Seasons Pizza
1112 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States
Review №1

Variety of food on the menu including pizza, salads and sandwiches. Good but not great. I had a chopped salad and the bacon tasted tough like it had been frozen then reconstituted. The portion was limited too. My friend's gyro was tasty and fresh. Waitress was friendly and helpful. This is a good alternative to the Golden Arches.

Review №2

Carrot cake is so good l. The service was fabulous. Order a sub the bread was freshly and along with the meat.

Review №3

I had ordered a "Lettuce wrap cheese steak" and while telling the cashier my order, she was very quiet, not providing any customer service and only focused on the computer in front of her. I tried to get her attention to see if she heard me clearly and if my order was placed. But still no talking, not even asking if I wanted any toppings or going over my order to see if she placed it correctly. Once I gave her the money, I did not get no receipt, I had to ask! And once again she was very quiet and still not making any eye contact. If she did it was as though I was irritating her with my presence. I was nice but yet firmed to see if my order was placed correctly since it's my money that's involved. I was not given a wait time like how I saw the other cashiers did for other customers. As I was waiting for my food in the store, I kept on getting glances from the worker, and it even came to the point of her staring at me for a long uncomfortable time. Once my food was ready, as soon as I open the door to leave she RUSHED to the current cashier and BADMOUTHED me even before I got out. The customer service from this lady was extremely unprofessional. Also, the cheesesteak was mediocre and not worth it for me to have such a uncomfortable experience. The staff there was very uncaring and seems to hold a personal grudge to a stranger. 10/10 would not recommend. 10/25/20

Review №4

Right when all restaurants had dine-in closed due to COVID, I started doing online ordering with them and pick up my order at the restaurant. Initially, this worked great. Really well. And I tipped obscenely to show my appreciation. I wanted this business to get by the hard times. But now, every other order has a complication. Orders aren't ready at the time they promise. Counter employees are more interested in talking to their boyfriends than in delivering service and showing concern for the customer. It's becoming a Seasons location with an uncaring staff. That does not bode well for them for the future. If I were the manager there, this would concern the hell out of me, but maybe the manager is just as disinterested as his crew.

Review №5

Excellent! Super friendly service. Best tasting pizza. Great rolls. Lots more, big menu. Go there, you won't be disappointed. We were the very first customers since they opened the doors after the recent remodel, that's why it was empty, people started showing up for dinner after I took the pics. The place looks very nice.

Review №6

Great dine-in experience for the family or date night. Quick service with tv's. They had a limited adult drink menu, which is not bad for a no fuss outting.

Review №7

Nice wait staff. Production style pizza. Reasonable prices, open late.

Review №8

I really like the food at Season's, but be warned don't use the delivery service. A $50 delivery cost me $300, because someone there made an unauthorized transaction using my card. Their response was to tell me to call the authorities. I guess they don't care if an employee is a thief!

Review №9

Great pizza for a good price! The New York style is my favorite

Review №10

Really good pizza. That sauce is good, thick and tasty!

Review №11

Newly built, great tasting food, order from there at least 2x's a week. Delivery drivers are always nice

Review №12

They tore out a large stretch of old Elsmere to build this hideous monstrosity. Wish the town would step in to prevent its main road from becoming another massive strip mall. Seasons needs to stop doing this. Their old style restaurants looked much better and there was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO EXPAND THIS LOCATION TO BEGIN WITH!

Review №13

Great food and the employees gave great customer service!

Review №14

Great food safe environment

Review №15

If there was negative stars I would give it to this POS pizza place. Orders are always wrong and cold even though I live within a mile of the place. 10/10 would not recommend

Review №16

Took too long for delivery. Food was cold.

Review №17

Had a problem with my order no showing up for 3 hours...i called 3 times and yes they were busy but this spot is the best pizza for a great price thats why i go i eventually called the last time amd spoke with the manager , bravo , you handled my complaint very well and i just wanted to thank you for making it right!!!! Agian well done

Review №18

Delivery was super fast. Good food

Review №19

Always good pizza when you pick up fresh.

Review №20

They deliver my orders with missing items on a regular basis then they refuse to issue credits for the missing items if I do not call immediately, which is not always feasible. I spend about $300.00 a month there, so it is quite a failure on their part to lose my business because they refuse to accept accountability for their own mistakes. I am not the only one experiencing this issue, so clearly they are making large profits by the act of imposing fraudulent charges on their customer base.

Review №21

Love their specials with wings

Review №22

I've been going to the Elsmere Seasons Pizza for years. However, I'll confine my comments to the restaurant since they moved into their new building. First, the food is great. Second, you can't beat the prices. But, this location has an issue with prompt service. It's not a great problem if you have no plans and have company with you, but if you're on your lunch break at work, very often, they will make you late getting back. One such incident, I had to literally walk out after I was waiting for a hamburger for over half an hour (and the place was nearly empty). Not sure where the source of the problem is -- kitchen staff or servers. But it would be a great help if all Season's staff would understand that many customers don't have all day to spend there. I also frequent the Newport location and do not encounter the same problem there.

Review №23

I love this place and their new menu!!! The chic salad is AWESOME!! Ive tried all the salads offered and they were great!! Thanks to our server who offered options to make them more enjoyable. Elsmere site is where I go mostly!! Thanks to the great staff there.

Review №24

Was good walked in and no time order was ready. Food was good will go back definitely

Review №25

Staff in back aren't wearing their mask properly. Their mouths and noses are exposed. Pointless to have a mask if it doesn't cover anything.

Review №26

Great service and tasty pizza.

Review №27

Pizza and service are always great. They actually stayed open late for us because we had a group of 20 coming in about a half hour before they were scheduled to close and we called ahead to make arrangements. Could not ask for a better place to go.

Review №28

Came in for a slice of pizza and was told a couple of minutes. I was on my way to a memorial service and was running late. I waited fifteen minutes and finally walked out without it. And I already paid for it. Won't go there again.

Review №29

Good deals and quick service. Pretty accurate orders with decent food. Good spaghetti and meatballs

Review №30

I ordered bread and coke. Delivery guy gave me only bread bt he didn't give me coke and i paid for both. Bad experienceI would not like to order again.

Review №31

Great food, friendly staff. No long rates and reasonably priced.

Review №32

The specials are insane! Buy a regular salad & get the second one for $1. I love the smiles on my family face when bite into their meals.

Review №33

They never get my order right!, when I do order pizza it's never cut into the slides or cook the way I ask them too!

Review №34

How can you order your food at 9:30 ONLINE. then them call and cancel your order because they close at 10. if you closed at 10:00 why was I able to place an online order? & if you close at 10:00 why does it say everywhere you close at 11:00 such bs.

Review №35

Awesome delivery service. The food came on time, the food I ordered was hot and tasted great. Moe was the delivery driver- great service. Definitely using them again.

Review №36

Good food.... But the management changed though, and they aren't doing very well. Turnover in staff is starting to happen, and the place is getting rather dusty. The lights are hung by long cables, and the light shades and cables have visible dust on them. The manager needs to hire a cleaning company. If they don't soon, I might have to stop eating there because the more the dust piles up, the more likely it is to fall onto customer's food.

Review №37

Excellent food and always very clean. The staff is awsome always very friendly and smiling. My favorite place to eat and love the atmosphere.

Review №38

They suck as much as 3 star. Only thing I give them is they fix the order and will send out a new one unlike 3 stars. If you live around the area order from the gas station on Lancaster, quick meals waaaaay better and don't mess up your orders. We order way too much from seasons and all they do is mess up orders, it's not that hard to read

Review №39

I have ordered from this seasons successfully in the past, and this is the first major problem I've had with them. I ordered my food online and opted for delivery. After over an hour of waiting for the order to come in, I checked my phone for the delivery status. They claimed it had been delivered. When I called to check on the issue, I was told that they called me when they got there and since I didn't answer my phone, they took my order back to the restaurant. Since when do delivery services call you when they arrive at your house? Did they even attempt to look for my house? When I asked if they could re-deliver it, they told me it would take another 40 minutes. Absolutely horrible service. I will never order from there again.

Review №40

Good delivery

Review №41

Waited 30 minutes for our food. Not sure boneless chicken wings is what I ate. The one on Maryland ave is much better.

Review №42

District Manager was very cortetious.. ordered at take out not knowing you could not sit at restaurant area as told by the take out manager but as I was heading out the District Manager was coming in and he accommodated me by letting me eat my lunch at a table and made sure I was okay.. I am a diabetic and sugar was low so kudos and 5 stars to the District Manager..

Review №43

Good as always!!

Review №44

I've been going here for years and I love it the people are great and the food is great I live the dinner rolls yum

Review №45

This was one of the worst meals I ever had. So called salad tasted bland and left a aftertaste. While eating in ,the floor under the table was flooded with water. Never eating at this seasons in elsmere.

Review №46

We always order from seasons on Fridays for dinner. There food is awesome.

Review №47

Love the new look. Great food. Great service. Ask for Nick. He's a great server.

Review №48

The wait staff is very personable and rather knowledgeable about the menu. There are quite a few new sauces for seaso-bites. It is similar in a sense to choosing your own wing flavor at another popular establishment. The new building is amazing inside and out. It would have been more amazing if they could have had some more building space to add an additional Bathroom room area. The new building establishment has a one person bathroom for females and a one person bathroom for males. The bathroom room area size is great and also handicap accessible.

Review №49

This Seasons Pizza location is placed at a great spot. The staff are pretty friendly and patient. They have hired two new wait staff to handle the lunch rush within the last couple of months. The food has come out pretty good. As of Late July 2018, there is still some construction going on in the adjacent lot, which can alter the parking dynamics. However, there is additional parking for customers in the parking lot on the other side which is Locust Avenue.

Review №50

Great food. Great service. The new place is so nice. Ask for Nick as your server.

Review №51

Seasons Pizza Of Elsmere is AMAZING! The pizza is so amazing and the delivery service is superb!

Review №52

I always get the Italian lemon cream cake for dessert and the house made chips! I'm obsessed! I get 2 orders of the chips and munch of them throughout the week. I love the stromboli but I always pop them in the oven to get them extra hot and crispy since I order delivery. Totally worth it! I think they are having a bug on the online ordering with editing salads but that doesnt stop me. Fast delivery and good food.

Review №53

Good pizza and great service

Review №54

Great salads, and today was buy 1, get one for 1.00! I strongly suggest trying their delicious salads.

Review №55

Long wait for a cheesesteak was dry plus I ordered cheese sauce. Couldn't believe same franchise other locations are good here il never a return it was nasty

Review №56

Great customer service from management today on a delivery order error.

Review №57

Great supports of schools and fire departments. Manager Danny is fantastic to work with. Thank you from the Thurgood Marshall Elementary PTA.

Review №58

They need to l listen better when recieving food is great when orders are received properly.

Review №59

Fantastic food! I got the chicken parmigiana with spaghetti, and holy cow! The amount of food was massive! The folks that work there are always great. Thanks for the excellent meal guys

Review №60

Always good service. When mistakes are made which is rare, they quickly correct the issue without complaint. The food is always well made.

Review №61

Got a chicken cheese steak and the chicken was charred... Kinda tough and cut in chunks not like a steak sandwich. Worst chicken cheese steak I've ever had. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Review №62

I normally like Season's Pizza, however this location makes a very good pizza.

Review №63

Food and service good

Review №64

Ordered by phone ready on pup safe time cause l wad on a run.

Review №65

Great service from Sabrina and the rest of the team

Review №66

Quick clean good food

Review №67

All the food was great and the service was even better

Review №68

Great service good food

Review №69

Food is always good

Review №70

Always awesome

Review №71

Not bad, just need to update your online menu. I was told they don't have particular items anymore, "that must be our old menu",and "has not been on the menu for a long time". I rely on the information given from your website to make my order. It would be nice to have the right information.

Review №72

Rebuilt store with a revised menu. $3.99 2-tops Lg Pizza Wednesday's Great Deal!

Review №73

Elsmere version better than Concord Pike. Still got the thick crust but Tallyville don't.

Review №74

Great customer service, food was good as well!

Review №75

It was better before, but now getting worse.

Review №76

First time at this location and I was totally turned off. Walked in and no one even acknowledged that I was even there for like 15 minutes. It took the fed ex guy to walk in before anyone even came to the front. When I looked on the side all of the workers were on their cell phones and never once looked up. When the young lady finally did walk up to the front she walked up still holding her phone in hand and her focus was not on me the customer. Her eyes were still glued to her phone as she dryly asked how can I help you. No umph or smile. She was like the walking dead. Like are you kidding me? What ever happened to real customer service?

Review №77

Their MASSIVE Crab cake sandwhich is worth every juicey PENNY!

Review №78

Med pizza deal is great. Any crust (ok, not GF or whole wheat, but why do you care about that at a pizza place?), 2 normal toppings, all under 6 (sometimes under 5!). Specials nights for pasta is good, too. Sandwiches, Stromboli, virtually everything is recommended.

Review №79

Very nice inside.clean and great tasting pizza

Review №80

Food is good, extremely pissed about the deliver guy who I tipped 10% of what I spent on my meal, thought it was reasonable being as though I live only 3 minutes away. Only reason why i didn't pick it up is because i'm pregnant and my husband is at work with the car. He counted the tip money in front of my, laughed and walked away. Won't be ordering from there again

Review №81

Friendly service, good food and decent specials.This is my go to delivery when I'm home and being lazy or my little boy wants pizza I jus ordered pizza for pick up and specifically asked for it to be lightly browned so the crust is still soft, NOPE! That's the one bad thing about Seasons Pizza, they rarely follow your order details.

Review №82

5 stars every time!

Review №83

If I could give a "ZERO".....I would

Review №84

I ordered a small chefs salad from the store in Ogletown. The salad came with one small container of salad dressing which isn't anywhere near enough to cover the salad. I asked for another container and was told I would be charged an addition 59 cents for the dressing. Are you kidding me I just spent $9.00 on a salad and now you want me to pay for another salad dressing. Whats next charging for the straws for you drink. I'm done with Seasons Pizza

Review №85

It was good, they remodeled, I like the new look.

Review №86

Great lunch! Had a coupon and they said that their store doesn't do that coupon but they still gave me the discount. Great hospitality!! Looking forward to go back!

Review №87

Ask for the waitress Jen she is nice they also have decent pizza and good deserts, yeah my pizza took alot longer then it should have but they took 10% off my bill I would recommend you go there and If you do ask for the waitress jen

Review №88

Good food. Great people! Waitresses are super friendly and very accommodating.

Review №89

Food is great, however the manager was busy arguing with an employee when I entered the store. The older lady (server) was awesome and she gave me my order and greeted me properly.5 stars for her!

Review №90

Didn't notify me they were out of pink lemonade and tried to tell me have a nice day after not giving me what I paid for then gave me a cup full of ice when I said specifically no ice!!

Review №91

Good food and good service

Review №92

Just opened near my school. Nice and clean and super food!

Review №93

Just average foran Italian restaurant. Prices are on the high side with them charging extra for a salad and bread with entrees. There are limited healthy choices and somewhat limited menu. For the money I think there are better choices in the area at the same or better price point.

Review №94

Good pizza

Review №95

Don't use the online ordering. My family ordered dinner on the website and when the food came, the antipasto salad was just a bowl of lettuce. On the receipt it said no for all of the toppings and dressing. Just paid $9 for a bowl of chopped lettuce, awesome.

Review №96

Good place.

Review №97

The guys there are super friendly and make evey order to perfection

Review №98

While parked at a pizza place in Elkton Maryland, my wife and I discussed whether we should go in and order or not. Both of our kids were screaming, and we weighed the options. We considered that if we placed an order, it would take about 20 minutes until we could eat; and we were roughly twenty minutes from home. So, we decided that we would place an order for pick up at the nearest pizza joint to our home. That would be this seasons pizza. The gentlemen on the phone thought that it would be friendly banter to insult my name. Off to a good start. I encounter strong anti Semitic jokes on a daily basis; so I let it pass. He said it would be "about 20 minutes" good. I arrived exactly 20 minutes later. My order appeared to be ready. It was. For fun they gave my pepperoni pizza to the guy in front of me in line even though he ordered a plain. Yay? So when I was up they did a short search of the building for my large pepperoni. Then told me it would be a few minutes while the make it. Cool. On the plus side; I didn't need ice in the soda I bought because by the time I got home with the food; the French fries were ice cold.

Review №99

Not crowded, plenty of parking, food is good, prices are fair. Plenty of choices, good menu. Friendly staff.

Review №100

Made a non typical pizza for us ... and it was awesome!. A little pricey if you special order but it was worth it.. friendly delivery folks that don't hassle you for a tip..

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:1112 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 302-994-4000
  • Caterer
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Cheesesteak restaurant
  • Chicken wings restaurant
  • Pasta shop
  • Pizza delivery
  • Pizza Takeout
  • Salad shop
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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