Apple Annies Bake Shop
837 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

It's eve of Rosh Ha Shannah , my daughter and I rushed from our busy schedule on the way to stop and pick up a desert for the holiday evening.As I rushed in before the store would close, the young cashier rushed to the side where we were discussing what to pick up and said "we don't take cash". I turned to her and asked I beg your pardon, do we look like people only can carry cash and not a card? She retorted, ' Oh, you're paying with a card?'. Now it was really insulting . I told her I am a regular customer who buy challah for shabbat and visit the store. She said, oh we are going to close thats why I said.I informed her I am quite aware of the store closing hours.I have been living in Wilmington for nearly 20 years. It's sad that the professionalism and cultural sensitivity is still lacking in this town.It's a shame.I told her that was not polite and appropriate and left. She called back have a nice day. Did not even apologize for insinuating.I believe change still needs to happen in this town. I'm sure Apple Annie's does wishes to be represented this way.

Review №2

Second time here deserts are really good and they have a great selection. A little on the high end but for the most part it's worth it. The customer service is could be a lot better and most definitely not what I expect from a mom and pop shop. The shop is small and well kept. I will be visiting again but if the customer service is still the same that will be my last time. I love to support small business but poor customer service is a big turn off.

Review №3

Apple Annie's serves up delicious treats, and I love supporting local! What I value most about them is their flexibility in customer service. They do their best to communicate thoroughly and quickly-especially working with limitations in a socially distanced world. They're upfront about their strengths. And in my experience, if something doesn't meet expectations, they're going to do what they can to make it right. They value their customers and local support-and work hard to keep them happy. I think their prices are on par with grocery store chain bakeries, but even if there was a marginal difference, I would continue to support them as a local business. And they certainly have much more at stake than a large chain. I recently placed a larger custom cookie order for a drive-thru baby shower and the cookies were delicious and individually wrapped, which is a time saver for me and reassurance for guests in these Covid times. Support this local bakery when you can, and you will find that you are both heard and valued as a loyal customer.

Review №4

We had a cake for a small wedding. It was so delicious and the decorations were beautiful. Thank you so much for making our special day better.

Review №5

Ordered a German chocolate cake over the phone and had it delivered the next day! It was absolutely delicious and presentation was beautiful! My new go-to bakery for sure. And the prices are great!

Review №6

The PERFECT CAKE for a 21st birthday! Wish I could give them 1,000 's! Everything from there is delicious and this cake was no exception. The staff are Superb and the food is Heavenly. You CAN'T go wrong with Apple Annie's!

Review №7

Tasty treats! From birthday cakes, cookies, pastries and more. We had an eclair and seven layer cake which was delicious!When I come down to Wilmington > always leave with one of their tasty treats. Customer service could use some improvement it always seems so pushy for someone to make a decision.

Review №8

I order regularly from Apple Annies and have always had the best experience. The owners are the kindest people and the baked goods and cakes are top notch. I recently had a flamingo cake made and it was to die for. I love this place so much!

Review №9

Very helpful workers as usually and their selection of cakes and baked goods are always welcomed. Cookies taste delightful and the cake was excellent.

Review №10

Great service, friendly staff, and delicious baked goods! The Key Lime Pie and the Tiramisu are our favorites, but everything we've had has been awesome. The Cheese Crisps are an amazing alternative, when you need something that's a little savory!!

Review №11

If Chik-Fil-A is "The Lord's Chicken"...then Apple Annie's Bake Shop is "God's Bakery"! Best bakery in Wilmington, in my opinion. Each and every time, the Baklava is on-point and their Canoli's are incredible. These statements coming from a man who doesn't have a sweet tooth. If you're local and haven't treated yourself to this're missing out. If you're visiting Wilmington and want to taste some of the finest sweets The Port City has to offer...this is a must visit! 5 STARS!!

Review №12

The most amazing custom cakes! We always use Apple Annie's Bake Shop for all of our birthday celebrations ! Also love that it is a Veteran owned business!

Review №13

Great bakery, they have good quality bread and pastries and I recommend to visit their shop:)

Review №14

Blonde young lady working tonight @ 6:40 was super RUDE. She should be thankful to have a job during these hard times and not run customers off with her attitude. Needless to say I didn't buy anything.

Review №15

Who says gluten free is tasteless and dry? A lot of people and mostly it's true. Finding a comparable wheat baked cake to a non wheat cake is typically not successful my birthday, my husband surprised me with the most delicious and moist chocolate cake. The rest of my family usually doesn't like gluten free and they were all impressed and loved it. I'm just so excited that I can eat this all weekend~breakfast, lunch & dinner! Yes, please!

Review №16

Everything I've had from Apple Annie's is fabulous. It is a must try bakery in Wilmington. Highly recommend!

Review №17

What a let down! Bought the key lime pie for my son's birthday. It's topped with a key lime mousse and has a gel type filling (not the condensed milk type). It could have had more key lime flavor in my opinion. It also was dry/stiff on top as if it had been in the fridge for a while. Very disappointed. Get their cake instead!

Review №18

We went to the Kerr Ave to store and as soon as we walked in a very rude young blond girl, instead of greeting us she stated only 5 people at a time cause there where other 2 people and we are 4, so my nephew stepped out and she went ahead to point out 2 per family so I stepped out as well, my pregnant nice was craving chocolate cake, that was the reason we went there, she asked if they had a cake she saw on the website and the rude girl said we only sell the whole cake, so my nice came out to as her husband if it was ok to get the entire cake, he said yes and she went back in and told the rude girl that she will take it and she said o well that cake we don't have it, what an experience for my family visiting from TN, with all that is going on we need more kindness and she should be glad she has a job, we try to support local businesses, I went in to get some cookies and a dessert for me, when I was paying I told the girl she was rude and she just laughed, I told her again she was rude and she said well ok, I told her I was going to write a review and that is what I'm doing, I see other reviews about customer service and the owners don't seem to care, this is probably our last time getting something from there, today is Saturday August 8th, at 6:40 pm

Review №19

One of the best bake shops ever. Full of all kinds of breads and cookies, pies and pastries baked to perfection. Their thin layer cake is awesome! The cupcakes are delicious and i just love the way they decorate them. The clerk's are so friendly and helpful. Everyone should try at least once. Warning! You will be hooked! Yummy! Highly recommend!

Review №20

Always so rushed.No prices listed so you feel foolish asking how much is this, how much is that.Pastries, cake, delicious.

Review №21

The Carrot Cake was so good that I had to leave a 5 Star Review!

Review №22

My husband had a cake made for a surprise birthday/baby shower for myself and our friends. The cake was adorable! We have a running joke that we eat too much pizza and too many tacos, so the cake was decorated with both. The flavors were also delicious and we will definitely be back when we need something again. We had previously had a friend bring us a lemon meringue cake that was amazing! I'm glad he remembered Apple Annie's for this most recent cake!

Review №23

We came up to Willmington to visit friends and celebrate my daughter Maddie's 11th bithday and she wanted a ice cream cake I didnt really know the area and wanted to find a local bakery instead of going with the same ol large chain places that is hit or miss on quailty . I found Apple Annie's on Google and let me say I am so thankful I did the whole staff from Hailey that took my order to the baker that did a awesome job on the beautiful and very delious ice crean cake were amazing! I would highy recomend Applle Annie's .

Review №24

This place is amazing!! Customer service is awesome and baked goods are even better.

Review №25

Just called again and tried to place a cake order for my husbands birthday. Yes I know its busy because it's Christmas eve but but I just flew in from NY but some woman named Pricilla totally just changed her attitude when I asked. The past 2 days I've been told that they would call me back. This is the 4th time this has happened this year from the same person. Why she is still there I don't know but I plan on going up there soon and seeing what's up her a$$. I own a bakery in NY and would fire someone instantly if they had an attitude like that.

Review №26

The apple pie was OUTSTANDING!!

Review №27

No matter what the occasion is, Apple Annie's does an amazing job with cakes, pies and pastries. Every Christmas and Easter our family has a tradition of getting italian pastries from Apple Annies and they never disappointed.

Review №28

Absolutely delicious. The people who work behind the counter are super friendly and know their product well. The only reason I rated 4 stars is it gets pricey very fast. Other than that, this place is amazing and I highly recommend it if you have a sweet tooth or just want to treat yourself.

Review №29

Love the pies thank you.

Review №30

Yummy experience. I go to Wilmington about once a month and always stop by this bakery! Quality baked goods! Love the black & white cookies just like up North.

Review №31

Best carrot cake I have ever had! Great service and delicious treats!

Review №32

Great customer service. Some of the best in Wilmington as far as friendly and responsive staff. Smells great and looks great in there. Some of the goods seemed overbaked to me though. Prices are reasonable too though. If Google would let me I would honestly only take half a star off.

Review №33

Stopped in to try their items. Picked up a banana nut bread loaf for a reasonable price.

Review №34

Yummy fresh cream puffs, mini cannoli and eclairs that are not overly sweet. I love their lemon foam cake and chocolate cake especially. I grew up around the corner and have been coming here for 30 years. Too many birthdays and celebrations to count we have used Apple Annie's. Whenever I come back to visit my parents I always try to stop in and grab a few goodies. Customer service has always been great. So many businesses come & go around here so it's nice to see this has lasted the test of time!

Review №35

My wedding cake was amazing! Loved all the flavors and decorations. And thank you for keeping the gluten free cupcakes in containers so they were easily identifiable.

Review №36

Last week a customer gave me a box of treats. The box had cream puffs, mini eclairs and mini cannolis. Everything was so delicious. My favorite were the cream puffs. Today, I decided to find this place and see what else they had. When we walked in we were greeted by two very nice employees. One of the employees told me they've been in business for more than 30 years! It definitely shows. They had so many options. I can't wait to treat my son to their Reese's cake. What a wonderful bakery.

Review №37

♡♡♡ Apple Annie's is the only place I go for cakes and desserts. They only hire the nicest of people who do amazing work!

Review №38

We've been coming to this location on and off for over a year now. I'm sad to say that although the customer service is always great, the baked goods are continuously over baked and dry! The recipes all work well and should be quite tasty. However, from cookies, to croissants and cinnamon rolls, all of them have been over cooked. Every time. It's an easy fix that I hope they realize, because everything looks great and should and could taste great too.

Review №39

It was amazing! The staff was friendly and this really nice man came from the back office to comment on my shirt logo and I enjoyed our conversation immensely. The almond bear claw is awesome! !! It was recommended by the young ladies there and I can't get enough of it!I would love to work there. ..something I have always loved! The smells, the varieties, the flavors. ..WOW!I guess being new to Wilmington from Atlanta, via New Orleans, from Palm Springs, California and San Francisco. ..where some of the best pastries and desserts are made...Apple Annie ' s definitely get to a "Double Thumbs Up"Totally Awesome!Thanks,Diamond Doug

Review №40

I love apple Annie's! Baguette, croissants, cake, Christmas yule log, cookies, dog treats....all of it is delicious! Try the eclairs and lemon bars too!

Review №41

An large friendly bakery serving a wide range of tasty breads, pastries and cookies. We really like the Italian bread with sesame seeds and the Paris Brest pastries which we have had a hard time finding elsewhere.

Review №42

The BEST BAKERY IN NC! WORTH THE DRIVE FROM RALEIGH. NEED ONE NEARER..LIKE ...FUQUAY-VARINA or EXIT 312 Off I-40 ...soon to be close to 540 Southern Loop!

Review №43

SOOOOO good!! I love Apple Annie's! :))

Review №44

Got my lady croissants. I smelled delicious, looked delicious, ill assume the obvious. Large, delicious croissants. Feta spinach, swiss and OG. Easy to find and quite affordable

Review №45

This place smells amazing the second you walk in! There are so many options; from pastries to cookies and muffins to full sized cakes and even dough! Everything is beautifully put together and the prices are fair. It all tasted fresh and the sweetness was just right.

Review №46

My favorite bakery, always my birthday cake since i was a kid! Love love love

Review №47

I wound up at Apple Annie's when I volunteered to bring a dessert only hours before a get-together. After a quick google search, I decided to pick Apple Annie's, even though it wasn't the closest bakery.They have a TON of assorted baked goods, especially cakes (which were all beautifully decorated--not tacky). I picked up a fudge chocolate cake at one of the cashier's recommendations, which was a major hit at the party. Really rich, but not tooth-hurting sweet. Normally I leave leftovers with the host, but I managed to get them to part with a piece of the very little that was left over. I'm glad I don't live closer, or I'd be stopping by here every day!

Review №48

Most wonderful bakery and staff. I came in at the busiest time of the year (the week before December) to place a large order. I'm a disabled Veteran, who retired here to Wilmington after my injuries. The staff at VA Clinic in town have helped me, for 5 long years during my recovery and I wanted a special Christmas treat for them! The staff helped me with ideas. Wrote notes and drew pics on the cake boxes, etc. Didnt get frustrated when I changed my mind. Really went the extra mile! All the staffat VA LOVED the baked goods. They tasted BETTER THAN THEY LOOKED which is amazing! They are true artists.Also, had the absolute pleasure in meeting, Mr.Rob, the owner and we swapped military stories and talked about his parachute jumps. He's a delight. And I'm one grateful person. Blessings to the entire staff! Everyone should be customers of Apple Annie's! Beautiful decorated goods that taste excellent and great prices! I'm delighted!

Review №49

The best customer service and delicious cakes! I came in with a last minute order for a cake and they did an amazing job making me what I needed! Best place around!!!!

Review №50

I can't say enough great things about my experience recently with Apple Annie's. First, I called at 6 PM on a Friday night needing a specialty cake the very next morning. The employee, Ann, was extremely friendly and overly accommodating with my request. When I went to pick up the cake the next morning one of the other employees could not find the cake. I waited with my two young sons for about 15 minutes until the owner came in and immediately resolved the situation. The cake was at the car Avenue location mistakenly and Rob, the owner, actually went to the other location and brought it to our birthday party. I could not be more impressed with that level of customer service. kudos, I will forever be a loyal customer. (oh and the cake was absolutely beautiful and incredibly delicious!)

Review №51

Introduced my 18 month old to y'alls bakery for the first time today and he loved it. Been coming here for years and it is always great. I love that look of pure bliss on his face as he took his first bite of his butter cookie with sprinkles.

Review №52

Pros: Wide selection of ready-to-purchase itemsThe items I purchased were very freshThe store looked very cleanCons: Overpriced, average cupcakesThe frosting was basically just mildly sweetened cream - it had noreal flavor; even the peanut butter and cream cheese frostingswere blandThe young lady who assisted me used her bare hands to pick upmy cupcakes after she had been running the register - I did notobserve her wash her hands in between

Review №53

Tha k you for the Birthday cake called day ahead and did it just like bakery at home in NY! Best cake ever with custard filling and frosting just right Thank You very much

Review №54

Stopped in to taste cheesecake sampled the marble. Yummy !!!! Ordered reg and marble for a bday this weekend

Review №55

Our favorite family bakeshop in town. Always very creative, best looking any ocasiond cakes

Review №56

I can say this place does it for me. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting.

Review №57

Great customer service. Everyone at work really enjoyed the pineapple upside down cake .

Review №58

Picked up some pastries from AABS tonight normally a great experience very good quality baked goods, tonight we were waited on by Jeff, he was condescending to me as well as the young girl working with him.During out interaction I was looking at eclairs and said i would like one and Jeff yells from other end of case "the eclairs are over here" i think i know what an eclair looks plus the sign tipped me off... He was bothered by being there including his impatience with staff, Disappointed.

Review №59

Ordered a cake for an office party. It was delicious, and a big hit. It was exactly what I wanted.

Review №60

Best treats in town. Awesome staff

Review №61

I got some cupcakes for my Daughters birthday... Let me tell you.. worth every penny... Best in TOWN!!!

Review №62

I picked up a few cookies to go with my lunch from NY Deli next door. The cookies were dried out, probably from being in the case. They tasted good with coffee.

Review №63

Always fresh and delicious! Love the chocolate eclairs!!

Review №64

Authentic and homemade pastries that make you almost think you went overseas--or back to grandmas--to get it.

Review №65

My work got me a birthday cake from here and it was the best cake i have ever had. Coming from a person who doesn't really care for cake.

Review №66

I have literally been going to this Apple Annie's since I was a kid. I lived in Wilmington for about 2 years during Elementary school and I used to beg my parents to swing by and grab a cannoli for my sister and I. I've been to the one on Military cutoff but I tend to prefer this one! My husband loves the éclairs and I love the cannoli's! They're reasonably priced as well. Personally I think they're the closest thing to the real deal up North! I could actually go for one right now! I wish they would get one here in Jacksonville. This shop is a definite go to place whenever we take day drives to Wilmington!

Review №67

Love Apple Annie's!️️

Review №68

I went in with a vision and short notice! They nailed it! The 3 d fondant cake was beautiful and delish!!! If u have had fondant before you knw it sometimes is more pretty than tasty. Not here.... The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE GREAT OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM AND BEING FROM GA. THE PRICES ARE PHENOMENAL! Many biz blessings to yall. Oh and everytime i visit wilmington n.c i walk in and grab the strawberry cake made like heaven. Not sure of the name but they always knw what im talking about! Luv it!!

Review №69

Great bakery and the Strawberry Cake is to die for.

Review №70

Love Apple Annie"s...the sweets are fantastic & the people are also!

Review №71

The best place ever to get cakes and bread

Review №72

Delicious desserts. I love it.

Review №73

Excellent bakery everything is good at a reasonable price

Review №74

Nobody make pastries like Apple Annie

Review №75


Review №76

Great food and service

Review №77

Just the best.

Review №78

What a selection!

Review №79

Love it for cakes

Review №80

Best homemade goodies

Review №81

Awesome bakery!!

Review №82

Good variety.

Review №83


Review №84

The coffee cake is deeeeelicious

Review №85

Reminds me of the bakeries from home, from the northeast.

Review №86

Great cakes!

Review №87

The chocolate chip cookies! OMG

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