QDOBA Mexican Eats
5609 Concord Pike Unit 7a, Wilmington, DE 19803, United States

Review №1

First time here and food was amazing! Can't wait for my return!

Review №2

Amazing food, and service. Can't go wrong here. :)

Review №3

Quality food that always tastes fresh. The employees are very nice.

Review №4

We like a lot eating out. Last night we found this magnificent place which friends recommended to us. We spent a beautiful experience there with fine cooking and a professional team and a talented chief cook. We added this place in our list and we will definitely return very soon. We deeply recommend.

Review №5

This mexican eatery spot is a good one for dine inn and take away. Their party orders are amazing price. A few more items to add to you burrito or bowls than chipotle. I can say, I can compare it with Moe's. It is big enough and sitting arrangements is good. The soda fountain here is the most convenient. The only thing I dislike about this place is that sometimes not clean, can see trash on the floor. But still I like to hang out here with my kids because their food is good.

Review №6

Everything I get here is always amazing! I get the impossible meat a lot and it is good in anything. The pico is fresh and the queso and chips sooo goood.

Review №7

We ordered some food for pickup and they only packed half the order we didnt see it until we went home then we called and their response was we missed it by thinking its another order and packed separately. And didnt even have courtesy to return money until asked. Very irresponsible and never buy it again at this location. Very disappointed spoiled our dinner plans

Review №8

I just left this location, the cashier and manager are both rude and lack customer service skills. I wish that I got the cashiers name, but she had an attitude and was extremely disrespectful. The manager didn't seem to care about our experience with her employee. I won't be going back.

Review №9

Perfect location, when you need to grab a quick bite on the go or just sit with friends or family, amazing workers they get you in and out quick

Review №10

Sick employees handling food and bathrooms with no soap. Food is ok but the vibe restaurant has and the attitude of the employees. Definitely make me not wanna come back again.

Review №11

I purchased a taco salad with beef brisket and asked for extra sides of brisket as well as a side of ground beef. It was DELICIOUS!!! My first time at Qdoba and it was so good. The service was great and friendly and the food was very fresh. I wanted more! Lol. I will certainly be back. Thank you!

Review №12

Great low-carb choices

Review №13

I love Mexican food. The tacos there are so good. I love how they let you pick what you want and do it in front of you!

Review №14

Incredibly rude and extremely unprofessional.While paying for our meal at the register, the woman ringing us up must not have heard her colleague inform her that we had chips and queso on our order and immediately threw attitude and blatant disdain at myself and my wife for something she failed to overhear. Her coworker made it clear that she did indeed inform her we had chips and queso as well, but the individual working the register felt it was our fault and took anger out on us.She angry tapped as fast as she could on the touch screen register, angrily yanked open the chip drawer, and angrily slid the chips out and rung us up.This is the worst experience I've encountered while literally giving someone my money.We will not be eating here going forward.

Review №15

Placed an order for pick-up, I was greeted by pointing and saying “your order is on the shelf” it was a chicken quesadilla.I ordered wheat tortilla, chicken, pico, and cheese. Sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce on the side. I got a poorly made quesadilla which made for a very messy dinner and nothing on the side. How disappointing.

Review №16

Pregnancy MUST!! The mad rancher is a go to! They do have some new staff and they are not on point. I miss the girl that had the neck tattoo and long dark hair she wore in braids, she always got my weird preggo requests right but maybe she only works nights? She was awesome. The new staff doesn't listen well and gets irritated when they are corrected on orders they did not listen to. They honestly seem like they are on conflicting prescriptions ...but the food is still good.

Review №17

Like chipotle but chipotle is better. This place was tired and not so clean and no one seemed to be happy to work there nor did they move very fast...

Review №18

Not really consistent, as a well known brand but this location was pretty good! I want to think if I come early in the day, I would get the same great customer service and good food.. it was around 8:30 in the evening when I went and u know when it's almost time to close, attitudes tend to shift- but everyone was pretty cool. I would go back

Review №19

The service is regularly prompt, awesome character, kind staff. Will eat here again when I arrive in the area.

Review №20

My experience here was horrible I truly wish that they had a direct line to corporate if anyone knows a line could they please write your comment below ! There floors are dirty, they dont clean the drink fountains , the tables AND chairs are dirty , the cups has inspects in them , the tomatoes has moled on it , the chips are stale , the rice is hard , the pork is runny need i go on HOW CAN I REPORT THIS!

Review №21

Fast friendly service. Still a little confused on what portion I should be getting on a burrito bowl, double rice double meat. Seems between locations not only is the cost different but the portions seem to be different. Will still return, good quality healthy food on the go when meal prep is not available

Review №22

If you value your digestive tract and are looking for actually good burritos or burritos bowls, please, i beg you, do not eat here. el diablo is literally only 10 minutes away and they're astronomically better and won't make you want to die on the toilet a day after.

Review №23

Delicious food. Quick service and the place is very clean.

Review №24

Pick things you only like to go with what you want to eat. I made a lean taco salad delish.

Review №25

It was great!!! Great service as well.

Review №26

The tacos were fine. No one ever puts enough cheese on for my liking, but at least they didn't complain or upcharge when I asked for more. However, y'all MUST clean that soda fountain. Not only did it spray every which direction on the water only, but the buildup sullied the flavor of my Coke.

Review №27

Great food great staff and service.

Review №28

The food is great and the service was fast and friendly. My only gripe is that the seating isn't very comfortable.

Review №29

I always enjoy this place. Quick, decent prices, clean.

Review №30

Super friendly people. The main guy on the line is my dude, man can't do wrong. The woman with the black hair is always super plesant too. Long time customer checking in.

Review №31

Fantastic location. Fresh good food

Review №32

I loved when they had shrimp. It should be a permanent item!

Review №33

Supposed to open at 11am. It's 11:07am and the doors are locked. I called to ask if they were still opening at 11am and the employee that answered the phone said “uh.. um... we're going to open in like uh... five minutes”excuse me what? Bye, I'm going to Moe's

Review №34

Our kids (and we) live Qdoba ever since we switched over from Chipotle when they experienced a tainted food issue a few years ago. I love the create your own pulled pork tacos and our kids eat everything every time we go do that's a real positive. The portions are generous and the staff are courteous. Definitely our go to for quick Mexican eats (better than Chipotle and El Diablo IMHO).

Review №35

Generous portion and good price. The food was very fresh and tasty. They gave me a small portion of guacamole to try since I was sure I was going to like it because guac is included in the price.

Review №36

Delicious food every single time. Not very happy that all the prices are not listed though.

Review №37

The bowls are great and full of love for good health

Review №38

Although it is fast food it is still great. They have a wide selection of burritos, tacos, and taco salads along with smaller items. The staff is kind and will eagerly get the job done. Once they gave me the wrong order so they insisted on giving me half price off.

Review №39

Really good food and professional service! We had a catering order for 15 people done and ready within an hours notice.

Review №40

Always happy to help. Never had a bad meal

Review №41

Have been to a couple Qdoba locations and am generally satisfied with what I get. It's not as good as a true Mexican restaurant, but it's not bad for a couple tacos on the go.My first time at this location was yesterday and, while the food was decent, I was a bit taken back by the lack of clean tables, full trash cans and a sense of disorganization. While I realize I'm not eating at a five-star restaurant, it'd be nice if someone was watching the dining room to make sure there's not crumbs everywhere.

Review №42

Tortilla soup is quite good.

Review №43

Chipotle style! Very delicious .

Review №44

Food is good. This location is better then the one in Springfield, PA

Review №45

Food is very good

Review №46

I didn't expect the food to be so amazing 10/10

Review №47

About the same price as Moe's in the same shopping center. Food has more variety and better quality and friendlier people. Navigating the parking lot is a mess however.

Review №48

I love Qdoba their rewards program is great and their food is really good. I haven't had a bad experience any time that I have been there to eat.

Review №49

Always good!

Review №50

Queso is great. Unfortunately the service was not friendly or attentive from the newest staff member they hired. She seemed very distracted

Review №51

Delicious food, clean, friendly staff

Review №52

So this brand new Qdoba just opened up. Since I don't work in downtown Wilmington, this is a much more convenient location to me. Also, unlike their downtown Wilmington location, parking here is much easier and free of charge since it's in a strip mall. There are other improvements at this Qdoba location too, compared to the older one. The dining area decor is more up-to-date and spacious. That doesn't necessarily mean it's more comfortable since I'm not too fond of the chairs, but it's a start. Service was pretty good, in that they seemed willing to provide anything I asked for.I want to like them for their food as well but such was not the case. Compared to Moe's, just on the other side of this shopping center, Qdoba has a rather limited range of toppings. I wish they had a lot more choices so that my taco salad runneth over, but it barely made it to the rim. On the plus side, there isn't an extra charge for guacamole. (You hear that, Chipotle?)The Qdoba chain is hampered by the most user-unfriendly customer reward system in existence. You get points for your visit but only if you didn't use any coupons or discounts, which pretty much excludes all my visits. (People, I'm not made of money!) If you forgot to bring your Qdoba card, you have to ask for a claim ID on your receipt so you can enter it into the website later on for points. I forgot to ask for that and only realized later that I needed to. Why isn't the claim ID automatically added to each receipt? What possible abuse scenario could they be avoiding by not doing so? Fortunately, I noticed this before I left the restaurant so I was able to ask them for a reprint of the receipt with a claim ID. Of course, now I'm finding that the website does not accept the claim ID for reasons unknown. Qdoba sure isn't making this easy!

Review №53

It's a good meal, but not much separates this from El Diablo, Chipotle etc.

Review №54

Must get the bowls and burritos

Review №55

Love this place fresh food

Review №56

I have always been a fan of Chipotle, but I felt Qudoba is on par with them. I haven't got the chance to try out the meat here, but the veggie burrito bowl and the tacos were pretty good. And the guac is Free!!!

Review №57

Nice staff, good tacos. It was a little pricey for 3 small tacos but worth the try.

Review №58

I like their tacos and quesadillas!

Review №59

Delicious burritos & friendly staff!

Review №60

Best food ever

Review №61

Love it!

Review №62

Didn't go to this place

Review №63

Not very friendly staff

Review №64

Good food

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Review №66

I love it

Review №67

Fresh ingredients

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Review №70

They have shrimp again

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Burrito is good

Review №73

Good food specially Mexican gumbo

Review №74

If u like cold rice then You might like the place

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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
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  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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