5355 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States
Review №1

The food was cooked to perfection! My recommendation is the New York cheesecake pancakes. The wait staff was great, very attentive. Will definitely be returning!

Review №2

Can't find fault with anything. Server was excellent and we were amazed at how she took everyone's order and didn't write anything down. One of our group asked for at least 6 omelet toppings!All our food was excellent, served hot and with the correct food and doneness.There were 7 adults and one toddler very satisfied with the whole service. Our server was Olivia.We'll be back!

Review №3

Supposed to be curbside. No one brought my food out so I went inside and there it sat. Got to work and there was barely any strawberries or glaze to go on my strawberry cheesecake pancakes.

Review №4

I tried getting a job here but the guy, who him and his wife work there, didnt give me time of day. Lol. Oh well. Service is good tho!!

Review №5

Our service was great. The women who served us was amazing! The food was delicious. Very pleased with everything. Also kids eat free so it was very convenient for us!

Review №6

Ordered online. Didn't get half our order. Came back. All they did was reheat our food that I brought back. Eggs were raw. Definitely won't be back. Bad taste in my mouth. Literally and figuratively speaking.

Review №7

Disgusting. Just went today and there was food in my water. Obviously unwashed and unsanitary. All this with Covid going around. Absolutely don't eat at this Covid spreader.

Review №8

Walked in at 12:23 and placed a to go order. 45 minutes later my food still hadn't even been cooked let alone be ready for pick up. The guy behind me received his to go order, but had been waiting for 20 minutes in the lobby. I had prepaid for my food and had left a tip, but was told by the manager that she couldn't give me the tip back. Congratulations IHOP, you got some money out of me today, but it will be the last. Judging from some the recent reviews, I see that I'm not alone.

Review №9

Fantastic food Good value forgot my sour cream

Review №10

Food was typical IHOP fair. But what made me list 5 stars was our server. I tried the lingonberry crepes and didn't care for them. I off handed mentioned that to our server not even thinking about it. I ordered it so I didn't want to complain. Without prompting she took that off our bill. That's the kinda service and experience that shows a place cares about their customers!

Review №11

This is worst experience at an IHOP ever, we sat in here for almost 30 minutes before I had to stop a server and ask who's helping our table and no one seems to know. Both the waitresses just kept asking each other back and forth who was helping our table but no one was willing to help. Finally after I got upset and walked up to see a manager, I looked over and someone was talking to my family. I will never ever ever come to this IHOP location again, and I only stay cause my family was hungry. Also thank you Taylor for coming to the rescue, if I could give you five stars by yourself I would.

Review №12

We had a great waitress (Demmi... I think), she was great.I had not been to an IHOP since my mid-teens.I had the Colorado omelet with fruit and my friend had the Classic Burger (which looked good).Prices sure have gone up since the good ol days, (around $30 for the both of us) with his soda and my coffee included... but it was his treat... so the place was totally worth it!Oh, I wasn't aware that I also had a choice of multiple things with my omelet... toast, hash browns, pancakes or fruit (and it seems like there was something else...) but I asked for fruit before our meal was brought to us and they had already made pancakes... so free bonus for home later that night. Thanks Demmi!

Review №13

The staff was really nice the young lady taking care of my order and my food was on point and she was dealing with some rude customers on the other side of me and she kept her cool the whole time I didn't get her name I wish I would have but very nice people very good service

Review №14

Dirty place - it needs to be remodeled, but a good cleaning is a great start. Bright spot - our server was great! No plans to return unless they improve. Avoid this IHOP. Disgusting!!!!

Review №15

Everything was great but there was a fowl smell in the restaurant but the food made up for it. Good, friendly staff worth coming back too.

Review №16

Seemed to be unorganized up front. Once seated, our waitress Lisa, was great! Food was very good.

Review №17

Heather was an awesome waitress. Great service and food.

Review №18

People were very nice. Food was good. Carpet is very worn and looks unclean

Review №19

Horrible when it comes to take out or preparing orders for door dashers. Food is still good though. Fair ride wait times for it though.

Review №20

Brittany was great!! But the food terrible. It took forever to get our food.. a table next to us got their food at the same time as we did and we arrived before the by about 15 min. And then there was an employee who didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom.

Review №21

This place has a serious mold problem. The ceiling tiles are discolored with water marks, dotted with black and gray mold. The mold is on the ceiling fixtures as well as the air vents. The smell dog mildew didn't hit us until we'd sat inside for 5 mins, but it was difficult to ignore. Waitstaff are nice but that environment can't be healthy to be exposed to for long periods of time. Needs to be inspected asap.

Review №22

My husband and I came here to eat last week.. we had a new waitress and she was so nice and pleasant.

Review №23

This place is dirty. Mold on the ceiling. Warped ceiling as well. Service was incredibly slow and there were only a few people in the restaurant. The waitress got the order wrong and forgot about one of our meals, and the table next to us also had a missing meal.

Review №24

I ordered food from this restaurant through DoorDash and there were multiple things wrong with my order. One being, I ask for New York Cheesecake pancakes and received buttermilk pancakes, the cheese on the omelette wasn't even melted, looked as though they just took two slices of cheese and just threw them on top as an after thought, the inside of the omelette was cold and one top of that, a staple was found INSIDE of the omelette. A STAPLE!! I do NOT recommend this place whatsoever and someone need to come look at this establishment. How does a staple end up INSIDE of your food?!

Review №25

Really need to get there act together! The hostess was not acting like she knew what she was doing. Although the Waitress was great. And so was the food.

Review №26

Was. No way near. What. It use to be. Short. Handed. Had to wait. Forcoffee refill. Extra. Napkins. Use. Tolove. Going. For. Blintzes dont. Think. We will. Begoing. Back. For. A while

Review №27

Food and service were great. Cleanliness left a bit to be desired.

Review №28

The food was very good and service excellent, but the wait for a table about 1/2 hour and the food took awhile to get. The prices after 2pm many meals $5.00.

Review №29

Our server was the best part, but the food was nasty and not cooked all the way through. I ate half of my pancakes, did not even touch my hashbrowns cause they were mushy, bacon was still raw looking and taste. Plus the employee's and manager's attitudes were beyond not professional. WELL NOT BE GOING BACK EVER TO THIS ONE, PLUS THE STORE CEILING WAS COVERED IN MOLD AND LEAK SPOTS. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Asked them to take the things off that we didnt eat, one manager said you choose that meal you can pay for it. Not the best manager . the server manger though took our whole meal off and told us that she was sorry we didnt like our food but understood why we were upset.

Review №30

Long Wait, but expected for a Sunday morning. The staff was very friendly and the food was very fast once we did get our table.

Review №31

Stood at counter for a call-in (pickup) order and waited for around 5mins before helped. Tried to give me wrong order. Had to wait for 10 more mins to get correct order. Older lady working register seems scatterbrained...

Review №32

An amazing breakfast this morning definitely not crowded and following all the rules you go IHOP

Review №33

Me and my fiancé arrived around 3:30pm waited about 5 mins outside in the vestibule then got seated. We sat around the waitress got us our hot chocolates and then our orders. We didn't receive our meals until 4:30pm!! An hour we had to wait for regular meals. The inside is disgusting and I'm just surprised because this iHop use to be my favorite breakfast place. They are very short staffed now the service was slow and the food wasn't even as good as it use to be. We are very unsatisfied and will not be coming back.

Review №34

They were short staffed, but food came out quickly and staff was very nice. Our server Julia did a great job!

Review №35

Used to go multiple times a week. Great service. Food quality has gone down hill. Can't get a over easy egg to save my life.

Review №36

Out of all of the IHOP I have been to this is the best one! The food was really excellent, fresh, and amazing! The service was amazing also!!!!

Review №37

Service was great but the restaurant is in terrible shape.There is black mold all over the ceiling tiles from water damage. I noticed a fowl smell after I was seated.Would not go back.

Review №38

The server i had was amazing and paid close attention to my order

Review №39

Not sure they have a good plan for call in orders. Called it in was told 15 min. Arrived in 20 and the order was not ready. Was told they would bring the order out to me. Waited 10 mins walked and my order was sitting on the back counter. Food was warm and my order was wrong.

Review №40

My server Maria was really nice and friendly!

Review №41

Service was slow, food took forever, and the steak was overcooked and nasty. They marinate it in syrup. It's sweet and gross.

Review №42

This place needs to be torn down and rebuilt. My first issue with this location is the filth! It needs a good deep clean, the smell was horrible where we were seated. Our server was fine but I saw her take someone's dirty plates to the dish pit area then with the same gloves gave us our beverages while holding the top of the glass with the same nasty gloves! She did a decent job as it was busy but please be aware and change your gloves in between bussing tables and serving new tables their food. Lastly the food was below par, I've eaten at ihops in the past all over the country and this was by far the worst. I understand it was busy but this is where training and management need to come in and make sure things are right. Will not return.

Review №43

Poor service!!!! I will not return!! I do not recommend! I did not receive half our order.

Review №44

I'm surprised a health inspector hasn't closed the doors to this place if they can't even keep up with the building maintenance. The food is okay but my wife and I waited half an hour to get what we thought were basic meals

Review №45

An old favorite! Flavors are consistent no matter which I go to!

Review №46

Vacation means IHOP for breakfast/brunch for the whole family.

Review №47

Very good,Waitress was awesome,Food was great!

Review №48

I had a to go order and my food was so sloppy and I didn't even get the strawberry syrup I ask for make me not want to go back which is sad because it's one of my favorite places to eat in Wilmington

Review №49

Just came in this morning with the family! Excellent service food was great Olivia you get 10 stars! Thank you!

Review №50

The kids, their grandmother and myself visited this establishment today. We recieved a great greeting. We were seated very quickly. Mostly due to the time we visited at 12:30 pm. Our server was fast and friendly. She checked up on us like 4 times and wasn't pushy. The food came hot and fast. Would we go again in the future...YOU BETCHA!

Review №51

Not the best food....not, the best service...not, in this Ihop!!!! Didn't even take plates!!!!terrible place.. .will not recommend

Review №52

Not really clean and tidy

Review №53

So good. Wonderful service.

Review №54

Their French Toasts are delicious in a very tremendously way!!!

Review №55

The only reason I'm leaving one star is so I can review them. I didn't leave a review the first time we were there. Anyone who knows me on here knows I'm a chef and a food critic but I tend not to rate fast food places unless there is exceptional service or chains. The first time we ate here our waitress was distraught because one of the cooks has just got stabbed in the parking lot and they had to call the cops and ambulance. The food took a long time and the waitress was scared and wanted to go home and the manager told her if she did she'd get fired. My fiancee didn't want to go back but we had company down that wanted to go so we took them and we get there and there's a short wait two families infront of us who were seated immediately. The family infront of us was told they could wait in the pre lobby where there was air conditioning. They were shortly seated there after. So we went in to wait as we had an infant with us. We were told to leave that area and we told the lady we were on the list after the other 2 tables were seated and allowed to wait in that area. We were next my fiance told them that we had a baby and it was too hot outside and that the table before was allowed to wait she looked at her iPad and said you guys have 30 minutes and something about the health department on a Sunday and pretty much bullied us back outside after she literally told the people infront of us that they could come wait in the air conditioning. We politely waited until they were seated to go in. Mind you we didn't go to the second lobby we did not sit down or break any social distancing rules. Hands down the rudist most inconsiderate place I've ever been ever.

Review №56

Very poor service all food was incorrect set it back still came out wrong

Review №57

Good food Patrick was a great waiter!

Review №58

I waited in their lobby for 10ish mins to get my name on the list. When the lady finally came out she did not address me or my boyfriend but proceeded to add people who just came to the door on the list. Then she went to address people in the parking lot. When I was finally address it was by a different lady who was so rude. Totally put a damper on my birthday.

Review №59

Place was packed, but still got us in quick. Food was out fast. Waitress was nice. Got the breakfast sampler. Bacon was a little less cooked than I prefer, but everything else was good.

Review №60

It was very good! Good social DISTANCING Good food

Review №61

Great service and great food

Review №62

Dropped in for breakfast. Quick service; delicious food.

Review №63

A little pricy but their breakfast was really good.

Review №64

The hostess/cashier was extremely friendly and a pleasure to chat with while she rang us up.

Review №65

Always great food and great service.

Review №66

It is the worst Ihop that I have been to go in my life, do not think of anyone going to that place. the attention is bad is the worst.

Review №67

Always consistent. Love ihop

Review №68

Good social distancing, good cleaning and good food. Currently limited menu.

Review №69

Really good food

Review №70

My wife and I go there at least twice a week, it's always very good and the service is great.

Review №71

Just had the best waitress of my life! She was so kind and considerate also one of the best workers I've come across 100% don't ever let her go! Thank you Kacy! Hope you get some recognition for your hard work and awesome personality! Hope Ihop knows what they have.

Review №72

No syrup for pancakes or french toast and they gave me my order wrong. I waited more than an hour for a pick up order.

Review №73

Food was bomb, sever was nice and fast

Review №74

Stopped here to get some food in our bellies.Service was very good. The kids had a hard time eating. Our eyes are still burning from the bleach. I can taste the bleach being used to clean the floor behind us. The waitress clearly knows about it and brings us our food as we are tearing up. I said that was unacceptable and I could taste it. She said oh I know...Really?I'm not impressed or happy. My wife is literally throwing up still from the bleach smell inhaled.I'm glad they clean but should have waited to say the very least. A corporate phone call will be placed.

Review №75

Food and service always good here. Bring a jacket as they keep it pretty chilly. Multiple tables around us were commenting about how cold it was.

Review №76

Love the French toast Square's & Crepes! The night mgr is very friendly and courteous. Real nice, sweet waitress too! Very polite, wish I'd remembered her name, night time, very blonde hair up in a bun with a very southern accent.

Review №77

Horrible, terrible place. I love eating at iHop but I don't know if I can ever eat there again. We waited 15 minutes to be seated and we were the only one waiting to be seated. Then we ordered and waited an hour for our food. The food was terrible. My friend with me got a meal she didn't even order. Disgusting. Then we waited another 20 minutes for our check. They need to close it down if they can find good help. Bad bad bad experience. . McDonald's is 100% better.

Review №78

Very busy need more. Help

Review №79

Normally IHOP is a great place for a quick meal. We stopped at the one on Market St last night and waited 15 minutes to be seated as the 3 waitress walked past several times looking at us. When we ordered our food it took 45 for the food wrong order. Husband ordered the Turkey dressing and gravy meal. Although the waitress apologized several times on our order being late and that the steak and shrimp would be served soon ? Not ordered . The Turkey meal ordered was finally served , looked like sandwich turkey crumbs and chopped up potatoes, no dressing or gravy or mashed potatoes and was cold. The manager came over and asked if I wanted to order something different . We said no as we had been there an hour and received our bill he said that he had taken the Turkey dinner off . Won't be going back at night .

Review №80

First off, our server (Jay) was awesome! An absolute gentleman! Whoever cooked our food must have been having an off day though. If they don't like cooking breakfast in the evening then they probably should only work first shift. I asked for crispy bacon, and got crispy hash browns instead. I literally had to scrape the good part off of two orders to equal one order. My pancakes were cold. My eggs and ham were too. I'm really surprised at all of this because usually IHOP never disappoints. That's been one of our go to spots for years when we want breakfast for dinner. This is the second time that we have been disappointed by the food. I'm still giving them 5 stars but only because Jay did his best to accommodate us. Make sure you give him his props!

Review №81

We placed our order for curbside. We tried to call from the parking lot at least three times, but it was busy every time. My fiancé had to go in to get our food. When he got back to the car we realized that they messed up the order so he had to go back in. With this virus we really wanted to avoid that. It's frustrating.

Review №82

Sweet waitress. Thanks Iris! I love banana Nutella crêpe and here has some of the best. If you're looking for crêpe, there is a crêpe house in Wilmington. Thanks ihop!

Review №83

Usually I would give this restaurant four stars. However today today I can't do that. I ordered the senior grilled cheese for lunch. I added french fries and a diet soda. the waitress was fine she brought everything in a timely manner. the problem was that the grilled cheese was not melted. Of course the waitress asked the cook to prepare a real grilled cheese however I did not have the time to wait very disappointed.

Review №84

Our server was horrible. We didn't even get our drinks until some lady who brought our food out ask why we didn't have drinks. So she got us our drinks. The only time I saw my server was to get our bill and just for that I had to ask someone to find her.

Review №85

Clean inviting environment. "Crisp" bacon a bit too soggy, eggs a bit crusty around the edges - grill too hot. Overall fairly good for the price. Will likely return.

Review №86

The food was good but the service was great

Review №87

Nothing wrong with the food. Loves the chicken and waffles... but our server.. I believe her name was kacy. She just put a damper on things for me and my family. Very negative. Very rude. And would not want her working for my business. I love IHOP but REFUSE to be treated the way I was that day.

Review №88

Soon as me and my family came in it smelt like old mop water. They sat us down, and we got right back up. I couldn't eat smelling that. The carpet looks very dirty as well.

Review №89

Always a good breakfast. Server took great care of us.

Review №90

The service was really bad!! Worst experience ever

Review №91

One of our favorite places to eat, omelets and pancakes.

Review №92

Love the food & services

Review №93

Short staffed. Food was not AT ALL up to par. Pancakes had black griddle marks on them. Husband's pancakes had fruit pieces & old sprinkle stains on them from the griddle. Had to send our food back twice.

Review №94

Food was excellent. Our waitress was exceptional. Great time

Review №95

Best customer service ever, special thanks to our server Amber!! Nutella crepes were delicious!!!

Review №96

Slow service overall, terrible place to doordash or grubhub from. Longg wait.

Review №97

Everything was great and the service was outstanding

Review №98

Quick friendly service. Food was good here and came out correctly. Tyler, our server, did a great job.

Review №99

The food tastes good while eating but make sure you are not far away from a bathroom after eating

Review №100

Great food and great service, very friendly

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  • Address:5355 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 910-790-3311
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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