Port City Java
21-A N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States

Review №1

This place had speedy service and great coffee options. Baked items also were available sandwich's etc to get your morning started on the right foot. We needed the pick me up and these guys made it happen. Give them a try :)

Review №2

Absolutely wonderful experience here three days in a row. We stayed in Wilmington to visit family and after the first time Port City Java became out go-to coffee shop. The coffee is delicious and the menu is varied, but the real gem here is the people. My partner is deaf, and we sign. We are accustomed to flustered people having no idea how to provide adequate or accessible service to a deaf person (very frustrating). But every day here, we were greeted by different employees who were all friendly, accommodating, and willing change the way they communicated to make it accessible for us. The first day, the woman immediately knew to pull her mask down so that he could read her lips. The second day, the woman actually knew some ASL and my partner walked out of there happier than I have ever seen him in the morning. And the third day, the woman was creative and wrote quick questions on the cup. I can't thank you all enough for providing a stress-free, accessible interaction and wonderful, fresh coffee for us during our time in Wilmington. We will be back!

Review №3

Port City Java is a coffee shop that originated in Wilmington, North Carolina and has expanded to many cities throughout time. There are multiple locations throughout the city. There are a ton of options for people of any age, and even some that you would not expect to be at a coffee shop. There are also a bunch of different pastries and goodies that are insanely good.

Review №4

Place is following CDC guidelines. If you have people waiting they will make you stand outside. They have updated there current hours and make you order at the door. Drinks were good and then you leave.

Review №5

A coffee shop atmosphere that is comfortable, vibrant, and urban with a hometown feel. This is a great place to experience the downtown Wilmington vibe and enjoy a cup of coffee while you do. I recommend that if you are out this way stop by Port City Java, sit in the fun window tables and soak in the world around you.

Review №6

Loved it I reccomend the White chocolate latte

Review №7

Espresso freeze. Great drink for a hot day.

Review №8

Very nice coffee shop in the historic district of Wilmington, NC. Beverages and breakfast sandwiches we're quite tasty and the staff was super nice. It was the perfect place to enjoy breakfast and get some work done before starting a day of touring the town.

Review №9

I like this location. Good café feel. Nice seating. Beware, there is a dip in the floor as you enter!!! Codes on the bathroom doors are slightly inconvenient, but probably necessary for this establishment. They are always clean and orderly.Sometimes in the evening the half and half will not be available on the condiment bar. Everything combined, I'd say 4 stars. Check it out and see for yourself!

Review №10

Great coffee and great ambience

Review №11

We recently moved to North Carolina from Alabama. We love local coffee shops. Port City Java has become our favorite! The staff is always super kind, and the coffee and other drinks are great. The atmosphere is relaxing and great for a date-night after dinner chill spot. Definitely one of our favorite spots!

Review №12

Foul is the best way to describe it. The coffee was pretty gross, and I'm not even exaggerating. Asked for a flat white and, in the most monotonous voice I have ever heard, Jackson said, “This isn't Starbucks.” So essentially what he was saying was PCJ doesn't serve espresso or steamed milk. Of the two stars I give this place, one star is just because the place was clean and not a dump. The second star is just because I give them credit for staying open. Go to Java Dog down the street.

Review №13

Good coffee, nice staff, and an "oh so comfortable" seating area! The atmosphere is I brushed and I was told buy a young lady to enjoy my stay and there is no rush to leave. I had been to another Port City Java location which has since been closed due to the consolidation of their stores. This store is larger than any Starbucks I have been to and a much better value as well. I will come here every time I'm in town when visiting my sister. I give it three thumbs up as well as the five stars.

Review №14

Greaaaat place. I love the espresso and bagels. Could stay all day working with my laptop.

Review №15

This place has a great vibe. I got the Mediterranean wrap in the morning and a green wave smoothie which were phenomenal. Decent amount of foot traffic in and out. It was very clean inside and would recommend to stop by for breakfast .

Review №16

The best coffee in town!!! I love the black and tan. It's great hot or cold. The atmosphere is relaxing and there's plenty of room if you are meeting people or with a crowd. The bathrooms are clean and they have plenty of products. The staff is fast and friendly. I love this place!

Review №17

Really nice employees

Review №18

Great place to stop for a quick coffee. The service was good. They have lots of fun memorabilia. There are a few treats there. near the cotton exchange.

Review №19

Port City Java is my most favorite coffee shop!! I have been coming here since 1995!! Their mocha shake is like chocolaty mocha heaven in a cup topped with whipped cream!! The staff at any location are always super nice and the quality of the coffee is wonderful! That's why I've been coming back for over 23 years!! The picture here is of the large mocha shake!

Review №20


Review №21

The apricot tea is delicious! Great decor and layout. It's a nice place to take a break from shopping.

Review №22

Stopped in to get a cup of coffee to warm up on early morning of 9 November; Veterans Parade held on Front street, so this location was perfect for the 2 hour wait on activities 11am-1230; Great day, crowded streets, parking was not bad if you get here early; I always visit various locations of Port City Java and they are all consistent in excellent service with many smiles from workers and customers all happy enjoying the day of Java. This specific site is very conveniently located and in walking distance to other locations downtown; You must check it out.

Review №23

Great spot for a delicious coffee or snack while walking around Wilmington downtown area. They also have a bunch of great local art for sale on their walls.

Review №24

Nice drinks & not expensive!

Review №25

Nice customer service and clean cookie cutter feeling shop. Came here because there website said “We use the freshest coffee beans, premium beverage brands and spend a significant amount of time training our baristas to get it all right.” ... and so on so on. My latte, however, does not say that. It says, “I will make your taste buds suffer... I will squeeze the life and joy out of your tongue and deficate in your mouth so you can still taste it for several minutes after each sip.” Ultimately I think there has been a miscommunication between what the website says and what the latte is saying. I'll probably come back and get a smoothie because it's nice just to sit in here and listen to the smooth jazz.

Review №26

Great place to get caffeinated! Good choice of drinks and sandwiches. Love the storefront seats!

Review №27

Excellent cappuccino! Delicious bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

Review №28

Do you like chocolate?The Mocha Shake will change your life.

Review №29

Always excellent customer service; smiling friendly people to help you make a great choice. Superb coffee, coffee drinks, smoothies, tea and eats. There's something for everyone, any age.

Review №30

Let me say when these people are chill I mean they are chill very fast paced with their job best smoothie I've had

Review №31

One of the best coffee shops in Wilmington!

Review №32

The people are super sweet but the coffee is disgusting. I've been on 2 separate occasions and both times the coffee tasted burnt and stale, and if they used espresso in my latte the quality was so poor I couldn't tell the difference between that and the week old coffee I used to drink out of my dads coffee pot as a child. It's a cute shop with great service but the quality of their drinks is no where near worth the price. I've never eaten there so I can't give any input in that regard, but truly if it weren't for their customer service I would have no started them if there was an option.

Review №33

Love the staff, great atmosphere

Review №34

Coffee and goodie tasted great service great but they need to update with new furnishings.

Review №35

The smoothies are good and the bakery foods are pretty good too. The brownie is delicioso.

Review №36

Great little walk in place with super people watching. good coffee!

Review №37

Awesome place to hang out with a friend, two or four legged, lol

Review №38

Fantastic Coffee, Breakfast items, and Smoothies! Service is absolutely wonderful and friendly as always! I highly recommend this to all locals and tourists out there! Port City Java for Life!

Review №39

Love the inviting environment there. The staff are friendly and helpful. Cozy atmosphere. Great coffee and other products at a reasonable price.

Review №40

The employees are amazing! Always smiling. PCJ is better than Starbucks, change my mind! Lol

Review №41

It was so nice to relax and enjoy wonderful coffee with soft playing jazz music! Great service, too!

Review №42

Locally owned, always friendly smiling faces. Great coffee. Highly recommended.

Review №43

Great service! Nice friendly staff and good coffee!

Review №44

Great first time experience here. Regular patron of the other location on Grace St. Stopped in due to this one is open later Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Keep up the great work.

Review №45

I was in the area & decided to stop in for some coffee since it was one of the only places open at the time. While the coffee was amazing (my friend said his was too sweet though), the service makes me not want to come back. The girls behind the counter (I only caught one name, Megan) were too busy laughing & talking to even acknowledge customers most of the time. When they did eventually make their way to the counter, they would continue their conversation while taking an order. Pretty much giving the customers no attention. This seemed more like two girls goofing off rather than a job. Is there even any management?? Won't be coming back.

Review №46

This is my favorite place in the world! The staff is amazing and they make me feel like I am a character in the old sitcom "Cheers" "Where everybody knows your name." They treat my husband and I like we are family and as we sit and sip on our coffee we listen as they address all their known customers asking about their day or their life and greet new ones as if they want to get to know them better! Hats off the Micheal, Brandon, Tucker, and Jeff for all your hard work and making the original PCJ truly still original! As for the coffee? I've travel all over the world and when I am away even in my home in SC all I want is a fresh cup of PORT CITY JAVA! BEST COFFEE AND COFFEE HOUSE EVER!!!!

Review №47

Great coffee, friendly staff. I loved the brick walls and the paintings on the bricks. This location was very clean and ran very smooth.

Review №48

This is my favorite place to grab coffee at night. I wanted to give a special review and thank you to one of the ladies working last night 3/9/19... my friend and I sat in the window seat with our coffee to people watch on a saturday night. Two very drunk men started making faces and trying to talk to us through the window. One of them put his fingers in his mouth and rubbed in on the glass. My friend and I were ignoring them after trying to wave them goodbye so they would get the hint and leave. One of the staff members of PCJ, a tall blond girl walked over to the table and asked if we were ok. We told her they shouldnt be much harm as long as they stayed on that side of the glass and should go away soon and thanked her. When one of the guys came into the store, she stepped out from behind the counter ready to tell him to leave before his friend ran in and dragged him out. That takes a lot of guts to be ready to step in like that. We just wanted to say we really appreciate that she did that and that she had our backs in the whole awkward and slightly nerve wracking encounter. Also, the coffee there is always good

Review №49

Love this coffee shop, wonderful coffee and pastries. Great spot to sit and people watch, or browse the web on your laptop. Get a seat by the window so you can watch the world go by. perfect spot for morning relaxer. bring a book or newspaper.

Review №50

Great service, nice staff, really great espresso!!!

Review №51

Delicious food, good coffee, good relaxing atmosphere and staff was very nice and helpful. For One Tree Hill fans this location was where they filmed the Karen's Cafe scenes, of course now it is Port City Java.

Review №52

Awesome staff who are very inviting and knowledgeable. Plus I work downtown, and they offer free refills if you do. Great coffee stop downtown, and a Port City fixture.

Review №53

Love the location&the quality of the menu selection...

Review №54

The drinks and food are good, so is the service. Been going to this location for 16 years.

Review №55

Lots of great coffee options and delicious breakfast! Coming whenever we're in town!

Review №56

They really stick to the basics and it's always delicious!

Review №57

Great place. Excellent coffee and service. Had a latte and cinnamon roll at 8 am on a Saturday. Delicious. Staff were extremely friendly. You won't be disappointed.

Review №58

Great little spot on Front Street, one block off of the River Walk. Solid coffee, lots of seating inside. A few pastries and breakfast options. Open early!

Review №59

This primary downtown location is one of their best. Roomy, plenty of casual seating, and the service is prompt and reliable. A good place to meet with a small group.

Review №60

Terrible service. I'll be going to java dog next time.

Review №61

Love this place. Staff are great.

Review №62

Nice place to stop and relax.

Review №63

Great place to study and meet friends

Review №64

Great place, great service, great staff

Review №65

Love there ️

Review №66

Nice barista and good drinks. Very fairly priced. I'd say it's better than Starbucks.

Review №67

Good coffee. Friendly atmosphere.

Review №68

Food and coffee were excellent. Service was not bad but a little weird. They didn't seem to know where supplies, etc. were. Had to ask for water twice.

Review №69

Baristas Noz (not sure how to spell it) and dmitri gave me a free latte Bc I only had Apple Pay which isn't accepted - so so nice of them!! Made my day! They should get a raise!! Latte is great!

Review №70

First visit this morning was so exceptional, my son and I returned in the afternoon for a coffee before our 3-hr commute out of Wilmington to home. Best coffee, foodies, and baristas. Wish Port City Java had one in Charlotte NC!

Review №71

Yummy coffee and foos

Review №72

Great service, chill ambiance - a great place to get away from all the hussle of Front Street and unwind!

Review №73

A quaint, quiet coffee shop in downtown Wilmington. Nice place to relax.

Review №74

Great place to meet and have a great cup of coffee. Wonderful employees. The place to meet on Friday and Saturday nights.

Review №75

Friendly staff. Kinda high like any other coffee place. Good frapuccino's that we had, classy environment. BUSY on a Friday night, but in a good way - not a long wait.

Review №76

I'm not a Wilmington local but went to coffee here one morning during our trip. I was a little disappointed in their selection of coffee, especially since it is roasted right down the street. Maybe I'm a bit spoiled coming from Atlanta, but I figured that Port City would have at least a few single origins instead of just their house blend.The coffee itself was alright, nothing spectacular, but the barista was nice and their atmosphere and location are really good. Inside is a pretty typical coffee shop with various tables and a sofa area with a fireplace. Their menu is pretty extensive and includes more than just the basic espresso based drinks you usually see. They also have food, but I didn't try anything.Overall it's a nice place to hangout and start your morning with a cup of coffee.

Review №77

If you're looking for a more local coffee shop that still has the feel and drink selection of a chain like Starbucks you should try PCJ, good coffee and always very friendly staff. Drinks are slightly pricey

Review №78

Boone was the barista today and he was wonderful, smiling and chatting with me while making my drink. My iced fireside latte was perfect! Thanks again!

Review №79

Good coffee friendly service

Review №80

Great location on front st. Ask them to make a special frappe! They made me a snickers frappe and it was amazing. Cheaper than Starbucks too.

Review №81

Mediocre coffee. Popular with the homeless crowd.Their breakfast wraps are good though.

Review №82

Decent coffee in the heart of downtown Wilmington.

Review №83

Superior local coffee chain holds its own against Starbucks and a number of downtown independent coffee places.

Review №84

Who ever was attending this past Sunday afternoon ... I'm talking to you the girl with the steely blue eyes and long braided hair ... Was absolutely wonderful and made myself and my group feel like family.First, it was the best iced red-eye I ever had. The coffee as well as espresso was better than Star-shucks. While adding sweetner I noticed instead of using water-based iced cubes, they used frozen coffee cubes! Nice touch! Never saw that at that "other chain".Then, miss blue eyes noticed my doggie outside and said "we're dog friendly" so the rest of my group came in instead of watching the dog.Really nice experience all the way around. Bravo. Bravo!

Review №85

Wonderful!! Port City Java doesn't even compare with other Coffee shop(Star$ucks). Port City's coffee is great, the people who work there are welcoming, friendly, and the service is superior. Thanks for the great job! I hope everyone continues to support local businesses!!!!

Review №86

Great Coffee and service

Review №87

Always a pleasant experience. Love this store in particular. Nice good environment, friendly service. And they make my AlmondJoy Slush N'Joe perfect...Scones are always delicious.

Review №88

Poor listening skills didn't get the drink right and took forever to get the second drink that had to pay for also even though they messed up the first one

Review №89

Great Mocha Shakes! Great coffee and so much more!

Review №90

Solid value, good location, nice coffee shop vibes. Good place to chill downtown

Review №91

Nice coffee store (one of the few that stays open up to a decent hour).

Review №92

Nice selection great place to stay but personally I prefer to go to Java dog for my coffee

Review №93

Good coffee and great service.Very friendly staff and local artists paintings available for purchase

Review №94

The Chai tea milkshake was great (It must have been the one Gwen Stefani sang about)

Review №95

A beautiful location and amazing coffee! Fast service!

Review №96

Great coffee and the nice young man opened right on time, 6:30 on a Sunday so I could get my get-a-way day coffee for the drive.

Review №97

It's better than OK, but did recently raise prices

Review №98

Great atmosphere and coffee. Was fun to set in the window.

Review №99

The atmosphere is really relaxed and I love the baked goods and sandwiches.

Review №100

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:21-A N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 910-762-5282
  • Bakery
  • Cafe
  • Coffee shop
  • Coffee store
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–6PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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