C-Street Mexican Grill
4410 Shipyard Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States
Review №1

Food was delicious. We were promptly greeted when we arrived by young man working at the front. Food was prepared quickly and tasted great. Very reasonable prices. Highly reccommend.

Review №2

Their food has no taste.Salsa is horrible. Chicken is bland. Terrible ️Will go to Burrito Shak their food is authentic and is so much better and tasteful and their employees speak English.Prices too high for what u get.The high school kids that work there barley give you food have no work ethics. I work at the hospital and will let everyone know not to waste their time going to C street.

Review №3

Best burrito in town. The rice is amazing and I love the spicy chicken sauce. But yall should definitely stir the meat around so often so whats on top doesn't dry out while sitting in the hot bar

Review №4

Genuine people. I work for postmates and when I arrived they said they don't take delivery service orders they arent signed up for them. However they still completed the order for me. Really helped me out not wasting my time because the mistake wasn't mine. The owner is very nice, and my order was for 10 burritos and tacos, the food has to be good!

Review №5

Great food, fast and inexpensive.....

Review №6

One of the few places the whole family agrees on for dinner (or lunch). Great specials and the best tomatillo salsa around!

Review №7

The service and and atmosphere was great! The food was hot and fresh!! I will be going back!

Review №8

Food is very good and staff is super friendly!

Review №9

I've been eating c street for years, and generally it is pretty good and a decent price. But if yall gonna water down your queso you better start watering down your prices too.

Review №10

My kid's love this place... great Mexican food at great prices!

Review №11

Best mexican food in town - love it!

Review №12

Good food and fair prices.

Review №13

Two tacos, overpriced for subpar ingredients and flavor. Restaurant was understandably empty on Friday night. Salsa was good though.

Review №14

This place has some of the best tacos I've ever had in my life

Review №15

Great food reasonably priced and friendly staff.

Review №16

We love this place! Best taco stand in town! I love how the staff know my kids and are excited to see them every time we come

Review №17

Friendly faces and good food with fair prices. Every Friday for lunch! Our goto office hangout!

Review №18

Best guac, ever. Fast service, great selections, prepared right in front of you.

Review №19

It's good food. I had the pork burrito. Had an odd taste but it was just a spice I wasn't used to, nothing weird. Chips and salsa were decent. Didn't give me a receipt or offer me one, which I get wherever I buy something. Little soda cup for 2 bucks. I'll go back for sure.

Review №20

Loved it! The service, the atmosphere and the food was excellent! Food prepared just as you liked. Everything was delicious!

Review №21

Great local restaurant! More flavor than many national chains. Quick and easy counter service

Review №22

I can only speak to the burritos...chicken and steak and their chips...but I crave their burritos about once every 3 weeks. Occasionally we are lucky enough to have them bring lunch to our entire office, and they do a great job at that. Queso is good too. Guacamole is a lil too lime, but goes so good in the spicy chicken burrito.

Review №23

Love the food here and it's a great value

Review №24

The joint gets pretty crowded with stuck up customers, but it's worth it if you can grab a table. I had a quesadilla and it was delicious. The staff is nice and the interior is clean, what more could you ask for?

Review №25

Love this place one of my favorite places to take my family and friends! The people are friendly and the food is great!

Review №26

I love Tex-Mex food and this place is a hidden gem. Highly recommend.

Review №27

Customer service is lacking, asked for an item I know they have and was told they never had it. I said no to queso and they added it and charged me for it. Won't be back. Chicken burrito soso salsa very plain.

Review №28

Great food, quick food turnout and good customer service

Review №29

Great local tex-mex. Ask for Natalie she is the best!

Review №30

Very good food...attracts a younger crowd due to college being so close. Nice place to eat tho

Review №31

Love love love C-St. Queso is to die for and the fresh made burritos are amazing!!

Review №32

Love, love, love the staff and the food is outstanding! Also they have discounts for teachers and medical staff on Monday & Tues..not sure which day for what...even if not on those days..they are very reasonable..and they have tofu for us vegans

Review №33

On vacation and marked this as a must for gluten free options. It advertises gluten free and vegetarian options—even including a specialty diet portion on their website. But when we arrived and asked if there was anything not gluten free with exception of obvious things, wheat tortillas etc.., they told us the tofu was gluten free. We never mentioned, nor did we want tofu.We asked again about the other items—beans rice, etc.., and the person asked the manager on duty who told her the rice had gluten. But they didn't know about the rest. We turned and went to Moe's across the street. You simply can't promote gluten free items and have no one working there who knows what is in the food. Big disappointment.

Review №34

Good good. Make sure to check the tofu because sometimes no one gets it and it just sits there getting all over cooked. That's only happened to me once though, this place is great

Review №35

I have been here several times. Tonight the food was not that good. We had chicken burritos, the chicken was cold and it appeared to be dark meat. It was definitely not up to par. Disappointed. Will be a long while before I return.

Review №36

Good food, but the cashier was literally texting while ringing my order up.

Review №37

Always smiling faces and delicious food I usually get a burrito or some nachos!

Review №38

Burrito was great, portion size was substantial, queso was delicious...would def recommend checking this place out for yourself!

Review №39

Great little place for yummy burritos.

Review №40

A better class of Moes. Place is always hopping and the food is great

Review №41

So much better than Chipotle or Moe's, and it's local! Ingredients taste super fresh and it has the perfect amount of seasoning. Staff is very friendly as well.

Review №42

Decent burritos and the service was good. The salsa isn't great.

Review №43

Decent food...price is a little on the high side for this type food.

Review №44

We drive past two Moe's SW Grills to get here, it is that good. Our 8 year old loves. The staff is awesome. Quick, easy and healthy.

Review №45

The price seems cheap but you get what you pay for. The portions are small to say the least. They literally only put drops of queso on. I saw them take a handful of jalapenos count out 5 then put the rest back. The chicken did not taste like it was seasoned and even the sauce was bland. The most flavorful thing was the tortilla itself. I would give this place one star but I thought the music was okay.

Review №46

One of my go-to local lunch spots. Love the naked burritos!

Review №47

Usually great customer service and all around nice people. However when I just called from work to make a pickup order I was told that the owner didn't like to go orders but they would do it this time for me? I go here about once a week and have never had an issue before. They just lost a loyal lunch customer.

Review №48

Good food, cold beer, great margaritas, friendly staff. Great place for family, couples or singles.

Review №49

The staff is super friendly! I had a quesadilla I i got full a little more then half way through. They give you a nice size portion and a ton of chips! My bf had a burrito which he liked. You can add anything you want to be put into these 2 menu items. I will definitely go back to try the other menu items. Plus they have free salsa for the chips. I didn't see the salsa selection for my bf got the salsa. The food really fills you up. I highly recommend this place. It kind of reminded me of moes south west grill.

Review №50

Awesome and delicious. Staff is young and extremely proffessional

Review №51

Quick and Fast service while very friendly.

Review №52

I LOVE C Street. I go here for lunch and they never disappoint. Their green salsa is my favorite and their ingredients always seem really fresh. As much as I love other similar places in town, this is in the top of my list of favorite places in town.

Review №53

I ate here June 5th, 2017 on a friend's recommendation. Excellent food at reasonable prices, friendly service, and a clean establishment made my visit to C-Street a delight! The margarita was good, and I appreciated the vegetarian menu options.

Review №54

Great food! Best burritos in town!

Review №55

While searching for a job I received an offer from the owner Keith for the catering manager position. I worked for a day but received a better offer elsewhere. I left c street with regret but did not want to waste their time training me for me to leave. However the owner Keith Norris has ignored multiple attempts and methods to contact him and refuses to pay me for my hours worked. The food is good and the staff is very friendly however the owner is breaking the law by refusing to pay me for hours worked.

Review №56

Love this place. Friendly staff and good, big burritos and restaurant style chips.

Review №57

I work close by and eat here often. Food is always great! Speedy and friendly service.

Review №58

Great food! Best burrito in town

Review №59

I called to place a to go order during lunch and a man answered the phone and was so rude! When I asked him if I could place a to go order he barked at me and said “you're going to have to hold on, we are really busy” and passed the phone to someone else. When she answered I asked if that was the manager she said it was the OWNER!!!! I work in customer service in an extremely busy office and speak with people on the phone all day long. I would be seriously reprimanded for speaking to someone like that. There is no excuse. I will not be returning to C-Street.

Review №60

I was here twice in two days. Very good food and service.

Review №61

I did threw up. Stomach didn't get along?

Review №62

Great food and reasonable prices. You can choose what you want in your burrito and they make it for you as you watch. Great for quick to-go orders at lunch time.

Review №63

This is my all time favorite place to eat. The food is always amazing and there's only one girl that works here that I've ever had a problem with her attitude. My only complaint is that recently they have started skimping on the meat. I'll get four bites of chicken in a $6 burrito. They didn't used to be like this and I'm hoping this isn't a permanent thing.I am editing this because after years of having eaten here, i have decided i am not going here any longer. I hadn't eaten here for a while since their portions had shrunk and prices had risen. Yesterday, i was here when they opened. I could tell they were working on what seemed to be a large possibly catering order. Both girls behind the counter were speaking Spanish to each other the entire time, only spoke English to ask “what else” we wanted. Then, while checking out, i remembered that i wanted a cup of sauce. One of the managers was standing behind the cashier, very clearly waiting on her to finish ringing me up. I said “well they usually charge me for it” since she had already swiped my card, i was just going to give them cash. The manager literally “shoo”ed me off, making a gesture with his hand and said “yea yea they do. Dont worry about it today. Well have it out to you in a minute”.From now on, I will spend the extra few minutes to drive down to Moes where i get a welcome when i walk in, all smiles behind the counter, and three times the meat for the same price.

Review №64

Food was good but my friend asked for no beans 3 times but still got beans. Beans arent good.

Review №65

Very reasonable prices, good burrito and the service was exceptional.

Review №66

Great place for lunch. Good food

Review №67

Great restaurant! Great tofu, good prices, friendly staff!

Review №68

Its the best! Way better food than moes and chipotle.Great food, great service. All young people, but very professional and hard working. Just smashed my steak burrito and some queso.

Review №69

Very clean and nice .workers friendly .food so good

Review №70

This is, in my opinion the greatest place to get a burrito. Its cheap, not that expensive. The food is fenominal. I love that place and try to fo as much as possible.

Review №71

Better than Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn ;)

Review №72

Super friendly staff and the tofu burrito is fantastic!

Review №73

Very good. Fast. Definitely worth checking out.

Review №74

Great food nice place will dine again, helpful staff

Review №75

Driven by 100x before a coworker suggested I try this place. The food is good, priced well and made fresh for you quickly. Great stop for lunch, but it gets flooded with high school kids at lunch, so plan your lunch breaks accordingly!

Review №76

Spicy Chicken. Burrito or Quesadilla.

Review №77

Always fresh. Fast service. Definitely a new family favorite

Review №78

Friendly staff willing to change the food to whatever you want it to be, fair prices and the food itself is quite good. Small place and the atmosphere is somewhat lacking any authenticity but the good food makes up for it. Watch out for the highschool crowd around 3:30 and especially on early release days as it is very popular with Hoggard students.

Review №79

Great food with good prices. Guac was excellent and the food is hot and ready quickly. Will go back.

Review №80

Awesome tacos and burritos, the salsas are great too. Great place to grab a quick lunch!

Review №81

If your looking to satisfy a Mexican craving...then stay away from this place cuz it won't do it. Doesn't taste like Mexican food at all and I found it to be rather bland and nasty. The steak is very chewy, nothing has any flavor. Ugh...will not be returning.

Review №82

The food is great but the owner is an IDIOT! One of his employees put lots of onions and jalapeño on my taco which I didn't ask for! In this case it's not that big of a deal because she's simply a jealous girl but when the person on the receiving end of that is allergic to the unwanted food item she adds to their food then Keith will be sorry when he gets sued! He had nothing to say when I told him what happened!

Review №83

Just as described. A good mexi-grill (the way I like it!). Ordered 2 chicken tacos for a pick up and it was ready in less than 5 minutes. The tacos are generous ( I really should've ordered just one) and filled with meat beans and whatever you like. I ordered them as is, with black beans, chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. For $2.85 a piece, they are a steal!I will definitely be going back! The menu is very basic, and they have lots of options to make things your way! Similar to FireBelly Lounge and Chipotle if your a Wilmington foodie like me :) The website is probably the best part, as they show you how things are made and the products they use.

Review №84

Very tasty and affordable!

Review №85

Excellent mex food affordable too

Review №86

Always good food and quick friendly service!

Review №87

Wonderful food. Quick service!

Review №88

It was good and clean.

Review №89

Very good. Just as much as all the other burrito places in town!

Review №90

Good burritos , friendly service

Review №91

The burritos are great

Review №92

Great food

Review №93

Great burritos!!!

Review №94

Good, reasonable

Review №95


Review №96

Great food

Review №97

Not bad for the price

Review №98

They are good,

Review №99


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  • Address:4410 Shipyard Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 910-399-4838
  • Family restaurant
  • Burrito restaurant
  • Tex-Mex restaurant
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Taco restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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