Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar
9 Estell Lee Pl, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States
Review №1

Love being able to have a bite to eat and a drink all while having an amazing view of beautiful downtown Wilmington. The setup is great and the view is unbeatable. The drink selection is good with some local beers on the menu as well. They have taken good covid precautions.

Review №2

Great place to come and enjoy some drinks and food with spectacular views of the port. Even with COVID, it was still enjoyable and still felt very safe. I would highly recommend this place and that you come here at night once it's dark outside to get the full experience!

Review №3

Temp was a little cool, but we wanted the view! We sat at a comfy seating arrangement, then hostess lit the fire table. Between that and the plexiglass barrier, we were comfortable, and enjoyed our beautiful drinks!

Review №4

3 star average, 5 star view. Limited menu, as expected during Covid, server had 0 star personality. Come for a cocktail, soak in the view, rest your feet and plan out your next stop in downtown Wilmington!

Review №5

The drinks were good but the view was the best part! Staff was attentive. This was an awesome spot to see downtown Wilmington. Highly recommend going here for a nice evening and enjoy the sunset!

Review №6

Nice open Covid 19 friendly space. Limited covered areas, but all outdoor. Adequate drink menu with some food options. Great view of the battleship and the river.

Review №7

Amazing view at sunset. Get the Greek pizza. My friend spilled her drink abd they replaced it. Great service. Get there when they open to claim a great seat for the sunset view over the city.

Review №8

Great view, but the drinks were pretty bad (all six of us). Cocktails served in plastic cups . Quality way down from the past visits. Service was fine - checked in regularly, etc.

Review №9

Probably the best place to see the sunset in downtown Wilmington. Located on top of the Embassy Suites, Cloud 9 has a decent selection of quality small bites and a host of frozen and mixed cocktails. Prices aren't incredible but you're paying for the view and live music...the ambiance and atmosphere is where this place shines. That being said, the food was excellent. Lobster Rolls, Mexican Street Corn (elotes), and chicken wings were all tasty. A good place for a date night!

Review №10

Suppose to be a upscale bar. Security is a joke, I got knocked out inside by the elevator. I was attempting to prevent a fight. I have a concussion, when brought to the attention of the staff I was asked to leave or they will call the police. Would highly recommend the other bars around town. Service was not that great either. Felt like they were extremely understaffed. The fact that stuff like this is happening and they had no idea until I brought it to their attention, should put even the people staying in that Hilton at unease.

Review №11

We have always LOVED Cloud 9 so we were very disappointed with the bad customer service during our recent visit. It is typically very crowded and hard to find a seat so when we saw a couple get up from the couches, we quickly claimed the spot and sat down. Shortly after, a woman with short blonde hair very rudely told us to get up so they could sanitize. Totally understandable however she did not need to be so rude about it. The rest of our experience was great but it was hard to get over how poorly we were treated when we arrived.

Review №12

Great views of the river, area, and battleship. Drinks were okay, not great but not bad either.

Review №13

Great place to take your girl or boy friend, wife for nice drink and a chat. Great views!!!

Review №14

Seriously tried every appetizer that have and didn't have one we didn't enjoy. The Carolina crush was deadly! View at sunset breathtaking

Review №15

I think this is a must stop kinda place if you're visiting wilmington. Great place to grab a drink and watch the sun go down.

Review №16

The best thing about this place is most definitely the amazing views! You are surrounded by city lights and have a clear, close up 180 degrees image of table mountain.We ordered cocktails to start of with. I had the rose and cucumber martini (R70). It was the most beautiful pink drink! Although it is a bit on the sweet side, it is still a great coocktail! My boyfriends had the caramel cake coktail. It is made with amarula, caramel vodka and kahlua. It was a beautiful layered cocktail and it tasted so good. The rest of the cocktail menu also looked really nice and interesting. I love that they experiment with new flavours.We also had 2 pizzas (pizzas range form R120-R140). The pizza menu is not that extensive, but they do have some good flavours on there. The pizza is made with a thin crust and lots of cheese.Overall we really enjoyed our visit here.

Review №17

Great views and food was ok

Review №18

Great atmosphere & staff is awesome. The entertainment was great and full of energy!

Review №19

Aweson view, good service, Great variety of beers, but the wings were flavorless.

Review №20

The view is incredible here. Such a beautiful overlook of the river and view of the sunset if you happen to catch it at the right time. Cocktails are good and food seems decent, however, it is a bit pricey. There is a single elevator up and down and they often check ID to ensure 21 and over only can enter. Definitely a neat little rooftop bar with a great view.

Review №21

Incredible view of the marina and river. Great tap list. Good cocktail selection albeit not inexpensive for the size of the cocktail. Food choices are minimal and the food we had was mediocre at best. The service was subpar. Our waitress was easily distracted and claimed to not hear one of our drink orders (there were 4 in our party and only 3 of us received our drinks then she claimed she didn't hear the 4th drink order even though she repeated it after we ordered it rather that owning that she had forgotten the order.)If Cloud 9 perfects their menu and focuses on a few excellent food choices - this will be the must see location that it has the potential to be.

Review №22

Ice place, good view and live music.

Review №23

Worst experience ever. Thankfully the view was beautiful to make up for the lack of service. Tommy the bartender was too cool to pay attention to his customers. The manager and 3 other employees sat and talked about personal stuff while I waited to have them acknowledge me for my drink.. meanwhile there was only 4 other people in the entire place. When paying that much for food and drink the service should be top notch. Beware only go for the view not the service.

Review №24

Best place to be for a beautiful sunset. Drinks are great along with service. Lite appetizers available and are good as well. You won't be disappointed. Music great too on Saturday nights especially when Overtyme is playing.

Review №25

The place to be for sunsets, good cocktails and views of Wilmington.

Review №26

Awesome....not many times I use that word but this place is! A great bar, good food at a good price and definitely the most liveliest place in town. The view from the top faces exactly where the sun sets, so get up there on a clear day and order a nice cold beer or a cocktail and watch the sun set while eating some food. Location, location, location! This place has it all.

Review №27

Great like always

Review №28

Great place for pre- or post-dinner drinks, with friends, family or date night! The view is unbeatable, and the live music was perfect ambiance - not too loud or overwhelming but a great background. The drink selection was great, including unique house cocktails.

Review №29

Great location. Awesome views of downtown Wilmington and the marina. Bar drinks aren't mixed properly. Probably new staff. Appetizers are pleasing. Good waiters. Great place to meet up with friends etc.

Review №30

Really nice place to kick back and watch the sunset by one of 5 fire pits. Great view. Drinks are way to expensive. Thus the reason for 4 out of 5 stars. They do not have your normal lineup of beers. Cheapest beer was like 6 bucks

Review №31

$$$, hors d'oeuvre were lousy, drink s ok, ambience and views great, best in town

Review №32

Best view of downtown Wilmington. Great selection of beer, wine and mixed drinks. Food menu looked good. Tried their wings, which weren't the best wings but decent. Little pricy but worth the atmosphere and view. The fact they close at 9pm on every night except Friday and Saturday is a little off but it is a hotel. Staff is excellent.

Review №33

The views from Cloud 9 are astonishingly beautiful, the best I've ever seen of Wilmington. The drinks are a little expensive, but worth it for the experience. They also have had live music once when I was there which was cool.

Review №34

Best place ever with the best hotel

Review №35

The bouncer ruined the experience for my friends and I. The drinks are also overpriced for what you get and the bartenders had no personality. The bouncer went up to one of the girls in the group and said “I know you went to the bathroom to vape” and was persistent that that's what she was doing in the bathroom. No one should have to explain what they are doing in the bathroom. In fact, she was just washing her hands. Then, she was sitting on one of the tables and he came over to tell her she couldn't sit there. So, she moved. Then he came over and said “bye bye” and kicked our whole group out and said “I just saw you vape. That's not allowed. Go, now”. We all got up to leave and he was continuing to be extremely rude. He then proceeded to put his hands on my friend. She told him not to touch her so he put his hands behind his back and pushed against her. Mind you there were hardly any people there and we were sitting down just trying to enjoy a girls night. We will not be back and I will not recommend to anyone.

Review №36

Great view! Fun ambiance. A little too loud, but pleasant experience.

Review №37

Wonderful view!!

Review №38

This place is the bomb! Beautiful views of the river and the marina. Great drink list. Sitting outside enjoying the breeze and good friends... There's nothing better! I highly recommend this place. The appetizers were tasty and the drinks were cold!

Review №39

Horrible to say the least. Once our waiter took our order he said he would bring back our credit card and we left a tab open. He never brought the card back. We didn't really notice until we were leaving and asked for it back. He didn't have it. He was frantically searching everywhere and we could tell he screwed up. He then brought over the manager. At this point we're getting really mad because not once did anyone apologize for loosing our card. Instead she wanted to tell my husband to stop yelling at her and he wasn't even raising his voice. Even if he was yelling he would've had every right. YOU lost our card. We were on a week vacation and was very inconvenient to have our card taken and not given back. Had to immediately cancel our credit card. ON VACATION. very poor managing on her part. She continued to say “well he said he gave it back”. And started asking patrons beside us if they got their card back? Meaning that because they got theirs back then he must have given ours back. We will never go back and we've already told everyone we know what happened to us so they don't go there as well. I don't care if Your policy is to give the card back after opening a tab. The point is is you lost our card.

Review №40

Unique place with live music and fire pits! The cocktails range from $10-$12 and are somewhat small. They had a large selection of beers and wine as well. The view is great!

Review №41

Live music, drinks, great view of downtown Wilmington

Review №42

Service is okay. Drinks arent great. BUT that View!!! Makes it all worth it!

Review №43

Great sunset view of the Cape Fear river. Good drink and beer selections.

Review №44

Good food, great service( from Katie ), music was way too loud!!!

Review №45

Great views over Cape Fear river and downtown Wilmington. Top notch dry rub wings and huge beer menu

Review №46

The view is absolutely the best view of the river and downtown wilmington, make it for sunset if you can. Absolutely breathtaking. Cocktail menu is just as large as the 3 page menu for beers. Upscale bar menu with pricey food. Would highly highly recommend for a date that would leave your significant other blown away.

Review №47

Really cool location and environment, open to anyone

Review №48

Good food and drinks, nice music, great staff! Could use better views and more comfortable seating.

Review №49

The view is fantastic! Love looking at the Riverwalk from above and also saying the USS Carolina. The staff is extremely attentive. Downside might be the menu for some. Would have liked to have something a little more substantial to eat but we did order some of the starters and they were fine. It could be considered pricey but considering the view it is worth it. Another downside is one must pay for parking and it is a bit complicated to get your ticket validated so you pay less. One must take the ticket from the club, downstairs to the steam Pub and get it validated. They do not validated at Cloud Nine. I enjoyed my time there. And we'll be going back.

Review №50

My new favorite spot in Wilmington! The views are awesome, staff friendly, and food is delicious. We had shrimp nachos and oysters - the oysters were amazing! Love this place

Review №51

Ordered a sangria, it tasted liked water with red dye in it, took it back and ordered a different one it tasted like I bit into a flower. Not overly impressed and the prices were way too much for the poor taste of the drinks they served us

Review №52

Getting service was pretty slow but once you got it it was really excellent. And the food was really good. The atmosphere delightful.

Review №53

Drinks taste strange like bad water. Food is small and overpriced. Views are beautiful and it's on top of a hotel so what do you expect

Review №54

By far the all around best bar Downtown. The most amazing/best view of the river/downtown. Great beer selection with over 20 beers on draft. The specialty cocktails are great as well, which include fresh ingredients made mostly in house. There's also a kitchen on the rooftop. Great plates including Maine lobster roll, Oysters, Shrimp cocktail, etc. Live music is played Thursday-Sunday. If you haven't been I'd highly recommend it.

Review №55

First experience was very pleasurable: An absolutely amazing view with a super friendly staff who was continuously on their game. I will definitely be going back and look forward to trying the food! Cheers.

Review №56

Finally, a rooftop bar in Wilmington!! Spectacular views of downtown and the river. Great atmosphere and incredibly friendly staff. Definitely a "must do" for visitors and locals alike.

Review №57

One of the best views in town. Great for sunsets and happy hour!!

Review №58

Great drinks to go with a great view

Review №59

I wish I could have accessed this bar! 1 elevator going up and down to this restaurant's floor. One would think there would be better accessibility to the only riverfront, and rooftop restaurant in Wilmington, that I'm aware of anyway. Finally got to the restaurant after a 20 minute multi elevator wait only to discover the restaurant was at capacity. Also tried the stairs but the Access door was locked from the inside of the stairwell. 1 in and 1 out with 20+ people in line. Do a better job with your logistics and I will be glad to return to enjoy a sunset in Wilmington at your establishment, since I missed this one waiting on your elevator. And hopefully leave a better review.

Review №60

The bar and views are nice but I'm not a fan of the crowd or prices

Review №61 in Wilmington. Good beer selection and great views.

Review №62

Awesome place,great views and atmosphere. Only wish they had domestic beers and not just ipa's

Review №63

This was my first time here. I will be back again. I loved the view.

Review №64

Really nice sunset view! Awesome views all around. Tasty dishes, nice atmosphere, attentive waitstaff.

Review №65

Awesome service! Very crowded after 9pm but it should be expected. Simple menus, decent views, live music often.

Review №66

Could have been more organized on the seating. Access was enough to lose 3 stars. Staff very knowledgeable

Review №67

You will be paying for the view here and nothing else. The food is simply okay. Nothing special about it. Expected a lot more than the what the place offered.

Review №68

Great bar great cocktails fantastic views

Review №69

Special hotel elevator up to this bar on the roof. Very open space overlooking the river below. Glass enclosure so you get the full view. Plenty of seating for music band and dancing. Drinks were excellent, much to choose from. I dropped a star since my wings were under cooked. Took food to hotel room, too tired to complain. First visit though other folks were regulars to club not hotel

Review №70

Great view with good bands playing. Only problem is the drinks are in the expensive side

Review №71

Absolutely stunning view and drinks were on point. We will come back for food when we can!

Review №72

Great views and upscale vibe, with food on the high side of average.

Review №73

Perfect waterfront scenery and phenomenal service.

Review №74

Beautiful view! Great service.

Review №75

Lovely view, okay drinks

Review №76

Definitely not the best bar downtown! I thought the menu was rather slight. It has great views but doesn't pick up the atmosphere of what makes downtown Wilmington! It feels more like a hotel bar than a local establishment~The beer and wine selection are good and the staff is definitely very nice!

Review №77

The queso was low scale. Tasted like it was microwaveable cheese and the bartender had no personality.... Not a good experience this evening at all!!

Review №78

Honestly never even made it to the bar. The hotel has 1 elevator that goes to the bar and it doesn't have a separate call button. So you have to keep calling elevators until you get the ONE that actually goes to the bar. And if you're staying at the hotel you can only get to the bar from the lobby, so you have to go to the lobby and try to get the right elevator again .such an awful design. Bunch of cooler bars down the street that you can walk right into.

Review №79

Loved everything about it but very very rude entrance attendant/ bouncer. Wait staff excellent

Review №80

Bouncer was the most miserable person on earth. Ruined our whole groups experience before we even got our drinks.

Review №81

Beautiful bar and view of the river front and downtown Wilmington. Friendly servers.

Review №82

The food is just ok. Nothing out of this world. I had the mini lobster rolls they were ok. Nothing like the Maine lobster Roll or the Connecticut style lobster rolls. The ambiance here is nice. There was a group playing that was actually Good. Not my choice of music preference but they were good. I ordered a local brewery beer the 5 oz I believe is called waterman and it was quite good. Our server seemed to be Overwhelmed I think he was new. Service is slow but I'm on vacation and is expected. Once I cross the Delaware water gap heading south I know things will slowdown significantly. Overall is fine. Is a rooftop which is always my favorite place. But I'm coming from northern Jersey so beautiful view from a rooftop can't beat Manhattan.

Review №83

Your best bet is grabbing some pints of a $6 beer and enjoy the view. The food and mixed drinks were not worth it.

Review №84

Nice views, modern place, beverage prices reasonable, given where it is.

Review №85

Love the drinks although slightly overpriced. The view is spectacular and we love the live music. However our server was awful, he checked on us maybe one time the whole time we were there (on a very slow night as well) so we had to go up and get our drinks from the bar and we had also asked for our fire to be lit and he literally lit everyone else's and never lit ours we had to call a manager over to light it for us. And we were the only table with a baby who actually needed the warmth.

Review №86

Great views.

Review №87

Waitresses will give bad service and will not give you your tickets and avoid you all night and charge you a tip for their bad service anyway.

Review №88

Brad makes the best skinny margarita!

Review №89

Great atmosphere, clean, great food!!

Review №90

Nice rooftop bar with spectacular views. They only do small plates for food, but the drinks are good and the food is tasty

Review №91

Bartenders seemed miserable.. Like they were annoyed the whole time .. Busy place and I felt like I was bothering them for being there

Review №92

The view is great. The service was horrible. I was there with a group and our waiter tried his best but for a nice night on a Sunday, they were understaffed. It took over 30 mins for drinks. And I ordered another beer away it took 10 mins. The manager was not helping the staff. Cocktail drinks came watered down and tasted horrible.

Review №93

Beautiful view, nice breeze.

Review №94

Tremendous beer selection, great views. A bit on the pricey side but worth the trip.

Review №95

One of our favorite spots to take our friends from back home! They love the view!!

Review №96

Great view, but drinks are $$$ and it was windy as hell

Review №97

Really nice place

Review №98

Extremely crowded. One out - one in. Great concept though and the view is amazing around sunset

Review №99

Amazing views and fantastic beer selection! I've never been too impressed with the food though

Review №100

If you want to go where the pretentious people go to catch a good view then go here.

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  • Address:9 Estell Lee Pl, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 910-726-9227
  • Bar & grill
  • Pizza restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:4–10PM
  • Tuesday:4–10PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Rooftop seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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