Islands Fresh Mex Grill
310 N Front St #1, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States
Review №1

I was looking for a quick fast bit before I headed to work, and I spotted this place,Loved the atmosphere is very comfy and kept cleanThe service was phenomenal, especially the young lady (named Lindsey) who helped me out since it's my 1st time, she was very helpful and very nice and respectful, showed no sign of being annoyed with all My question, over I had a wonderful experience here and the food is also good! Fresh and fast, I would recommend you to come by and try out this restaurant! 10/10

Review №2

Went in after 5pm and tried the $1 taco special requiring you to buy a drink at regular price. Got three soft tacos, two beef and one seasoned chicken. Hand made in front of you as you pick the toppings. Fresh ingredients and delicious salsas.

Review №3

Had two pork tacos, my husband had two steak tacos. The whole bill was under $10. They were delicious!

Review №4

It would have been alot better if the girl working would have been hiding all the toppings. It wasn't time to close for another hour. First visit was alot better. Probably won't go back. Felt very uncomfortable like they didn't want me there.

Review №5

Tacos and nachos! Good Tex-Mex style food that you can't really go wrong with. Good prices too. The flavors won't blow you away, but it's a safe choice for some crunchy, tasty good stuff.

Review №6

Got a super flavorful, fresh, and packed veggie bowl with guac and 3 tortillas for under $8. Enjoyed it thoroughly.I'd really like to see brown whole grain rice as an option, rather than only white or yellow.

Review №7

This is a great little place. When you see Latinos eating here, you know it must be good. Plus, you can't beat the price! $1.00 tacos (certain kinds) after 5:00 pm with purchase of a $2 drink. Before 5 it's $2.00 tacos (all kinds?) with drink purchase. Still hard to beat this price. And they're delicious! Try the pork !

Review №8

Came in for takeout and was appalled to see staff either not wearing masks or wearing them improperly. Several customers weren't wearing masks and not keeping 6' apart. I walked out.As requested, my edit: I went back to see if the mask mandate was being followed and surprise, the server's mask was hanging below his nose ("it keeps falling off") and the young woman sweeping wasn't wearing hers at all. Again, I walked out, disappointed. I cannot comment on the food as your lax staff makes it unsafe to dine there. I will continue to support businesses that care about their customers.

Review №9

Fast friendly staff... reasonably priced...

Review №10

Great prices! Good food!

Review №11

Tacos were good but wasn't impressed with the shrimp burrito or the chicken club quesadilla at all. Especially for the price. Just wasn't what I was looking for.

Review №12

Tiny quaint place, perfect for quick bite. Team member Austin was commendable and made our tacos perfect and fresh. No matter how long the line is, it always moves quickly and orders come out perfect. Excited for Lelands own Island Grill in November. Keep up the good work.

Review №13

I was in Wilmington for a training lasting a week and ate here three times. It's a fresh Mexican style spot with a local twist and honest prices. The place gets crushed during lunch, so try to stop in early or later to avoid a 30 minute wait.#travelformortals

Review №14

Nice small place with great food.

Review №15

Excellent spot for tasty Mexican food. I should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. Prices were reasonable. Makes me feel like I in Nashville again.

Review №16

I opted for the veggie burrito but then realized they didn't offer any tofu or sautéed veggies...ok! I got black beans, rice, pico, fresh jalepenoes, shredded lettuce and guacamole for an extra charge....burrito was basic but tasty. It came with chips and the salsa bar had several good choices(which help the burrito) ... Service was great...I'll be back to try something different.

Review №17

It was high noon! The line was 20 deep, but this crew knocked it all out in about 5 minutes! My taco was so delicious, I had to get another one! Outstanding staff, great under pressure. Serving tasty vittles! And an excellent location to boot...

Review №18

Their buy a drink (any drink) and get tacos for $1 deal can't be beat. Had two chicken a and a beef taco that was loaded down with a variety of toppings. Your meal is capped off with two handfuls of chips and a salsa bar. It's not the best or most authentic latin food you can find, but it's pretty decent and well worth the price. A friend and I got 2 drinks and 6 tacos total, it came to $11.50. That's insane.

Review №19

Good food and service was excellent

Review №20

It was very good. And the eff employees were very helpful also

Review №21

Food needs to be more authentic

Review №22

WowowowLove me some Islands.$1 tacos after 5:00PM every day of the week!

Review №23

I love it! The tilapia taco with the island sauce was awesome. The Fajita Steak Burritto was good. Service was good. Bathroom was clean and actually smelled good. I would recommend this place. Reminded me of Qdoba from back home. I'm a fan of the islands now and would recommend this place. Everything is fresh. Local farmers. No freezer, microwave, beef is top round, fish is farm raised tilapia, ground beef is all natural 80/20. Great place.

Review №24

Well worth it! Great after 5 specials!

Review №25

Great service, atmosphere, Price

Review №26

Chicken burrito is really good.

Review №27

Awesome food, unbelievable low price!!!!

Review №28

This is really tasty, fast and inexpensive. I was not expecting much but was quite pleasantly surprised. I will keep this in mind for Wilmington area visits. A local friend recommended it to us and she says the catering is excellent as well.

Review №29

Good prices, friendly staff and the food was pretty good.

Review №30

From 5 pm on it's $1.00 chicken, or other tacos. With two tacos, chips and a drink comes to about $4.27. it's not a filet mignon but filling, good, and fast service. I get mine with rice , black beans, and onion. This was downtown Wilmington on Front Street.

Review №31

Awesome tacos and deal, but I don't drink sodas, so you have to buy a bottled water... Or a beer, which wouldn't be so bad, I guess. Spicy Chicken and the black bean and corn salsa rock.

Review №32

Tried the new Leland location Sunday afternoon. Had 2 hard shell chicken tacos. After I got home, I was sick for 8 hours.Food didn't look fresh. I was expecting a lot more. I should have left when I saw the ingredients when I got to the counter. Will stay away.

Review №33

Definitely my new favorite place to go !My friend recommended me to come check it out and I can see why now ! There's this tall employee with tattoos and piercings his THE BEST ! If his there just know you walking out happy !

Review №34

Islands is a good option for those late night taco craving after a long night at the bar. Don't get there too late tho because after 2am it can become a madhouse. The tacos are cheap and beat Taco Bell. They come with included chips and salsa which is definitely a bonus. My only complaint is the seasoning on the chips can be a bit much and they do not offer a seasoning free option...

Review №35

Absolutely LOVE this place. Always fast, friendly service. This is the only place I go out for tacos at anymore!

Review №36

Food is on point, and the price makes it even better!

Review №37

Very good and reasonably priced Pork Tacos. The ingredients are fresh. Salsas and guacamole included. My wife loved the Islander Chicken Salad. Friendly service.

Review №38

I love this place. They always look out for my daughters and me. Sometimes I go in 10 minutes before the $1 taco Tuesday special kicks in and they still give me taco Tuesday prices. The young lady tending the cash register always treats me well and gives me the best price you can. I have nothing but good things to say about Island tacos. I highly recommend their establishment.

Review №39

I Love Island's. We came here after Mass from St. Mary's Basilica. Very friendly staff, best to come a tad bit before the rush and after 5:30pm when you get those awesome dollar tacos.

Review №40

Great Food! Love the set up and fast serving.

Review №41

The homies there are awesome, super friendly service and answered all questions with a smile. The dude at the register was super cool and the lady who made my burrito made the dankest burrito I've had in a minute. This was 7/21 between like 1-3pm.

Review №42

Is the food to die for? Maybe not, but it's quick, cheap, and still good. I always get the dollar tacos - the meats were a little dry, but adding a little salsa from the salsa bar does the trick! The guacamole wasn't too great, however I like ordering a side of queso to go with my chips.

Review №43

The food is cheap and fast and very fresh.

Review №44

Amazing food seasoned meat great price

Review №45

Inexpensive, Wilmington local favorite, taco flavor at its freshest.

Review №46

Don't forget the island sauce...that's a game changer

Review №47

Surprisingly good for a small taco restaurant. Reminds me of a Subway setup. The flavor and price are probably the best points f this restaurant. Be sure to read the signs, they explain all the pricing, but even paying extra for guacamole, it is still inexpensive and tastes great!

Review №48

Love this place. $1 tacos.

Review №49

Great prices outstanding fresh food!!! By far my favorite!!!!!!

Review №50

The best islands location to go to hands down

Review №51

Fast,friendly n yummy! Pleasantly surprised! Tried the TACO bowl and totally enjoyed my food today.

Review №52

Awesome tacos, great price, super efficient service. Loved it.

Review №53

Gross. The ingredients are very low quality and taste terrible. Their “chicken” is ground mystery meat. I'd never eat there again.

Review №54

This place fills up quick around noon! We got here at just the right time, but they honestly moved the line quickly and with a smile! The food is cheap, filling, and delicious. The only weird thing is that my friend and I didn't get carded for our beer... There were too deputies behind us in line so that was kind of awkward.....................

Review №55

Good quick food and affordable.

Review №56

Love this place

Review №57

My family & I ate here on a Friday evening. No wait. Good food. We would definitely come back.

Review №58

I'm so conflicted about Islands. It's cheap, it's ostensibly Mexican food, and they are everywhere in Wilmington. At the same's so painfully mediocre. The chicken is pretty terrible. The pork is good but expensive. You can get a beer and 3 tacos for dinner for like $5 though, so who can really complain! Their salsas are pretty decent as well.The one downtown is always pretty messy because they are so busy, and I don't know how well their grill hood works, because I've been in a couple of times when they were grilling peppers of some sort and the entire restaurant was filled with pepper gas with everyone coughing.

Review №59

Awesome FRESH mex-am.

Review №60

Try the cilantro yogurt or the islands sauce! They both make any taco delicious.

Review №61

Islands is a nice place to eat if you're a fan of burritos, taco, quesadillas, etc. The food is tasty and there is also a mini salsa bar for an extra side towards your food and tortilla chips. There may be a little line (especially during lunch time), but as long as you order what you want, its deffinatly worth it.

Review №62

Cheap tacos, local ingredients all of which I value but somewhat lacking in quality.

Review №63

Love LOVE love this place . I go every week at least once

Review №64

Love the food an prices

Review №65

Food is great and affordable.

Review №66

Wonderful mexican food at great prices and made with fresh ingredients!

Review №67

Lots of really good, made-to-order food, at great prices

Review №68

Really good fast food. Ground beef was so-so but the steak tacos are generally on point.

Review №69

Just had dinner at this location . Not at all the same as the Racine locarion. Very disappointed . First time here, not friendly, cold atmosphere, small selection of salsas.

Review №70

Food is great, service is awesome! All around love this place.

Review №71

Was the bee's knees love all that width in my mouth

Review №72

Wasn't a bad place to eat. The staff could be a little more patient and have a few more smiles. Food wasn't bad. The place was clean.

Review №73

We'd only been in town for a couple of hours after landing and scrambled to find something to eat ... what a great choice ... you helped the Mrs. and I kick our vacation off on the right foot. Thank you :)

Review №74

The food was pretty good. The service was uninterested and disconnected. They didn't care if they served a customer or not. The lack of customer appreciation kinda ruined it for me...

Review №75

I go to islands every week I love the dollar tacos. Awesome staff

Review №76

The food is always fresh and delicious. The Hispanic music matches the theme of the restaurant. Service is almost always excellent.

Review №77

Delicious Tacos For Very Cheap.

Review №78

Everything was room temperature. I like hot food. The price was ok.

Review №79

100% Better than the one in Ogden

Review №80

Outstanding Food

Review №81

Everything is delicious here... especially the pork

Review №82

The pork tacos are one of my new favorite foods of all time. Inexpensive and seriously tasty. The tortilla chips have a nice seasoning on them as well.

Review №83

Me and my boyfriend got hyped up over this so we decided to try it. I absolutely LOVE Mexican food but this? This was disappointing. The staff was great but, the queso, the poor queso was watered down, the salsa was basically watered down water, the chicken was dry, and the “fresh” corn chips were damn near Doritos and were stale. I DO NOT recommend.

Review №84

Best food ever!!!! Chicken fajita burrito was to die for!

Review №85

Good food, quick and easy. The tacos are the best. If you go at the right time you can get the famous $1 taxo special. Totally worth it. And the islands pico they have with pineapple.... Yum.

Review №86

Friendly staff, fast service and excellent prices.

Review №87

Great food, clean atmosphere, and fantastic service.

Review №88

Fast, inexpensive, and good quality. Perfect stop for me in between classes for lunch. Love the convenience also.

Review №89

Quick, inexpensive, good tasting food, and wonderful salsa bar.

Review №90


Review №91

Great prices and food.

Review №92

Dollar tacos are hard to beat. Fresh, locally sourced food. Great place for a quick bite.

Review №93

The food was excellent! The service was great. I went there for lunch to go for me andba coworker and was in and out pretty quickly. I will definitely be back like always!

Review №94

I'm from out of town, visiting my children. We went downtown last night and stopped at islands.. I must say the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful! Great value and food was excellent! Thank you!

Review №95

Every one loved the food.

Review №96

We love Islands! Great quality, good prices, and kid friendly!!

Review №97

Wish they didn't roll them how they roll them so messy

Review №98

Solid, fresh and fast food. Great food and super value. Always visit here when we come to downtown.

Review №99

Fast. Fresh. Delicious. Reasonable price. CAN'T STOP EATING THERE! Soooo good!!

Review №100

Love dollor tacos after 5!

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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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