4127 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803, United States
Review №1

Drove about 20 min to get there because I was craving a pretzel roll they have that comes with your salad. Drove all the way back to work to enjoy it, and of course it was a dry wheat roll. How hard is it to grab the correct roll and put it in a bag? Ugh.

Review №2

Good service and you can get a cup of hot tea with your salad not some sugary pisswater. Oh, and clean bathrooms. Big plus.

Review №3

The salads are great depending on who's working you may get a really big salad or a really small one but I love them all. Second to the salad is the pretzel buns oh they're so buttery and delicious. I don't think it has less calories than regular salad made at home but it's a good alternative to McDonald's

Review №4

The salads here are very good. However, I went here today, ordered the Thai chicken salad like I always do and the girl that waited on me told me that they discontinued the peanut oil dressing that comes with it. That's very disappointing because the peanut oil dressing gave the salad flavor. I asked the girl if she could recommend some other dressing and she suggested this Japanese dressing or something. It tasted good with it but not as tasty with the peanut oil dressing. I hope they can bring it back.

Review №5

Good but pricey salads and soups.

Review №6

"The service is nice and small cozy place with good flavor in food ."

Review №7

Always a great place if you are looking to eat healthy.

Review №8

Excellent service. Price range fair. Clean place. Quick service.

Review №9

Had a good salad and found a pack of Newports in the parking lot. Nice

Review №10

This is the best location by far! Super clean, super friendly staff, and they move quickly and always get it right! These employees deserve a raise!

Review №11

I've been buying salads here for few years but lately everytime I buy a salad there is hardly any ingredients . It's mostly lettuce in the salad. I will not be coming here anymore wasting money just for lettuce . Plus the workers are very rude, when u ask a question they speak in Spanish about u and they think u don't know what they are saying . Train your workers to respect the customers and get a measuring cup so that the salads are made properly. Nobody wants to be paying $9-$10 for just lettuce . Will not be coming here anymore !

Review №12


Review №13

Bad experience today. Soup was watered down and wouldn't take back and there was so much dressing on the salad it ruined the salad.

Review №14

Great salads.Able to eat inside.

Review №15

Everything was very good and very excited for the Maryland Crab soup to be back.

Review №16

Not all Saladworks are created equal. This one is excellent. Very clean. Veggies are fresh. Service is fast and through.

Review №17

Friendly customer service and Leslie is a true superstar.

Review №18

My favorite of the few saladworks locations. Always friendly service and freshly prepared foods.

Review №19

Yum,I love their selections of salads soups and sandwiches and I like that pasta that they put in your salads to me the green goddess is the favorite in my household. Their rolls are delicious too we always get the wheat ones. Highly recommend

Review №20

I love Saladworks and always do the "create your own." The food always tastes fresh. I went to this one in Wilmington, DE at least once or twice a month until we moved to Phoenixville, PA. Unfortunately, I am not close to one anymore, but I always stop at a Saladworks if I am traveling and happen to pass by one!

Review №21

The salad they have is the best

Review №22

Makes a fresh salad in front of you. Turkey sausage and kale soup was great.

Review №23

We stopped here last minute after an appointment we had in the area. It was near lunch time but before noon. It was already packed and the wait was to be expected due to you know made to order and of course a few catering orders before us. I believe they kept it together and worked as a team to get us out as soon as humanly possible. We were just their for soup. The soup was delicious and well needed.If I would had remembered that I used my gmail for my username I would have ordered before we got there (mind you we where a few lights away before deciding on saladworks).Again thank you Saladworks for the delicious soup and peanut butter cookie me and my best got to enjoy for lunch!

Review №24

Good soup and salad. Little on the higher end cost wise. Plenty of options on the healthier side. Modern decor

Review №25

I have been eating from salad works for years... And as of today I have never been disappointed. The business is clean, the staff are always so friendly and their salads are always so fresh..

Review №26

Excellent choices for tasty, low calorie lunch options.

Review №27

The food here is good and the service excellent. The only off-putting thing is the price. Almost $10 for a small cup of soup and a cobb salad. The lobster bisque is flavorful but has extremely small pieces of lobster and the Cobb salad is really good.

Review №28

Service was prompt and friendly. Restaurant was spotless. Food was delicious. What more could you ask for?

Review №29

Employee missed on of my ingredients...salad not mixed in well, and tables are all covered in past customers mess....

Review №30

Great Food and Good Service

Review №31

Always fresh tasting and chilled. Great options for low carbs.

Review №32

I am a longtime customer who enjoys the taste of fresh ingredients. I am disappointed that they changed the chicken in their offering. It must be a different brand, vendor, or a cost saving measure. It is noticeably not as flavorful and tender. I still enjoy the salad but will definitely not continue to visit as frequently.

Review №33

Worst wait time ever

Review №34

Delicious salads always! Have been going here for years and have never been disappointed. The sandwiches and soups are excellent as well. Friendly and attentive staff where it seems customer service always comes first. The restaurant is clean including the restrooms which indicates their commitment to proper food safety.

Review №35

Very clean, good quality.

Review №36

They have the best salad in town they customer service is marvelous love this place

Review №37

This is my go to place when I want a healthy lunch. It can be a bit expensive for a salad, but the quality of the food is good and consistent. The service is speedy and the produce looks and tastes fresh. They do tend to get crowded around lunch time. They have wide variety of salads, salad dressing, soups, and sandwiches. They also have the calories listed next to each meal and ingredient. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

Review №38

Salads appear and taste fresh. Staff is pretty friendly too. Clean tables and a nice atmosphere.

Review №39

I was impressed. Everything I expected. There was a slight error in my order but that was my fault. Very friendly staff, clean, nice environment.

Review №40

Great place and food

Review №41

By far the best Saladworks that I've ever been to. widest selection of soups and salad ingredients, and everything is always impeccably fresh.

Review №42

Fresh ingredients and great service

Review №43

I ordered two medium soups and a plain garden salad, it cost over $21! Too expensive I'll never go there again!

Review №44

Delicious Tivoli salad! Highly recommend.

Review №45

I walked in today thinking I would be in and out for a quick lunch, however I was completely wrong. I stood in line for at least 15 minutes with two other women while the ONLY employee that was there was on the phone taking an order the entire time. One of the women & I walked out after 15 minutes of being the only 3 people in line and still not served. Let's just say I will NOT be returning to this salad works.

Review №46

Placed an order online at 5:50. After waiting in store for 20 minutes to pick it up, I was told the printer wasn't printing the orders. The reason I had to wait 20 minutes is because all three girls working there were trying to fill orders and no one was working the register. I will not place an online order again. It would have been quicker to go in to place my order.

Review №47

Love SaladWorks though I should try more, I always end up getting the Farmhouse with the pumpkin dressing.

Review №48

Great salad, good service!

Review №49

Great customer service and friendly atmosphere! Omar took care of me and I must say it was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever encountered. Give the man a raise!!

Review №50

I enjoy having a healthy big bowl of salad every now and then at salad works.

Review №51

Great restaurant and great ppl. Food is super fresh and beyond tasty. So many options and choices to choose from makes the experience that much better. No other place can compare!!!

Review №52

Salad was great. But the butternut soup was lukewarm.

Review №53

Easy in and out. Salad and soup were what you'd expect. Service was great.

Review №54

Everything it is supposed to be! Build your own salad with lots options to add or omit whatever you'd like. Fresh ingredients, good sauces....

Review №55

Staff are always friendly and salads are well constructed. Food is always fresh! Best Saladworks of all that are near me.

Review №56

Food and service great

Review №57

It is a typical salad joint. It is clean and the food is fresh. The menu doesn't change to much. If you want fast healthy food, you'll be happy

Review №58

Don't waste your time and money. Go get a salad from Wawa. The salad itself tasted fine, but it was over priced for what I got... The staff left a lot to be desired. Very slow service ( it was approximately 8:20 pm, so not during a rush by any means). The couple in front of me ordered and paid for foutain drinks, but the machine didn't work. Instead of offering them a bottled soda (which they had), they were offered tap water! When asked what I wanted to drink I said bottled water, it was directed "to the right" where the tap water was. When I asked again for bottled water I was treated like I was trying to scam a bottled water. I was told I didn't pay for water, so I couldn't have one. For that same $10 I could have gotten far better salad at Wawa - including a damned bottle of water!

Review №59

Love the new ambiance. Food is fresh.

Review №60

Love the food, and prices are very reasonable. Go to saladworks!

Review №61


Review №62

Nice spot. Food was good. Clean.

Review №63

Great salads and soup. Friendly employees

Review №64

I love Saladworks! I don't think I've ever had a bad experience and always love my soup and salad.

Review №65

Always fresh, clean environment great tasting food... Alone or as a date

Review №66

Great, fresh salads with an awesome choice of veggies.

Review №67

The food is great and its clean. However, doing an online order to skip the wait was a waste of time. They didnt make it until i got there and waited in line. Smh

Review №68

Salads are great

Review №69

Good food and way more options than I thought there would be

Review №70

Love this place

Review №71

Best salads around

Review №72

One lady was suppose to be assisting us. As we were scanning the menu she walked away. But another young lady came and assisted right away.

Review №73

Awesome staff here, of course the salads are awesome too.

Review №74

Very fresh.

Review №75


Review №76

Good soup and salad!!

Review №77

Drive out of the way to go to this saladworks. Always clean and workers are efficient and pleasant. Went to another saladworks in the area and was given an attitude for asking for a fusion panini...saying they never heard of such a thing. Maybe not all of them have the same menu but they should be aware of all offerings under the company name. This store has a wide variety of salads sandwiches, and soups every time I've been there.

Review №78

Chili had no meat in it. Really?! Wife's salad was apparently good though.

Review №79

Great food! Fast and proficient servers

Review №80

Great food! Fresh ingredients and the place is always SUPER clean!

Review №81

The salads was great there nice to sit in for lunch and gatgering

Review №82

Fresh food, a pleasant staff and clean environment... Good choice for lunch!

Review №83

This saladworks is horrible. We have had many bad experiences here and will not be back. Our last time going there we got 2 sandwiches that had moldy cheese on them. When I called to complain they told me I could drive back up and they would make me new sandwiches. I explained I was at work and couldn't do that so after being put on hold for 10 minutes they said they could credit me for the salads over the phone. We did end up getting a credit from them however later that night a few of us that all had turkey in our salad / sandwich all felt sick.

Review №84

I Like the lobster bisque soup it's not perfect but acceptable. The salads at this location are not always fresh and sometimes the server can be stingy with the portions but the location is convenient so I guess all and all it's okay. I 've actually experienced worse. At least this location wraps my roll individually and doesn't just throw it in the bag like the one in West Chester.

Review №85

Decent salads, wraps are good, they make it quick even at lunch time

Review №86

Food always tastes fresh and staff is always pleasant and accommodating to dietary issues

Review №87

I have been a long time customer since 2011 who always gets the same salad most of the times. Initially they were very good: the woman who makes the salad always would give abundant amount of greens and generous amount of toppings. Then, at one point about several months ago, i noticed that they started giving out a lot smaller amount of greens and topping, and it was very obvious that they were told to give out less. Then one day, i saw them using a FOOD SCALE for every salad they were making, to measure how much they were giving out. For a 8.99 salad, i couldn't believe they were doing that, that I can't even get a fulfilling amount of salad for 9 dollars. No other saladsworks that i've been has done that nor do they give you a palm sized salad.So i stopped going there for about three months because i just didn't want to see them so obviously trying to give you less. Then i gave in about two weeks ago because i was craving some Saladworks salad (in terms of their food, I like them) and now i regret coming back. The amount of salad that i get from them has been progressively getting smaller, which is so so disappointing. Also, i always thought that the cashier girl is very rude, and that hasn't changed since the beginning.

Review №88

This is a terrible salad works! The middle aged blond female cashier is like a character from Saturday Night Live parodying poor customer service. She is rude and short tempered, and in every way conveys that the customers are an interruption to her day/life. I wanted to offer her career counseling since she is so clearly NOT in the right job. Honestly, it was unbelievable! The food is only so-so, but it's what we expected. Her attitude and treatment made all of that even worse.

Review №89


Review №90

Healthy option for fast food. Yummm

Review №91

Quality food, quick service, and friendly employees.

Review №92

Always fresh, freindly owner who works onsite. Quality buisness!

Review №93

Great salads, but way too expensive. Almost ten bucks per salad.

Review №94

Clean friendly but a bit pricey

Review №95

Food is good, workers sometimes close early

Review №96

I like going there. I love the broccoli cheddar soup, it's one of my favorite soups

Review №97

Expect a smaller salad here compared to other Salad Works and a grimace from the older blonde if she's cashiering. No real butter here. Just vegetable oil spread. Bon appetit.

Review №98

Went there for dinner. The front display was a mess. Lady at register was on the cell phone from the time I walked in until she rang up my salad. Two other ladies were working stocking. What freak me out was how they place cold food on top of all day food in the cabinet. That is not proper rotating of food. Won't be back. I hope another store does not follow the same practice

Review №99

Fresh, made to order salads and paninis.

Review №100

Healthy choices, friendly fast service.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:4127 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803, United States
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  • Phone:+1 302-477-1987
  • Caterer
  • Salad shop
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  • Monday:10:30AM–8PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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