Capriottis Sandwich Shop
510 N Union St, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States

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Try the new wagyu beef cheesesteak not that

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Just really obsessed with the Bobbie sandwich from here. The Bobbie is basically a thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich!!! Whenever I have a rough day I stop here for that sandwich. Quick service, good food, can't ask for much more!!

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This is the best place to order subs at evey thing is perfect on time very friendly helpful and fast the only thing that was upsetting was the rude customers yelling at the the worker when they are doing there best to help us get food. I appreciate Capriotti's workers for doing the best they can at a busy time making me the best dinner thank you .you have my five star rating yours truley pat

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In the last 3 months I have gotten day old rolls on my steaks 3 times. Monday I received small rolls or medium rolls. I worked in a bakery for 17 years.. this needs to stop. Shifting my business to Casapullas..till it straightens out.

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First stop upon getting into my hometown!

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They have really fallen off. Ordered a sandwich with cold slaw and there was barely a teaspoon of slaw on it and skimpy on the meat. Disappointing. Charge what you have to charge, I just want a good sandwich. But skimping is not the way to stay in business.

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Excited to see vegetarian options from what was my absolute favorite sandwich shop when I ate meat. The Impossible cheesesteak was fantastic and my wife was as usual very happy to have a Bobbie.

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Terrible service I called on I order cheesesteak just a regular cheesesteak in my area usually goes between $7 and 10 when I got there I got slammed with the $20 bill for just cheesesteak and to top it off they didn't even get it right I asked for provolone cheese but I got American instead and they never put my lettuce and tomatoes as and this is the second time that happened there so I called and complained, the manager picked up the phone she was very rude and never even apologized and she claimed that I never asked for lettuce and tomatoes but admit the wrong cheese. Finally she said well if you want you can come back tomorrow and we will make you another one very rudely so the next morning I called like she said but there was another manager and he was fine when I first called but after I express myself and the reason of my call his attitude totally change like I'm looking for a free meal or something and to be honest I was ready to let it go just like the previous time I ordered from them I think it was a chicken cheesesteak but that one was only $9 so I could swallow that but $20 and to end up in the trash no sir don't have it like that. He said I didn't hear anything about remaking a sandwich let me call the manager to make sure that we can give you a free sandwich and I'll call you back mind you I'm never asking for anything free I still have their full Sub in my refrigerator I was ready to give it back of course I never heard back from them till this day they never called. never ever would I go to this place again never and I would send a letter along with pictures, if any one have info on their home office or owners info plz email it to me. I feel like with the way the economy is right now, all the local businesses are making the extra step to please their customers and increase their sales, so to be treated this way, is just beyond me

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The wait at the cash register is painfully long ever since they switched over to this touch screen register. Between the wait for food, finding a place to park and the register line it's just not worth it

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Fast service with a smile Very friendly service 100%

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Wanted a hot Bobbie very cold wasted my money

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Always incredibly delicious & wonderful people work [email protected]@

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Good sandwiches. Just don't ask for it your way, they're going to make it THEIR way! The will usually honor what you DON'T want, but you'll get everything THEY want if you don't specify. Don't ever ask for the cheese on top so your sub makes a nice grinder. It will always be buried way on the bottom wrapped around everything else. Always have to dissect and reconstruct my subs.

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Delaware staple sandwich shop. Always a go to especially on Sundays since most places are closed.

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Overpriced. Medium sandwich, mini bag of chips, no drink $12.45

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Accidently placed my order online to this location inside of a capriotti location closer to my employer, immediately called after the order was sent and kindly asked if my ordered could be cancelled due to me sending it to the wrong store and if not please donate the order to someone since its already paid for. My intentions were good. Gentlemen who answered had trouble comprehending that so he passed the phone to a women.The woman was so blatantly rude it was unbelievable. You would have thought i asked for a million dollars. She told me "you need to call the store the order was sent to to cancel!," (that was the reason i called this location). After i pointed that out, was told theres nothing i can do, so do you want it or not?I stood speechless phone in hand. Very dissappointed in the way that call was handled...if you treat customers that way how do you treat the food served?

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Ordered 3 sub's from their , OMG this was the best I have ever have , and they were so polite and nice , to the staff that's been working thru this whole thing , Thank You for all you do!!!!

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Always has great service! Awesome staff!

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The sandwiches made by this location are phenomenal. Sometimes the wait can be longer expected, however the wait is worth it. If you order a hot sandwich, it's hot when you get it, and it remains hot while commuting back to work with it.

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Love this location!I could eat a Turkey Bobby daily -- the bread, the homemade Turkey and the perfectly crafted sandwich make even the worst day AMAZING.I am so happy that locations are popping up across the states!!!!

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My experiences are extremely excellent the homemade Turkey and sweet pepper are excellent and the cheese steak are excellent made the BEST AROUND

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Steak i had was very good

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Open "during the apocalypse," these sandwiches are what's UP. Take the risk! Enjoy your next sandwich!! These guys are for reallll ️

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We normally love eating here but lately we have been asking for american cheese on their subs but they have not gotten it correct. Wifey hates provolone cheese and that is what they keep putting on our subs. She cannot eat it although we request american cheese. It is a good sub shop but need to listen more to the customer's request...even if its more money!

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Really good food

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There was no meat on my cheese steak,i paid for ex meat , i really loved there food,no more of my money

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I have lived in Elsmere almost 22 years now and have only been to Capriotti's twice and each time the wait was an hour long in my book not worth my time. What they do if you've walked in and they've already taken your order and then someone calls in they take care of that call before finishing with you so I haven't been back in many years now WaWa is better and better prices.

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I've been buying subs her for longer than I can remember, always great!

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Original location still makes the best subs in the capriottis chain.

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Best cold and hot sandwich shop in town. I'm no vegan but the vegan burger sub is awesome. I recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to red meat.

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Be going there for over 20 years. Even with the safety measures the good food in a bad service made it a pleasure

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Ordered a bbq chicken salad and a tuna sub. Both were amazing. I love that the salad was made with fresh spinach, red cabbage and fresh romaine. Everything from here is delicious

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We went to the original location in little Italy in Wilmington. We ordered two named turkey subs. The famous bobbie and a cole turkey. Both were excellent. Carryout only.

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I love it the food is great i got cheese steak on a bed of lettuce and it is very good.

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The bobbi is creation that must be savored in person, and one bite taste like every good Thanksgiving memory you ever had this sandwich is worthy of a four star rating by itself.

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This is the best location. Family fell. I have been eating at this specific location for over 10 years and still my sub shop of choice.

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Delicious, Clean, Fast, and friendly

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Very good spot to get a cheesesteak

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Quick service but not surprised all I had was bread . Hardly any meat. Really dissapointed for my cheese steak to be 9$ ️

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I am a fan! We had the homemade Turkey subs. Absolutely delicious!

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They have the best Bobbies around... That's Thanksgiving dinner on a roll

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Great food and service

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I simply love caps food. All of it ...You can't go wrong no matter what you buy.

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Can't go wrong with the original Capriotti's

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Great food and service and prices.

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I love it,nice people service is amazing

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It's been going there for over 30 years. Still taste the same.

Review №50

My order was not completed ask for

Review №51

Best sandwich in Wilmington de been here 15 yrs on and off iv been to the one on Kirkwood hwy I live 2 blocks from union st since 1yr and never knew I DONT HAVE TO COOK ANYMORE the bedt

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Over Price and small Sandwichs, I miss the old Capriotti's.

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Awesome subs! This is the original location. It has a bit more of an old school feel than the other locations.

Review №54

Nothing like the real thing

Review №55

That Bobby though.

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Although still a good sandwich shop the quality of their sandwichs has gone down in the past few years. Lower quality of ingredients I would guess.

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The women there seemed like they had an attitude but the food is always great

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Great food. Great large subs. Great price.

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The sub outstanding with real turkey bird meat.

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If you want a mini vacation in your mouth. Go order the Italian with a little bit of mayo and red peppers. I'm jealous this is only in Wilmington! A place to sit would be nice but once you take a bite you will realize chairs are not important in life.

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Omg! Great food! Reminds me of Philly cheesesteaks!

Review №63

Good cheese steaks

Review №64

They need to add more turkey on there subs

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Always a good sub here. The Italian sub was delicious and fresh. Would love some prosciutto on it though. Also can never go wrong with the Bobbie.

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Wasn't at capriotti's.

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While the food was once the best you can find outside of NY, the vibe here is dead and the quality has seemingly followed. I would echo the comments of others with regards to having to take our patronage elsewhere

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As an out of town person I was a little reserved about if my sandwich would be good. ...... well it was great! I got an Italian sub..... next time I'm visiting I think I'll go for the Bobbie....the local weird

Review №69

Always a favorite.....a Wilmington Delaware MUST VISIT. Better Philly cheesesteaks than in Philly. See for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed

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Could use inside seating. Great food quick service

Review №71

Delaware Best cheesesteaks

Review №72

Had to get my BOBBIE on today. In and out within 10 minutes. Great food and service. Keep up the good work.

Review №73

Best cheesesteaks! Also must try the Bobby

Review №74

You can't get much better than Capriotti's. From cheesesteaks to the famous "Bobbie" to the friendly staff. This place is top notch. Stop in whenever you can to get a great meal.

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I posted here yesterday but it seems my post is gone. I want to be clear that the sandwiches are great but by the actions of one young female employee I will not be ordering from them again. I was greeted and dismissed by a very angry girl who damaged my long history with this place. Sorry to the owners for having to end my patronage here but I work hard for my money and will not tolerate a nasty employee treating me poorly as I hand over my hard-earned cash

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There sandwiches are really good

Review №77

The food is delicious... But no space to sit & eat and no avail restroom

Review №78

Delicious large Bobbie...

Review №79

The food is delicious. they offer chicken cheese steaks & vegetarian options. the workers are very nice.

Review №80

It's the Best for, cheese steaks, fresh turkey sandwiches, plus make their custom sandwiches which are excellent.

Review №81

I visit every time I'm in town. They never disappoint!

Review №82

Run out of food quick

Review №83

They took my order, but didn't put what I ask on my sandwich I was truly sadden by this, got home to sit down to eat and rigth after a first bite I know they messed that sandwich up!

Review №84

Best in downtown wilmington

Review №85

The food taste great and the workers are friendly and fast. I got the hoagie from here and enjoy every bite. They have few locations as well.

Review №86

Excellent Service and Sandwiches!

Review №87

Great sandwich

Review №88

They HV fell off with there meat

Review №89

I like the cheese steak but they have so much more to try

Review №90

Great food. Fast service.

Review №91

Been going to Capriotis for over 20 years. Never had any complaints until last week. They left out several sanwiches and the staff got mad at us when we mentioned it ....And of course wanted the sandwiches made when picking up. Well....There was wayyyyy too much seasoning to the point where none of us could eat it. I mean more seasoning than meat.Since it was expensive I called to get a replacement and was treated very rudely on the phone. Only brought one sandwich in because I didn't want them spitting in my food . when I came back two of the female employees told me it was my fault bc I ordered it wrong (it was the same order ive done several times), the female employees then tried arguing me when I said ive been to capritiois for several years and never had a problem..was horrible...employees ganging up on costumer....the the one female employee tried taking off just the cheese and giving the sandwiches back.... A male employee stepped in and remade the sandwich. Who knows what would've happen if I brought the other sandwiches back to be fixed....We ordered an Itatlian sub, the bobbie, meatball, cheese steak, and tuna subs. Only Italian and cheese steak could be eaten. Bobbie had no stuffing, meatball and tuna had too much spices. I mean there was more black peper than tuna..... Never had that happen before .Will not be returning to this capriottis...maybe will try a different location.

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Great food and great service. The best part is its so close to my place and the food is so cheap. great place overall.

Review №93

Fairly crowded but served quick. Expensive 2 small subs 19 dollars seams kinda high to me

Review №94

Great food. Friendly staff!

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Quick service, best roast beef sandwich in town, place is The Best

Review №97

Hands down the best sub i have ever had.

Review №98

Review for Capriotti – 2124 Silverside Road, Wilmington, DESubway Sandwich are much better.This place is not clean and maintained. The employees working here do not care for customer's order and they do not pay attention to the order. Especially when it is only to go order - they should be very careful to the order. It is very upsetting to find out that your whole order is messed up and it is not eatable! You wasted your lunch or dinner plan and money.The quality of the ingredients used is very low level and get you sick.When you go there notice the appearance and cleanliness of the place - it is bad.I would never go here and I would not recommend this place at anyone else.

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Bobby's... Best sandwich in the WORLD!!!

Review №100

Awesome food, fast service.

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