Port Land Grille
1908 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

What an amazing meal! The staff accommodated our group wonderfully, including the Vegan (we had let them know ahead of time, and they prepared a lovely dish for her!). And the Pumpkin Spice Brioche Bread Pudding with S'mores ice cream was the best dessert to end the evening. Will definitely return!

Review №2

They have a private room that is conducive for meetings/events. The service is excellent. The food is top notch.

Review №3

This place was amazing. We went last night and had the filet with blue cheese, so good!! The chef even made a special vegan plate for our friend which was super yummy! We also had a table of desserts which were to die for. I picked the pear cobbler with egg nog ice cream, it was amazing! Definitely a must try!!

Review №4

Excellent ambience and impeccable service. Disappointing stake temperature. 3/3 stakes ordered medium rare all served at least medium to well done! Creme brulee?!? We had a great time however paying $$$$ was disappointing.

Review №5

This is one of the best dining experiences ever. Everything was on point from the atmosphere, service and OMG the food. I had a 18 oz Bone In 40 day Artisan Dry Aged Ribeye. One of the best ever..Cooked to perfection over a wood fired grill. The entire menu is amazing. I will be back.

Review №6

5 Star service hands down. Treated with a warm welcome, and the steak was superb. Will be coming back monthly.

Review №7

Fine dining in ILM. Great place for a birthday or anniversary dinner. Nice wine menu. Great food

Review №8

Wonderful food, service, atmosphere, & people. Of the best the Wilmington area has to offer.

Review №9

We recently relocated to the Wilmington area from Northern VA. Our realtor recommended Port Land Grille. We went there for my husband's birthday......what a tremendous disappointment.We sat on the patio, and I have to give the ambiance 5 stars. However, the wait staff was naive and inexperienced -- more qualified to work at a family chain restaurant. My husband ordered a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and neither the waitress nor her waiter-in-training had any idea what it was.....On to the food......I had the jumbo shrimp appetizer -- the shrimp were rubbery and still frozen [at $4 each, I expected them to at least be thawed]. My husband ordered the Berkshire porkchop -- the specific reason he chose this place for his birthday dinner. While the porkchop was well cooked, the flavor was drowned in sauces and accompaniments that did not compliment the chop. I ordered the chicken with mashed potatoes [I tend to play it safe.] The chicken was tough and, once again, over seasoned. The mashed potatoes were starchy, and the corn was rubbery...and old and tasted like it came from a frozen package.I ordered the coconut cake for was rich [too sweet] for my husband, but I did a pretty good job with it. Hubby asked if they had espresso -- they said they did. I told them not to bother with it unless it came out fresh -- WITH ESPUMA. The waitress had a 'deer in the headlights' look but said 'okay'. The espresso arrived -- flat, lukewarm and NO tasted like instant, out of a packet......To add insult to injury, the staff was well aware we were there for a special occasion; they were well aware we were not happy with our food and not ONCE did they ask if we wanted to speak to the chef, or to the manager, or even offer to comp us for desert or at least take the horrible espresso. Nope. We were charged full price. And the prices are steep.Needless to say, we will NOT be going back; nor would we recommend this restaurant to our friends.UPDATE TO OWNER'S RESPONSE: Despite the owner's Response to "follow up with his staff''' and to "make it right", we haven't heard a word....LOL

Review №10

Great outdoor setting, professional servers, a menu so broad you could return five nights in a row, and set ups with your entree that earn their reputation for fine dining in a casual atmosphere.

Review №11

Our group of 7 had dinner at Port Land. First time for most of us. The service was very attentive without being intrusive. The food was top notch, and each of us had something different from the menu. Entrees varied from rib eye and NY strip to duck to fish and scallops. Everyone was happy with their choice. It was on the expensive side, but we would definitely go back. Well worth it.

Review №12

Ambience, dark yet just right. Service exceptional. Grouper and swordfish superb! This is a great place for a date or event. Never disappointed.

Review №13

Stay in your service and politics don't mix well. Very disgusting remark and incredibly unpatriotic regardless of what candidate you support.

Review №14

Stopped in for a good bite to eat after a road trip. Food was spectacular and the service was on point. Food was fresh and delicious and appropriately priced. We look forward to coming back and wish we lived closer!

Review №15

Waiter was great. Food was so good. For sure going back for date night.

Review №16

Although we have dined here before, we had a terrible experience tonight and were discriminated against as they refused to seat us! We will never dine here again!Edit in response to owners response:We clearly stated we had a medical exemption in accordance with page 7 of the executive order. It is a violation of ADA to discriminate even during these “times”. The executive order is just that, the ADA is law. See you in court!

Review №17

Excellent menu, wine list, service, and atmosphere. We've been coming since 2004, when we lived in Wilmington. We now live 280 miles away, and make it a point to come back once or twice each year. Port Land Grill is the most consistently satisfying restaurant I've ever known - east coast, west coast, or in between.

Review №18

Great food and service, everything on the menu we wanted to try, just need to return again and again.

Review №19

We went for our Valentines Day dinner. Wonderful dining experience. The staff was great. I found it to be a relaxed elegant atmoshpere. Best salmon I have ever had!!

Review №20

Planning with Anne was fantastic and so easy! She anticipated and themed my group's room and menu needs, and was so easy to communicate with. They all received comfortable but very high-end service, and of course, wonderful food! I highly recommend Port Land Grille for a corporate dinner or an intimate social dinner.

Review №21

Delicious, elegant and superb service!

Review №22

My wife and I were staying at Wrightsville Beach for a few days and getting supplies at the local Harris Teeter. On a whim we decided to eat at Port Land Grille. I am glad we did.Our meals of scallops and sea bass were cooked to perfection. The side items wonderful. The coconut cake for dessert was excellent. Our waitress and the chef went out of their way to meet dietary restrictions for my wife and provided great service.My travels with work have afforded me the opportunity to eat at many wonderful restaurants in Europe, Asia, and the US. For me, Port Land Grille is one of the best dinning experiences I've had. My wife and I look forward to dinning there again our next visit to the Wilmington area.

Review №23

A family tradition..always a treat..even in this G-A pandemic

Review №24

Excellent choice of interesting dishes while still keeping "normal" dishes like steaks, grouper, etc.While it does not have the view of some other restaurants in Wilmington, the food is quite possibly the best I have had. Can highly recommend the veal tenderloin and the "shake n bakes"

Review №25

I work here and all my fellow employees treat me like family I love it!

Review №26

The Portland Grill is an exceptional restaurant. It has an extensive menu with items like a cowboy veal chop which is a difficult cut of meat to find at a restaurant. Once you select your meat there are numerous preparations and sides to select from. Attentive experienced Waiters just add to the experience. It's a relatively expensive restaurant but perfect for a special occasion.

Review №27

Best steaks in Wilmington. Run by wonderful and charitable people. We like time between courses, they don't rush you.

Review №28

One of the best places to eat. Dishes are really delicious, the portions are just right. I ordered grilled chicken: simply the best I have ever had in the U.S. If you can reserve a spot, the outside area is beautiful.

Review №29

They continue to amaze. My wife and I have been here for two dinners, and both were amazing! They have my favorite scotch: Lagavulin 16. The wait staff are amazing when they are not busy. They are sufficient during a rush. I would recommend them to anyone looking for fine cuisine.

Review №30

Exceptional food & service!

Review №31

Amazing as always great food great staff

Review №32

Great food including vegetarian dishes!!! The staff is attentive but not over bearing. Beautiful setting.

Review №33

Food and service was mediocre, Disappointed, will not return.

Review №34

The restraunt manager is a very angry person. After cursing at my wife for sending her overcooked steak back to the kitchen. He decided it would be a good idea to write "I hope you enjoyed the special sauce" on our receipt. I felt embarrassed and belittled. For a $145 dinner I expected so much more. Food is wayyyyyy over priced and extremely greasy. If you are a tourist looking for a good place to eat I would recommend anything besides this place. Not a good place to take a family for a nice meal. I have the receipt and will be contacting the media and health department

Review №35

The food was delicious and the service was great!

Review №36

Hands down the best fancy dinner in town! I have always loved Ruth Chris but these guys have it going on with the smaller restaurant. Amazing mouth watering filet and grouper !!!!!'

Review №37

Steak i had did not have a lot of flavor for the money spent

Review №38

Best food, best service, best staff and owners. You can't get any better than Portland grill. Love love love

Review №39

Went here on an anniversary date (same place as first date) and they had a 30 min wait at 8 pm. So we decided to sit at the bar instead and eat.The bartenders were friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and I felt we got more "personal" attention (not hating on the wait staff at a table - knowing they have multiple tables).We got the crab dip as an appetizer and each a glass of wine. The complimentary bread was warm and soft. The pimento whipped butter was fantastic!Food was phenomenal. I got the AGED ANGUS “BARREL CUT” BEEF TENDERLOIN and added 3 scallops and my preparation was a shrimp and tortellini sauce (I can't remember exactly what else was in it). Tenderloin was blue rare (as I like it) and the scallops melted in my mouth.My girlfriend got the JUMBO TRUE DIVER U-10 SCALLOPS with blue crab meat, Asiago & English pea, risotto with buttered spinach and a San Marzano tomato, basil, melted sweet onion “fondue sauce”Overall food rating: 10/10 (we cleaned our plates)Overall atmosphere: 8/10 (mainly because our backs we're to a general walk way to door so a lot of chatter)Overall service: 10/10Final Note: Please do not let the menu prices scare you away. You pay for what you get, and in this restaurant, that is the highest quality and service.Even if you only go here one time, you won't regret it. I hope this review helps you make that decision.

Review №40

The pate is wonderful, the cauliflower and the duck are all fantastic. I haven't tried everything on the menu. But everything I have had is outstanding. The service is also perfect.

Review №41

Interesting menu, but overpriced and over-rated. My steak was cooked properly, but quality was lacking -- better from Costco. Good service, but supercilious. Nice atmosphere. Hard to find even with GPS

Review №42

Excellent food, excellent service, very nice place to go for a night out with your other, probably would not bring the kids, as it is a bit pricey and a bit fancey

Review №43

Best restaurant in Wilmington for a special occasion. Their sea bass and dry aged steak are both must haves. Save room for the coconut cake!

Review №44

BETTER THAN GREAT. Maybe you're looking for something less than the absolute best food, drinks, and service in town. Or, maybe you are content to venture out for an underwhelming fine dining experience elsewhere in Wilmington. Otherwise, for the freshest and best prepared fare from the sea or for steaks and cuts that will make everyone in your party drool for days or for a wide offering of not so small "small plates", just rise above the noise, don't settle for less than "oh my God", and go to PLG. Say hello to Anne, Shawn, Keith, Bob, Jackie, Gabrielle, Marie, Rocco, and the PLG gang. Trust me, you will stay for dessert even if just to satisfy your culinary curiosities, and you will leave satiated, smiling, and happy. I'm a local and have been going to Port Land since 2002, and I still think about my next visit each time I leave with delicious flavors lingering on my palate all the way home.

Review №45

Great food

Review №46

Our experience at Port Land Grille was absolutely amazing. When I reserved our table online, I informed them that I was going to propose to my girlfriend. The restaurant called me about an hour before our reservation to ask me how I wanted to arrange my proposal.The wait staff is very attentive and knowledgeable. We had the lamb sliders appetizer. They were great, very tender and seasoned perfectly. My fiancee ordered the bison meatloaf, she loved it. I ordered the antelope tenderloin, and it too was amazing.. So tender. All of the food came out quickly and was delicious.While bringing out dessert (root beer float), at my request the server brought out my girlfriend's engagement ring on a plate that had "Will you marry me?" written in red syrup. Through the tears of joy my girlfriend almost yelled "Yes!". It was the best evening.The restaurant then served us a champagne toast on the house, and many employees came to the table to congratulate us. It was an amazing experience, and I sincerely thank the staff at Port Land Grille for making a special night even more memorable.

Review №47

I love this place! The food is always fabulous! I've never had a meal I didn't like. Whether it's steak, chicken, pork or seafood!

Review №48

Excellent. Tried this place a few months ago and finally had a chance to come back. The cauliflower bang bang appetizer is delicious. My oldest is vegetarian and they have a great veggie plate for a main course. Great variety of fresh selections...steak, chicken, fish... desserts are amazing. We actually behaved skipped dessert last night but had it before and it was so good. If you have enough ppl I. Your party order 3 or 4 desserts and share. All are amazing. Service is great. It was really chilly in there so bring a shawl ladies... but If you forget they have you covered just ask them for a throw blanket.

Review №49

My husband and I are in town on business and happened upon this restaurant after a long work week. Having worked so much lately (hubby manages a restoration company following the hurricane) we came into the restaurant completely under dressed--think college t-shirts and jeans, ball cap, etc. In spite of our dress, we were treated incredibly well by the wait staff. The ambience, food, and attentiveness were all of high quality. We definitely want to come back before our trip is over!

Review №50

Probably the best restaurant in Wilmington. Port City chop house might have a better filet mignon, tarentellis for Italian, but overall, portland grille is the best

Review №51

Love the atmosphere and the food. Service was great, prices were on par with plenty of selections for someone both on a budget and someone with money to burn. Staff was very knowledgeable about wine pairings with the food. We had both a "port" and a "land" selection and both were not only delicious, but cooked and seasoned to perfection. Owner was very attentive to clients and made sure we were happy. I can't wait to go back!

Review №52

Great food and service! Rocky did an excellent job!

Review №53

Not knowing what to expect from this restaurant, my restaurant exploration buddy and i walked in sat down and were taken on at wild ride of fantastic flavors. The bread was fantastic. The appetizer was packed with flavor but not too heavy. It was the perfect start to the meal. The main entrée was a one two punch of perfectly paired foods and flavors. Each part of the dishes could be enjoyed separate or as a whole and remained phenomenal. The dessert finishing off the meal was sweat but not over filling. All aspects of the food could not have been better. The staff was helpful, fast and a joy to be around. I plan to eat here again and again.

Review №54

We always LOVE the Portland grill, food and ambiance are both superb. Great date night restaurant if you want to feel relaxed and elegant.

Review №55

One of Wilmington's best dining spots!

Review №56

Dinner was amaizing. The service was top notch. Hands down the best coconut cake I have ever had!!!!

Review №57

As a Wilmington local, Port Land Grille is a favorite! It is perfect for ANY occasion from a casual meeting with friends to an anniversary celebration to a business dinner among colleagues. Port Land Grille even has amazing take-out for those busy weekday nights when you are craving delicious, fresh, wholesome food but can't make it in to dine. The quality and quantity does not change with “to-go” orders! It is evident much time and attention to detail is taken in the selection and preparation of everything on its vast menu as it is consistently amazing in every way possible from variety to presentation. One can expect excellent, personable, and friendly service and to walk away with a completely satisfied palate after each visit. Top notch, highly recommended!

Review №58

Unfortunately, we had a less than underwhelming experience at Portland Grille last night 4/11/19. Food was changed/substituted with our dishes involuntarily, the food we did receive was obviously left to sit under heat lamps (resulting in steak going from medium all the way to well done), and simple things like roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes were unseasoned and dry. The absolute worse though was the condescending and unprofessional response email I received from the owner, Anne Steketee, after I emailed her about the experience: She combated nearly every complaint, blamed it on the server, or in the case of leftovers being thrown disgustingly into a box too small, insinuated that we unreasonably asked a server to pack up “a single meatball and half a lobster roll.” ( For the record we asked for the entire appetizer to be packed up, including multiple meatballs and peanut noodles, and we specifically asked them NOT to pack up the leftover bits of lobster roll and torn lettuce from our child). A year ago the food and service was great, and something clearly has changed. We were cautioned by friends that have been there recently that it was not good, and we gave them the benefit of the doubt based on our experience there last year. Never again. Mediocre food and service can improve, but careless and patronizing management is something that can't be helped. Side note: the owner does not appreciate being compared to a local Applebee's, but at least at Applebee's, if the food and service is subpar you didn't just waste $245 bucks.

Review №59

Brandon is the best waiter! Excellent and knowledgeable service all around!

Review №60

My family has traveled the world and Port Land Grille is our favorite restaurant by far. The menu is a great selection of elevated local flavors, the wait staff are top notch, and the owners lovingly participate in the day-to-day operation of the business. We have celebrated many special occasions at Port Land and they never disappoint. Be prepared - their secret ingredient is a touch of magic!

Review №61

I've been twice and both time I've been very unsatisfied. The service is poor; the wait staff seems like they're bothered if you ask for a drink refill. I also think that the food is unimpressive. While being a foodie is a hobby of mine, I do love great food. I feel what they offer are odd combinations (salmon with cheddar cheese grits) and its just bland in flavors. It's not terrible, but it is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH the money.

Review №62

Good food great service unless you are at the bar, seems the bartender is too busy to provide drinks.

Review №63

The food was amazing. The 'redneck' eggrolls and coconut cake were just outstanding. The service was really attentive. I would definitely recommend.

Review №64

Over priced

Review №65

Had a reservation at 8:30PM was not seated until 9:30PM, upon seating waited 15 minutes for a waitress who informed us they were out of their complimentary bread and pretty much half of the menu...service was okay...could have been more tentative, scotch glass was also dirty and had stuff floating in it...overall not satisfied with our experience. May try again in the far future but probably would not recommend.

Review №66

Fabulous...only one word needed.

Review №67

Food was just "ok" service was horrible! Brooke needs to find a new career. She took forever to bring our food, and was quick to take the semi full plates from our table. First and last time we will dine here.

Review №68

Always the best food, but even better dining experience.

Review №69

Food is better and better. Nice comfortable atmosphere

Review №70

I recommend the meatball appetizer.

Review №71

Had made a reservation for 730 approached the hostess who happened to be the owner she mumbled something after we gave her our name and walked away. Gave our name and reservation to the next hostess and then she walked away we continued to wait for about 25 min while we watched other larger parties parade past us given a friendly greeting then seated. I asked the hostess what the anticipated seating time would be all she could do was look at me smugly and make excuses for the owner. Overall lack of class from the hostess caused us to leave we found a place to eat where they knew how to treat paying customers. Unless your a local don't expect much from this restaurant.

Review №72

Wonderful ambiance, food and overall experience! Loved it, my fave place in Wilmington so far!

Review №73

Nice selection, great atmosphere, very good food. We enjoyed our experience...

Review №74

Great place for a business dinner. Great food. Great drinks.

Review №75

Great food and great sevice

Review №76

Best steak ever!!!

Review №77

Good food a little pricey

Review №78

Have been here two times; it wasn't crowded on either occasion, and I've been disappointed both times due to delays in serving and overall taste of food. I don't feel that anything about the experience measured up to the cost.

Review №79

Awesome place everything delicious

Review №80

I personally cook for a living so when dining i expect the very same no matter what I order. I had the flounder with pancetta and pea risotto. My mom had the crab cake with a bacon vinaigrette and green goddess tarter sauce. Our meals were fabulous. The portion size was surprisingly adequate and my service was excellent. She was very knowledgable with the menu and had a good sense of humor. The fish was cooked to perfection and I must say it was very worth it. I will be coming back. Have a strong passion for the "local fresh" scene as thats how it should be.

Review №81

Great service, great food and drinks!!

Review №82

Great service, food consistently good

Review №83

A bit expensive, but a great up scale restaurant with awesome food!!! If you want to spend some money on a great meal, go here!

Review №84

Was very excited to eat at PG. The apps were very good, the meals were so so. I will not be coming back.

Review №85

Food did not measure up to cost. Good service but does not matter with out good food.

Review №86

Best spot in town

Review №87

Best food in Wilmington

Review №88

Great food

Review №89

Hands down best steaks in town!

Review №90

Mile high steaks and bustass mixed drinks!

Review №91

Highly recommend for a special dinner.

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  • Address:1908 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-256-6056
  • American restaurant
  • Cocktail bar
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Steak house
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:5:30–9PM
  • Wednesday:5:30–9PM
  • Thursday:5:30–9PM
  • Friday:5:30–10PM
  • Saturday:5:30–10PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Takeout:No
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
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