Cicis Pizza
341 S. College Rd, Nc Hwy 132 Suite 8A, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

The pizza quality was alright. The establishment could have been cleaner. There was no hand sanitizer. Employees didn't seem happy to be there at all. Most tables were waiting to be cleared except two. On the positive, it is ~$6 for All-you-can-eat Pizza!

Review №2

OMG! I used to take my kids here all the time. This store was so friendly and clean. Now, not so much. There needs to be more people working the counter. When we first arrived the salad was brown, there were a few pizzas on the counter. And nobody said "Hello, welcome to Cici's". There are no young, friendly faces. Not knocking older folks, they were nice just not very vibrant.

Review №3

They are now serving from the buffet rather than customer access. Its a little slow, some changes will have to be made. Food is still good.

Review №4

Unlocked the door almost a half hour late. they were rude. didn't have any food out period.the buffet is closed due to the pandemic, they will get the food for you but they are wearing No gloves.

Review №5

This Cici's pizza is amazing! Cashier was friendly the staff was friendly. When i order a special pizza it was deliver promptly, fresh, and it was delicious... I will definitely recommend this Cici's cause the pizzas are fill with extra cheese and toppings...loving it.

Review №6

Always dirty and usually out of pizza. Everytime we come they only have a few slices on the buffet and everyone is just always standing around.

Review №7

Cheap. Nice assortment of pizza. Enjoyed it! Not sure if it is still the same quality because I haven't been there in many years? You decide!!

Review №8

Food was delicious . The wait to be served was a little slow, but they where short staffed. Would definitely go again

Review №9

It's a cheap pizza buffet... Werid how it's done now, but it's affordable

Review №10

This place has progressively gone downhill. Matter of fact every one I have gone to has been this way. Once was good now not so much. Must explain why I only go once a year just as a reminder of why we hardly ever go.

Review №11

It was great! The pizza was nice and warm all the sweets were delicious (brownies were my favorite) and clean!. Mrs. Lucy ? I believe was her name was absolutely wonderful super sweet, had a nice smile on her face the whole time. Definitely will be coming back more often :)

Review №12

Great Service! Good food. Nice family atmosphere. Game room was fun for the children too

Review №13

Maybe I went on a good day but it was a pleasent experience. Food was fresh & hot. Staff was friendly and courteous. Restaurant was clean. If I'm ever back in this area I'd definitely come back for a cheap bite to eat.

Review №14

Salad was wilted, pizza was cold, and I took 15 minutes to get ANY pasta in the bar.. nobody came out front for 10 minutes even though me & my pops were the only ones in line.. the staff was kind of rude. Not to me but the way they talked to an elder was bizarre to me. I used to love this place and came here weekly. I will not return..

Review №15

Whenever we are heading home from the beach, we always stop here for dinner. I can't complain about this place. The staff has always super kind. This Cici's has more variety than the one by my place. Ask the staff for a personal pizza, its great.We'll be back next time we hit the beach.

Review №16

This place is not as good as it use to be. The pizza on the bar is constantly the same such as pepperoni, cheese, and pepperoni with additional toppings like mushrooms or jalapenos. The salad bar wasn't any better as the salad, and cucumbers, looked old in some spots and the baby carrots weren't even cut into smaller pieces. A lot of the forks weren't washed properly and bits of food were still on them. There were so many forks with food still on them that customers had started leaving them in piles around the silverware holder. No employee bothered removing them while I was there. There's no use of hairnets and of course I found a hair in my salad. Saw employees just standing around talking while the pizza remained low on the bar (maybe the pizza was in the oven?). The two guys that removed the dishes from our table were nice, but not much interaction from the rest of the staff. The cashier was nice, but seemed like he was new and was unsure of what to do as he got help from coworkers many times throughout our transaction and the people behind us. Not many customers in the restaurant and the parking lot was bare considering this location is in a very busy shopping center. Take out might be better, but we decided to eat in. What a mistake, definitely won't be going back again.

Review №17

Not bad, we know most of the staff. Either way, cheap, but you get what you pay for. Custom pizzas are the best.

Review №18

Don't expect the employees to answer any questions without consulting 3 other employees.For real get some employees that know how to speak and understand English.I always have to tell them my order 4 time and I am lucky if it's right. They either just flat don't listen or can't understand.

Review №19

Great place for the kids just be sure to add some money to the “free arcade game” card they give you. The kids only get one game with the one they give you when you pay but they don't tell you how much it is.

Review №20

The current state of this cicis is worse than wag

Review №21

This place is good! They regularly change the pizza and dessert. I find it quite disgusting how they put the pizza down with their hands and don't wear hairnets which would be very much better. The wings are delicious but the salad turns brown Wich means it's old and they should try to keep it cold so it would taste nice and fresh. The pasta is honestly the best thing.

Review №22

Great pizza for the low cost! I remember seeing Cici's in Mens Health magazine for being one of the healthiest pizzas as well!

Review №23

They are so wonderful and accommodating here! I don't feel I'm being discriminated against when I come in with my service dog. Thank you for your wonderful staff.

Review №24

We walked in at 1215pm lunch time. There may have been 8 people in the restaurant. There was 1 cheese pizza on the buffet but there was sauce for pasta but No pasta. We got to eat salad for the first 20minutes we were there. Awful service for lunch time. No sense of urgency to get food on the buffets. There were 4 of us plus 4 behind us that waited for food. At a buffet.

Review №25

Old crusty pizza, ugly inside, very overpriced. Never going back.

Review №26

The bathrooms were disgusting! The stalls hadn't been cleaned in months! Smelled so bad. Manager was dressed very unprofessional...acting like I was disturbing him, but did tell someone to clean the trash out.The servers don't wear hairnets, nor gloves. They used their hands to line up the pizza on the pans.This Cicis use to be really nice. I won't go back unless I know there have been major changes in hygienic patterns!The one person that I thought was doing a great job cleaning etc was the bus boy.So sad.

Review №27

Love the pizza, brownies & soup here. Cannot beat this place for the money. All ya can eat for under 7 bucks!

Review №28

Highly recommend. Good food and helpful staff.My husband and I had the buffet and refills and it cost less than $20.

Review №29

It's all you can eat pizza for under 10 dollars. It's not fancy, very basic. But if you're on a budget it's great. The staff is very nice, and the personal pizzas taste the best. I will say the desserts could use some work.

Review №30

This is the worst Cici's I have ever been to. They are supposed to be open at 11, doors locked at 11:06 when they finally let us in we had to wait until the cashier was done counting his register money before we could even order. There was no greeting or apology for the delay in service. We finally ordered it was 11:11. After we paid the buffet was COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! Not one item was ready. It is now 11:15 and they finally have one pizza ready. Something needs to be done about this location. This is not the first time the service here has been so awful. We will NOT be returning anytime soon.

Review №31

Great variety and all was really good. Adults and children really like it. All of this plus it's a great value! What more can you ask for?

Review №32

Maybe I cought them on a bad day but they couldn't keep the place clean and no one liked to smell or even seemed like they wanted to be alive. Such a pity I drove an hour just to eat there and I wont ever go back.

Review №33

Booth tables falling to pieceVery nasty establishment pizza cold soup coldNo selectionNeed more pplThis is bad to lose business

Review №34

Pizza is not good. Incredibly cheap choices of ingredients used to make pizzas unfit for anything more than a landfill.

Review №35

It's alot of food when you don't have alot of money. You get what you buy. You will have your fill here, but you might regret it later. Oh, and then you'll come back...

Review №36

Food was amazing, besides the fact I had to wait for pasta for over 30 minutes. I stood waiting in line and asked three different employees when should the noodles be ready and they all just said “coming out soon” yet I waited and waited after the fact. Not to mention some of the noddles weren't fully cooked.

Review №37

It's a pizza buffet, that's about the only good thing I can say about this place. Pizza is not good at all

Review №38

Food is good considering the price however I think the health inspector needs to stop by. All of the plates, eating utensils, and bowls were not clean. Just rinsed with water as there was grease and residue all over everything. Felt uncomfortable eating here. Bathrooms were downright Nasty.

Review №39

I only go here because it's cheap and easy sometimes the dont clean the tables right away but hey you get what you pay for

Review №40

All you can eat pizza at a inexpensive price!

Review №41

The food was good

Review №42

Staff is meh, food is meh, everything in there is meh, not as good as it use to be

Review №43

Lack of forks, plates, bowls, and pizza selection - seemed understaffed

Review №44

Services was pour and tea earns where not clean. Told a staff member thatt tea taste nasty and told me go aome where else. Want be back or money

Review №45

Loved this place. Really big restaurant. The pizzas were great and the buffet kept getting refilled quickly. Will be back when in the area again.

Review №46

The first time i went, with a bunch of friends, i had no complaints about the food. This time, a lot of the pizza tasted off. The mushrooms for the salad looked unwashed. Cucumbers were soft. Carrots old. The white sauce for the curly noodles tasted like puke. And the bathroom, the stench almost made me puke. Very rank odor of urine. One customer was at the counter waiting to be served, while 3 employees just talked and or ignored him. The brownies almost made me choke from how doughtmy they were. Don't waste your money.

Review №47

This place is so ran down, it shouldn't be open. Almost every booth has massive tears in the upholstery, and all of the tables are loose and wobbly. The restroom smells bad and is in bad condition. I could only find 1 clean plate out of every 5 I checked, and they are all scratched up badly which is not sanitary. There was a hair in the olives and the lettuce looked brown and mushy. The pizza is pretty good, but I don't think we will return unless they make some major changes.

Review №48

It was a good day when I visited this restaurant and they had plenty of pizza on the buffet. The store was cleaned up nice and the staff was incredibly helpful. The pizza was delicious and the pasta noodles with different sauces set them apart from other pizza places. I would definitely come back to this one when I am in town.

Review №49

Not very good today. Blah

Review №50

Pizza was great!! But there was no ac. Very hot and stuffy.

Review №51

Great place! My kids love it. Friendly staff. The guy in the kitchen even made a mac n cheese pizza for my kids! David was amazing at being attentive and very friendly. Will definitely be back.

Review №52

On vacation visit. Had seem advertising at home state were no Cicis stores are located. It was okay, nothing special.

Review №53

Food is good. Service always friendly . Can get anything on your pizza. Favorite place to have pizza.

Review №54

Always good pizza and big selection and nice people

Review №55

It's cheap and slightly better than adequate.

Review №56

Only good if you go around dinner time or lunch time other wise the pizzas are cold and can tell they've been sitting awhile. Staff is always friendly though

Review №57

The Salad bar was not good. The soup was old. The noodles were mushy. The pizza was fresh but wasn't good. I wont go there again.

Review №58

Best value for a large family or party

Review №59

It's not the best good but for 6 dollars you really shouldn't expect much from all you can eat. I'm a fan and it's a great places to go if you don't have crazy high standards and just want a lot of comfort food

Review №60

Typical CiCis. They don't have cheese shakers available for the dine in customers.

Review №61

I've had some pretty lackluster experiences with Cicis in the past but they seem to have gotten their act together. The pizza is much better than some of the big name joints and definitely better than the previous times I've been there. My only complaint is that the plan for to-go is pay full price and get a pizza box to fill up. Making a salad in a pizza box is messy and good forbid if I wanted soup! Otherwise, not a bad deal.

Review №62

Nice place to stop for a quick bite

Review №63

This for the Cici's on S College road in Wilmington, NC. Hopefully a corporate exec will read this. You have a management problem, not an employee problem. The tall lanky manager with the buzz cut is an absolute joke. It's not even busy and he can't coordinate a full buffet. The bar is empty. A family wanted their money back and he refused them. He needs to go. Get a proactive manager in here.

Review №64

It's a good deal for the price. The cheesy bread is pretty addicting.

Review №65

Cheap affordable pizza buffet. Could be cleaner, bit great for kids, or to glut out on some pizza

Review №66

Loved the pizza at affordable price and definitely a great bargain.

Review №67

The worse. Pasta over cooked. Hair in the salad. Dirty forks.

Review №68

Generally a nice place. Food was a bit hard to handle, but I personally can't say anything bad about it.

Review №69

Great service and great food, and all at a killer price! We eat here every chance we get.

Review №70

This place used to be great with enthusiastic employees. Don't know what happened but I was disappointed. Cold pizza and minimal offerings on the salad bar.

Review №71

Use to be really good, but not so much lately..

Review №72

Very bad service

Review №73

Good variety of pizza and friendly staff

Review №74

Good price for all you can eat pizza and salad and more.

Review №75

Good pizza and prices

Review №76

Restaurant was not clean had a terrible odor

Review №77

Great pizza buffet. Good taste.

Review №78

Great place and amazing pizza.

Review №79

Love the pizza and killer cinnamon rolls

Review №80

Very professional staff great variety a pizza and pasta place was very clean

Review №81

Never any of the good pizzas available. Seats are all torn up. Replace. It's starting to look as bad as chucky cheese - outdated. Kids drinks: lids are flimsy. I bet a couple times a day drinks are spilt. The Goat has spoken.

Review №82

Clean and great food.

Review №83

The food was good, but all the booth seats were torn. We were from our of town, so that was extremely disappointing.

Review №84

Quick easy bite to eat

Review №85

Fair taste. Better price.

Review №86

They have fresh hot pizza and good salad bar

Review №87

U can eat as much pizza as u want too

Review №88

Slow over can't keep up with crowd

Review №89

Awesome place to take kids! They have arcade games great selection of pizza and salad with a large dinning area for big groups located in that University commons off hwy 132 and college road across from Wendy's in the strip mall

Review №90

Decent food, buss dude had a strong stinky problem, cat pee and bo

Review №91

Are your pizzas are great and your games

Review №92

Pizza was great and prices very reasonable.

Review №93

Poor customer service X10000000000900.Except for the guy taking the dishes with the star tattoo. He was so sweet and amazing. Make him manager!!!The management was terrible and had an attitude when I tried to get refunded since the pizza was stale and old and they tried to tell me that the pizza that I've been ordering for years was correct(which wasnt) and tried to make me feel like an adiot. #TheySuckI wouldn't feed a dog that pizza or even children for that matter. The restrooms were dirty, smelled bad, and they need to shut down or get new management.

Review №94

Respectable environment if children in your party. Experienced a couple employees that didn't seem to be customer service oriented completely. Food quality was good though and have no qualms with returning.

Review №95

Terrible experience, food was not appetizing, the customer service was mediocre at best. Countertops, tables and food serving areas were not properly maintained. I don't know how well Management that their store out.

Review №96

Fast and the staff is helpful. Family friendly.

Review №97

I'd give it 0 stars if I could. Nasty place and the staff clearly don't care about their job.

Review №98

Everything was okay. Inexpensive place for an all you can eat buffet.

Review №99

Very clean and comfortable every time and reasonable price to go with the good varieties of pizza pasta and salads

Review №100

Honestly it was a mistake but it's cicis, you know what you're getting into. Just.... Look out for your bowels.

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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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