El Pique
805 Old Dupont Rd, Wilmington, DE 19804, United States

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The tacos are the best I've ever eaten. They have a wide variety of taco meats. I had lamb, chorizo, and El pastor tacos. They were all winners.The staff is friendly and helpful.The restaurant is a tiny hole in the wall, so take out is the best option.

Review №2

If I was only rating the food, this place would get 5-stars from me - not perfect, but darn good especially for the price. The location however is inconvenient and uninviting from the outside. The restaurant itself is small with cafeteria-style tables, but clean otherwise. The staff was pleasant and the food didn't take long, but to be fair we got in before they became very busy. I thought the food presentation was nice (see photo) and the taste just as good. Everything was fresh! One quesadilla easily filled me up, though there are many sides to pick from. A better location would do wonders for the place, but as-is El Pique is an every-now-and-then spot for decent Mexican food.

Review №3

Amazing authentic tacos. Lots of different meat to choose from. Very fast and tasty. Priced well also.

Review №4

Very very good, love the sopes especially! Great serving sizes and quality. Just recommend ordering ahead because they get pretty busy and sometimes it can take a while to get food if you walk-in.

Review №5

I ordered 5 beef with Tex Mex toppings, creama sour cream, Mexican cheese and red sauce. Look how fat these tacos are packed. Sooo delicious! These are authentic Mexican Tacos. Perfect meal any day but especially on taco tuesday when you get five of these for $5. $1 99 for the cheese and two sour creams. All for $7.96!

Review №6

Super friendly! You cannot dine in but you can order to take out. You'll get lots of good food here!

Review №7

This little joint is getting a lot of attention lately in this state so I had to see what the hub bub was about. The hype is real. It's an unassuming dive off a major highway and next to a liquor store. Probably would pass by and see it and say I ain't eating there. Well you'd be missing out. Best food I have found are in the most questionable looking places. I don't know if it's better or equal to the many taco food trucks around but it's at least as good if not better with possibly more variety. I had the pork tacos, lamb tacos, and chicken enchiladas. I am a carnita guy so that was my fav. Tender and good flavor. The enchiladas are really good. The lamb was good but not something I would reorder. Just not my thing but I am not against lamb I eat lamb gyros all the time. Just wasn't crazy about the tacos. There's whole bunch more I'd like to try though on their menu. I guess I'll be driving 30 min to eat here a lot in the future.

Review №8

Phenomenal food. The taco bowls are definitely my favorite. If you're ever in the area I highly recommend getting an Al Pastor bowl.

Review №9

It was perfect. I got delivery as I have for everything since the pandemic started, and microwaved everything for 45 seconds as I do with all of my food deliveries for the same reason. I appreciated how everything was wrapped in the spirit of cleanliness.I got lamb barbacoa tacos and lamb consomme. I ate the lamb consomme probably in like 30 was phenomenal. I saved the leftover broth to dip my tacos into. The lamb barbacoa tacos with the red and green salsas were delicious as well and disappeared as quickly as the consomme. I couldn't have been happier with the food and I hope to visit in person when this is all over. I love authentic Mexican food and El Pique didn't disappoint! Highly recommend.

Review №10

This place is something special. Loved loved loved the tacos we had Tinga chicken and egg tacos. They were fresh and tasty. Priced very well and service was fast! I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №11

Killer tacos, quick and cheap. Not for dine-in at the moment. Next door to a cheap liquor store to boot.

Review №12

This restaurant is my preferable site. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this restaurant. when I feel like having a special lunchon, this is the place that comes straightaway to my head. good and all kinds of food and a rich menu.helpful staff, and nice vibes. And very important, the pay is decent. I recommend this place with no doubt.

Review №13

I tried to place an order through the phone and the staff was very unprofessional! She hung up mid order and was very rude. When I tried to call back, she would not answer the phone. Cannot leave a review for the food because I can't even get it!

Review №14

The food is very good and so are the workers

Review №15

The staff is very friendly. They do have a small parking lot though. There is a liquor store if you want to get some alcohol for your meal. El Pique has a clear menu to read (in both English and Spanish) and they do accept most debit/credit cards. I do love coming here. They even serve look lamb!

Review №16

I certainly loved the food and customer service, fantastic area very close to my apartment. The staff members are always super nice. I highly recommend this place.

Review №17

Great tacos good prices

Review №18

To the Disrespectful young lady with glasses. I've been a customer for over 10 years, and NEVER have I experienced someone like her. Every time I order it's wrong ( and it's only with her) And don't dare bring your food back in and tell her there's something wrong. She has POOR customer service skills and lacks any sympathy for customers. WATCH YOUR FOOD.

Review №19

Love their tacos

Review №20

Great tacos and and lamb stew!

Review №21

Was craving an authentic Taco today. Decided to give this spot a try. Chicken was delicious with fresh cilantro and onions and a side of rice and beans. Reasonable priced. This is a CASH ONLY store. Will go again.

Review №22

My favorite burrito and taco spot. The seasoned lamb w everything on it, is the best burrito I've had in Delaware

Review №23

Tiny shop, but tacos were great. Went with a few coworkers a little before noon, and there was already a line down the middle of the store and all the tables were occupied. Fortunately, most are take-out customers, so the tables opened up quickly and we were able to eat on-site. Go on Tuesday, 5 for 5 if you get a single staple meat (chicken, beef, pork).Small suggestion: don't order chicken if you don't have too many in your party, as it's the weaker of the 3 flavor-wise; however, all 3 meats are good overall.Note: they've done some updates on their facilities, though not all of them were done well. However, the vibe remains the same.

Review №24

Very disappointed with the tacos. Poor service. Horrible presentation and stale limes.

Review №25

They say they are open till 6 pm....I m literally in front of the store and it 5:15 and they are close....and this is not the first time or the 2nd .....I will be find a new taco place from now on.....I just drove 20 mins to get here for nothing

Review №26

Went here for Taco Tuesday. Super delicious food.The exterior isn't that pretty but the seating is pretty abundant inside. On Tuesdays it can get a little crowded because they run a $5 for 5 taco special which is really popular (and for good reason).Overall would say that the tacos they make are of high quality - you can pick between Tex-Mex and other options which changes the toppings. I always get Tex Mex. I've had their beef, lamb, and pork tacos before. I can recommend their lamb and beef and are very reliable - the pork is also good but I've only gotten it once.Give this place a go - very nice people that work here - they'll take good care of you.

Review №27

Tasty Mexican food. Ideally suited for take out. If you're in the area and craving for some Mexican food, definitely recommend paying this place a visit.

Review №28

This is not a five star dining experience. However, it has earned 5 stars doing what it does WELL. They are a hole in the wall taco business. Every Tuesday during the spring-summer they have 5 tacos for $5. They are made to order and are topped with your selection of chicken, pork, or steak. The produce(lettuce, onion, tomato, cilantro) is always fresh and crunchy. This is easily my number one go to for lunch on Tuesdays in Wilmington.

Review №29

Homemade horchata, rice and beans, carnitas and carne asada tacos come perfect with cilantro and onions!

Review №30

I love this place!!! I literally eat here alnost everyday. The consome is the best i ever tasted.

Review №31

Best tacos within a 50 mile radius. I've tried nearly half their menu and everything is great. Tacos on Tuesday (5 for $5) is excellent value for price. Lamb stew is bomb.

Review №32

Don't le the looks fool you this is one of the best restaurants in Delaware. The staff is amazing and the food is outstanding. 40 minute drive to get there is well worth it.

Review №33

This place is fire. I come every Tuesday for lunch for Taco Tuesday and get their 5 for $5 taco deal. You can choose chicken, pork, or steak (1 meat for all 5 tacos) and either American, Mexican, or Tex Mex toppings. I usually go for the pork and tex mex combination and can never finish all 5 because they're so filling (and admittedly heavy).They also do caramel churros which I had never had before here and when they come out fresh and warm they are absolutely delicious. I have yet to try other things on the menu because honestly the Tuesday taco deal is so good that I feel like I'd be losing money if I didn't get it hahaha. I am interested to try the tongue or tripe in the future, though...

Review №34

Clean spot, friendly staff and great food! I will go back!

Review №35

Good food but busy most times, I would suggest calling in your order.

Review №36

A little bit slow to take the orders, but good food

Review №37

Pros: Pork & Tripe Tacos is good. All tortilla they heat it up the grill not serving out of the plastic bag or shelves.Con: the rest of the meat tacos is dry. The price $1.99 for tacos is not bad it's just they did not specify that tripe tacos is not included in that price so you will be surprise when your total amount is more than what you expect.I suggest to customers that want to try is new taco place in New Castle, Delaware that to there to eat and not order for to go because your food quality and quantity is different. We had a great experience when we dine in except for the price of the tacos is not specified but when we place an order for pick up with simple request instructions they don't follow it and the amount of food you get is smaller in quantity.

Review №38

Authentic Mexican tacos... I wish it had more meat that was tender than lettuce and tomatoes. I would say they were okay.

Review №39

Amazing customer service and fantastic tasting authentic food.

Review №40

Great food Great service! Hidden gem!

Review №41

Best consume in town. The tacos are amazing. If you can handle authentic Mexican heat, get the seasoned or chipotle meats. Best hidden little secret in town

Review №42

I didn't go inside, but instead someone picked our order up. We all had tacos, which were served soft and with a hot. Sauce and lime. It was delicious, and I'm told the most authentic Mexican food around. The appearance isn't great from the outside, but the tacos we're awesome!

Review №43

Good taco place with a large list of protein. Suadero ( Angus beef) tacos were good and I like the original Mexican style toppings of cilantro and onion: also has choice for american or Tex Mex style toppings. Will have to try the soup next time.

Review №44

Parking was easy, the place shares parking with the liquor store. Plenty of parking in this stand alone spot.I came in around the end of normal human lunch time. They had a few full tables, which was almost half of the space. This place is small, 4 booths, 2 tables, and a small bar with 3 stools. This is no frills, grab a menu, and order at the counter. The woman behind the counter was attentive, fast, and polite in all of our interactions. They have an extensive variety of meats for you to choose from.They don't have a bar here. I ordered a bottle of Sprite, which was cold and refreshing. I didn't ask, but with the liquor store right beside them, they may let you BYOB. I'm not sure, I should've asked!I ordered the 3 taco plate, choosing al pastor, chorizo, and barbacoa as my meats. Traditional style.Al pastor was OMG! Melt in your mouth meat on crispy warm tortillas. My mouth is watering now thinking about how good they are.Chorizo was as good as I've had to this point. Perfect blend of spices, and had a little crunch to the meat. This is how I always like my chorizo. Did I mention those tortillas????!!!Barbacoa... again was off the damn charts good.You really didn't need salsa for these tacos, but you can't go wrong with the ones they provided.Verde salsa was on point...I love tomatillo based salsas!They also had an orange colored salsa that had a nice citrus flavor, and a spicy kick to it. I loved them both honestly.I ordered the enchiladas, verde, with chorizo as my meat. I feel like I should have tried the chicken, but I've never had chorizo enchiladas so...Enchiladas came out in a fry basket on top of foil. Four enchiladas with sour cream I lettuce on top. They were tasty, but really tough to cut with the flimsy plastic utensils that came out with the order. It did get a little easier after you got through the first one, but it was a pretty awkward experience. Would've been so much better on a paper plate with foil, and either a real fork, or a stronger plastic one.I'd probably go with take out on my next trip.

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Review №46

Love the tacos, the only thing I didnt like, I could not order by phone and I had to wait 20-25 mins for my order. They should take phone orders, people fall behind on other things they have to do.

Review №47

Delicious tacos and the lamb stew is amazing. My favorite place to eat

Review №48

Very favorite place to get tacos, my favorite are the chorizo! Friends get steak, chicken and the tamales!

Review №49

Excellent street fare very good price. As authentic as it gets. Don't expect anything special, don't be dissuaded by the bars on the windows :)

Review №50

Love it

Review №51

Best tacos and soup...hands down! The menu has a variety of selections and very cheap also! Don't forget to grab some churros on the way home!!

Review №52

Taco Tuesday and beef isn't available? I went there at 12:15 three weeks ago and was told this. I went yesterday at 6 and no beef. With beef being the most expensive they are not going to give you five tacos for $5 with beef. So you get there as they won't take orders for this special over the phone and because you saved your appetite you are now drawn in and forced to get chicken or pork.

Review №53

I have been going to el pique for over 7 years moved away came back and it's still as good as the first day!

Review №54

El Pique has been a favorite of mine for years. Address being away for 14 months it was my first stop. I had the lamb consume and some tacos. The soup was good but I was disappointed with the tacos. They used canned jalapenos in the alambre rather than fresh. They have to be fresh, fried and crispy, not the mush they served me. They have also changed the pork meat in the al pastor. There's nothing like a taco chock full of pulled pork, but when you cube the meat and fry it, it's over cooked and falling out of the taco. I'm not sure why they made these changes, but I imagine it's economics. But it wasn't to keep the prices down because the prices have steadily increased. This loyal customer is beyond the point of return. New customers are hard to get so you should hold on to your old, loyal customers. Instead of cutting costs, maybe you should work on quality and consistency. I'll be looking for a new spot.

Review №55

Such a surprise! We were passing through and decided to stop for tacos. There were a few tables and a sign that said free samples of consome. I've had consome before but this blew South Philly Barbacoa's out of the water. Spicy, hearty, and full of flavor. The tacos were no slouch either, dressed Tex mex style or traditional- either way you're going to enjoy them.

Review №56

It was good

Review №57

Some of the best Mexican food I've had since moving to Delaware.

Review №58

Love Taco Tuesdays!!! Chicken, Pork, and Beef 5 for $5. Walk in only!

Review №59

I'm grateful to have good Mexican food right by my house. If I could be reincarnated, I would come back as a chicken taco. No seriously I would.

Review №60

Visited El Pique because the New York Daily News listed it as the best tacos in the state of Delaware. I drove right by this unassuming restaurant, which is a bit off the beaten path. The interior barely seats 6 people, and it looks as though much of their business is take-out. Portion sizes were adequate but nothing to write home about. In fact, I think the tacos were a bit pricey. However, everything was very fresh and tasty. Overall the service was good and I enjoyed the food, but "The Best?" I don't think so.

Review №61

The food is addictive. Some are likely scared away by the shoddy little building attached to a liquor store, but this is the best takeout taco joint around. My family now DEMANDS El Pique taco Tuesdays for dinner, every single week.

Review №62

Surprising, excellent Mexican Food. The Tacos de Carnitas were delicious: crispy skin and juicy meat. Way better than expected.

Review №63

I go there for the authentic Mexican tacos, one of the best ones in town!

Review №64

Some of the best tacos in Delaware! El Pique is always a good choice if you want small plates, authentic flavor and good prices. The only change I would make is the amount of plastic and Styrofoam they use to pack their food to-go. Everything is wrapped and then wrapped again. Just seems like an unnecessary waste that hurts the environment.

Review №65

Great tacos and aqua fresca. Don't be scared off by the unimpressive outside, great things come hidden in odd packages.

Review №66

Every time I go here the meat is dry as heck

Review №67

Great tacos, make sure to check for your sauces when getting Togo.

Review №68

One of the best taco place in Delaware and their caramel churros are good

Review №69

Delicious cheap tacos and food.Lots of meat selections, excellent tortas.

Review №70

Great place to get authentic tacos. I've tried the lamb, seasoned pork, beef Angus, farmers cheese, chicken. everything I've tried has been fantastic plus you can't beat the price!

Review №71

Best Mexican in Wilmington, very reasonably priced

Review №72

Good food, only reason I take 1 star is that we ordered to go when we got in the car and back on the road we realised were missing some food.

Review №73

Love their food is just like you see in the pictures the same amount and very tasty and good.

Review №74

It's a dive, but the food is great! I had never seen pambazo, lamb stew, or some of their meat choices before.

Review №75

Great atmosphere and sauce choice, with fresh toppings and great meat.

Review №76

Very good tacos. I enjoyed them very much. Four different verities among other things on their menu.

Review №77

Friendly staff and the food was great.

Review №78

The lamb consome was incredible!

Review №79

Carne Asada tacos, horchata, and chips and spicy guac were some of the absolute best I've ever had

Review №80

Amazing food, lots of selections, fast service and great prices! I never would've expected it from the look of the place. I go 1-2 times a week and have never been disappointed.

Review №81

The best taco shop around. Chicken tacos are actual pulled chicken meat. The seasoning is outstanding. The employees are always top notch.

Review №82

A great little restaurant with a lovely lamb stew, the tacos, burritos and quesadillas we had were excellent. You know you are someplace serious when you see tripe on the menu! I highly recommend this place!

Review №83

Good food.

Review №84

Great service and food. They have vegetarian tacos as well. I tried the cheese and bean. You have to get the horchata.

Review №85

Good prices, great food

Review №86

Excellent tacos, great 5/$5 taco Tuesday deal

Review №87

Amazing tacos and great service. Have not tried anything else due to how great the tacos are!!

Review №88

Great food. Great price. Great customer service.

Review №89

Use to be one of my favorite places.. but lately the service is bad and they run out of stuff like its famous for the tacos n tortas so if I go there I expect them to have that..

Review №90

Best tacos in town! Definitely go for a special and take advantage of the savings.

Review №91

Best Mexican food I have ever had. Always fresh ingredients. A hidden gem.

Review №92

The best carnitas I have had. My favorite Mexican spot. Great prices and good portions. The consome is amazing, I have to get some Everytime I get tacos now. 5 for 5 tacos on Tuesday, best deal going for the quality of food. I will eat carnitas tacos and consome every Tuesday as long as I live in the area, with some burritos thrown in on other random days of the week. Alambre burrito is another favorite.

Review №93

Amazing food, everything was delicious and so fresh. Tiny little place, worth a visit if you want authentic Mexican food!

Review №94

Great eating!

Review №95

I just ordered from here for so called taco Tuesday and because i said i wanted seasoned chicken they literally charged me an extra five dollars for five tacos so i my order was suppose to be 25 dollars and change instead they charged me a extra five dollars for seasoned meat and my total was 30 dollars and change that is not appropriate i will have to find me another mexican taco spot because this place is not right because i want my meat seasoned you charging me more money i am done this will be my last time ordering anything again from this place.

Review №96

This place is great, but make sure you don't order off menu. I ordered a cheese quesadilla (I think they only have quesadillas with meat) and I got beef or chicken or something. I'm a vegetarian. Brought it back, they were very apologetic and made me cheese quesadillas. Just got home and found that they left out the sauce. I'm not driving back there a third time over this. Next time I'll make sure to order straight off the menu so there's no confusion.

Review №97

Great food HOWEVER getting charged 5.60 for extra onions and avacado is ridiculous. 2.80 additional charge for such condiments AND i didnt even get the extras on my tortas

Review №98

Perfect tacos. Would have liked to have them with house-made tortillas, but that's just not always the way. Enjoy!

Review №99

Great Food.

Review №100

Great Mexican food ,love taco Tuesdays 5 tacos for 5$ and the lamb stew is great

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