BJs Wholesale Club
2131 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States
Review №1

Good place to buy in bulk, so you can stock up with the things you use everyday.

Review №2

Came here 10/26 for deli meat and rotisserie chicken no chickens were ready none were cooking. Nobody in deli could tell me if any were going to be made. I waited over an hour to be serviced at deli. Only maybe 4 people ahead of me but one of the two associates kept disappearing to back on his phone then he went for a few smokes. Once he came back the other associate then disappeared. Today 11/1 i come in again no rotisserie chickens available none cooking and nobody knows who to call to see when/of any will be made its 3pm on a Sunday. Do they not make them Sundays? I will not be back to this store the same experience 2 different days in same week is horrible staffing and management.

Review №3

Great deals all the time. Also on tires too

Review №4

This has good clothing options. There's a BJs gas station near by.

Review №5

Excellent place to shop when you want to stock up on everyday supplies.

Review №6

I like going to this location BJs has a lot of good products. The Deli is nice but the waiting time is long and most importantly in this times food safety is very important. Their workers do not wear something to cover their mouths. This lady is the nicest but she chews gum and talks as she slices the cold meats and that can contaminate the meat.

Review №7

Not enough staff for checking out and service is blah.

Review №8

No shopping carts and huge lines. This isn't the day before Christmas.

Review №9

Deli extremely slow. Ridiculous

Review №10

Tire department could use customer service training or hire more help. I purchased tires from BJ's. I recently got a nail in the tire and have a flat. I drove in and stood for almost 20 minutes and was ignored.Walked out -I called to see if they can repair, and I'm told I need to wait over 24 hours before they can fix it. The guy was matter of fact - go to another BJ's. (Spoiler alert, there's none nearby with a tire center, and my tire is flat genius) If you are putting warranty services and people pay extra for the protection, you should be able to service them when issues happen. I recommend figuring out how to better serve your customers.I went into the store and spoke with a manager. She called - they magically could fit me in at 2:30. I am going elsewhere - don't waste your time with this place. If I can't trust them with the detail oriented focus to speak to me with care, I won't trust them repairing my tire. I'll go to tire shops for now on.

Review №11

I stood in line for 20 mins at customer service to renew my membership. It took so long that I left. When leaving the line backed up to the door when coming in. The lady was helping someone. And their person in front. Don't make no sense at all.

Review №12

The customer service people behind the desk are generally very helpful and friendly.My issue is that items I use are SO MANY TIMES out of stock. And frequently can find NO one on the floor to help. Stock is determined by "someone" at the corporate level. Seems they dont take into consideration what items are most frequently purchased when determining stock levels. Tried speaking to someone at corporate level about this.... met with defening silence.

Review №13

I love shopping here and saving!

Review №14

This location is the most convenient location for me, but if not for that I would be shopping elsewhere! Today there were 4 items in the coupon brochure sent to my home that were unavailable.They weren't out-of-stock, they were NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL in this store.It wouldn't be bad if this was an isolated incident or the items unusual, but this happens every trip on common items! When I inquire at the Service Desk, I am told they are discontinued at this store.It should be required that every BJs stock the coupon items during the period they are featured.

Review №15

Great wholesale products and services to the public. My family and I use our business membership regularly. I will visit with friends or family again! Thank you for providing quality for the $$$$$!

Review №16

The front end manager, Nicole, is a hot mess!

Review №17

Large inventory. Great prices for bulk buyers. Also cheap gas.

Review №18

Sadly I can't say if this store has good selection or not or anything else about the store, because APPARENTLY I was told I'm not allowed to even look around. Upon entering one of the ladies at the entrance offered me a membership and I politely declined and said I'd rather take a look first before signing up for something. Then she stops me as I try to walk around in the store and says that I can't shop without a membership. I asked if it costs anything to sign up and was told it does. And the lady was exceptionally rude and condescending with her tone as well. This was my first time in a BJs and this is downright ridiculous. It's one thing to restrict shopping there to members only but then you're going to restrict non-members to even see what YOU HAVE?! Who in their right mind would waste money on a membership that, come to find out, they don't really like the store selection or even the prices. I was only there to see if they had a few products I was looking for since I happened to be nearby that day. From such a ridiculous, anti-customer policy to your rude customers, Im honestly surprised you don't have a bouncer at the outside entrance.All this store gave itself as a first impression was that it's “too fine of an establishment for you”. A GOOD store would let a customer see if the store is worth their time not scam them with a membership that they'd PROBABLY Abe stuck with and not get refunded the money for it. Given I can't drive and I have to take the bus, the store wasn't a conveniently location either.

Review №19

The inside of the store is great and service is excellent. But, the guy Robert who services the gas needs to learn some manners. Very bad at customer service!

Review №20

They have a good selection and great employees.

Review №21

BJs has 5 of empty checkout isle and one with a cashier. They don't hire checkers anymore and would rather you use self checkout. Another reason not to renew.

Review №22

A great selection spanning a huge variety of items.

Review №23

Quick and easy to get in and out. Wide variety of products.

Review №24

Organic and pesticides are sold in a row, does BJs know the purpose of the organic?

Review №25

Deli people Are Soo Slow ! I always wait up to 30 minutes to get what I want. Very unprofessional . Also every time I get a roasted chicken from here it's un cooked ! Not only it has happened to me but to a lot of people I know . They never cook it right it's always pink form the inside I always have to cut it up and cook it again at home . PLEASE FIX THIS !!

Review №26

Was able to get help in the store through the aisles. I did not buy anything though as all that was open was self check out and the supervisor had her hands full helping other people cash out, I will go to costco where a person not a machine checks me out.

Review №27

I love BJ's- this store always seems clean and organized, never had an issue finding anything I needed. I mostly come to BJ's for my kids lunches , snacks and drinks.The only reason I am giving a two star rating is because of the Deli. Standing in that Deli line watching the one lady move slower than a sloth is enough to make you want to jump off the side of a bridge. I literally waited for close to an HOUR for her to slice up my little half pound of ham. They will stop mid slice and talk to each other for a good 5-10 minutes, then slowly slice three more slices and go back to their conversation. Very Friendly and personable but VERY VERY unprofessional. Save your conversations for your break time, not when there are 5+ people in line waiting to be served. but my GOD I was trying so hard not to lose my patience.

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Review №29

I work at this bjs good people

Review №30

BJ ''s product mix and number of line items (40% more than Costco) make it work better for me. Costco has larger unit sizes, more up-ticket items (at great prices admittedly), and what, 40-some pallets of snacks at the front? The Elsmere BJ's is a good store, friendly associates, good stock levels, and more groceries.

Review №31

Great store..good prices..

Review №32

Bought a whole rotisserie chiken (Wellesley farm) and it wasn't well cooked and it had a plastic little bag inside , never will I buy one again

Review №33

Awesome clean store. Always find what I'm looking for. Love that they also have gas tanks.

Review №34

Sometimes its hard to find help if u have a question. I'm glad the demostrator for food are there that is when u get some help if u have a question on were something is.

Review №35

We had a very good trip, crowded but we got thru quickly. Our cashier was very helpful also, lifting up the heavy stuff and putting it in the cart. They don't usually do that

Review №36

The deli department will mess up your order and make your trip pointless by closing up early.Didn't have a lunch today all because they wanted to get out of work early.Never going back to this location. Two horrible experiences within a week is more than enough reasons to stay away.

Review №37

BJ's consistently has the things I'm looking for and for less than the grocery store. Meats are good, produce is fresh and so many other products to choose from.

Review №38

Everything's so organized I found everything I was looking for fast and easily. Employees are very helpful and friendly.

Review №39

Pretty good on most items but compare prices. Lines can be long. Good price on gas.

Review №40

NEVER, EVER go to the Tire Sales Department for any service. The staff held our car overnight to simply put two new tires on it. It wasn't finished when we arrived to pick it up the next day at 6pm! The sales associate kept making excuses as to why nothing was done. We had to put a lot of pressure on them to drive out with our car that evening.

Review №41

Worst store ever it will litterly take 15 min for the manager to come and the store is dirty!

Review №42

This is one of my favorite BJ's. In Wilmington Delaware and also in Lancaster Pennsylvania the stores are always clean and the service is always fast and friendly.

Review №43

It's always very quick in-and-out. They also always have some good sales

Review №44

The BJ's is awesome. I drive out of my way to go there. The Verizon Wireless Kiosk is THE BEST KEPT SECRET! they do everything the big stores do but quicker! I go strictly for the VZW service. New lines, upgrades, add lines, they take care of it!

Review №45

Pretty good location might have to try a different one as this one did not carry any Hawaiian rolls

Review №46

The usual shopping club experience. Well stocked with a good selection. Check out can be slow, but it is usually a busy place.

Review №47

What's the point of having a shop on line if your order is never ready until you get there?? so I tried 3 times to order on line, today I placed an order at 9 am and 3pm no order ready. wait, wait wait. exactly what is the advantage of this service?

Review №48

It is your typical big box membership store they have a gas station out front that is usually a nickle better than anywhere else and the floors are super clean, the tire store is fast putting on new tires as well. The price of milk is usually pretty solid only getting beat when the Walgreen's in the parking lot puts milk on deep discount.

Review №49

Good selection of produce and smaller portion sizes than Costco. For daily consumables they have a good selection of products.

Review №50

I am long term member of both, BJ's and Costco.At BJ's customer service varies from bad to horrible. It always takes minimum 10 minutes waiting in line.Some cashiers do not know how to scan a store credit card and have to ask for a supervisor to come to help.Cashiers often forget to scan your coupons and send you again to the same Customer service to wait in line.There is attitude toward customers who speak not only English at the store.BJ's has to go a long way and improve many things to truly compete with Costco.

Review №51

I signed up at BJ'S today. And I got some cute things.

Review №52

Cheapest gas around!

Review №53

Many time I came to shop for sales items and left without some of them. The inventory management of this store is horrible. One time, there is no sales shaving cream on the shelf, I went to customer service and the computer record showed that there was a pallet of them but the warehouse couldn't locate them. There were always frozen food sale items missing from the shelf and the computer records always show that there should be some on the shelf. It is not worth a second trip just for the sales item as the cost of gasoline for 2nd strip will reduce the savings to almost nonexistent and there is no guarantee that the items will be there. Same problem with other food items too.

Review №54

I like the bj's on rt13 better. But this one had no line like the one on 13.

Review №55

Clean, good prices, not crowded and very nice cashier after 1 pm.

Review №56

Stopped in for groceries and gas. Getting groceries was fine but 4 gas pumps were closed and the line was so long I didn't get the gas.

Review №57

I was visiting the tire service center to get two new tires on my car this place is neat and nice and the people working here are very friendly I recommend it to everyone who has a BJ's card plus you get a discount price on tires

Review №58

One suggestion: please post signs at end of each aisle as to what's stocked in that aisle. Otherwise, keep up the great offerings.

Review №59

It's just ok.

Review №60

Just bought a birthday cake for my son's 27th birthday and they did such an awesome job on such short notice

Review №61

Good gas prices and reasonable product,phone,and handhelds

Review №62

Convenient location, great prices. Limited selection but this is the norm for such warehouse stores, thus is not meant as a criticism.

Review №63

Great Service. Thank you for being the best around.

Review №64

My Store in the whole world almost...but how did you will run out of waters...Wesley Brand

Review №65

Good place! Except when customers at the deli counter start ordering 4 or 5 pieces of lunch meat at a time.

Review №66

No problems. Found what we needed. In and out in 20 minutes.

Review №67

It's always busy but hey every grocery store is busy. Anyway i like coming to this store you find everything you need for your house .

Review №68

Well stocked, and the lines are quick, however, they have a lot of beggars in the parking lot, and when you walk in to the store and turn left to go down the main aisles they have very aggressive sales people on both sides.

Review №69

Good for buying in bulk. Staff is sometimes hard to find and generally not too helpful.

Review №70

Unfortunately this is the closest BJs to me with a gas station. The layout of this store is horrible when compared to the store in Newark. It took me 10 minutes to find the bread section. It was not clearly marked or really visible from the main aisle. The staff are very friendly though.

Review №71

We shop here frequently. Love the low gas prices, and propane is super cheap.

Review №72

Can't beat the deli section for lunch meat. The prices, service, and quality are excellent!

Review №73

Had a very bad experience at this location canceled my membership. Please try a different location.

Review №74

Very frustrated with the BJ store located at 2131 kirkwood highway, wilmington, de. I have come to the store several times and have also called them in order to buy some Quinoa. The first time I was there no one could locate it even though it shows up in their computer system. The next time I called them they told me that they have it but can't bring it down because they don't have a forklift. And this past Sunday on July 29th I came to the store once again and was told that they have about 200 bags of Quinoa that is showing up in their computer system but they still can't locate it in the store. An employee even spent about 1/2 hr just trying to locate it in store but still couldn't find it. She even told me that she did see it that day at the register when several people had purchased it at that store. I don't know what the next step is but I'm very frustrated with this store because I have never experienced this kind of poor service ever!!!!

Review №75

The service at this particular BJs is horrible. They need to retrain their entire staff and take some tips from the Christiana Costco where the service is always excellent.

Review №76

Staff was very helpful...

Review №77

Always clean and easy to get in and out of.

Review №78

Friendly staff and excellent costumer service.

Review №79

I just found that BJ's, doesn't mach lower prices for others store. Too bad, BJ's lost a sale and I just returned product.

Review №80

The verizon store in side bj s. Would not help 8n any way with service questions. They just wanted to sell there products

Review №81

My favorite place to shop. Excellent quality for meats and great prices.

Review №82

Great PRICE'S :-)Great Selection of Products :-)

Review №83

Great club style store!

Review №84

Easy to get to nice club prices

Review №85

Fast great service

Review №86

Lots of options at fairly decent prices

Review №87

Very clean & friendly place

Review №88

Good service

Review №89

Great store

Review №90

Found many great bargains.

Review №91

On the money.

Review №92


Review №93

Great bulk deals

Review №94

Not. Bad. Too. Many. Registers. Breaking.

Review №95


Review №96

Nice day for shopping !

Review №97

Prices reasonable

Review №98

Everything's in bulk

Review №99

Gas cheaper here than other BJs.

Review №100

Great store.

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  • Bakery
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  • Eye care center
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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