El Cerro Grande Mexican Restaurant
1051 Military Cutoff Rd #100, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States
Review №1

El Cerro is a good go to Mexican restaurants. They have tour standard menu that you would expect. The place is newer and has a nice vibe. The margaritas are always good and they have a nice selection. The location is convenient.

Review №2

It's a bit small but has plenty of parking. Fast service. Delicious food. Friendly staff. Not too pricey .

Review №3

No regrets. You will not be disappointed! This place has it together and is above most if not all others in:Service with a smile (Thanks Jennifer!),Getting our food out quick and correct.Checking up on our table and taking good care of us.Delicious plates. And free chips and salsa...So here is our conclusion.They must have good management (Not the case in way too many other establishments) and that's gonna bring in customers! Thanks for the experience!

Review №4

I ordered tortilla soup from the S college location was amazing had pulled chicken,spices,avocado and plenty of tasty stuff. Then the next time I went to the Mayfair location I ordered the same thing but was completely different.Everything in the soup was served separately. They had the chicken broth in a styrofoam cup, the chicken (was tough and overly grilled), few avocado slices, tortilla chips and cheese all piled together in foil togo container. Before I had poured the broth in, I tasted the fillings and it pretty much turned to moosh. Then tried it with the broth and it became soup moosh. It seemed like they just took what was left over laying around from other dishes and made moosh nachos with a side of broth. Maybe some locations are better than others, I have not a clue what happened maybe I just caught them on a bad night.

Review №5

Wonderful service, large menu, tasty food. My server Jose' was pleasant, accommodating with an awesome smile.

Review №6

My friend and I recently visited Wrightsville Beach. We stayed at Station One Condos. Picture it, we are lounging on the huge couch and we smelled Mexican food! Clearly it was a sign that we needed nachos. We ordered and they were fantastic. A little heavy on the jalapeños but we picked them out. Our delivery person was nice and wore a mask. The food was delicious. I hope to repeat this vacation next year.

Review №7

It was a balmy night with a warm northwestern brreze, such is common to the area. A light rapping sound could be heard over the traffic from a loose cable across the way. As people ambled by we eagerly awaited our dinner and we were not disappointed. It. Was. Spectacular.

Review №8

We have eaten at several El Cerro Grande locations and if I had eaten at this one first, I would have never visited another one. We have always gotten great service and food at all the other locations. The cheese dip was watery. The food was bland and the service was slow. Our waitress only came by our table as we were finishing up our meal. Lesson learned.

Review №9

Great mexican food stop in Wilmington. Got some nachos, chicken a little stringy but not bad. Covid precautions in place.

Review №10

Local staple for over 20 years. Consistent and interesting menu with cold drinks. Sit outside if you can and the weather is good. Try the top shelf margarita and ask for green yucateco sauce.

Review №11

I went by on Wed and picked up an order of queso with meat to go. Paid $8. It was good but only issue was the container they put it in was not sealed and the majority of the cheese leaked in the bottom of bag. I go back on Friday, order dinner for my husband and decided to get another gueso for me. I was charged $14! For same exact thing i just got 2 days prior. When i inquired about it, i was told that $8 is price if you eat it in restaurant, $14 is if you get it to go. Made absolutely no sense to me. I had order to go on Wed and paid $8.My husband & I went and ate inside back in May when they opened back up. He ordered a margarita. It had bugs all in it. The waiter took it away immediately and bought a new one. But he had drank half of it before he realized it.

Review №12

Great food and good service! Menu had a wide selection of choices.

Review №13

We go to El Cerro at Mayfair.the food and people are so nice there. The manager is very nice there

Review №14

Has outdoor seating and good prices service was a little bit slow. Food was very good!

Review №15

I would visit this restaurant for the mango rita alone....oh yeah the food was great too!

Review №16

Sorry, no pictures. Food came and we ate! Family of 7 and everyone enjoyed their food. Not to mention we ordered different things on the menu. Would definitely come back when we are back in town.

Review №17

The waitress was very nice she took excellent care of our table, the food was not good

Review №18

Great food! Quick service.

Review №19

Did not give me half my order and messed up the other half of my order and now will not answer the phone! WILL NEVER GO BACK HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

Review №20

Food was excellent and hot. Staff was very friendly.

Review №21

Don't plan the the same experience you had precorona..... their internal seating is basically one table and the hostess is beyond rude! If you want food from here you should order from grub hub and accept cold food. If you want this kind of food go to La Costa on oleander or to the el cerro on university.The manager and staff here has always been great. Whoever hired this host has totally missed the mark!She needs to be fired or work somewhere else where she doesn't have to interact with customers.

Review №22

The mango margarita was AMAZING. Great shrimp tacos. Queso was fantastic (all my cheese people know that theres such a thing as good queso). They were so friendly and patient with our 1yo son who was not thrilled about sitting in one spot. Thanks!

Review №23

Well done restaurant, perfect location alot of parking spaces the food omg very very good customers service..PERFECT...very satisfied

Review №24

The food was fantastic! The Mango 1800 frozen margarita was phenomenal OMG

Review №25

I understand we are in a pandemic and things are not the same. Limited adult beverages and food items I understand. However, when you open your tortilla container to use with faijtas, you don't expect for them to have food already on them.

Review №26

We ordered an $18.00 seafood soup; they said it will be ready in 10 minutes. We waited 45 minutes for it, it came with so little seafood and it was overcooked and chewy; extremely salty, I poured it 3/4 of water from my water bottle to it and it was not enough! We also ordered fajitas, and tacos. They have no flavor at all, as well as the beans. Horrible experience!

Review №27

Picked up many orders from here and Reyna, Carla, Andrea and Jose have always been awesome to me. Thank you guys

Review №28

Great food, service was a little slow I think because of just opening the dining area for three first time in awhile.

Review №29

My family was on vacation and ordered from here through GrubHub. 3 out of the 4 meals we ordered were ok. The 4th was supposed to be a La Grande Chimichanga, but what I got was some kind of stuffed tortilla SWIMMING in what appears to be black bean soup. Nowhere in the description does it mention anything about black beans nor does it describe the chimichanga or stuffed fried tortilla soaked in liquid. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I don't like soggy bread/tortillas. If I wanted soup, I would have ordered soup. We will not be ordering from this location ever again.

Review №30

Awesome service. Clean place. Chips are on the THICCer side. Queso is BOMB. Salsa is just spicy enough to be amazing.

Review №31

Biggest Burrito I have ever seen... it was plenty for the 5 of us. Flavor was great and our waitress was very kind.

Review №32

Big portion, good hot sauce, fast service!

Review №33

I had to sit outside with my kids it's was cold. I got beef nachos made in there own sauce the sauce was geasy had not been drained the nachos was spicy and nasty. The presentation was horrible my food looked like dog food. The service was amazing. I got a weak strawberry daiquiri.

Review №34

Went today ordered a drink just to be told they don't have it so I got a different one.Then I ordered my plate of food just for the waitress to come back 10mins later to say they didn't have what I ordered.Then after this she never came back to chec to see if everything was ok.I do understand alot of ppl are out of alot of stuff but mark it on your menu's is all I'm saying

Review №35

Hostess was rude . They said we had to wear a facemask to walk around restraunt but none of the staff had no mask on . Was not enforcing 6 feet apart at tables . Instead of every other table they were seating directly across from each other .Will not return to the one in Military Cut off location

Review №36

Great food and great service! Will definitely return next time we are in town!!!

Review №37

Mmmm that's some good food!

Review №38

Carry out service is bad. They do not know whose order is ready. Can not keep track of request to find if order is ready. They only get one star because you cannot post without a star (no star).

Review №39

I was in there on 6/14 and the meal was good, but prices had gone up.Also, in addition to my tip, when my credit card statement came, they had another another tip.

Review №40

Terrific food, great service, one of our favorite restaurants and one we visit frequently. I have Lived in many states and this is the best Mexican food I have ever had outside of California to which it is equal.

Review №41

The water was great, granted I was really thirsty.

Review №42

This restaurant always makes us happy. Love the ambiance of the fireplace on a cold night. Our waiter was so pleasant too. The food was so good we all over ate. Will be back for sure.

Review №43

1$ taco Tuesdays are great. Unlimited chips and restaurant style salsa. Alcoholic drinks are HUGE and yummy. I'd go chicken over steak for fajitas as steak has been a little chewy in the past. Authentic, and value priced Mexican food.

Review №44

Really good food. The soup was the best I've ever had. We would definitely return.

Review №45

The only good thing about this meal was the cheese dip. After driving into Wilmington for several hours, I was looking forward to a nice meal. We had seen this place on prior trips and wanted to try it. One and done.

Review №46

Great service, food was great and the drinks were amazing

Review №47

Nice place, food is wonderfull.

Review №48

Food was delicious, had shrimp quesadillas, friendly service

Review №49

Food was excellent not too pricey.

Review №50

HORRIBLE WAIT TIME️️ Thanks for telling us it'll be a 10min wait but we waited for atleast 20mins in the car with a screaming child that was hungry! We had to leave ️ Never go here . Thanks for Nothing.

Review №51

Wonderful place: Great atmosphere, friendly staff, quick service, and best and definitely not least, the food is delicioso lol

Review №52

Sub par at best. This place used to be amazing. My last 3 visits have been extremely disappointing

Review №53

Great service and decor. The food was okay but we are from Los Angeles so we have higher standards. Service made the food taste better. They also did a song for my 6 year olds birthday and gave her fried ice cream. Good stuff!!!

Review №54

Had a great time and ate some delicious food!

Review №55

Great food and friendly people

Review №56

A not so good Mexican food around Mayfair, it's cheaper than the ones around, but I really dislike their tacos, low quality!

Review №57

The food was good and the portion size was ample.

Review №58

Great food and great prices!

Review №59

Awesome food, good service, and HUGE large margaritas

Review №60

As usual great food and great staff

Review №61

The food and ambience was great. Do try the chicken burrito and quesadia.

Review №62

Yummy food! Great service authentic Mexican food

Review №63

They've gotten a lot better recently

Review №64

The place is nicely furnished and in a convenient location. That said, the service was slow and the food indigestion inducing. Salsa was on par with a cheap store-bought stuff with the consistency of ketchup. The menu spoke of a slow cooked pulled chicken soup (sopa de pollo). The only thing slow about it was the time it took to get it to the table. Once it was there you could taste a chicken broth that appeared to have been poured over partially hardened rice and pulled chicken that seemed to have been reheated one too many times and all of which apparently took a long time to reheat once more. The only thing that was freshly made was the sliced avocado. I suppose if you stick to the bar and bottled drinks and are looking for a Mexican vibe near a shopping plaza, this place may be worth considering.

Review №65

Love El Cerro - One of if not the best in ILM. Have not had a bad meal there ever!

Review №66

I realize they were on lunch rush -- NO EXCUSE for areas being DIRTY

Review №67

I like it. Good price on nachoes on Thursdays. I go every Thursday I can.

Review №68

Awesome local chain that still has excellent food 28 years since I first ate here. They are my gold standard for chile rellenos that few restaurants can live up to. Keep up the great work!

Review №69

Taco Tuesdays are awesome great food good drink prices and a really fun atmosphere!!

Review №70

Food was awesome. Caught them on dollar taco day and they didn't hold back on ingredients. Would be 5 stars but half my chip basket was small remnants, nearly too small to eat much less dip.

Review №71

Second time visiting and again left satisfied! Delicious food and the drinks are very reasonably priced. We ordered medium margaritas and we were shocked, in a good way, at how large they were! We will definitely be going back.

Review №72

The margarita I had was large, strong, and well-priced. I got the Carolina margarita, and my mom got a medium classic. We both only needed one. The nachos supreme were rather tasteless and disappointing, but the hot sauces on the table gave them some life. If I went back I probably would order the more basic nachos or stick to the chips and salsa given, but we were coming in for margaritas and a snack, not a full meal. I know we've come here last year and our experience was good. Since it's conveniently located, we'll probably be back.

Review №73

My first visit here and will not go back. So many other good Mexican options that this one just wasn't worth it. Everything was very bland. The salsa was not even on the mild level. The chicken burrito was tasteless and the enchilada sauce over it just overpowered it but not with any flavor. The beans tasted like they were out of the can. The guacamole salad came in a tortilla bowl that was so full of grease it was not edible.On the border is across the street and Moe's is down the road, both are much better options for Mexican.

Review №74

Good food, good prices.

Review №75

Good food. Great service.

Review №76

Service was good inspire of being busy. Food is always great!

Review №77

Great Mexican food here! Been going to El Cerro for around 10 years and still love it! Get cravings for it!

Review №78

Good food and awesome service. Tried multiple dishes from them and all proved to be delicious. Nice and gentle staff.

Review №79

Service was quick & friendly, but the Nacho's were not as good as last visit....

Review №80

Food is very good. Service is way too slow.

Review №81

Very affordable and yummu

Review №82

Great food, awesome service. HUGE menu. Left very full, very happy and pleasantly surprised.

Review №83

Great food and great service

Review №84

Great customer service

Review №85

Was good.

Review №86

Good food, good service and affordable. Clean and family friendly.

Review №87

We love the Mayfair location, the staff is efficient but very personable. We have beco.e regulars and they know our seating preferences when we walk in. Great local Mexican food plus their premium Margaritas are well worth the upcharge.

Review №88

Stopped by here when staying at the hotel next door.Service was pretty quick despite being busy, and my enchiladas were great.Would go again if I lived in the area.

Review №89

Went for taco Tuesday and the dollar tacos were very good. The salsa was a bit bland and watery. The chips never came out warm. Guacamole seemed to be a bit old due to the discoloration. The menu appeared to appeal to the masses and lacked authentic dishes and a la carte items. Overall, I was satisfied, but there are probably better options in town if you prefer a more traditional Mexican fare.

Review №90

Best in town and gracious friendly service to me and my little schnauzer on the patio!

Review №91

Always great food and reasonable prices. Can't go wrong here.

Review №92

They are very good.

Review №93

Great service

Review №94

Very disappointed. We usually eat at the one on college. We ate at this location because of going to the movies. Service was slow and food was cold. One member of my party did not get a drink until he had one bite left and we had to ask then. Won't be back there.

Review №95

They were out of the soda I ordered and also out of the food I ordered so I had to order something else. The new dish I ordered was really bland. Rice was a bit undercooked. Service was spotty. The Frozen peach margarita was good though.

Review №96

Love this I restaurant..

Review №97

Great place! Try the Mango Rita... they have the best Mexican food and margaritas in town!

Review №98

Not the best I have had from El Cerro. The food was not hot when we received it.

Review №99

Very disappointed. The restaurant smelled like it had been mopped with a sour mop. The floor and table were greasy. My beef taco tasted like fish the tea had a fishy taste. This was not my first bad experience here. Bye El Cerro Grande. 3 strikes your out.

Review №100

Love the food and atmosphere!

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