Far from France
The Pointe at Barclay, 1474 Barclay Pointe Blvd, Suite 204, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States
Review №1

We came here for afternoon tea and were blown away by how amazing all the food was. The price of afternoon tea / high tea is very reasonable. The macarons, croissants, tea cakes, petit fours and tea were delicious and beautifully done. They also sell cute French preserves and other French food. I highly recommend Far from France.

Review №2

I'm intrigued that so many people have left 5 star reviews. My husband and I were excited to try a bakery with french pastries. The shop itself is very pretty and nicely decorated. There were lots of nice looking pastries. We purchased 3, supposedly, homemade pastries and were shocked at the ridiculously high price for each pastry! So I thought, for these prices, they had better taste phenomenal. I was very disappointed. Nothing we ate was that great. I could have bought something that tasted better at my local grocer for much less money! Sorry Far from France, you need to step up your game.

Review №3

The macaroons were pretty good however I am not the largest fan of macaroons but as for my taste they were really good. We also got a sparkling lemonade and that was amazing. It is a cute little shop and would definitely go back

Review №4

This place is just the best in Wilmington. The owners are delightful. The pastries are so good and so genuine. They also offer a very large variety of macarons and deserts. The store is so cute it feels like being in France.

Review №5

One of my favorite spots in Wilmington! This place is so delightfully charming. I came here for high tea and everything was so delicious that I ended up staying for a cappuccino and even more pastries. Its become a place that my friends and I visit weekly. I don't think I've tasted a single menu item that's disappointed me..and I've had a good portion of the items they offer at this point After reading some reviews from other people, I'm honestly shocked by people's comments about the owner. He is so nice and always greats my friends and I when we come in. All of the staff is very attentive and welcoming.

Review №6

Alban and his team will welcome you in an authentic boulangerie & pâtisserie. As an exchange student from France I love to stop by for my fix of good French pastries. They also have awesome imported products. I strongly recommend.

Review №7

Far From France is so delicious!! I am a big fan of crepes and was not disappointed! The owner is from France and extremely friendly with great employees too. Lèa was very helpful and kind. Would definitely recommend as I am a Wilmington local.

Review №8

I love this place! Best french place in town with amazing French people working there.I always get the breakfast crepe and it's amazing!!The outdoor sitting is calm and relaxing, I definitely recommend.

Review №9

Excellent! Why have I not been coming here sooner?!! Best Cafe au pair that I have had in years! The croissant was fantastic, just perfect. My friend had the crepe. It was almost too pretty to eat. I wish that I had thought to take a picture. Lots of delicious desserts to try there or to take him. This place is the real deal for A quick taste of France!

Review №10

One of the cutest cafes I've ever been to! Amazing food and coffee, even better service. Definitely will be coming here more often

Review №11

The pastries are out of this world. Very delicious. Highly recommend.

Review №12

I had a great café au lait and macaroons for an afternoon pick me up. The staff was very friendly and a great atmosphere to sit and have a coffee.

Review №13

Far from France has all you need... from Macarons to all types of pastries and desserts. They bake a lot of what they sell and it is all awesome! I even highly recommend the preserves, they are so fresh. I was getting mine online and having them shipped but not anymore. Once you factor in shipping cost and wait time it makes sense to drop in and get them from here. The people who own the store are in there everyday and they are delightful! They even have a big map on the wall of France that is so cool and well done! Check them out you won't be sorry!

Review №14

Charming, delicious & fabulous. The closest thing I've gotten to a taste of Paris since my semester abroad in college. The crepes are top notch! Employees are kind & friendly. One of my favorite little spots in Wilmington.

Review №15

Everything looked great. Haven't tasted anything yet but I'm sure it's going to be so so good.

Review №16

Nice little pastry shop.. I went for the ladies tea.. it was pretty.. each of us got our own little teapot of our tea of choice and a 3 tier pastry display to share.. I have read reviews where they weren't allowed to take pics but it's only if the display pastry's but once you purchase you can take all the photos you want lol.. it was a cute experience..

Review №17

Always fresh..Always delicious. Always pleasant. Our favorite go to place. Love High Tea.

Review №18

Visited at eight, it was not full. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Feeling here is similar to a place in Columbus I liked.

Review №19

Great little place. There was a surprisingly large selection of treats given how small the place was. My family and I got 4 different things and we enjoyed them all. Everyone was super friendly, they even offered to bring us a high chair and 3 waters. Overall a wonderful experience, my only complaint is it was a little pricey but given the quality of food that was somewhat expected. Would recommend to try for sure, just know you're gonna pay a lot!

Review №20

Amazing crepes, croissants, and cafe au lait! Authentic French café. Excellent, personalized service.

Review №21

Always delicious! Don't waste your time on any other coffee! Come here for a delicious cafe au lait. While you are there enjoy delicious pastries, homemade soups (fantastic tomato basil), croissants, breads, desserts, macarons, just to name few! They also have chocolates and gifts from France. They have a full tea available that looks lovely! The owners are friendly and the service is great! Don't miss this place!

Review №22

A wonderful and delicious French bakery, when visiting Wilmington my family and I always stop by. The owner goes above and beyond to ensure we're completely satisfied. Thank you for the great service!

Review №23

Best crepes I've ever had... and I've been to France!

Review №24

The owners and staff are always friendly. If you have questions, ask them as they are very approachable and enjoy helping their customers. Everything we have tried has been wonderful. Something as simple as their vanilla cake is truly fantastic. If you have not stopped in, I encourage you to venture out for an experience.

Review №25

Freshly made, real french pastries, breads, bon bons, and coffees. wonderful owner—always takes time to make sure you have exactly what you want, and brings your order to you if you choose to sit outside. laid-back atmosphere, with a true french attention to detail and quality. also has a wonderful selection of jams, sauces, etc., delectable boxed chocolate imported from france, and a selection of sparkling waters and juice. a slice of france in wilmington.

Review №26

Counter lady was friendly. French owner typical archetype of abrasive, obnoxious French shop keeper. Far from France has Delicious desert delicacies imported from France sent frozen.We ordered for seven people and four of the treats were quite cold inside but the three that were not cold were very delicious.The prices are OK and the owner is a bit rude. All in all it's worth a visit while waiting for a movie at The Pointe at Barclay.

Review №27

My daughter n law, granddaughter and I had a wonderful experience at Far From France. Great service, tea and food. We would definitely go again.

Review №28

Excellent macaroons, the creampuffs are outstanding. Must try the almond croissant. The owners are from France the real deal. Baking done on site and candy and macaroons imported from France. The vanilla, Pistachio, almond… Macaroons were all amazing

Review №29

This is by far the best authentic dessert shop in town! The owner very kind and very passionate about his work. You are as close to France as you will get if you will go here!

Review №30

I'm not a big macaroon guy but the almond macaroon rocked my world. The peanut butter and coffee were runner-ups.

Review №31

The croissants were great. By far the best in Wilmington. I wish more places in Wilmington were like this. Be true to what you are don't try to make everything "southern". Every place doesn't need fried chicken or grits on the menu!

Review №32

You want the best macaroons in town?! This is your place!! Don't waste your time anywhere else, these people are legit and the little cheesecake bites are amazing too. But seriously, can we talk about how great their macaroons are??!

Review №33

Love french pastries and omg these were amazing!! The atmosphere was like sitting in france!! Perfect little date thing to do!!

Review №34

Took my daughter over this morning for breakfast. I had an apple turnover and she got a cinnamon roll. Both were delicious.

Review №35

I was very pleased with the delicious assortment of delicious pastries, muffins and unique jams. I needed a last minute gift and was able to get some delicious pastries and jam packed out in a box I was able to present to my friend. Ample offstreet parking which was a bonus.

Review №36

This place is always great. Food is good, and in good proportions, and the owners are wonderful people. Service is always warm and friendly. Make a reservation for a high tea - you will not be disappointed.

Review №37

Excellent authentic French pastries! Feel like I'm back in France! Love it.

Review №38

Best patisserie around! Delicious macaroons

Review №39

Charming, authentic french pattisserie. Delicious pastries, lovely owners.

Review №40

The staff wasn't very friendly . I couldn't decide what i wanted so I asked what was a good seller. The two people working looked at me like I was crazy. I still made a small over priced purchase. I won't be patronizing them anymore. Customer service sucks!

Review №41

I bought a few items sat when I went and fell in love w this place. A couple different slices of cheesecake both were great coffees were nice but the star of the show was the chocolate and praline spread. This was a mazing creamy silky heaven. Thanks guys I will be back

Review №42

Les délices de France!! The real thing: French baguettes, croissants, cheeses, pâtés, unique condiments, chocolate creations, expresso coffee and collection teas ... You'll love them all. Pricey but a French souvenir that's well worth it !!! Try them and you'll see ... I took a dozen macaroons to a luncheon and everyone 'oohed and ahhed'. They are tasty jewels!

Review №43

Far From France is superb in every way. From the croissants to the quiches to the macarons, this place is spot on authentic and delicious every time I visit. Some of my friends complain about it being a bit pricey, but the high quality makes it all worth the price. A must-do stop in Wilmington for anyone craving une expérience française!

Review №44

Espresso is delicious. Nutella croissant is on point

Review №45

Dude that owns the place came out yelling at us cause we sat on the patio for a sec when it was raining outside, didn't even want to go inside after

Review №46

Oh my, fabulous place. The owner is delightful. All of the pastries are beautiful. Almost to pretty to eat! Planning to go for lunch.

Review №47

You have to try them. Brings back memories of my summers in France.

Review №48

Excellent service and food.

Review №49

The shop owner is incredibly talented and welcoming to all. We always respect his shop and there are understandably no pictures allowed, his pastries are not only food for the mouth but to the eyes, to exploit that would be an insult to him and his art. His food is not only artful but authentic and its always a joy to step into his shop. Each time I come in I bring someone new with me because I know it will be an ecperience to behold. Him annd his staff are so polite and kind and expensive as it is, everything is priced according to its value. I've never regretted spending a single penny here. I spent my birthday brunch here and it was amazing. We love these guys.

Review №50

One of my favorite sweet shops in Wilmington! It's a good thing I don't live closer or I'd be in every day. I have never been disappointed by anything I've purchased from here. They have the best macarons in town across all terms - variety, quality, and price. I especially love the pistachio! The owner has been at the counter nearly every time I've been in and he clearly cares greatly about his shop. I can't recommend this place enough!

Review №51

Such a beautiful store... was going to try the macarons, but instead split the banana nutella crunch crepes with my boyfriend. We about died. They were so good. The staff were extremely friendly, and we will be back.

Review №52

So Wonderfully Delightful Place! I'm Hooked!! Must Try Desserts for anyone that likes real French Pastries and Breads!

Review №53

The prices are high, but these are legit French treats made to perfection. If you have earned a real treat, this is a great way to reward yourself. Macaroons are the best.

Review №54

My wife and I absolutely loved our visit to this adorable little Bakery. It was in a location convenient to our ultimate destination (The Pointe 14), and the owner was extremely friendly. We ordered several pastries and we're amazed by the quality.If you have not been, you need to make it your mission to get down there and try out their macaroon. They are to die for. It's an easy enough trip to make, just go after you see a movie! There are also several really good food options there, now.

Review №55

So friendly , smelled like what I would imagine heaven smells like, and pastries, melted in your mouth! So delicious. I'll be back again tomorrow.

Review №56

Sweet little bakery with a beautiful assortment of goods. The macaroons are absolutely delicious and we also shared a crepe cake which was also wonderful. I am excited to go back and bring my family back. The gentleman at the counter was very helpful and very enthusiastic about his store. I wish I found this place sooner.

Review №57

Delicious! Love the atmosphere and employees. Macaroons are delicious: light, fluffy, sweet, tasting exactly as they are advertised. The fruit tarts are delicious and beautiful. Almost too pretty to eat! Looking forward to returning to try other flavors. This is a must stop!

Review №58

I never understood people's' fascination w macarons until today, here. Firm with softness, cool, flavorful, light texture, buttery sweet. Went in for just a taste and stayed for tea. Highly comfortable and welcoming environment to sit, relax, enjoy a cuppa, fresh pastry and sweets. Great place to reminisce about sojourns through France, other travels and culture, practice your French language skills, and meld into another world for a while. The Pointe at Barclay Commons is becoming a more and more delightful area to hang out, I look forward to going back. My go-to-hunt-for-items-in-a-new-location-must-find include finding fresh croissants and other breads. Checked that box here, considering this item, “found.”

Review №59

I tried almost everything on their menu their layered chocolate cakes are wonderful the macaroons are out of this world and the slice oranges with chocolate were delicious! I don't think no Bakery in Wilmington can top them. Kudos to you far from France! I'm telling all my friends about this place it is absolutely wonderful. My sister is driving all the way from Charlotte to buy some of their Delicacies. You guys rock the house!

Review №60

The deserts are delicious. However the shop keeper is extremely rude. There are signs that explicitly say no photos or videos. It's very off putting. I'd recommend another bakery.

Review №61

The prices reflect the quality and passion to produce truly authentic and delectable treats for our palettes. It's a treasure that needs to be supported, because it is Far from France.

Review №62

Wow wow wow! This place was great! We ordered several in dividual treats and they were amazing!!!!!! They even sell whole cakes! There wasn't one treat that wasn't a 10!! This will be a new favorite spot!

Review №63

This place really makes you feel like you are in France extremely friendly, amazing food, clean, the best coffee in town that doesn't even need cream or Sugar. You can't really go wrong with any choice because every thing is delicious.Tellement bon !!!!!!

Review №64

Absolutely divine desserts and coffee. The owner was very friendly to us. A new favorite

Review №65

By far my favorite pastry shop in Wilmington. The macaron are amazing, and the coffee is delicious. My go-to order is 6 macaron and a café au lait (no sugar needed). The owner is very nice and an extremely talented pastry chef.

Review №66

The pastries looked delicious but they honestly didn't taste much better than the items you could buy from Whole Foods. They certainly didn't taste handmade. but what made the visit unpleasant was the owner. He seemed like he was more annoyed to have customers than excited (and the shop was empty except for me and my mom). He was very standoffish. I asked why there were “No pictures, No videos” signs (I left my phone in my purse) and he immediately became seemingly angry and defensive saying “this isn't a museum”. I told him some people like to take pictures for things like Google reviews or to share with their friends, but he was very adamant that was unacceptable behavior.We tried the macaroons and the caramels and got a chocolate croissant for later. They were good but not amazing. I wouldn't go out of my way to go back and the owner's attitude was more off-putting than the pastries were good.

Review №67

Excellent food, coffeehouse and wonderful owners!

Review №68

Recommend by friend, what a find! Went with the friend and two others, friend had only seen one side entrance offerings and not reviewed other side with excellent desserts case. Wall of French specality jars, chocolate, asst foods. Food cases full of fresh baked French food offerings. Real French management. Double espresso, cappuccinos, pastries of lemon tarts, Crème brûlée, chocolate caramel, double chocolate, all excellent. The ambiance of a Paris street side bakery was spared in the new long mall atmosphere, but close your eyes, taste the food and your in France. Service was great.

Review №69

I have never written a review for a restaurant before but just had to with this place. Great desserts and fun atmosphere. Other restaurants at The Pointe have good food but save room for dessert and walk over to Far From France. Can't recommend this place enough.

Review №70

Sweet little shop with amazing macaroons! The owner is also super nice

Review №71

Excellent pastries and delicacies. Nice owner

Review №72

They have some really great pastry options (cakes, croissant, macaron, mousse/cream desserts) in addition to chocolates, breads, savory tarts and quiche, cheeses and trinkets from France. The atmosphere is lovely. The food is pricey, as to be expected. $$

Review №73

Every time I come here it is delicious! They have both common and uncommon French treats. Staff is happy to answer any questions. My favorite place for a pot of tea and pastries!

Review №74

Great, authentic pastries and coffee. Only place I know of in town that has such amazing French pastries. Must visit.

Review №75

Here is the email I sent to the rude owner. It describes my experience.We went to your bakery this Friday. My daughter lives in Wilmington I drove from Raleigh to spend the weekend with her. She really wanted to try your place because we love French bakeries. We were really looking forward to sitting down, chatting and enjoying a delicious croissant with tea. When I approached the counter, I saw all the wonderful choices of croissants, and decided to take a photo of the one I wanted to send it to my husband by text saying "look what I'm about to eat!". At that point I heard someone yelling "no pictures, no pictures". It wasn't a nice warning, it was more like barking a command at a dog. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I have never been talked to that way, especially in a "fancy" establishment like yours claims to be. We immediately decided to leave. At that time, when I went past you I said "ok, then no business". I was upset not because I could not take a photo, but because you were so unbelievably rude. You had the perfect opportunity there to be a great host and explain why no photos, or to say sorry, ladies, didn't mean to be rude, but not photos here, please stay and enjoy the pastries… I can think of at least 20 different ways you could have handled the situation as a gentleman and a good businessman. But instead you decided to take that opportunity to be even more of a bully to us and you said "it's my business and I do what I want". The customers who were there looked shocked as well. Your store has a beautiful facade, however, inside, we had a very unpleasant experience because of your attitude. Again, not because I couldn't take a photo, but because of how rude you were to us. I respect rules and people's wishes, even though nowadays, everyone takes photos, selfies, posts of everything. The reviews on google and yelp has pics customers took, which makes me wonder why it was OK for them to take pictures and not us… (?). What was so different about us that made you feel so comfortable mistreating us? That is unacceptable whether it is your business or not. We are ladies, and customers, and we deserve to be treated with respect. Being rude to customer is poor business practice. I lived in Paris for 5 years, and in spite of the stereotyping that the French are rude, I know that business owners there know the value of a good product as well as the value and importance of good customer service. You lost to potential loyal customers. You don't care? Ok. But we know a lot of people in the community and we will share our experience at your place. A customer's review is mightier than your spiteful tongue. Keep this up, and this time next year, you will be out of business.

Review №76

Best bread in Wilmington also they have delicious pastries very authentic. Beautiful store with lots of gift ideas. We were there last week and meet the owners super nice and welcoming folks we will be back soon.

Review №77

My daughter and I love this place. Wonderful chocolates, desserts, and pastries. We have Sunday brunch and sit outside under the umbrella.Chocolate covered strawberries and macaroons are her favorite.5 stars!!!

Review №78

We have been stopping by here since they opened. And we always take our out-of-town guests for a special treat. We have always been treated with kindness and respect, possibly because we are so excited to be choosing something delectable and wonderful. Today we had reservations for High Tea. It was beyond fabulous. For starters the tea itself was wonderful: fragrant, delicate, nuanced. We were given the choice of cream, lemon, honey, or sugar. We also ordered the French Onion Soup (as an add on), which may have been the best I have ever tasted: flavorful, steaming hot, with plenty of cheese. And the bread was easy to cut through with the soup spoon since it had sufficient time to absorb the broth. Then the tea pastries arrived. Oh la la. The variety was amazing. Ever piece was a pièce de résistance. Yum. The owner repeatedly checked in on us and refilled the teapots. I would have to say that this High Tea was superior to the afternoon tea we had at the Umstead in Raleigh. And at roughly half the price. What more could anyone ask? We dined inside at a cute bistro table with a comfortable chair. To be thorough, I could point out that the restroom is also superior: clean, fragrant, and well-lit.

Review №79

Beautiful store and very attentive staff! The coffee is marvelous and the pastries are incredible! Found pistachio macarons that measure up to any of the finest Laduree has to offer. If I could, I would give them a 6th star!

Review №80

Thanks to reading about their opening in the Star News, I found myself at their door their first day of business. There is, always, a family member there to, warmly, greet visitors and always with a delightful smile on his/her face. And that is only the beginning. The pastries are unique, so, so French, beautifully displayed and incredibly delicious. I read a couple of reviews, commenting to the effect that they were a bit expensive. Are they going to be a bit more expensive than those places that mass produce and have dough shipped in from a corporate office to be baked up and put out on display? I would say understandably so. Am I thrilled to have a place where I can find pastries made from scratch by someone who has learned from the best? Yes, without any shadow of a doubt. And by the way there are jars of gourmet spreads, which I have served as appetizers that seem to warrant the same comment every time: give me a spoon, so I can eat the whole thing out of the jar. They are fabulous! So-o-o-o, charming store, great owners, great food, great eating experience from appetizer to dessert!!!! No main course needed!

Review №81

Hidden gem! Certainly worth stopping in if your having withdraws from France. The coffee is also fantastic.

Review №82

The food is always delicious.

Review №83

Excellent service and delicious treats! Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Will return!

Review №84

Items taste good, but small pastries. Good croissants. Expensive. Need umbrellas for the tables outside. Rude behavior... while I was in the shop, the person working there made a remark to another customer, "Yes, those are free samples, but buy something, too." And it didn't sound like they were joking. There are friendlier and less expensive places to spend my $.

Review №85

C'est bon! Pop in for a lovely treat and practice your French. Service and atmosphere are devine.

Review №86

This place brought us right back to our times in Nice and Southern France. Maybe the best Cappuccino I've had!

Review №87

Delicious and the atmosphere is so nice!! The owner is extremely friendly and funny. We will be back!

Review №88

The desserts are delicious, especially the chocolate mouse. The bread is very good. I wish some of the other items were made in house.

Review №89

If this place ceased to exist, I might have to leave Wilmington. It has the best croissants and coffee around. Going is like taking a mini vacation.

Review №90

I love this place and family that owns it ! Their baked goods are delicious and very true to the European experience. I'm especially fond of the chocolate torte and the croissants. There's nothing like a great cup of coffee ( which they sell) and a fresh plain or flavored croissant to start your day. The bread is wonderful as well. I have not yet tasted the jellies, sauces, and chocolates but plan to in the future. Alban and Josephine are wonderful people with a desire to provide a quality European product to our community. I've only known them since their shop opened but know I will be a regular customer.To top it off they are located beside The Point movie theatre! What's better than a good movie and a Far From France desert afterwards!

Review №91

Awesome place. Great coffee and pastry. The staff is very amicable and easy going.

Review №92

Excellent croissants and French cookies.

Review №93

Authentic and well prepared food.

Review №94

Yummy crepe cake

Review №95

Very impressed. Neat little shop, prices seem reasonable and was very good.

Review №96

Interesting selections. We got an assortment of macaroons and loved them.

Review №97

The high tea served here is great— the fresh baked savory items were delicious and the tea was pleasant

Review №98

I don't normally write reviews but I felt compelled to write one for this place. Far From France is so different from anything else in town. It is great for gifts. Their chocolate are so good, love the macarons. The owners are so frenchy and so cool.

Review №99

Imported chocolates and baked pastries alike are so delicious! Owners are always friendly and helpful. :-)

Review №100

Absolutely outstanding bakery goods and service. I live out of state and wanted a special gift to be delivered to family members going thru a rough time. I called Far From France and spoke with Albins. He was extremely helpful and accomodating. He not only delivered all the goodies himself, but, they were fresh out of the oven and still warm. Cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness. Highly recommend this business

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