used the restroom there, but I'm assuming it's just as clean as the rest of the restaurant. Tables are always wiped down, they quickly clean up dishes from tables that finished eating, we don't wait long for our food. I love eating here!

Review №21

Excellent food grear service

Review №22

Just had the best homemade meal I've had in a while besides my own. It took me a while to choose from the expansive menu and finally chose the grubhouse omelet and delicious grits. Nice to know you can get anything on the menu at anytime. Jackie was my waitress and I told her to remember our faces we will be regulars.

Review №23

Ordered a grubhouse omelette to go. Good portion size and it tasted good. 10 minutes later and I could feel that I need to throw up. Next thing I know I went into the bathroom and it just came up .Won't be going back

Review №24

Service was poor. Not very busy and no offer of more coffee till after we were completely done with our food. Part of food order was obviously not right and should not have been served without an offer to correct. Today was our last visit to this restaurant.

Review №25

Friendly staff. The fixin is an awesome burger. The chicken stir fry with fettuccini noodles instead of rice is great.

Review №26

The food is excellent. Very fresh. Service however was not great on my first time; however, the owner made things right. Service needs work but the food is very good.

Review №27

Foods awesome and delicious. The owners are awesome and good-hearted people. Friendly staff too.... Definitely recommend...

Review №28

Good food, I got a omelette was delicious! Huge portion. The waitress was very attentive. I'd recommend to anyone.

Review №29

Excellent food in abundance. Reasonably priced. Quality service. A very good experience.

Review №30

What a breath of fresh air to have such a delicious place to eat while shopping at Hoover 11. The food is outstanding and the service is top notch. You must try this place out!

Review №31

This place was down right sad to experience. I won't be returning. Between sitting down and ordering I had a hunch the food would be... disappointing. The kitchen did not surprise. Everything felt cheap. Fries good, but the mushroom burger was a tiny lame fried beef puck. My friend's food was a sketchy fish & chips. This spot used to be our favorite, now it's barely a shadow of its former self, existing, but without a soul.

Review №32

Not one but two dirty coffee cups. Undercooked fish that was definitely low quality and the oldest dried out sat in a fridge for a week lemon. The salad was 2 cucumbers one weeping tomatoe and 3 slivers of onion on a bed of wet ice berg. I wont be back. I should of known better when its 520pm and only 3 other tables.

Review №33

This restaurant has the worst customer service is I've ever encountered. Their close to work so we would get delivery probably weekly if not more and every single time they have left something out or messed up an order or not delivered it at all. Today we ordered salads with extra dressing with it. The extra dressing wasn't in there but we sure paid for it. The dressing they gave me for my salad was like. Quarter filled. so I had to leave work to go up to the restaurant they took the dressing they put in there and only gave me one dressing. When I told her no I need two because I ordered an extra one she stated that there is no way it was only filled a quarter up and then said but okay and handed me another one with a smart ass attitude. They will no longer be getting my offices business. First off how dare you hint I'm lying about your dressing not being full and give me attitude. I pay help pay your salary. I am always generous and polite to people except when they give me attitude like they don't work a customer service job. Very disappointed. Their staff needs some training.

Review №34

Ate there this morning, it was Sunday morning and it was busy, service was top notch from all the women that were working, and food was a great portion that tasted great. Will be our new breakfast spot.

Review №35

Nice and quiet place, food is great and staff is friendly.

Review №36

I've never had a bad meal here. Steak always cooked perfectly, chicken marinated well and everything seasoned just right.

Review №37

Some places don't serve a small cup of brown gravy but they did. And the Staff was attentive. Overall excellent.

Review №38

Food was good. Staff was friendly and helpful. I'll be back to try something else!

Review №39

Food was good, waitress was not friendly seemed like she didnt wanna be there, forgot my soup said it was sitting in the kitchen... waitress ruined the experience!

Review №40

Deseptly large place huge menu i had the southern omlett it was great

Review №41

So happy this restaurant opened. A new place in warren is just what this community needed. The food here is always cooked to perfection as I've been here about 10 times since they've opened in the past 4 months. my favorite dish is the Monterey chicken dinner. Smothered in cheese and fresh vegetables. What is not to love? And the homemade soups are to die for. I know they will stay a long time and I'm so happy for that. plus they deliver?!?! Wow it gets even better. Ordered a delivery and was delivered fast and food was HOT and DELICIOUS! Most friendly owners and wait staff also. They deserve more than 5 stars! keep up the great work Grubhouse

Review №42

Very disappointing experience. We waited for almost 40 minutes for our food, and didn't see our waitress at all for the last 30 min of that wait. The explanation we were given was that a large party came in before us. There were only about 20 people total in the entire restaurant, and only 2 tables were seated together. More than half already had their food so I'm not sure what their idea of a large party is. The food was awful. The cook simply put a large handful of unchopped, half-cooked spinach inside of a folded egg and called that my omelette. My boyfriend's corned beef was cooked to the point of being burnt and crispy before being thrown inside of his omelette. The potatoes were overcooked and had absolutely no flavor.I'm not sure if this is the same owner as Doc's, which was a fantastic place for breakfast, but this place is nothing compared to that. I will not be coming back.

Review №43

The wait was much longer than expected for a pick up order. They forgot a few items and served an ice cold cup of soup. When calling to inform them that the soup was cold and hey should check the temperature they stated that we can just come pick up a hot cup of soup. Mistakes happen but it's how our handle them as a manager that is important. Won't be eating here again.

Review №44

First time ordering here and it was very disappointing. Went in to pick up my food. Standing by the carry out check you can see into the kitchen. The lady that was getting my salad ready she just got done check someone out touch money and everything. Without putting any gloves on she went to put my salad together touching it with her hands and putting all the germs on the salad after, which is absolutely disgusting. Secondly ordered extra dressing which i was charged for and never received it. I got three olives on my salad and two pieces of cucumber. Would definitely nit recommend this place to anyone and will not be returning again.

Review №45

Recently, order from there and the person who took my order never put my order in. Beyond frustrated was not accommodated at all. The food is excellent but the service sucks.

Review №46

Great place for tasty food price is. Right and service good.

Review №47

Love everything I've tried so far. Great food

Review №48

Pretty good breakfast.

Review №49

Good food. Prices are good

Review №50

Good service, amazing food, fresh and great!!! Our waitresses Jackie was awesome and attentive... We will be back!Great food!!

Review №51

This place is trash , they got roaches and flys everywhere.Seen them my self

Review №52

After we are, we went to the counter to pay our bill, handed the cashier our credit card & were informed we would have to pay a 3.99 fee that the credit card company charged them...i said are you kidding me? You are actually passing that fee along to your customer? She said yes, they were trying to get a new company. I told her no thanks, we are not paying that fee & we paid cash & informed her we would no longer be their customer & would make sure we put this information out in the neighborhood. Additionally our server seemed to be sick & had her hands around the drinking area of our glasses...not ever going back there

Review №53

Elizabeth was so sweet! Great food and great service tonight!

Review №54

PERMANENTLY CLOSED since October 29, 2019.

Review №55

Great food and the service was amazing my waitress was very attentive! The servings are so big I always have another meal to take home.

Review №56

Nice Big Portions. Food was very good.

Review №57

My review from 1 year ago read that Grubhouse in Warren **used** to have beautiful huge fluffy great tasting omelettes, and great tasting hashbrowns. Beautiful huge tasty salads that I enjoy that include a variety of ingredients such as veggies and/or fruit, as it's listed on the menu....We're gonna end up eating at Leo's Country Oven and might never return.The salad I ate in August of 2019 at Grubhouse had iceberg lettuce, not any romaine lettuce, and it wasn't tasty. Coffee's good too. My husband and I have enjoyed the food in the last year.On October 4, 2019, my husband and I ordered an omelette with a side of grits. Mine was $7.30. His was $9.30. It was $4.00 and change for 2 coffee's. This is first time the coffee tasted old like it was reheated or else sitting out too long? Gross! The eggs were overcooked, tough, kinda strange. We asked for water and got a half a cup of water?!! Also gross was that both me and my husband tasted a strange taste in the plastic cup, and the water was affected and it left an aftertaste? We told an older waitress what happened, and she seemed like she was trying to understand that plastic can wear down and taste strange, then said she's gonna throw out the plastic cup. I noticed she put it in the bus pan then walked away!? Customers expect and deserve a tasty satiating meal every single time its expected an establishment will prepare their food in a manner that's representative of the restaurant's reputation and price point, and be tasty and delicious. If you pay $20 or $30 for a meal, you probably expect it to be prepared carefully and with quality ingredientsand to not to be treated as if we deserve less than? Shortcuts are taken by the restaurant's management, but it is the customer who is paying the price; by money and by what is eaten. The meal should still be delicious (and safe) — no matter how much it costs.If it weren't for customers you wouldn't be getting a paycheck. You were closed Thursday and you ought to of stayed closed until you got it sorted/found a replacement for your cook. Never take advantage of a customers kindness. We both had coffee, bout $4.50 and it tasted reheated. Gross! I wasn't gonna say owt, but I want my $23.00 back!! I hope this isn't a sign that things will only get worse? We paid $23.00, plus a $3.60 tip. the meal should still be delicious (and safe) — no matter how much it costs.

Review №58

Have been there three times,, breakfast and dinner. Waited for waitress to even be waitedOn . After order was taken drinks were brought after meal. Rubin sandwich had no kraut, at breakfast toast was burnt , sent back replacement was also burnt. Once order placed staff seems to disappear, ask for water you never get.... DOC'S GOT A 10. This place gets a minus 3

Review №59

Food was & service was good I would return again.

Review №60

Got delivery through GrubHub tonight. We ordered a chicken quesadilla and a patty melt. Our food was delivered quickly and was still hot when it got to us. I was so happy to find out that the chicken in quesadilla was actually seasoned, most places don't bother. We can't wait to go and get breakfast after seeing the EXPANSIVE options! So glad to have a good option for breakfast and dinner so close to home!

Review №61

First time here, we waited for 35 minutes for breakfast. food was very good though. Service was excellent.

Review №62

The place was wonderful service was fast the girls were great

Review №63

Terrible experience. We left early and won't be back. They definitely do not have their act together. The host sat us and took our drink order. He did not give us our drinks or get the waitress. I had to get up to look for the manager. Meanwhile the waitress is in the kitchen for 15 minutes making "salads" for the "manager". I tried to complain to him, but he just looked at me with a blank expression on his face, so we left.

Review №64

Awesome food and staff! Something on the menu for everyone. recommend to anyone

Review №65

Fairly dissapointed in this place. Ordered chicken Alfredo, which was soupy. When it was brought to the waitresses attention she offered another dish with a side of rudness for the remainder of the experience. Also the coffee was full of grounds and prices were not budget friendly.

Review №66

Very good food with very reasonable prices.

Review №67

Pretty good food and inexpensive as well. You can get breakfast lunch or dinner at anytime of the day.

Review №68

Good food and good waitress

Review №69

This place use to be really good but something has changed. Price are steep but the quality was good now to high prices for the lousy grub they serve

Review №70

Service good prices a little high good portions

Review №71

Expansive menu with all your favorites with solid prices and great service! Modern, comfortable & clean, all together a perfect spot to enjoy breakfast in the middle of the day. We'll be back soon!

Review №72

Their food is getting worse and worse. After tonight I'm never coming back

Review №73

Finally found a food restaurant with large servings and it's gone now

Review №74

I ordered by phone and was told that the food would be there in 30 to 40 minutes. A hour and a half later the food was still not there. I called to inquire if they knew when it would arrive and was treated very bad. They were very rude. And when the order arrived it was missing items. NEVER AGAIN.

Review №75

Good food good price

Review №76

Great service great food the owner knows what he's doing highly recommend it to anyone I'll be back for more

Review №77

Nice atmosphere good food at a good price

Review №78

Good food and good price

Review №79

Food was good. Service was good.

Review №80

The food and service is always good

Review №81

I Love STAFF And Food THANK you FromELVIS

Review №82


Review №83

10/10 would go back. Great food but to many to choose from

Review №84

Food was very good, waitress was polite and very efficient. Prices are very comparable to other restaurants in the area.

Review №85

Food is really great and really fast service but one of my coworkers got a salad and asked for dressing on the side, when we received our food, there was no dressing! She had to eat a salad without dressing!

Review №86

PERMANENTLY CLOSED in Warren, Michigan on October 28, 2019.

Review №87

Best food great staff always clean very kind recommend 5star great owners will be going there all the time !!!!!

Review №88

Food was excellent.

Review №89

MAN DO WE MISS DOCS! The food here is ok. Nothing to be super excited about. The staff is professional.

Review №90

Good food & generous portions

Review №91

Good food and friendly good service.

Review №92

Food was just ok for the expensive sandwiches. Ruben fries and pop almost $16.00

Review №93

The best food around town!

Review №94

Let me start by saying I was an avid docs customer, so once I saw a new restraunt open up finally I had to go try it.When I walked in, I was greeted by a young lady and asked how my day has been. The same young lady also provided us with our beverages before our waitress had seen us. They have Pepsi products, I got a Mountain Dew and my friend got a cherry Pepsi. The waitress than greeted us about a minute later, she'd asked us if it was our first visit here and recommended many dishes to try. I landed on the super patty melt, and my friend decided on chicken Monterey. With my Patty melt I got the option to make it a deluxe with French fries, which I did. My friend got a choice of potato with his chicken Monterey, & a choice of soup or salad. He decided on mashed potatoes, with chicken gravy! (They have different choices of gravy) ... he also got a cup of cream of broccoli soup with his dinner. By far one of the best broccoli soups I've tried. We than were brought some delicious garlic butter dinner rolls! Not to mention the waitress being very good at keeping up on refills, as I drink a lot of pop. The food had been brought to us surprisingly fast! And must I say, the patty melt was to die for. There French fries were also very very good. My friend enjoyed his chicken Monterey, tasted like it was marinated/seasoned to perfection. I also tasted some of his mashed potatoes, & you can tell from the first bite these were REAL potatoes!Overall, the atmosphere was very good. The staff was very attentive! Our waitress went above & beyond for us. Not to mention, one of the owners helped us at the register! Very respectful man. Very professional. Many of the food is homemade, including there soups! Definitely not your average neighborhood diner. I highly recommend a visit! Will definitely be returning soon!

Review №95

Good food. Good service.

Review №96

I was there with my aunt. The server rarely came by with refills. Never gave us water when asked. On top that the burger I got was incomplete and very dry. They also made it obvious they favored some customers over others.

Review №97

Good food, fair prices, and nice people.

Review №98

Very clean. Great specials!

Review №99

Fast Service and the food is great!

Review №100

Food was very good and great service

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