Panera Bread
3506 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

My preferred place for tasty cafe food. Very delicious. Looking forward to a return trip. The bill was good for how much you get. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

Review №2

It's really my fault for ordering a grilled cheese when I could have done it at home. But I ordered grilled cheese and tomato soup on a rainy day and this was the $7.29 product I got. Lesson learned.

Review №3

The food is good, consistently. However, if you're going through the drive thru, for the love of God, check your bag. 50% of the time something will be missing out of your bag. Hence the 3 stars.

Review №4

I LOVE Panera. One of the managers, Tom is fantastic. Perfect customer service person. They are lucky to have him!

Review №5

This was my wife and ice first time going to Panera Bread. We got the two selections deal. We got broccoli soup and a turkey sandwich with bacon on top. I would have to say that this was a very very very delicious meal. And not expensive. I would highly recommend going to Panera Bread. GODSPEED

Review №6

I ordered a pick two a grilled cheese and tomato soup for curbside. First, they never even came out to my car or called me to tell me they weren't doing that or something. After waiting for 25 minutes I decided to go inside and there it was sitting on the rapid pickup shelf where it clearly said curbside and my car details on it. I picked it up and went home. I opened the bag only to find the grilled cheese missing. Like really??? It was extremely slow they weren't even busy and they can't even do curbside and just threw soup in a bag and called it a night? Extremely disappointed.

Review №7

When Panera removed the three cheese, bacon, and sun dried tomato sandwich, I stopped eating there. The bacon turkey bravo is ok but gets tiresome. Don't misunderstand, they are good at what they do, I simply don't like their current menu.

Review №8

Omg! Worst dining experience EVER!!! Staff was completely unknowledgeable on ALL menu options. By the time we found a meal-- we were notified that they were out of that option and ALL OTHER SUBSTITUTIONS! when I walked back to get my drink I over heard the staff loudly presenting how this family (us) had never been to a Panera bread before, insinuating that we were picky and unknowledgeable ourselves... I have heard nothing but aweful reviews about this location in particular, but we had the full on experience ourselves.I'll never come back to this Panera bread. EVER.

Review №9

Went here to purchase food for my mother. She was happy with her dinner.

Review №10

Very tasty. Service is typically great. This place has a good atmosphere. This place has great reviews for a reason.

Review №11

The past two times I have been to panera,my bagel has been burned and they forgot the cream cheese and I had to ask for it.such a bummer bc I used to LOVE going to panera on oleander.

Review №12

I have been here many times and I usually always enjoy my food but one things that bugs me ( and reason for this review) is the fact the dressing cups lately have been NOT EVEN half full! I order the goddess salad for the dressing basically because I love it so much but when I call to make this complaint they NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE. I have called many diff times over the year even to just call for catering questions and they never answer the Phone !!! So annoying. Even outside of their so-called “too busy to answer the phone” hours. If you can't do your job ( dressing cup filling and those answering the phone) find someone who can! Don't be cheap.

Review №13

Great food and friendly staff. Lots of room to sit and enjoy your food. Some of the tables and seats were dirty though and it wasn't busy yet. A nice employee came and cleared away dishes for us. The food was fresh and absolutely perfect. Definitely a great place to eat :)

Review №14

Sometimes good. Most times tea not good. I just ordered tuna sandwich that i like and got chicken. It was edible for me but not enjoyable.

Review №15

The portions here are so worth it. The service was great and I enjoyed my half Green Goddess Chicken Cobb Salad and Turkey Chili very much. It makes me wonder, how large their actual salads are.

Review №16

After getting home to our overpriced lunch , I was unhappy to find a pubic hair in my salad . Obviously I didn't eat this but highly suggest you look through your food before you enjoy

Review №17

Ordered two sandwiches and was charged twice for a drink almost 30 dollars and I asked to speak to the manager a small older woman with white hair and she said “I don't make the computers” extremely Unprofessional and I won't be back. I can eat a much better lunch for 30 dollars with less hostility

Review №18

The staff!! They are amazing! They go above and beyond. Also salads fresh!

Review №19

This is my "fast food" spot. Love me some Panera Bread. I would eat there everyday if I could.

Review №20

Very dissatisfied. Ordered extra salad dressing and didn't get any! No cookie either, and no receipt to prove I didn't get what I paid for. Calling this location only gave me a busy signal. Corporate website not allowing emails and of course calling corporate to wait on hold for 30 minutes was futile as if being quarantined for over a month isn't enough to drive you crazy their repetitive hold music surely will.

Review №21

Great food and amazing service. Servers were so kind

Review №22

You can't beat Panera for some of the best soup around. Clean tables, fast service. It a gray place to hang out and chat with your friends over coffee, tea and some yummy treats

Review №23

I really enjoy the food. Broccoli and cheese soup is great. My one issue is that I have never seen anyone wipe down a table (except a customer). With the cost of the food and the amount of business being done, Panera could employ someone to take care of the dining area. Thanks.

Review №24

No issues, service was quick, good food.

Review №25

Was slightly disappointed...there were not many clean tables, booths had food items left in the corners, self order machine did not take card, the other didn't seem like it worked. Staff did now seem happy. U have found the one in Leland much nicer with great staff!

Review №26

Love that Derek always has a smile and takes great care in preparation for all meals. He is an awesome employee. The food is quick, hot and tastes amazing every single time. Never had a complaint once, aside from one order coming back with cheese and made good on it right away and upgraded the size of the salad for free. So sweet of him. Bagels by dozen are always fresh and chewy. Delivery service is A plus also! A great place to dine for healthy foods.

Review №27

The Baja Mac & cheese was yummy, but very small portion. My salad was freshly made, but I didn't particularly enjoy it (Mexican Chile lime something something). The French bread was unusually hard .I went to Panera for the cream of chicken and will rice soup but not available

Review №28

Blocked their drive through and gave no reason to close at 645pm

Review №29

Unfortunately Panera has repeatedly messed up my drive through orders. If you get something from the drive through don't drive away until you have checked to make sure you have what you ordered. I've had to go back to the restaurant on multiple occasions to have my order corrected (since no one will answer the phone) and the servers don't really seem to care.

Review №30

I've tried calling to place an order for pickup several times and even to place a catering order and no one answers the phone. The outside area always has trash around it. The restaurant smells bad. I've order the Baja bowl twice and gotten two completely different dishes. Neither of which look like the picture. I used to love Panera but this one needs employee training or just a manager that cares about the business.

Review №31

I ordered a to go for pick up. When I arrived I checked the bag to make sure everything was in there. When I opened the bag I saw this wax paper bundled up. When I grabbed it, the whole sandwich fell apart into the bag everywhere. The workers just rolled up my sandwich and threw it in the bag, could of tapped the wrapper so it doesn't go un done. They remade my sandwich. As I was leaving I looked over to the guy by the registers. He has his back turned to the door looking at the wall with gloves on his hands and started to pick his nose. He must of heard me, we made eye contact and then he just walked away as I was leaving. Disgusting!!!!

Review №32

Love the new cubano Sandwich.

Review №33

We ordered 2 salads and 2 soups and Max and cheese guess how many utensils we got? ZERO

Review №34

Everything was good but the avocado was black

Review №35

First time at Panera, it was a good first impression!

Review №36

Love the menu, good selection, nice variety of breads and Danish. Great staff, ample parking, drive thru if needed, small outdoor eating area but larger inside.

Review №37

Amazing staff. Food pretty good. Souffle could have been less tough and more hot.

Review №38

Endless coffee from real mugs...Good variety of food .. I also found the wi- fi to be easy to log on and super fast.. loved it.

Review №39

Always quality food and service.

Review №40

This place have messed up my order 3 times in a row. They use to be the best but I don't know if they hired new people or what is goong on. They can't even make orders correctly so disappointed.

Review №41

Panera is great.. their broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl is fantastic but it's pretty pricey for what you get.

Review №42

This is definitely not the best Panera in town. Almost every time I visit this location they are out of cinnamon crunch bagels! Why is it such an ordeal to simply make more?!!? Not only that, but they have forgotten my cream cheese on two different occasions when I went through drive thru. Lastly, anytime I have called for a pick up order (in the mornings) NO ONE ANSWERS the phone! I have to call several times before I am able to speak with anyone! Annoying!

Review №43

I really like this location the interior and dining space offers many options for anything from light business lunch 2A great meeting place 4 First Dates or a romantic little casual bite with the girl you already have. Panera is pretty dang decent all the way around as a chain I'm a bit prejudiced they're one of my favorite franchise restaurants because of their menu options and my dietary requirements it just works out. The food was very nicely prepared with a nice presentation

Review №44

Great food and service. Very nice and always clean. Friendly staff.

Review №45

Restaurant is clean and staff are friendly. Food is good although a little pricey for what you get. Better than fast food but you pay for the difference.

Review №46

Wonderful food and great service from both employees and managers. Got my order incorrect when they added turkey instead of chicken on a sandwich but they happily made me a new one no questions asked. Wait times are not long at all. The prices may be a little higher than some nearby places but you're paying their fresh & healthy ingredients.

Review №47

Great service

Review №48

Yummy yummy yummy. I meant to take picture but my Turkey panini was good that I ate it before my brain kicked in to take pictures. Also they have the best tea. Thanks Panera for the quick and delicious brunch!

Review №49

I know I know, it's trendy and fashionable and mostly cold cuts and salad however Panera Bread has some of the greatest salads and sandwiches I've eaten anywhere. Our new restaurant and Leland is unbelievably clean and they give away all the excess bread to homeless shelters! I will always support any company that for goh's ultimate profit by giving them away to so who are in severe need. You have my vote Panera just get better coffee please.

Review №50

They don't know what a tuxedo drink is.chcolate mocha coffee with wipe cream.

Review №51

I had a steak and white cheddar.they put a sauce on it .I forgot to take pic.the one on oleander

Review №52

Absolutely crummy customer service this morning at this location. I requested a total of 26 breakfast sandwiches for a team meeting. The woman taking my order advised it would take about 15 minutes, and was clearly trying to get me to cancel my request. Upon me stating that I expected a long wait and I was completely willing to wait, she stated that it would now take 20 - 25 minutes. I stated I was still willing to wait. She continued with reasoning as to why she couldn't fulfill the order at which point I gave up. It's clear this location is more concerned with what's easy and not what is right for the customer.

Review №53

ALWAYS the best... We have never been disappointed.

Review №54

I had my usual, broccoli cheddar soup with a side of bread, to go. Excellent!

Review №55

Great food feel right at home great service

Review №56

There was only one time I had a bad experience which was my first visit. I have been there a couple of times more and it's been great. I wish I had an opportunity to seriously say more other than you gotta try their breakfast sandwiches which are awesome. I will update my review when I take photos on my next visit, I ate my sandwich too fast. LOLI changed my star rating because the drive through service is very slow, needs improvement.

Review №57

Excellent customer service! As always, the food is delicious and plentiful!

Review №58

Love there bagels and pastry,and there there muffins.

Review №59

I went there last night and it seems everytime I go through the drive thru they miss something from my order. I got two pick twos because I had a reward for a free one so there was one for me and one for my boyfriend and they completely forgot my half sandwich on one of them, just glad I got mac and cheese as well otherwise I would've only had tomato soup for dinner. Not impressed.

Review №60

Love coffee and bagels!

Review №61

Everything here is always fresh with quality and care put into it. Great health food for the diet I'm currently on.

Review №62

Love the new warm grain bowls!!

Review №63

Never been a big fan of their menu but it is good food and service is very good

Review №64

Great food, and always a clean spot to eat with my family.

Review №65

I came to pick up my online order and the girl came out within 45 secs on me saying I'm here on the app.

Review №66

Great place.

Review №67

Usually I would give them 5 stars. However tonight I placed a to go order (we were the only ones there), so when my order came up I assumed that it was all in the bag. However when I got home I was completely missing one of my meals and one of my sandwiches is completely burnt. I tried calling them 6 times before they closed to resolve the issue, and they didnt answer a single time.

Review №68

I ordered online and it indicated to pick up my order at the "rapid pick up shelf" or something along those lines. I wasn't sure where that was so I asked and employee. They were super helpful. The perfect place to go if you're trying to run in and out on your lunch break.

Review №69

I love their options for various dietary needs. I like that you can customize foods. I also like that you can order ahead, order by kiosk it just stand in line.

Review №70

Food is good, but seemed most seating was taken up by people using their computers or having meetings.

Review №71

Love this place ! Food is always great and the employees are super friendly.

Review №72

Our go-to place for brunch! The food is fresh, delicious and responsibly sourced. They use paper and China, not plastic. The staff is great. The place is always clean, and designed to be full of light. We often sit at one of their outside patio tables. Love this place--and have been to maybe six locations around the country, all of which were as terrific as our home location.

Review №73

Delicious bacon tomato grilled cheese, would be extra good with lettuce..I think

Review №74

Always a pleasure, clean and super fast service

Review №75

Good food and great service

Review №76

Everything I've always had here has been delicious. Make sure you try the broccoli cheddar soup!

Review №77

Who's not been here, needs to go there! Great food, $$, clean

Review №78

Always good fresh food.

Review №79

Great breakfast

Review №80

The food was really good today but the folks at the counter were really slow.

Review №81

The food is amazing! The service at the register is super friendly, and the dine-in wait is pretty fast. The drive-thru is always wrapped around the building and there is very little parking around the building, but you can always park in the mall parking lot and walk over.

Review №82

Excellent fresh made sandwiches and breads. Nice comfy dining room with outdoor seating available. Friendly service. Panera offers an app for your smart phone. You can pre order and pay before you arrive to pick up your order, if you are in a hurry.

Review №83

Mocha coffee was way too sweet, and they use chocolate, not mocha. But, I gave them a four because they tried to fix it, and did a passable job...less chocolate, more coffee.

Review №84

I love sandwiches and Panera has great soups, bread and I love the their tea infusions

Review №85

Soup and salad. The best

Review №86

Its decent but I dont care much for the food. Plenty of other good local resturaunts.

Review №87

The usual fare. Tasty at a fair price.

Review №88

Good food, freshly made within a reasonable wait time, very friendly service. Order is always correct for me and the employees recognize me. No complaints. The rapid pick up is a time saver if you down load the app.

Review №89

Great service, great food, very clean

Review №90

Panera is consistently good food and coffee. I usually enjoy pastry items and appreciate the varied selection and reasonable prices. Salads and sandwiches are also very tasty.

Review №91

I had a positive experience here.I stopped in to get some coffee to go with my lunch, and the staff took good care of me in every way. Not only did they oblige my uncommon request for an Americano espresso, but they did so with a smile, even when I ordered a second one later. Also, I liked how I could just take a beacon and sit down and have my drink brought to me, despite my simple order; I felt something like royalty, ha-ha. Plus, the restaurant was just nice in general, with tasteful arrangement and decoration, and a sunny patio with some greenery and the like. I hung around for over an hour, luxuriously eating a slow lunch while reading a good book and sipping my good coffee, watching Wilmington drift down Oleander Drive -- a priceless experience, for me. Perhaps I'll repeat it sometime.I am grateful for this restaurant and all who run it, for supplying this place for me to take a load off and enjoy myself for awhile. Thank you! :-)

Review №92

Good food and fresh, too expensive for what you get

Review №93

Again at this Panera we had a bad experience. We ordered 2 pastries and two iced drinks. After 10 minutes and our pastries almost finished, we still had no drinks. We went to the counter and asked and they found out they had been sitting in the back already made but not delivered.Not going back there again. They did give a refund for the drinks.

Review №94

Certainly worth a return visit. The bill was fair for the quality of food.

Review №95

The food is obviously delicous...but almost $15 for half a grilled cheese and cup of tomato soup....i should have made some at home and fed 30 people and felt better about my health and theirs....not to mention my wallet. Yeah...not worth it in my opinion for 'healthy' eating.

Review №96

Almost too many choices but the food was great.

Review №97

Wonderful service every time I visit. Is on the pricey side but well worth it for the fresh food.

Review №98

Wonderful food and staff

Review №99

Ongoing baking problems at this location. Can't anyone there make bagels properly, this isn't the first time my bagel order has been unacceptable. I can't even eat their scones anymore since they changed their scone recipe which is also unacceptable, and flavorless. Mayfair's location has never, not once since their opening given me any problems.

Review №100

Good place to catch a Dew on the rocks and I like the soups.

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  • Phone:+1 910-274-0738
  • Bakery
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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