ShopRite of Christina Crossing
501 S Walnut St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States
Review №1

Easy in and out if you use self check out. I was the owner, Bernie Kenney's limo driver for two years and I'm telling you all right now... You will never meet a more down to earth, caring person other than this man. He truly has a heart for the struggling blue collar worker because that's how he started.

Review №2

This review is just based on a visit during the week to grab food from the salad bar and hot bar. I do love me some ShopRite. I was excited to check this location out by my work. Parking was a bit of a pain, but not bad. The store is very nice when you walk in. The hot food bar looked like it needed help, but I got some of it anyway. The salad bar was a bit better. When I got back to work, something tasted funny. I ate it all and was fine. I will be skeptical of I ever go back for a second try.

Review №3

Always satisfied when go here. The prices are great and they always have what Looking for.

Review №4

I am a person who has my groceries delivered. I thank every dept in the store for your courteous attitude when I call you. My personal shoppers, thank you for your efforts to satisfy me in my order. And less I forget the desk, Home Shopping, I appreciate each & every one of you. Your work means everything in my life. I do miss the old drivers though, I learned all their names. It's hard to remember the names of the drivers now, I don't think I've ever met the same person twice.

Review №5

Store was clean and adequately stocked. The men's restrooms needed work.

Review №6

Huge store with an eye care center. I buy my readers here. Busy store but worth the wait. There is both register check out and self check out.

Review №7

Modern store close to work. Lots of parking. On US13. Staff is always friendly. Great selection usually. I was impressed on my last visit, Friday morning, how well stocked lots of items that had been short due to pandemic were.

Review №8

Last night I ordered curbside delivery. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD!!! I ordered $190 worth of groceries and the payment went through and the money was taken from my account right away. I was sent a payment confirmation and a text message that my groceries were ready to be picked up. When I went to Shoprite to pick up my groceries the clerk told me that my payment was declined and that they couldn't give me my groceries? I checked my account to make sure they deducted the funds for the groceries and they did! After the clerk insinuated that I didn't have enough money on my card to cover the purchase I asked to speak with a manager. I showed the manager my receipts and he told me that it didn't matter what Receipts I showed him because his system says that the payment failed. So I asked him where is my money since Shoprite already took it out of my account? He told me that the money was basically stuck in limbo and that all they can do is cancel my transaction. After an hour and a half of waiting with my 2 yr old son in the backseat I decided to leave WITHOUT MY GROCERIES AND NO REFUND OF MY $190.00 THAT THEY TOOK FROM MY ACCOUNT! I asked the man to cancel the transaction and HE NEVER DID!! I personally had to cancel my transaction. NEVER SHOP HERE THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE SPANISH OR BLACK MANAGER WITH THE GREENISH BLUE EYES IS THE WORST MANAGER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!! IF I COULD GIVE THEM A ZERO I WOULD. THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TRASH AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO INSULTED BY A STAFF IN MY LIFE!!! IT WAS THE WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

Review №9

This shoprite is straight up chillmax. Just south of the city and it's super clean. Go there. For your health.

Review №10

Great deli items, great store brand items, great prices. Good selection to choose from!

Review №11

Not crowded, lines moved fast. I rated this place a 4star because there was a weird smell throughout the store.

Review №12

Yeah I really like this place it is a nice place to shopping have a lot to choose from customer service is good

Review №13

Horrible. Don't go if you expect social distancing to be enforced. I was verbally abused when I asked the person standing too close to me to put on a mask. It's disgusting.

Review №14

People might not know but this place has EVERYTHING. I'm literally starting to fall in love. HUGE seafood variety, and TONS of hot and in-store prepared foods!

Review №15

I like this shop rite, its fast & they keep it moving...

Review №16

Love the staff here! The store is clean and neat. The store is well stocked and the layout is good. I drive past several grocery stores to come to this ShopRite!!!!

Review №17

It was nice and my aunt and I was able to get what we wanted. I Shop at Shop Rite in Baltimore City and County.

Review №18

High prices and the self check out is absolutely horrible!!!! Neighbor hood is dangerous as well. I will never go there again!!!

Review №19

I would give zero stars. Always so rude and act like the customers are always bothering them when its thier job to assist us.

Review №20

It is a nice supermarket. I always find them helpful.

Review №21

A convenient location from New Castle! Clean and always well stocked!

Review №22

I love ShopRite but this place was just depressing. The parking lot was dirty and unkempt. And the inside of the store did not have a ShopRite feel. Shelves were sloppy.i understand we are in uncertain times but out of all the ShopRite stores I have ever been to this one was the worst. I guess I have grown to expect so much from ShopRite. I will still always use ShopRite no matter what.

Review №23

Great people work here. Have never accounted anyone rude or not helpful!

Review №24

First time they are really great service places clean well stock everything seemed good there.....

Review №25

I use on-line Pickup at ShopRite and it is Awesome! They are very thoughtful and attentive to my needs. They contact me if my selections aren't available or there aren't subsitutions. But will give me suggestions about other products that are comparable in price and quality. The employees are the greatest! at Pickup and inside at Customer Service! The store is well organized and they do their best to keep it stocked while keeping up with COVID-19 requirements. I use Lyft so you know this has to be a quick transition. The employees always insure that it is. Thanks to all the Employees at ShopRite you all are truly outstanding!

Review №26

It's a great place to shop. I love it

Review №27

Clean great service my first trip there

Review №28

I did self check out. Line moved quickly. I wish every other register we're open versus every register to feel safer with CoVid19 restrictions. I wish all guests complied with the CoVid19 restrictions but they do not by following the traffic flow arrows on the floorIt makes for an uncomfortable shopping experience.

Review №29

Shoprite is my personal favorite grocery store

Review №30

The staff work well for the good of the shoppers

Review №31

They had everything I was looking for and the prices are reasonable

Review №32

I like the ShopRite I get in and out pretty quick

Review №33

I love this location, your treated much better here than the 202 store were they have there noises up in the air at you

Review №34

Pretty great place to shop. A lot of options and good prices. A lot of cool things going on from the little food court they have and the deli/bakery/seafood place is cool. One time my wife did find a pre-made bagged salad that had been taped up. The original package was ripped and someone had just taped over it very well. I didn't see the tape when I grabbed it off the shelf. So I don't know if that happened before it got to the store or if ShopRite tapped it up but it wasn't the biggest deal. Not the end of the world, ya know? ShopRite has a great variety of things to buy with good prices for them.

Review №35

Love this store. So many choices. They are adamant about distancing to protect their employees. I admire that.

Review №36

Love the location, staffing and great selection of food and the pricing is great.

Review №37

No I like this store for it's vast selection but this time I left empty handed cause everything on my list I knew to be available elsewhere for less. Enough less to keep moving . Had it been a small amount I would have just bitten the bullet . I admit that the Romain lettuce was ,in the end @,2.49 was the same elsewhere.

Review №38

Clean, well stocked, with pleasant employees, and good prices.

Review №39

Good customer service. Shelves stocked!

Review №40

Shop rire is very colorful and nice.

Review №41

Love this Shop Rite they always everything I need and the store is clean and family friend the cashier's are friendly and helpful

Review №42

Was given out dated products thru home delivery

Review №43

Great store, hot foods, fresh seafood, delicious bakery w/fresh bread

Review №44

If the coovid thing freaks you out, do not go here. If ppl with no mask freak you If u hate when individuals dont follow the arrows designated for traffic flow and the 6ft distancing... again... Not the place for u. OTHERWISE, experience was just fine

Review №45

Just like many Shop Rite... Everything u need for the pantry. Great staff too.

Review №46

The customers are always rude and the store is always crowded. The staff keeps the store stocked appropriately.

Review №47

My favorite grocer always fresh clean store. Customer service could use improvement

Review №48

Clean, well organized and stocked store with plenty of parking. Excellent sales and they have a great variety of meatless options. The mini carts are nice as they don't have hand baskets. I've used their catering service a few times and have been thoroughly pleased.

Review №49

Everything is fresh, the store is clean, and service is a smooth process.

Review №50

Disorganized, congested, no help from any employees, when can find help they don't know the answer & not once has said Let me find someone who knows for you, prices are high and the only thing the card membership does is to ensure that they keep prices up on products I purchaseALDI is the BEST grocery store around until a Wegmans decides to move here.

Review №51

Really good store....well air conditioned and the staff are very helpful

Review №52

LOVE their deli....I get my turkey bacon sliced off the block

Review №53

It's a super store. One of the best (see photos )

Review №54

Good grocery store lots of options. They did not have the peppers we were looking for, though they do have lots of fresh good quality produce. Also, the ceiling is quite unnerving. But particularly large store and lines are never long.

Review №55

Always find what I'm lookingFor

Review №56

I found what I needed but the app should tell you what aisle the stuff on your shopping list is

Review №57

Heather Johnson in seafood customer service is trash. Go see Theresa.

Review №58

I love shopping at Shoprite, great selection of food items, caring pharmacists, overall the service is great!

Review №59

It was clean, cool & the atmosphere was very pleasant!

Review №60

Not clean, poor service, expensive

Review №61

Its dirty in this store and just to think there's food in this place. It should be used to fix cars. I said what I said.

Review №62

All Ways busy and fully stocked.

Review №63

The best grocery store in delaware. Everything is nice and clean. There's a great selection of products at even better prices. Keep up the good work ShopRite.

Review №64

Clean and Professional.Easy to Negotiate Isles and Great Prices.

Review №65

Usually I strongly dislike going to this store but today was different we were in and out and everyone was friendly alot different than past experiences....

Review №66

Great selection of Seafood and Meat along with an extensive selection of dairy products. Frozen Selection is abundant as well. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №67

Some things are much cheaper here than competitors but other things not so much. Acme and Food Lion beat their prices on cheese and Food Lion has the best price on nitrate free meats. Most other things are better priced here

Review №68

This is probably the nicest grocery store I have ever stepped foot in. I would even say it could put Wegman's to shame. The location is a bit sketchy, but I am glad ShopRite is sticking it out and providing this area a service it so desperately needs. Great job!

Review №69

Need more ppl on shop floor. And price are too high.

Review №70

Close that place down dangerous filfty dirty smells they have nothing used to b my fav store never go there again

Review №71

Wide variety of choices in fresh groceries and cheese sections. This is the Walmart of edibles.

Review №72

Can find everything I need at great prices.

Review №73

Always plasure to shop here , the only place I shop

Review №74

I like the have good prices

Review №75

Love the customer service

Review №76

They went from two full service aisles down to one, while we waited three deep. Sure, the prices are low, but why would I want to put my neighbors out of a job and stumble through self-checkout? Raise them one cent on every item, and open MORE THAN ONE checkout aisle. C'mon Bernie, you're better than this!

Review №77

Cashier was sick. Coughing and not turning her head. If you're sick PLEASE for your sake and others . Stay home

Review №78

Everyone was helpful...

Review №79

Favorite shoprite, they once had pop lock help me out for free when I locked my keys in my car, and my kids think it's the coolest thing ever to park on the roof

Review №80

No problem

Review №81

I've shopped here 28 years and always fill welcomed

Review №82

Has a good vibe. Clean. Well stock. Nice cashiers.

Review №83

Clean. Easy to access

Review №84

The staff is always nice, the selection is fine as it is the only grocery store in a walkable distance from downtown but the produce is never fresh. Please please make sure you check everything before purchasing because I have brought home bruised, moldy and rotting produce on multiple trips.

Review №85

This shop rite is so far the only one I have found that sells halal kosher meats.For those that don't eat pork,or Jewish they have special slivers for the meats.No other meats but kosher meats are put on these slicers.

Review №86

It deals on things I love

Review №87

Great place to go shopping with the family. You can also pick up dinner while you're shopping in the food court. Great service with a friendly staff. Very family friendly prices.

Review №88

This is the worst ShopRite ever...The store is never clean, The staff is never helpful and always seem to be bothered when you have questions. When this location opened it was soo much better it has gone way downhill. I suggest that if you want to shop with ShopRite go to another location. Would give no stars if I could.

Review №89

ShopRite on the Riverfront is my go to Supermarket! The Store is very clean and it is very easy to maneuver around in! I'm nearly always successful purchasing the items I need and the customer services are very polite and helpful!

Review №90

So many choices !! Beautiful produce, checker never spoke to us even though we spoke to her, never a smile, sad

Review №91

My favorite store. Always a good sale going on

Review №92

The staff are friendly and helpful. The prices are good. I enjoyed shopping there today.

Review №93

Kind of pricey, but it is convenient to me location of my work. Salad bar & hot bar or horrible with options they do not keep it looking fresh either.

Review №94

Always packed, a lot of selection, rather go to ShopRite on Concord Pike.. less attitudes from the cashiers there

Review №95

Some of the cashiers are not friendly. They treat people like criminals instead of customers. It's always crowded and never enough cashiers. I don't plan to continue shopping at this location. The one on concord pike is much nicer and the staff are friendly.

Review №96

I have to stop myself from they deli and sea food. So reasonable for the quantities!

Review №97

I was happy that they agreed to let me substitute some in place of what had sold out...

Review №98

Convenient if heading into Wilmington, didn't have the Campbells soup I looking for. The deli counter could use more help to expide customer service and satisfaction

Review №99

This Shoprite is usually pretty busy but the staff does a pretty good job of getting you in and out. Nice selection of foods and goods. The lunch time food is fresh and hot. Has never failed to disappoint. Sometimes you may be hassled for money from some people outside the store before entering or when exiting.

Review №100

Just stopped for a few things store seems to be clean cheap prices

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  • Address:501 S Walnut St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 302-225-6900
  • Bakery
  • Grocery store
  • Caterer
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Produce market
  • Supermarket
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
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  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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