Carrabbas Italian Grill
15 Van Campen Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

I had dinner with my wife last night and we had such an amazing experience! Rachel took such good care of us. She was fun, genuine, and attentive! We had a small issue with a slightly overcooked steak, but they took care of it professionally and quickly. We are excited to return! Great food, clean dining room and friendly staff! Will recommend to EVERYONE!!

Review №2

Excellent place to dine! My waiter Trevor was awesome.. the food phenomenal and the atmosphere great!! I love that you can sit and watch your food be prepared.. I had the two chops with spicy butter and my husband had the salmon we also had two appetizers which were the wings that had a great grilled taste and were tender and the fried calamari which was seasoned well and they were nice and crispy .. If you are planning to visit don't hesitate !! The food and atmosphere is totally worth it!! I ate most of the food before I took a pic here's a pic of what little calamari I had left lol.. the portions are nice and you get bread olive oil and spices at your table with your meal.

Review №3

Great food! Great service! Pleasure to dine there will be back for sure. Join their dining rewards program to take full advantage of discounts after a 3rd visit.

Review №4

Wish I got the girls name who brought me my online order to my car this evening 10/8 around 6:20 pm. She was great and courteous! Food is great. Thank you!

Review №5

Fast friendly service. I was not pleased with food, not cool enough to complain but certainly was not hot as it should have been. Food was merely good diner food, was not restaurant presentation or quality in my view.

Review №6

I do not recommend carry out right now. My sister wanted Lasagne for her birthday. Took an hour and 35 minutes to receive our food!!!! I sat waiting FOREVER making me late for dinner. You have no inside customers, what's up with that?

Review №7

Had the Linguine shrimp Positano, had 3 shrimp in it and the sauce was like a water over noodles which was under the noodles in the bowl. It's suppose to be a tomato olive oil basil.Taste like noodles with no flavor or seasoning. When I asked the waiter he said the manager said that's the way it was supposed to be (wouldn't even come to my table) I should have sent it back but I told him I couldn't eat that. Never go back!

Review №8

Ughh. How do you describe the worst. So my wife gets the Filet with Bryon sauce. Leather, old dried leather. She did not eat it $35. I went with the "house" specialty. Veal Marsala. Now Marsala wine is is a deep red color correct.? Why was my silver dollar sized pieces of overcook veal floating in a clear/yellow liquid grease. The mushrooms outweighed the veal 3 to 1.Off our list list of restaurants. BTW 65$ and we went to Wendy's afterward.

Review №9

Portions continue to shrink. Used to be our favorite restaurant, however due to Covid they don't carry pizza or lintel soup 2 of our favs. Reward points expired, but we haven't been able to visit for months.

Review №10

Delicious food as usual! Service was also very good.

Review №11

50 min between salad and dinner. We decided to just get it to go. Items missing from order. And one wrong side. I love Carrabba's but I won't go into this location again. I emailed the manager and kitchen manager but got no response. I'll try someplace downtown for a dinner for 2 @ 100+$.With the service and poor food quality the pricing doesn't fit this location. Not what I have come to expect from Carrabba's.

Review №12

We try to come to Carrabba's for our Anniversary each year ,at least..You have served us a fine meal ,with superb service,and always wonderful server's.they tend to our every meals need Thank you very much. Cindy& George( 48yrs)

Review №13

Food was okay. Sarah (waitress) was very pleasant and on top of things.

Review №14

Good food, service was great. Would have given 5 stars but they didn't have either of my favorite wines, Moscato or Reislin.

Review №15

Has always been my go to for Italian food! Great service every time!

Review №16

We came into town and were excited to come here. When get here it wasn't busy and we were actually surprised. We placed our order and waited forever to get our food. Mind you there was about 6 people in there. I know with COVID-19 going on things are a little different and crazy but the table we were at i good see the food come up. I watch the cook place our order on the counter and call it out. 5 minutes go by, he calls again. Another 10 minutes goes by he proceeds to shout "3rd call for food". No response. Our waitress walks by and tells us our food should be just about ready. We tell her its been ready for some time now. She huffed and puffed and walked away. She gets the food off the counter and heads over to us and starts to hand out the food. She only had 3 plates. There is 5 of us there. Out of those 3 plates 2 were right. She rolls her eyes and walks away again. She comes back with 2 more plates. So everyone but me has the food they ordered. They get about halfway done and the manager came over with my plate and apologized. I get it there was a mess up, but come on there was no reason it should have taken that long. I start eating and the waitress come over and asks if we would like to go boxes. I just got my food, really. This is the first time we have ever had bad service from here.

Review №17

Calamari overcooked, chicken undercooked, side dish lukewarm. On a positive note, the salad was good as was the wine. But everything "came up" after eating a bite of chicken.

Review №18

Off the charts.Got the shrimp/scallop/linguine and my wife got the grouper w/sauted spinach. To Olive Garden: See ya, don't wanna be ya!

Review №19

Good food. Nice atmosphere, very nice waitress

Review №20

Great food and service! Closest to me is two hours away but worth the drive.

Review №21

My neighbors and my family eat at Carrabba's at least once a month. The food is always great! Service is usually pretty good but tonight was exceptional!! Devin was FANTASTIC!!! He was super efficient with all our requests, funny and on point with making sure none of my food had cheese on it as I informed him I was allergic! We will be back soon and most definitely request Devin! Great job!!!

Review №22

Some very new dishes and an excellent meal thoroughly enjoyed it

Review №23

Food was over cooked. My calamari was soggy.

Review №24

First time here and we enjoyed it from the start. Very kid friendly and our server Tabitha was great. Highly recommend getting the dressing on the side with the salads if you don't like too much. The facilities were clean and the prices were reasonable for dinner. We will definitely be back.

Review №25

Friendly staff. Great food. Good prices. Our granddaughter loves it.

Review №26

Today, my family of 7 arrived to eat a nice dinner only to be told that only 6 can be at the table. I'm sorry- but that is RIDICULOUS!!! I had to sit 2 of my children at a table that was 2 tables away!!! So much for a family dinner!! I won't be back until you get your act together Or start using common sense! This is not a state law to my knowledge as we have eaten out at another Carrabba's 40 miles down the road and we sat together!

Review №27

The bread is not good they put oil and a few spices in a plate to dip the bread in

Review №28

I love the ambiance and food at Carrabbas. The Tuscan sirloin steak with Gorgonzola sauce is one of the best steaks I've had anywhere. The calamari is some of the best. It can be s little pricey, but the food is high quality. I would definitely recommend. Also, join dine rewards and use it at Outback, Carrabbas or Bonefish Grille for discounts and bonuses.

Review №29

APPARENTLY they no longer give you pasta with your chicken parmesan. It's considered A SIDE... Overpriced for a chain restaurant. Not impressed.

Review №30

Got sat at a table and waited 7 minutes while we watched 8 different servers walk by and not one of them came to our table to even get us drinks . Maybe 4 other tables were eating in the restaurant . Really like the place and the food but this visit did not go as well.

Review №31

Amazing service and food!!!!! Our son ordered kids chicken tenders and asked for honey mustard and they didn't have any. The chief went in the back and made him some honey mustard from scratch and it so good. Our waitress was so friendly and attentive as well. We love this place and will definitely be back!!

Review №32

Fantastic place to eat. Love the chicken Bryan but a very strong dish. Loved Crystals customer service. She was fabulous. Very cute and humorous. Made us laugh and catered to us nicely. Place was clean and efficient. Will always return for more

Review №33

Great Food and Friendly Staff!

Review №34

I gave them 3 stars because the food was okay. What is frustrating is that you literally have to go through a maze to get into the restaurant. You can get lost, quickly. They also need to have a sign pointing to where the banner for take-out is.

Review №35

Food is great but there needs to be a sign showing where the cup side pick up is especially for people who haven't done curbside there during this time

Review №36

Everything was WONDERFUL!!!! We'll definitely be back

Review №37

Such a lovely place to dine with family and/or friends. The staff is beyond wonderful and truly treats you like they've known you forever! The food is top notch, and is honestly the ONLY place in the area to get true italian cuisine with the atmosphere and hospitality along with it. Every experience here is a great one!

Review №38

Smelled funny, food was just ok. Had to send veal back because it was burned.

Review №39

Located on Market street in Wilmington near the Costco.They have amazing pasta dishes full menu and serve beer, wine and alcoholic beverages. It has been In business for over 12 years and is busiest on Friday Saturday and Sundays.

Review №40

Food is delicious they have excellent service

Review №41

This place was just OK. My lasagna was overcooked and my husband wanted sausage with his spaghetti and only got a few tiny pieces. Should of went to Olive Garden but we was curious about this restaurant as we are from out of state.

Review №42

The salad was nasty and very watery the restaurant stunk tables were damaged the like they've been burnt it was better when Jonathan was working there much cleaner smell good and the people was very nice will not be going back

Review №43

Limited menu but great service

Review №44

Great service and food selection!

Review №45

Great food and great service! Devin was our server tonight and not only does he look like The Weeknd, but he is also one of the best waiters in town! Very prompt, very courteous and stayed on top of things the whole time!

Review №46

Always good food. Cannoli cake canola cake is the best!

Review №47

The food is great and so is the staff

Review №48

Great service and just as great food. We celebrated a birthday and had a birthday desert at know charge. Excellent surprise from our waiter. Our dining experience was top knoch. Definitely going back...

Review №49

This was the 1st time I have ever been to Carraba's Italian Grill. I was impressed with the food and service. My friend and I each had the lunch trio. She had the meatballs and marinara, Italian salad and sausage and lintel soup. I had the sausage stuffed mushrooms, the Sicilian chicken soup and Italian salad. We both had lemonade to drink. I loved my meal especially the Sicilian chicken soup, it was amazingly good. I really liked the sausage stuffed mushrooms as well. The lemonade was the best I've had in a very long time, I even got a cup of lemonade to take with me and I never get a drink to go. My companion was equally impressed. She even got some lemonade to go. Needless to say we will definitely be back. Oh, and the atmosphere was very pleasant and our host and waitress were very friendly and attentive too. We had a great experience.

Review №50

The company I am with, Liberty Disposal, had our Quarterly Review in October. We flew in District Managers from across the country for it and wanted to take them out for a nice dinner. Carrabba's did not disappoint. The food was delicious, and almost all of us got something different. The service was friendly. We never felt rushed. And the Cannoli cake... wow. Thanks for a great experience. We all look forward to coming back.

Review №51

Disappointed about last night. My husband and I ordered 2 chicken marsalas and it tasted awful like it was microwaved and undercooked and the meat was red on the inside. We live 30 mins away went back to get another order and still it was more undercooked than the first order. Carrabba's ruined our night we just wanted a good meal smh. Never again. I could of went to McDonald's and had a better dinner, their food are not like it use to be. I believe its precooked and microwaved its nasty. :/

Review №52

On point, safe service, perfectly cooked food. YES!

Review №53

This is the first time back to Carrabba's since they changed the menu. Not sure I like it but will give it another chance next month. I did enjoy the lasagna and my two guests were happy with their dinners.

Review №54

Friendly staff, nice quiet corners, amazing food stuffs...

Review №55

Well I have to say I have eaten here several times with my family and I will tell you what I love it. I have to been alot of Carrabba's this one rates up there as one of the best if not the best. The food and service is great. I will hopefully go here many more times.

Review №56

My wife and I just finished a great lunch here. They are open for lunch during the Christmas season. Our waitress Kate was wonderful and friendly. We both had the 9oz filet and it was so tender my taste buds did flips. Great food, great service and romantic atmosphere. You will not be disappointed if you pick this great Wilmington restaurant. We will be back for sure! Also the cinnamon apple crostata was wow (video below).

Review №57

Very good Italian food. Nice selection with restaurant specials. Great soups! A little on the pricey side for Italian food or else I would've given 5 stars.

Review №58

Small portions. Large prices. No customer service Waste Of a good night. Although quality of the product was good. It could have been better

Review №59

This Carrabba's is always great. It will always be my favorite Italian food. The staff is always great. They set the bar higher than Olive Garden. Plus the chicken marsala tastes like heaven.

Review №60

Have not been in a while service was great and food delicious!!

Review №61

Can you say YUM!?! I love this place. Always good food and service.

Review №62

Food and service was awesome, but something strange to see a server walking in front of food service area vaping. Wow so sad!!! Way to make everyone look bad Mr. Server

Review №63

The meal was excellent, the shrimp scampi wasn't your average. The main ingredients wasn't overwhelming garlic and butter, you can actually taste the shrimp. The stake was tender and the sauce you chose will set it off.

Review №64

Good food, large portions, great atmosphere, and good service. Salads and bread are to die for. Loved it...

Review №65

This restaurant has plummeted. Easily the worst Carrabba's we've ever been to. Waited an hour and a half for food and not a single order was correct (or hot for that matter). Waitress didn't know what was on their incredibly small draft menu and we had to ask other waitstaff for utensils and drinks. There's plenty of other Italian food joints in this town that care about their customers and the quality of food they serve.

Review №66

Tough and overpriced lasagna... mediocre service.

Review №67

Quite pricey, but understandable given the quality of the food and the overall atmosphere of the space. Food selection was diverse, unique, and delicious. Wait staff was friendly, attentive, and quick.

Review №68

The food is excellent and plentiful!!

Review №69

Best meal I've had in months!

Review №70

Great food.

Review №71

Let me just say that I always start in the middle with 3 stars and see where a place will take me from there. So the staff here is very friendly and the manager/owner came by our table to check on us and I would definitely give them a 5 stars for that. This was my first time coming here so I tried their chicken trio and was not a big fan of this plate and would give them just a 3 stars for that. Our appetizer, the calamari was definitely a 5 stars dish. So overall I am a little mixed but like I said this was my first time so maybe next time I will try a pasta dish.

Review №72

Always love going. The food and service is good.

Review №73

My first experience and great. It was truly Devine, we got Momma's something soup and fresh baked bread.all you can eat for a great price nothing like Olive Garden. True Italian food.

Review №74

Food was great!

Review №75

Came here for the first time and the food was so amazing! Our server was Devan C and he was great! He knew a lot about the menu and was able to give us feedback on everything that was on it. He was very attentive on making sure that all of our food was great and providing the best service! I had the Fettuccine Weesie and my Fiancé had the Grouper Capperi. Both dishes had lots of flavors! The soup and salad was really good as well! Cannot wait to go back! Thank you!!

Review №76

Food was great ran out of rigatoni but we substituted for fettuccine the dish was great the service was fantastic

Review №77

The staff was so great. Jen, the manager and our server Devin were fantastic

Review №78

Honestly overpriced for some pasta with no sauce and weird taste but very friendly and clean

Review №79

Great food and waiter

Review №80

As always, the food was great...Carrabba's never disappoints. A special shoutout to Nicole M., our server...she was a delight.

Review №81

Food was utterly amazing. Our waitress was a little robotic but warmed up to us rather quickly. By the end of our visit we had seen and spoken to the manager( visited our table)and had a great conversation with our server. The desert was a little slow coming out but it was omg soooo good.

Review №82

This place has really gone downhill. Service was dreadfully slow and they were half full. Portions were fine for us but they are noticeably smaller since our last visit. It used to be top notch on everything. Thankfully the chefs still do awesome though. Wouldn't be my first choice for Italian anymore in town

Review №83

My husband and I enjoyed our dinner last night very much. We celebrated his birthday there. We also did last year too. We have been patrons for many years and have always loved it.However, we were terribly disappointed that Jonathan is no longer with the company. Apparently it only happened in the last cpl of weeks. We definitely missed the warm, personal interactions that made our visits extra special.We hope they will be successful in Jonathan's absence. We also extend best wishes to Jonathan...where ever he may be.

Review №84

When u come ask for rich he is the best waiter the restaurant is amazing

Review №85

Ordered the Shrimp Scampi and Calamari appatizers. Both were delicious. Dinner plates were the Chicken Rosa Maria and the Chicken Argula. They were placed in an appealing manner with good appearance on the plates. Both were delicious, not one spec left on the plates. Service was with a smile and to a high professional standard. I would definitely recommend this location, it truly lives up to the Carrabba's name.

Review №86

An entree was messed up after they forgot to tell waiter they were out of first choice... comped that meal and waiter was wonderful. Very attentive and food was very good!

Review №87

Great food and awesome waiter!

Review №88

The food was very tasty and good . You get a good portion for the price. Will recommend eating there.

Review №89

The food is always delicious. A very good place to dine.

Review №90

Always a fantastic meal here at this location, wonderful bartender as well. Thanks for a wonderful meal.

Review №91

Not so good on my last visit. The lasagna was not very good. Maybe it had too much mushrooms for my taste. Unfortunately, I did not see that in the description.

Review №92

Went on a Friday after work with my girlfriends and the food was great. Went back on Sunday and the food was terrible. Not consistent.

Review №93

It was wonderful. Our waiter was great, food was perfect. I highly recommend it

Review №94

Great food and service. Highly recommended!

Review №95

Update: 4/22/19This locations manager has changed! Johnathan who was manager prior to the change ran a tight ship and everything was always excellent. I don't like to speak badly of people, however the "New" manager really needs to step his game up. In every aspect, Service is great but the food has taken a nose dive. Chicken in the chicken Marsala was covered in so much salt, pepper and seasoning it could have passed for a breaded chicken. Not counting them out just yet but if the trend continues my wife and I may be looking for a new Go To spot.My wife and I eat here at least twice a week and as always the service is impeccable and the food is fantastic. My wife always gets the Steak Marsala which comes out exactly as she ordered it (Medium Rare) and I have the Chicken Marsala which comes out perfect as well. Their desserts are absolutely delicious. The prices are spot on for the quantity and service you receive here. Eating here as often as we do you would think something may have been cooked wrong or the service may not be up to Par, however that has never been the case here. I gave them 4 stars because I never give any establishment we visit a 5 star rating unless they have done something absolutely spectacular, so don't take my 4 star rating as something they got wrong or because of the service because they knock both of those out of the park.

Review №96

The food, service, and atmosphere is always pleasant here.

Review №97

Had my Anniversary dinner here, excellent food and service.

Review №98

Amazing food and a wonderful and helpful wait staff the perfect place for a date night with that special someone.

Review №99

Very good. Sat at the bar with my friend. Bartender Eric was great. Food was excellent and service was excellent. Must try the cannoli cake!!! Big enough for 2 or even 3.

Review №100

Food was very good, service excellent and dessert was delicious

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  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Beer:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
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