Lowes Foods on College Road
341 S College Rd #37, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

Great selection with decent prices. They have the best steaks and an amazing beer selection. The beer den is also a clear winning strategy that entices me to go in and drink a cold beer while shopping and then take a growler home for later!

Review №2

This store is so fun with chicken dances and drinking beer while shopping wow!

Review №3

Great selection. Deli was fully stocked and the deli rep went to get something they didn't have on display because of an item I asked about.

Review №4

Finally found the coffee brand I have been searching for here after looking everywhere else. So much fresh, great looking food here it's definitely my new grocery store.

Review №5

Beautiful store, great product, friendly staff!

Review №6

I went here on Saturday, August 15, 2020, around 11:00 PM. I went into the store, and I got a lot of individual items: five lemons, three cucumbers, and many other vegetables. When I got to the front to check-out, the employee there told me that since it was after 9:00 PM, only the self-checkout was open. Therefore, I went to the self-checkout registers to start scanning things. Then I got to the individual items, which required me to look up each item in the online catalog. The same associate who told me that only the self-checkout was open stood there and watched me struggle for a good five minutes. Then I asked for assistance, only for them to respond with, "do you even know how to speak English." Then they walked away, and I was left to figure out how to do the job THEY are PAID to do. I am very disappointed, and I will never be going back here.

Review №7

Love this Lowes' Foods. Clean, spacious, and well-stocked. We love their prepared foods and meat department. Shockingly clean and spacious restrooms. This Lowes' even features a beer/wine bar and dining area.

Review №8

Self checkouts are awesome as i can whip through. Flawless victory. Store is very clean, organized and well ran. Late night visits are sketchy though. Watch your back

Review №9

The assortment is great and their staff are excellent people overall I give them 5star plusratings and it is agreat place to shop

Review №10

Always nice workers. Always clean and great selection

Review №11

Great spot for lunch..... and a beer if you want. The staff in the food dept are always very friendly.

Review №12

High quality food, friendly associates, and a clean store.

Review №13

Good produce, nice clean store, manager was walking the aisles, helping customers and staff. Standard layout, good beer choices.

Review №14

Clean store, employees following suggested COVID guidelines. Only 4 stars because their meat department is sorely lacking compared to other grocery stores in Wilmington.

Review №15

No complaints. Clean and friendly staff.

Review №16

I love Lowe's Food! The store is very clean and well stocked! The check out lines are quick too, especially the self check out!

Review №17

Clean. Food and everything else, fresh.

Review №18

Never been to this type of grocery store chain before. It was big, beautiful, clean, and a great Friday of everything from fruit to nuts to some really fun wines.I WOULD definitely go back.

Review №19

Lowe's foods is where I go when I want to have a pleasant shopping experience. They tend to have nicer items than Walmart or Food Lion, including an excellent beer and wine selection!Edit: They now carry Mati energy drinks! If I could give 6 stars I would.

Review №20

They have a lot of cute workers lol

Review №21

Very large clean supermarket. Excellent selection but some prices are on the high side

Review №22

Convenient and fairly cheap food. The staff here is very nice. We come here more than to any other grocery store! The only bad part really is that there is only ever really one checkout lane open- most people use the self checkout kiosks.

Review №23

The correct Lowes is The one in Leland. Twice we purchased ITEMS w/0 [email protected] expiration date. Both items were passed The expiration date when purchased

Review №24

Clean and I like how Lowe's food organizes their food and I like the brands they carry as well. Lowe's food isn't nearly as crowded as Harris teeter usually is and if there's a lot of people there checking out is way faster than teeter. The people working there are helpful and polite as well.

Review №25

A very kind staff member Tasha went above and beyond to help me out. Stopped what she was doing and walked to the back to get me what I needed.

Review №26

Great store. As a college student, I was able to find good deals on food. Open late and close to campus as well.

Review №27

Didn't act like mask nazis

Review №28

Who ever made the Greek yogurt parfaits that were out this morning did a GREAT job!! I used to buy parfaits here every single morning, but sadly they started getting very low, with hardly any fruit; so I had to go to a different store for them. However, if they continue to be as good as they were this morning I will return back to lowes again for my daily parfait.

Review №29

No 6 packs modelo in bottles

Review №30

Easy in easy out location great selection, the deli is incredible as well as prepared foods part of the store they always have Quality Meats and Seafood. The prices at Lowes Foods are usually on the higher end when compared to Harris Teeter for very similar quality but the meat cutters are super friendly and knowledgeable if you want anything out of the ordinary plus they have a little bit of patio furniture sitting out front in the veranda that you can dine at for a quick afternoon snack

Review №31

Great place to shop. Awsome variety. Super clean store.

Review №32

Prices are a little high but, if shop wisely you can find some buys. The store is always clean.

Review №33

The store has a great variety of produces but their restrooms are always filthy when I come in. On my last visit I altered the manager that there was blood on the toilet seat in the men's room. The manager brushed off my concerns and went on like I simply wasn't there. If you've to visit this location I recommend staying away from the restrooms if you can.

Review №34

Very clean a lot of selection to choose from. Awesome fresh sausage department. Also very unique when fresh bread is made and ready they yell out fresh hot bread, then next department tells it out then next department so on so forth. Different but good

Review №35

They have a decent beer selection but what I like most is their tiny bar so when I am stuck shopping with my girlfriend I can grab a beer (always local brewery on tap) and drink it while shopping they never have long lines at the check out either which is strange but a great strange

Review №36

I love shopping at Lowe's Foods. The meats, vegetables and fruits are always fresh and attractively arranged and placed. Moreover,The employees are very friendly, knowledgeableand helpful. I very highly recommend Lowes Foods as a wonderful place to shop.

Review №37

Hey, regular here. Went to buy cilantro and it was brown and covered with dirt. Disappointing.

Review №38

Great selection

Review №39

Very clean, easy to find things, great customer service, fairly good selection. I do wish there was more of a variety of frozen pizzas and entrees, but the great deli kind of makes up for it.

Review №40

Great grocery store! Beer barn, huge selection Love it!

Review №41

I love the fried chicken!

Review №42

Great beer selection

Review №43

Very clean store everyone is helpful and always stocked with what we need

Review №44

Huge grocery store. For those who like beer this is a great grocery store that also sells draft beer with a special cup holder on the grocery cart! What more could a guy want?

Review №45

Nice store. Very clean. Friendly staff. Love the fresh produce and deli. The prepared meals to make at home are great. Overall, a nice place to shop.

Review №46

Lowe's Foods on College and New Centre deserves a Community Award for stellar post- hurricane service. I was comforted by finding a respit after the storm. I entered an air- conditioned, brightly lit, amply stocked store, and a smiling employee at the door greeting everyone. I thanked God for this place. The manager led by example, working with the crew interacting with customers, caring. Hoyt helped us with some delicious, eye-appealing hot food. This young man is very kind, with the patience of Job. Thank you, Lowe's staff for your kindnesses. You left YOUR homes to help others! Admirable. I'll be back.

Review №47

I love the cilantro

Review №48

Always plenty of options and variety of food and drinks. Deals are clearly labeled. Beer den is awesome with very helpful staff. My favorite place to get groceries in Wilmington.

Review №49

I don't usually go by this store, but I was in the area and stopped to pick up a few things. I was super impressed by one particular employee, Dwayne. He was incredibly proactive and on top of things and helped us save some money. It's not often I leave a grocery store going “wow, what a great experience!” Thanks for the good vibes and savings Dwayne! Will be coming here more often.

Review №50

Friendly young lady at the register... Very helpful,young man doing stoke was very informative as well... Help me save time pointing me in all the exact areas

Review №51

Always clean and well stocked...one of the only places in the Wilmington area where I can find the Smith & Forge Hard Cider that I enjoy, oh and the store made muffins are delicious!

Review №52

Clean, good prices and FAST !!!

Review №53

Clean, great variety. Wish they had self checkout. Nothing more frustrating than standing in line with 2 items and folks in front have a overflowing basket of groceries.

Review №54

Always a great place to shop! Great management that has led to great service!!

Review №55

People here were nice to me this time, asked me if I needed help and actually I did. I needed to just buy something to get cash back. They were willing and able to help me with that specific issue. I was in a hurry too, so thank you!

Review №56

Not a bad grocery store, the grocers are friendly and they have a healthy selection. However, I would say it is quite pricey for what you get. I try to avoid this store unless I'm in a pinch because I know I will be overpaying.

Review №57

Wood Chuck Amber hard cider!

Review №58

First time in a Lowe's. Very nice and attractive store. It was well organized and the produce and deli items were fresh appearing and appealing. I will go back.

Review №59

Staff is always wonderful!

Review №60

Great prices. Nice selections of food and the people are friendly

Review №61

Getting less enchanted with this store. Process are not competitive, things not stocked well, and some of the staff seem disinterested.

Review №62

Great store with a wonderful variety of products. They stand behind their goods as well. Love the friendly staff...

Review №63

I enjoy shopping at Lowe's Foods. So peaceful. So pretty. Love my experience.

Review №64

This Lowe's location was great. The lady who serviced the customer service and self checkout was so informational and helpful.

Review №65

Always good shopping At Lowes. Great prices good experiences.

Review №66

I would give this grocery five stars however the prices for some things are a bit too expensive. But I guess that's what you expect for a good quality. I enjoy coming here because it's very close to where I live so they have a very strong convenience factor. During the school yet on Sundays students from UNCW get 10% off of their groceries which is really nice.

Review №67

Great service. Fresh bakery items prepared and they are super friendly!

Review №68

Nice clean

Review №69

Beautiful store..great employee's

Review №70

Great place to shop and great customer service and you can get cash back if you need to at no charge

Review №71

So much more than a grocery store. If you like craft beer, you are in for a treat. They have beers on tap where you can fill up a growler and then their beer and wine selection is incredible!On top of that, they have so many different flavors of freshly made sausages. They have a fresh salad bar with lots of great choices. Lots of great produce, including stuff I feel like I don't see often at other places like carambola and plaintains.It has a seating area at the front of the store to sit down and eat or maybe drink a beer (not sure if they allow that).I've just been so impressed ever since they did their remodel. They are really trying to create a really great atmosphere for the customer.

Review №72

Very clean, well~maintained. Stock is always fresh. Outstanding staff! They only lose a star, because $ tends to be a little high.

Review №73

It's always a little less crowded but still has all the selection and quality of a high end grocery store.

Review №74

Customer service Awsome especially Lisa in food to go

Review №75

Poorly run organization that has its head in the sand. Be careful for expired food

Review №76

I have been living here a year and finally decided to give Lowes Foods a try. It is a really clean and nicely layed out store. It has a beer den, which is an interesting concept. Drink and shop. It has a tremendous offering for all crowds. And the prices seemed to be reasonable as well. Will definately visit more often.

Review №77

Nice place to shop. I enjoyed a wine sample. The staff was very friendly & accommodating.

Review №78

The BEST quality in Deli department, delish!

Review №79

Two words. Beer Den.Lol I don't do much shopping here for groceries but that beer den gets us every time. If you like beer, stop by! The staff are VERY knowledgeable and provide excellent service. Cheers!!

Review №80

Everything always clean and everyone is very friendly.

Review №81

Prices don't need to be higher than all other grocery stores in the area. They really don't. Try harder.

Review №82

The best Lowe's in the area. Was just recently renovated to include a beer den with ever changing selections of draft brews. You can even buy a pint to drink while you shop! They have a sausage station, and offer pizzas, toasted sandwiches and more! The sushi needs help as it is too small and does not have enough content, but everything else is perfect!

Review №83

Such a nice store! Beautiful location. Great prices and decent customer service.

Review №84

They do a good job. Beer dens are awesome

Review №85

Nice workers. Everything you'd like in a grocery store, especially the free samples

Review №86

This is the better of the 2, the bakery is the best. The deli is a bit pricey but if you want good meat it doesn't matter what the cost is. But that's just me.

Review №87

This store profiles people and will target you based on how you look, act or appear while shopping in the store. SO be careful on what you wear, how you look and if you have them cook or prepare food for you to eat don't you dare take a bite before paying for it even while shopping or grabbing a drink before going to the register because you will be harassed to pay for it because they have hire people to specifically to watch for this.Disgusted with how this store can think profiling people is okay.No Apologies and nothing personal, right is right and this is wrong,LOLONC

Review №88

Always friendly and helpful. Very clean and Set up nicely. However, self check out can be a little bit annoying with the computer voice and "Helpful" can be right down rude when the cashiers just come and take over the screen when you haven't asked them too. On more than one occasion. Some people rather do it themselves and it can be very offensive when they don't ask Do you need help or can I assist you with that. But all in all, really do like the store.

Review №89

Lowes is a good place to shop. Some things they do really great and others, not so much. The produce is top notch. They make their own Italian sausage and it's superb. Slso We Have GOTTEN Desert TRAYS FROM THE Bakery AND They Were wonderful. The store is clean. I am not a fan of the Progresso Soup selection. They have a good selection of wines and beer always.

Review №90

Friendly staff will always swipe that Lowes card n give you the discount, no questions asked

Review №91

Lowes foods is great. It's really friendly

Review №92

They (manager) not receptive to the needs of this particular customer. Dismissive.

Review №93

They need to rotate their produce one of the items i grabbed were expired by a lil over a month.

Review №94

If you're looking for many options with your food, this is the place. Plenty of seafood options with great service. There is a wonderful atmosphere here and I highly recommend trying it out.

Review №95

Nice good food

Review №96

Nice place to shop with a great selection

Review №97

Beer den! Best place ever

Review №98

Quick stop on the way to the beach. Good customer service and friendly.Good beer at the wine tasting.

Review №99

I love getting my lunch here especially. The mac & cheese is too die for. Little pricey grocery shopping. Not a lot of discounts with the card

Review №100

Best supermarket selection of craft beers in the area, also very well stocked wine department with a varied amount of roses ranging from economical and more expensive ones.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:341 S College Rd #37, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
  • Site:http://www.lowesfoods.com/
  • Phone:+1 910-796-9616
  • Bakery
  • Grocery store
  • Beer store
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Deli
  • Supermarket
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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