Lowes Foods of Carolina Beach
5309 Carolina Beach Rd #1, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States
Review №1

Always a great place and most of the time you are greeted with a great smell from the deli section. When you go in and look to your right you are hit with a great selection of fruits and vegetables and even a hodge lodge of things. ,By the way.. the deli will give out free samples of anything to help you be sure you are getting what you want. Very friendly and no employee pushes you off to others. If they don't know it , they walk you to someone who can help. Great place and great specials too

Review №2

Clean and the have some of my favorite deli treats! Chunky chicken salad with sweet purple grapes. This and some Ritz crackers, and I am set for a good meal! Yum!

Review №3

Probably the best Lowes in town. It's big, clean and every thing is laid out very nicely. 4 employees asked me if I needed help. Great experience.

Review №4

Clean store. Nicely laid out and stocked. Good selection of products.

Review №5

Love this store. They could. Use a little. More. Help. When you need someone. To help. Find something love. The. Garden. Center

Review №6

The best muffins are at Lowes Foods, butter rum and pistachio. None better anywhere.

Review №7

I love lowes for many reasons but their selection if beer and vegetarian foods are the best!

Review №8

Loved it, EXCELLENT selection on healthy choices! Happy to have found this store!

Review №9

Very helpful and service oriented staff. Good selection, good prices, fresh produce

Review №10

Good selection but very pricey, more so than Harris teeter

Review №11

This market has everything my wife and children need when it comes to specialty foods (gluten free and more) also prices are not bad compared to other stores with the same product. Thanks for having these products. My family will continue to shop there and save.

Review №12

Well stocked,laid out nicely,great local beer selection(albeit,a little pricey)...worth the ride outside of Carolina Beach

Review №13

Bit pricey but its expected as they do have a great selection. Deli has always been good and fresh flowers. Thankyou Lisa in flower department for the sweet balloon for my daughter . That was appreciated.

Review №14

Great place to stop for food. Easy access and ext onto College/Carolina Beach road. As with all Lowe's foods. Prices and the products are compatible. This store has very large beer and wine section. ( We are at the beach) Staff is helpful. Didn't have plain tea in a jug of any brand, so 4 stars.

Review №15

Evelyn at the customer service desk was so friendly and helpful! Store is always clean and stocked!

Review №16

I love shopping here. Everyone is always friendly and helpful.

Review №17

There customer service is amazing. Neiki was so helpful and such a joy to deal with.

Review №18

The place is always clean everyone that works there a real nice people

Review №19

Super clean and the employees are greatly helpful. Plus they have a wider variety of fresh fruits and veggies which is a plus!

Review №20

Great store...aweome staff!!

Review №21

Convenient with wide variety, good meats, fish and produce and Sip & Shop!

Review №22

Lowe's has, by far, the best & most reliable online pickup service I've found with the nicest assistants ever

Review №23

Great beer selection especially from the local brewerys and the Carolinas.

Review №24

Have found it to be a great place to shop.

Review №25

My favorite grocery store for beer

Review №26

Great locations, produce and wine selection. The beer den is fun and a great fit for a grocery store. Prices of almost everything though are much higher and that is why I didn't rate it higher.

Review №27

Good prices on some items, some are not so good.

Review №28

Best place to buy a steak.

Review №29

Great local craft beer selection. I almost always did something new.

Review №30

Lowe's Foods is one of my all time fav food stores to shop.They have the best hot bar! They're rotisserie chicken and chicken pot pies are phenomenal.Their fresh produce and fresh cut veggies and fruits are so handy and always delicious.I highly recommend this grocery store.Just wish they had a little more selection sometimes.

Review №31

Had my choice of alchohol. Ace pineapple. Yummy.

Review №32

My girlfriend and I had a horrible experience today. We were doing an order for ourselves and for her mother. We had trouble with the self checkout because the machine was acting up. Everytime the associate who's job is to help the people in self checkout had to help us she sighed and hobbled over. Her name was Debbie. She was very rude and passive aggressive.Then as we were finishing our second order some other lady came over and told us if we were doing "Instacart" to go to the other checkouts. We weren't, we were getting her elderly mother groceries so she doesn't have to go out. She was also very rude and passive aggressive. Her name was Darna.I hope Lowe's sees this and repremand this horrible customer service.Will not be going back to this Lowe's. I hope no one has do deal with Darna and Debbie like we did.

Review №33

Always a fresh selection and lots of good prices. The staff are very nice and helpful too.

Review №34

Staff is amazing. A manager found my wallet once. She, obviously,put it away. I saw her at a gas station. She recognized me and told me that she had it in the office. Much love! Saved me a headache.

Review №35

Great grocery store...plus you can drink a beer while you shop...

Review №36

Staff were nice.It would be better if fried chicken had dark or white option like the other store.

Review №37

Got here at 9. Waited about 30 minutes for NOBODY to come to customer service, then was told by someone “oh she said the cut off for money orders is 9” when I was there at 9 what a joke

Review №38

Seafood department is the bomb!

Review №39

Courteous and professional service can be counted on here!

Review №40

This grocery store is great! So clean, bright and easy to shop here. Salad bar is fresh and I get sushi here frequently. So many options at great prices.

Review №41

Loved it there! Had fresh seafood and everything else you needed for a shrimp boil !And the fresh corn was to die for ,tasted like they just picked it!The store was nice and clean .The employees were nice and friendly !

Review №42

Have you ever heard of a "walking around beer"? They have those here, and we're talking microbrews and local stuff straight from the tap. Now let me tell you about Thursdays, the beers are $2.68 (1/2 price) and they don't accept tips. Alright, now onto the store itself, always very clean, friendly staff and good selection. Large produce section, lots of prepared food options in the deli and beautiful steaks in the meat dept. I like to go on Thursdays;)

Review №43

Very nice.very clean.and real bathrooms for customers. 10 stars from us. Yay

Review №44

Carry very good produce and the people who work there are very helpful!

Review №45

Great prices, quick service. Excellent craft beer.

Review №46

A good place to shop if u can afford the groceries. They are usually better than your Wal-Mart and common Grocery stores usual products. Depending on which Lowes you go to but some times the customer service is great and some times it's not. Great food just more expensive than most stores. I would like to recommend this store but only if you have the cheese...

Review №47

Nice, clean store. Items easy to find. Good prices

Review №48

I love Lowes Food. You can get everything from soup to nuts

Review №49

Showed up with 8 mylar and 6 latex balloons for SuperBowl, a primary manager filled them for us. Thx and Go Chiefs!

Review №50

High price but great service

Review №51

Great place to shop and they have great deals on Arnold Bread Products love the Organics from Arnold.

Review №52

The quality of Lowe's Foods to go has always been awesome!! They choose items like they are grocery shopping for their own home!

Review №53

Why doesn't every grocery store offer beer while you shop?! Great produce, bakery and wine selection.

Review №54

I tried all 3 chicken salads. The one with grapes was too salty and the grapes should have been cut in half. The one with almonds and cranberries was too salty snd not enough cranberries. The "baby bear just right one was the rotisserie chicken so I went back today for more. And the elephant t ear pastries are delicious.

Review №55

Good beer selection

Review №56

Although the parking lot makes it a bit tricky to see coming from the north side this is an easily navigated, clean, fresh grocery store with ample parking and a helpful staff! The added bar area with the super knowledgeable manager is great and gives way to a welcoming aethetic.

Review №57

Best macaroni salad around

Review №58

DISAPPOINTED is my only comment on Christmas Eve.I generally shop at Lowe's 4-6 times per week, picking-up what I need as I go or grabbing lunch or a snack since I live alone and travel often.I run-in and out, grabbing things I can find or exploring the tasting section when I hit the store from 2:00 - 4:00 PM, which seems to be when it's open.On Christmas Eve at 4:30 PM, I stopped-in for a extra veggies near the deli when I heard an an announcement calling for Customers' attention and noting, "All #$%@^ r Products are HALF Price. You don't have to eat them today, but they can't stay here!"Great! I think "Deli" was in there, maybe she said, "Pizza" - both would be nice for a snack or friends tomorrow. I asked the one younger Associates standing at the counters next to Customer Service if she could tell me what someone had just announced was "Half-Priced" and noted she hadn't heard.Unfettered, I headed to the self-check-outs and ran into an issue scanning a Red Pepper. The Head Cashier (who has been at Customer Service prior) seemed a bit annoyed, looking at me and lecturing me on the complexities of scanners and scales ... so I backed-off, allowing her to handle the situation and smiling before trying to redirect the already POOR Customer Experience."Thanks for the help," I said, "By the way, do you happen to know what they announced was half-priced a few minutes ago? I didn't understand if they said 'Deli' or 'Pizza' or something else."Her reply? "I don't know - I DON"T WORK IN DELI." (Ummm, yes, I had seen her at the Front and behind the Customer Service Desk, but that was neither what I asked nor what I expected as an answer."No, I know that," I continued, "I was wondering if you knew,.Her follow-up? "I can't hear the announcements. I have a headset-on."(Ahhh - most folks with "headsets" are either Management, getting information about the Store and activities, or Associates tasked with using them to inquire about CUSTOMER questions."I apologized profusely for having inconvenienced her. I noted that I understood she was working and thought perhaps she had either made the announcement or could find-out, but I understood completely she was very busy working (three regular registers with Cashiers AND Baggers were open with 1-customer hauling large carts at each and all four Self-Service Kiosks were open with ONE Customer each).I thoughtfully wished her a blessed Christmas Holiday and thanked her for her assistance.The issue? Most Associates/Managers at Retail/Grocery and Sales-businesses are in the profession of CUSTOMER SERVICE. If they don't KNOW an answer or missed something, they generally make an effort of some sort to ask someone else of to find-out.Here, apparently, that's not an expectation. Although both individuals asked were within 5-feet of the "Customer Service Desk" and ONE was the person behind it when the FIRST Associate was unable to answer my simple and very timely question.My expectation? If you don't know, ask a Cashier, Manager, someone .. there are food products YOU and YOUR EMPLOYER are hoping to sell that will spoil and I am a CUSTOMER interested in purchasing it from you versus letting you take 100% loss.NOW I completely understand why my neighbors (2-miles north on Carolina Beach Road) DO NOT shop at Lowe's. It's not just easier to turn right out of the driveway of the Complex to head toward the competition a shorter distance away, it's more rewarding, customer-focused and ultimately a less chaotic experience with the traffic patterns, Wal-Mart and the plethora of intersecting roadways at College and into Myrtle Grove.My mistake for expecting at least the minimum in Customer Service at 5:00 PM at Lowe's Monkey Junction on December 24th. I should have driven to Harris Teeter, Food Lion or ALDI's - all CLOSER to my Apartment Complex and equally conveniently, although from experience much more interested in the folks walking into their store and especially the ones that ASK a QUESTION. Oh well, one less Customer - who cares?

Review №59

Love this place. Makes shopping fun knowing a friendly staff is there to assist. The beer den adds a twist too! Highly recommend.

Review №60

Customer service was so bad. That's really my only complaint. The store is a less than average Lowe's food store, compared to others I've been to, but my customer service experience was absolutely horrendous. I will not shop here again.

Review №61

Really cool grocery store with lots of parking and selection inside. Staff were helpful and the store was clean and easy to maneuver in.

Review №62

Very customer driven. Good prices and good people. You can sample some craft beer or wine while you shop

Review №63

Some prices are high, okay selection,great hose made sausages. Good service.

Review №64

Awesome fried chicken! Love the layout of this store!

Review №65

Very clean, easily laid out good deals helpful staff

Review №66

I've been coming to this store for 25 years and every time I go there I understand why I shop more at Harris Teeter and Walmart. the lady that waited on me today Has worked at that store for 25 years Just an unpleasant woman asking questions on One how to proceed with a check now that seems odd to me working there 25 years and I don't know how even take a check yet. Do I knew that this check there was going to be a problem I have never bounced a check anywhere below and behold they wouldn't take my check so I used my debit card for the very same checking account and took out a $100 extra just to show these people that I had the money. . It's just an unpleasant place to shop

Review №67

The staff is fabulous. They keep the store clean and they always have a very local vibe. The Lowes Foods brand products are great too. Very good quality. They're organic brand is exceptional. The gas rewards are nice plus as well. The nice touches include the beer Den where you can sit beer and Shop and I do like how you can clip your own herbs. I enjoyed their food demonstrations and recipes and the butcher shop is reminiscent of when you were a kid and you went shopping with your mom. That butcher was always happy to give you a slice of something. It's that same Hometown feeling.

Review №68

Great food, great prices, and a beer bar with a rotating menu of beers on tap. Always a an enjoyable ecperience

Review №69

Where else can you sit at a bar in the beer/wine department and have a drink, or put a draft beer in your cart drink holder and go shopping? I'd give it a 5, but for the fact there is no pharmacy.

Review №70

Great grocery store with wine and beer tasting bar inside! Helpful staff and friendly service. Wines for purchase need better signage. Otherwise great store!

Review №71

Check out was smooth in and out.

Review №72

Nice. Selection of baked goods

Review №73

Amazing store, bar with local brews and foods to go. Amazing wine selection, just interested in the booze ya know.

Review №74

Lowes food is a nice store, but doesn't have as big a selection as Harris Teeter, particularly with produce. Their bakery is to die for, however.

Review №75

Great customer service. Clean store

Review №76

Always friendly staff, clean, and great produce options

Review №77

Lowe's was fantastic as usual. My favorite store. Cakes and torts always fresh.

Review №78

I don't know why I don't shop there more often except that Starbucks is at HT in case I need a frappuccino.

Review №79

Great specialty departments but not my first choice for kitchen staples. The staff is friendly to the point of uncomfortableness. The fresh produce is exceptional. The prepared foods are mostly not to my taste, but seem to be popular. There is a beer bar in the middle of the store where you can get plowed while you shop.

Review №80

Great micro brews in beer garden. Staff is great.

Review №81

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Store is clean and well maintained. Restrooms could be cleaned on a more regular basis.Parking lot is clean, shopping carts are brought in. Although there are no trash cans in the lot, there is something better in front of the store: separate bins to place plastics, cardboard and trash.

Review №82

For grocery shopping in Wilmington I love this Lowes Foods. Since their major remodel a couple of years ago, it's like shopping in a new store. They added so many new offerings, it's by far the best grocery store in Wilmington. I highly recommend the pick and prep station in the produce dept. Select from the wide variety of fruits and veggies already cleaned and cut up or choose your own produce and drop it off with your instructions on how you want it processed and then go finish your grocery shopping and then go back to pick and prep and they will have your produce ready for you. Lowes has the best grocery store cakes around. Choose from their already prepared cakes or order a custom . I assure you that you won't be disappointed. All of their canned food is grade A quality unlike several other grocery chains in the area. YES, there are different levels of quality in canned foods, even in the top brands that we all are familiar with and purchase frequently. Lowes is one of the few chains that always purchases the best of the best. They have a great selection of organic foods if that's what you look for when shopping. Top notch butcher shop with incredible steaks. Excellent seafood dept. Fantastic deli serving Boars Head meats and cheeses. Be sure to check out their fresh sausage shop and don't forget to get your refillable beer growler. Buy a rotisserie chicken and enjoy the chicken dance.All of that with great and friendly customer service. Personally I have never had a bad experience in any Lowes Foods and I'm especially fond of our store at monkey junction.

Review №83

Great service. But prices are comparable to Harris Teeter (way to HIGH)

Review №84

I love the variety of food, I use their foods to go pick service and I appreciate their pick and prep options!

Review №85

I love this store! Great produce and meat selections. If you're a salad person, you have to get their salad bar!! It's better than most restaurants!!! Everything is cut fresh, the soups are great, and the selection is awesome.

Review №86

Great pre-made foods, great selection of unique items not found at all stores. Good customer service.

Review №87

A little pricey but the meat is well worth it. Very clean, shelves always stocked & friendly staff

Review №88

Very clean, but they appear to be struggling since the big remodeling effort because they had to raise prices.

Review №89

The service at the deli was horrible

Review №90

I love the hometown feel of Lowes Foods. They always have lots of fresh, great-tasting deli and bakery options. You can get about any type of cake by the slice at “The Cakery”. There's fresh meat and seafood and many grocery items not available at some other grocery stores.

Review №91

Another EXCELLENT experience w/Lowes Food to Go. I received everything I ordered. The few items unavailable were replaced w/similar items @ same price after asking me. Employees are excellent, pleasant & knowledgeable! $4.95 fee's well worth it, as I'm disabled, shop infrequently & spend $200 - $300 at a time.My groceries are a bit more expensive & I take longer to do an order, than if just going to store, but both are from my ADD & desire to find best items @ cheapest price. However, Lowes has option to quickly do an Order by selecting from Past Purchases for less picky people.Suggestions:I WISH I could quickly & easily compare Past Purchases w/similar items from other brands, & see what's ON SALE, IF DIGITAL COUPON AVAIL, etc., since I'm not always brand loyal.I WISH all varieties & sizes of each item were shown when I click one - i.e. if I pick Stacy's Original Pita chips, show me ALL of Stacy's Pita chip FLAVORS & ALL SIZE bags.I WISH, there were more sorting/filtering options.These are picky suggestions to make an awesome service better.

Review №92

Love it. Love the fact they serve alcohol while grocery shopping

Review №93

Lots of beer choices and wines. Had the prepared unsweetened coffee I was looking for. Better than other two local grocery stores. Should have stopped here the 1st time. Friendly employees and self check out lanes that were faster too.

Review №94

It was as always quick in and out. They always have everything you need fresh delicious deli meats and the bakery oh man thats my favorite place think of it.And they probably have it and and it'll make you drool !

Review №95

I just left this location and , honestly, the customer service i recieved tonight was the among the worst . It started with a mistake on my part . I saw a sale on one of my favorite wine brands marking the price down quite a bit . i walked my bottle to the front to make the purchase . The price on the screen didn't reflect what i saw in the isle so i inquired as to why there was a price difference . The gentleman ringing me up was very kind and got his manager to investigate the issue . This girl - noticably bothered - walked up and told me to show her the price . we went to the isle and found that it was a promotion with a 12 bottle purchase . Already embarrased , i apologized and walked toward the front to proceed with my purchase . As we approched the register ,she veered off so, i began to explain the mistake to the cashier as she yelled over me " It was the right price" from a distance . There were other customers around and i can't even begin to think about what they assumed . I'm honestly shocked with her lack of professionalism . I hold an elevated role in a customer service oriented profession and happen to know what IS and ISN'T okay . This was NOT . I only wish i had remembered to glance at her nametag.

Review №96

We don't shop anywhere else. They have a good variety of fresh produce, meats, and even hot entrees and sides that are prepared to take home and put on the table.

Review №97

Great professional hot food bar folks that accommodate your every need and the fried chicken is second to none

Review №98

One event made a everlasting bitter view of Lowes Monkey Junction.. It was after hurricane Florence came through in September of 2018. Lowes was one of the stores that was opened before most on a limited basis. They would let 5 people go into store while others waited outside. It was pouring rain and the manager came out and told the people already inline that we would be the last to get in.So after waitinh in the pouring rain for 30 more minutes someone came to the middle of the line and said NO MORE THIS IS THE CUTOFF...WTF was that about? Over an hour in pouring rain,being promised entry to store...and then being told we were not gtoing in....inconsiderate to say the least

Review №99

Clean, classy and very well stocked. Normally wouldn't say a grocery store is fun but it was. Nice displays,. specialty items, Boars Head deli and SUPER friendly staff.

Review №100

This is perhaps the cleanest, most accommodating store I have ever beenIn. All the products you can imagine with anything on your list

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:5309 Carolina Beach Rd #1, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States
  • Site:http://www.lowesfoods.com/
  • Phone:+1 910-790-5335
  • Bakery
  • Grocery store
  • Beer store
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Deli
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Supermarket
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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