Sweet Ds Cuisine
2321 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States

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Ohh wow ohh wow...I just got my first taste of Sweet D's croissants! AHmazing!!! The apple, chocolate and strawberry croissants are incredible. The croissants are light and fluffy. They melt in your mouth! I would recommend you try them all. Sweet D's followed Covid-19 regulations. Everyone wore mask and the area inside was clean and marked for social distancing! I would highly recommend you stop in for a Sweet D's treat if you are in the area!

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My family and I love desserts! When you think of croissants normally you don't want them to be sweet, now that's all we want. Oh my lord, Sweet D's is phenomenal! Where do I begin?!? So we got a few original glazed it tasted like a Krispy Kreme donut but better, our faces were craving more! We also had a a maple bacon croissant, it's perfect there's just enough bacon and maple. Our favorite was the Caramel croissant, definitely try that. They also have yummy filled croissants, and we also enjoyed the chocolate croissant, and it's nothing like Starbucks. It's coated in milk chocolate and it tastes incredible.. We only tried croissants this time, but we will definitely be back for more! Definitely recommend this place to our friends and family in the Wilmington area. Go here, you definitely won't be disappointed. God Bless!

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This is my new favorite spot in town! From the second we walked in, we were greeted and welcomed like family. I loved the family-atmosphere, the decor was adorable, and the sweet treats were exceptional! We couldn't decide so we got croissants, cake, and macarons. All were amazing! I'm so excited to continue to support this wonderful business!

Review №4

Courteous service, fair prices and delicious sweets. A little inconvenient on my 2nd visit that they didn't have cash on hand apon opening to break my bill. I had to scrape up exact amount from my car to make my purchase. Otherwise Sweet D's is great and i will definitely be back.

Review №5

OMGoodness!!! I'm still thinking about those AHMAZING croissants I got on yesterday. They were sooooo good. I got a few menus to take with me and have been passing them to my friends. I'm in love with the caramel apple croissant and the maple bacon croissant. Every trip to Wilmington for Sweet D's will be worthwhile. Thank you for bringing such great treats in my life.

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We love Sweet D's! I went on opening day, and haven't been able to stay away. Today we stopped and ordered 13 Croissants to share with family in town and only got 11. When I told the owner, he brought out a corrected order plus more! They are so generous and we were thankful to share with our family! Go, go, and go again!

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Good service while waiting in socially distanced line. Masks required of course. Gave us a paper menu and eventually took our order (if you aren't paying with cash) before we reached the front of the line. Very short wait then away with a dozen delicious filled croissants. Good prices too.

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My wife found out about this bakery from the Wilmington coast instagram. We decided to check them out today. We walked in, and someone comes out of the kitchen and welcomes us. He asked if it was our first time there, and we said yes. He was excited and ran back into the kitchen. A second later, and he came back with 2 croissants for us to sample before we ordered. I gotta tell you.... It was an incredibly delicious croissant! Not an exaggeration, I'm serious. It was soft, flaky, and so buttery. It was amazing. We ordered a half dozen, and went back to our vacation spot. We're going back to get more to bring back home. We go to Wilmington a lot, so this is a spot we'll be hitting up every time we go. 10/5 stars.

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So yummy! I recently had the minis with filling and I thought the glazed were my favorite but the mini with chocolate filling was unbelievable!! So yummy! I will be using them as a go to for treats at holidays and parties!

Review №10

The croissants are amazing! It's like a do our collided with a croissant to make the yummiest sweet treat ever! The owner and staff are super friendly. Check this place out!

Review №11

Such a unique and fun dessert idea. If I was having guests over I would totally get these stuffed croissants to entertain. Not sure if they only make croissants because my wife went but man these things are fire . Whoever thought of this is a genius

Review №12

Most delicious menu options. The croissants are light as a feather and the many different flavors are delicious!Definitely recommend everyone with a sweet tooth to try Sweet D's!

Review №13

Croissants were great! Wifes response to first bite of a strawberry filled one was wow. Owner was super nice and even came out and talked a bit while I waited for my custom order to be created. Highly recommend a visit.

Review №14

My husband brought some home one day . I saw them and wondered how good could they be.?? Well the 5 he had bought were gone the same day! They are amazing like a flaky donut !! Can't put into words how good these are!

Review №15

Came in an was excited heard so many good things about a new local place.Ordered a specialty dozen received two small boxesOrder was messed up a bit eh no worries even though order was printed correctly on receipt. But the croissants were jammed and stacked in boxes which completely smashed the toppings and the fillingsJust an idea maybe go with longer type boxes so a dozen can fit side by side ?

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The glazed croissants are amazing and a unique idea that I've never seen at another bakery. Super friendly staff as well!

Review №17

I love these croissants! They'll always fresh, and soft. The establishment is clean and staff is very professional. So if you need a treat for the office, school, or just to satisfy that sweet tooth, check out Sweet Ds. You will not be disappointed. OAN...maple bacon and caramel apple are just 2 of my favorites.

Review №18

My co worker let me try some of these croissants and they were soooo good. I had to stop by and purchase my own! Highly recommend!

Review №19

The croissants are absolutely delicious! Definitely worth visiting. Can't wait to come back again

Review №20

Order anything here and you won't be disappointed. Their croissants are perfect.

Review №21

This was quite a treat! There were a lot of choices when it comes to baked goodness! The croissants were better than eating donuts!

Review №22

This is the best place in town for croissants! They have them filled in every way possible. Yummy family run business!

Review №23

This place smells so good! Tastes even better. Pies, cookies, banana pudding, cakes, cupcakes, ice cream from Chuck's and then there are those croissants. Treat yourself; good day or bad, there's a reason to stop in.

Review №24

Sweet D's does not disappoint! The croissants are warm, flaky, sweet, and completely delicious. There are not enough stars for this awesome little bakery!

Review №25

Great prices for amazing stuff. Love the seasonal pumpkin pie...amazing

Review №26

These were so good. I live way on the opposite side of town but will definitely be stopping often.

Review №27

My first time going and am in love️ , The Croissants are amazing I will be stopping thru whenever I comes to Wilmington !

Review №28

My treat was thoroughly sweet & can't wait for my next visit! Customer service was excellent!!! #GRATEFUL365

Review №29

So yummy! And they don't skimp on the fillings either! Can't wait to come back for more!

Review №30

Very welcoming environment, loved the view of the assorted bakery treats that were available. First time visiting Nd I will deff be back! The treats are light, sweet Nd very much a treat! Thank yu again for Experience!

Review №31

The Service is good.I recommend it to my friends they would love it.Will be going back again.

Review №32

A tasty twist to the norm..

Review №33

Soooooo good!!!! Definitely a must try! Friendly people and delicious sweets!

Review №34

We loved sweet d's! Amazing filled croissants and their coffee is so good!

Review №35

6 stars if possible... delicious pastries at great prices

Review №36

Great croissants and flavor options! Served warm, but best refrigerated imo

Review №37

The staff is very friendly and nice. The caramel apple croissant was wonderful!

Review №38

First time customer, ordered cream cheese filled croissants. Croissants were good, but no filling. I would like to get what I paid for.

Review №39

I would absolutely recommend to friend! The staff was so friendly and welcoming! The croissants were unbelievable! I will definitely be order these again!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №40

The croissants were delighted. Lots of flavors to choose from.

Review №41

The croissants are so light and flakey and just right. Coffee great too.

Review №42

Fantastic croissants! If you haven't tried them you are missing out!

Review №43

Great croissants! Will definitely be back

Review №44

Highly recommend this place for your sweet tooth fix.

Review №45

It is so good I love it I will be back

Review №46

Great Service Great Baked Goods best customer service

Review №47

Amazingly good deserts, very friendly staff!

Review №48

Great sweet treats and excellent service

Review №49

I fell in love with Sweet D's Cuisine, they are the BEST!

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Delicious filled croissants and excellent service!

Review №51

These croissants are made in Heaven.

Review №52

Great folks, much needed Sweets in Wilmington!

Review №53

Very tasty and reasonably priced

Review №54

The best in town

Review №55

Ahmazing !!! The glazed croissants are unbelievable

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Very good and delicious!

Review №57

Great service, great food

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  • Address:2321 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-523-5024
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Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–7PM
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Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Black-owned:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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