Heavnly Donuts
579 Main St, Wilmington, MA 01887, United States
Review №1

Wide range of choices and unique options like pina colada freeze or Nutty Irish iced coffee! Boston Creme donut is delicious! Sandwiches for lunch time too!

Review №2

Heavenly Donuts is extremly yummy! Coffee is the Best! 10 stars for this Coffee place!

Review №3

I come here pretty often and I love the chocolate croissant but my review is actually more specific to my experience on Thursday 6/25. I got a chocolate frosted coffee roll a with a frozen mocha blast which were both delicious. my server was lovely, she was super friendly and she went the extra mile because she was so careful when placing my coffee roll into the bag, making sure the frosting wouldn't get ruined. you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I wish I got her name because she deserves to be recognized for her impeccable customer service but I recall she had dark hair and was wearing a light purple face mask. Thank you so much!!

Review №4

Great flavor options for coffee, so many it's hard to choose! Love their muffins too. Definitely recommend!!

Review №5

Breakfast sandwichs are the best in town. Coffee is damn good too. And they always have fresh fruit as well.

Review №6

They make the BEST breakfast sandwiches and variety of coffee flavors and the price is right!

Review №7

An excellent array of baked goods and coffee flavors. Great when you are looking for something a little sweet and special in the morning or afternoon.

Review №8

Great donuts, fresh coffee

Review №9

Heav'nly is great! Several locations all consistently good. A much better choice than the other big donut shop....

Review №10

Can't say enough good about this place. Employees are very kind. Coffee and all their sandwiches are the best.

Review №11

Your other choice instead of the big two in Wilmington. I pick up muffins that my wife likes here. Worth a visit to see if they do things your way for your morning coffee run.

Review №12

Nice spot for a quick breakfast sandwich that I can guarantee will be better than most.Open early for commuters!

Review №13

Nice donut place, fantastic prices and nice selection. Some of the donuts are somewhat dry but I enjoyed them. The maple donut was my favorite. These aren't sea salt and the finest accouterments but they are a solid three. One more thing, the lady working the front was exceptional.

Review №14

Just died and went to heaven. Thank you to the friendly woman working drive thru this morning. Speedy and excellent job preparing the sandwich. I appreciate you!

Review №15

Great doughnuts and awesome service.

Review №16

Always friendly staff. Good breakfast food. Great muffins and coffee.

Review №17

Used to b way better the original one still is this one donuts get delivered at1 am night before not fresh from that day

Review №18

I went in to purchase muffins on the recommendation of a friend. Very friendly staff. Muffins were delicious. Next time will also purchase coffee.Goodbye DD.

Review №19

Apparently selling already burnt and squished bagels are totally acceptable for your staff

Review №20

Good coffee and the donuts are great. Definitely are better quality than the donuts at Dunk's. The staff is very polite too.

Review №21

Friendly fast service

Review №22

This place never disappoints the coffee is good and staff are always super friendly!

Review №23

Better then dunks

Review №24

I ordered a iced mocha coffee but they gave me a frozen one. That's ok though because it was pretty good.

Review №25

Great service-came out to hand me my warm bagel! My 1st visit so they gave me free sample! -such a caring place and food is so yummy!!!

Review №26

Great selection of the bakery products!

Review №27

Horrible customer service. Last 4 times order was wrong. Would not recommend and new staff is terrible.

Review №28

Very nice establishment. Staff is always wonderful. The food is always awesome. Will be back soon.

Review №29

So many yummy things to choose from.

Review №30

Good muffins!

Review №31

Favorite donut shop; had chocolate cake.

Review №32

Best coffee & pastries, just hope you get there before someone buys stuff before you have chance to get it!

Review №33

Awesome donuts very big and better than Dunkin donuts

Review №34

Very nice staff never an issue. Older lady with white hair has gave me a sandwich uncooked in a soaking wet bag. Her attitude is awful and needs to be gone. Always hoping someone else is on sandwiches when I get there, when she is on I don't get one.

Review №35

LOVE their elephant ears!

Review №36

Went through the drive through sat am waited several minutes I look in the window their trying to figure out how to make the coffee. I left very disappointed.

Review №37

Always good. Drive thru takes a while though

Review №38

Great breakfast sandwiches and coffee.

Review №39

Great stop as an alternative to Dunks.

Review №40

They have great food

Review №41

Love everything about this place

Review №42

Ordered two ice coffees, one reg with cream and 8 sugars, the other flavored with cream and sugar as well as two donuts. We were given two flavored iced coffees one with barely any sugar and the other with a regular amount, neither had cream in them. We also were not given straws for said coffees. The only plus... The donuts were delicious

Review №43

Amazing donuts!. I go out of my way to fatten my gut with these heavenly donuts. Killer iced coffee to boot:()

Review №44

Definitely improvements at the locations since new ownership. Training definitely needs to improve though - inconsistent/messy coffees can get frustrating.However, I am glad they axed a good amount of the flavors. It's hard to keep coffee fresh with so many kinds to deal with. Less flavors means the coffee is consistently fresher, whereas before you could tell some of the iced varieties got old.

Review №45

Great service very friendly staff

Review №46

There is more than just donuts here! Come for the Barnyard Bagel breakfast sandwich.

Review №47

Delicious donuts and highly recommend the bacon, egg and cheese croissant. Coffee is brewed and there are many different flavors. Banana Foster's is my favorite

Review №48

Only got an iced coffee. Pretty good, and lots of different flavors

Review №49

Really can't beat it around this area if you want coffee, quick breakfast sandwich, or donuts. And the people/service are 10/10. They noticeably care. You'll never go to dunks again

Review №50

Good donuts and muffins!

Review №51

Got sick after eating an egg sandwich from here. I think the workers have raw egg in places they shouldn't! The food used to be better but the sandwiches are just a mess now.

Review №52

The staff make me smile every time i go. I asked for 1 donut hole and the girl gave me 3! I truly love this local chain for having brewed coffee flavors, both hot and iced and some are available in decaf too!

Review №53

Love their flavored coffees

Review №54

I wouldn't say "fresh doughnuts all day long" as they do go stale in the afternoon to close. That's why they lose a star. They do have great drinks and breakfast sandwiches though. We definitely like how they make chicken salad sandwiches on a croissant. And they have great staff that are usually in an upbeat mood which -- dare we say -- makes it seem like they enjoy working there!

Review №55

The Best Breakfast Bagels ever!!

Review №56

My favorite place to get donuts that are so big. Plus when you buy a dozen they still give you a baker's dozen a extra donut.

Review №57

I am in love with this place! They have a jelly/cream filled donut that is to die for. There glazed donuts are perfect for a donut burger.

Review №58

Wide selection of coffee flavors! Great place if you are looking for an alternative to the usual.

Review №59

A very delicious alternative to dunkins. Their coffee was good. They had cold brew. They also had a good selection of donuts.

Review №60

Great service. Many varieties of coffee and treatd

Review №61

I was very disappointed it's Saturday 6:45pm when I got to the front of the store to buy some donuts when for my surprise the store was already closed, the doors were locked and the shelves were already empty. The people where cleaning, it's upsetting because I checked their closing time which shows to be 7pm, I left Woburn in time to get there before 7pm end up rushing to get there for nothing. Therefore, they should not list their closing time to be 7pm when 6:45pm shelves are Emory's and doors are locked!

Review №62

The girls that work there are GREAT! They will help you out any way they can.GREAT BREAKFAST sandwiches..FRESH! COOKED ON THE SPOT!

Review №63

Staff is not happy and they make it known. Donuts are decent, I guess. Coffee eh. Not worth the 20 minute drive for me.

Review №64

Great donuts and awesome breakfast sandwiches. Got the Heav'nly Cream donut and the Barnyard sandwich. Both items were great!

Review №65

I come here almost every single day sometimes twice on my days off. Love the staff here. Everyone is super friendly and nice. Sometimes they mess up but usually exchange it no questions asked. You guys make the best coconut iced coffee black ♡

Review №66

Delicious donuts and muffins. They have a great practice of giving free donuts when you visit them for the first time. The customer service was excellent!

Review №67

My stop almost every morning,better food than DD,and donuts.

Review №68

Excellent baked goods and donuts.

Review №69

They got the name right because the donuts are very good. Especially the cream filled selection. Coffee is not as bitter as it was last time as well so that's a plus.

Review №70

Great donuts fresh always try some

Review №71

Consistently good coffee

Review №72

Best coffee and donuts around.

Review №73

Good coffee and donuts. Half price.

Review №74

I dont know what happened in the last few months at Heavenly, but their donuts are not as good as they use to be and they dont fill their donuts that much anymore. I also used to look forward to half price donuts after 3:00 p.m. on the weekend. No more, they stopped it. Back to the drawing board looking for that occasional Sunday donut.

Review №75

Good coffee. Yummy food. No wait unlike the sitdow place down the street. Fresh eggs. Real bacon.

Review №76

So many different coffee flavors to choose from asnd the pastry is awesome too

Review №77

Got the barnyard (has everything on it) and its amazing as usual! Place is clean and the staff is friendly, but they forgot someones order ahead of me and then almost forgot mine. Little disorganized, but still worth the visit! I'll be back!7/18Changing my rating from 4 to 5. Great food and the service was great... Their sandwiches are still way better than dd

Review №78

Love it. Staff are welcoming and also gave me free donut for first time visit

Review №79

Same as any other location. Great breakfast sandwiches.

Review №80

Coffee was great on the way by, the donuts seemed more like DD's so I only give it 4..

Review №81

Nice local business. Little pricey for my taste.

Review №82

4:00 pm visit for brewed lg hazelnut decafCoffee lukewarm & cup not full.Just an fyiProbably came at a bad time.

Review №83

They have the best breakfast sandwiches and award-winning donuts. Staff friendliness is a hit or miss, it could be because they seem to be very understaffed during the busiest hours. Once I got trapped in the drive-thru lane and it took 20 minutes, granted it was a Sunday morning.

Review №84

I wish I could give them NO STARS! I sat in the drive thru the last 2 times for over 10 minutes. Im not even exaggerating, the first was about 16 and 2nd was about 12. The coffee doesnt taste like it used to and hasnt tasted like it used to. The girls that work there dont know how to make a simple ice coffee. Nor do they care when you tell them to fix it. They're always on their cell phones and leaves other workers there to do their work! My car got hit 2x in their small parking lot!! First one took off and NO cameras outside.. thanks!! I just cannot ever go back there. Save the trip and go to Dunkins or ANYWHERE else!!!

Review №85

No cream today only milk. Last week toasters broken. Low inventory lately. 50% chance of your drive thru order being correct someone needs to help this place out.

Review №86

Love the Vanilla Chai Tea over IceLet The Light In Ministry

Review №87

Wonderful food. Great coffee. Great staff. Clean.

Review №88

Best donuts around.

Review №89

Best ice coffees

Review №90

Great thank you

Review №91

Good as always. Great coffee flavors. Actual real eggs when used in sandwiches.

Review №92

Coffee great! After 10 you get a free cup. How cool is that?!

Review №93

Too sweet.

Review №94

Yeah good for breakfast

Review №95

Barnyard is the best sandwich ever. Coffee is really good also

Review №96

Love this place.having hot eggnog coffee right now.delicious!!!So many choices for hot and iced coffees....smoothies...etc.Muffins are so fresh and the stsff is super friendly.A+++

Review №97

Flavored coffee needs to be hotter, you should never have to ask for a napkin when you get food in the drive thru

Review №98

Great coffees, teas, sandwiches and donuts. All delivery quick by a friendly staff

Review №99

Place is amazing

Review №100

Best Donuts anywhere! Far better than Dunkins or Krispy creme. The coffee isn't good, but you go here for donuts.

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  • Coffee:Yes
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  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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