El Arriero Taqueria 1
6932 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28411, United States
Review №1

Amazing tacos today. Tortillas de maíz hechas a mano, great-tasting Carne Asada. Any place that sells Sopes and Flan is the real deal.

Review №2

2 1/2 Stars.Low-rent shopping center where the custodian obviously doesn't care about keeping the storefront areas cleaned or maintained regularly, therefore I'd never invite a friend to go to Arriero with me out of shame.Low-rent establishment with no waitress service. No clue why anyone would rate this place with 5, or even 4 stars. It's certainly on the low end of the dozens and dozens and dozens of Mexican eateries I've eaten at in the world over many years.The food was okay to not bad. There was a freshness there, such as with the tostada shells, but then the steak asada meat was low quality and gristly.Prices about commensurate with what was served, but this patron would prefer to pay a bit more for better quality chow.Would never bother to return and I would hope Wilmington has something better to offer in the Tex-Mex cuisine arena.

Review №3

The food was great and actual mexican food! Very clean and organized with great customers service. You are able to refill your drink as many times you want!!

Review №4

Authentic & delicious! Friendly staff! Fair prices! Quick service!

Review №5

Best place to get AUTHENTIC Mexican food in town. Nothing fancy just some good food. Can't go wrong with the tortas or tacos.

Review №6

Absolutely amazing and authentic! The Molcajete is a must try!

Review №7

My wife, my mother inlaw and I ate there we were really disappointed.As I told the lady working there as we left we want ever go back. I feel like I just threw $30 in the trash.

Review №8

Don't bother with this location. Head down the road to 4015 market. After having a horrendous time at el arriero 1 in OGDEN with their horrible customer service ( pretty much told me to kick rocks the first time due to their apparently wonky online ordering system that likes to take your money and not put the order in? “can't give you food if we don't have your money” after I showed her both my bank account / side note she decided to scroll through it???! AND email receipt. Stepped outside to call in and ask to speak to a manager. Was hung up on. - Walked back in and finally got a manager on the phone and he did get her to refund the money. But the whole process of dealing with her was rediculous.) Anyways, decided to head to el arriero 2 since the lady answering the phone was so kind and helpful when I called to see if my order had went to the wrong location. Did not disappoint. Fast, fresh and friendly service. Will 100% recommend the 4015 location down the street over the OGDEN establishment.

Review №9

BOY!!!!! This place KILLED IT!!! The menu layout was a bit confusing. But once questions were answered, it was cake. I had the Arriero burrito and my wife had the pulled pork burrito. The queso was an actual cheese sauce and not cheese water. The salsa bar was fully stocked and had a wide variety of salsas. All of them were delicious! Interior was clean and the staff was cool. This will be a part of our places to visit everytime we're back home.

Review №10

Im not from the area a frien recomend me this place, well i order tacos and let me tell you !!! It was awesome ..!!!!I will definitely be back....

Review №11

Everything is delicious -- I especially love the carnitas.

Review №12

Stayed in Wilmington for the night and was craving some beans and rice! I ordered the chicken fajita quesadilla, for one it was huge, two freaking amazing, and three it came with rice beans lettuce guacamole sour cream and pico on the side. The only issue we had was my husband ordered a burrito (our order was to go and we didn't open anything before we got home and washed our hands) and he got a quesadilla instead. He did still enjoy his dinner though. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of a good Mexican fix!! Staff was friendly and helpful restaurant was very clean and practicing safety precautions to keep is all safe.

Review №13

What a surprise to find such an authentic Mexican place here! I am guessing it is fairly new as I remember a bunch of different storefronts in this location. I really hope this restaurant makes it here! It was very good food in a casual setting. I had the fajita burrito and loved every bite! I will be back to try more dishes! Not too expensive either.

Review №14

Great Mexican food... service and prices!

Review №15

The food is fresh and really good. It feels very authentic so I didn't mind that it is a bit pricey. I had the tacos with carnitas and will be going back soon to try more menu items.

Review №16

Omg so good and authentic! Awesome food the tamales are the best!

Review №17

Very good and quite authentic.

Review №18

Great tasting Mexican food

Review №19

They didn't have avocado salsa when they said they did .

Review №20

A Friday lunch favorite of mine, but get in there early! The place is always packed! The food is excellent and the service is quite friendly. Which explains why they are always packed!

Review №21

I just did a pick-up from them for the first time, and the food is outstanding!!

Review №22

It's pretty good

Review №23

Most authentic Mexican food you'll find in Wilmington. Food is the best I've had.

Review №24

Great food, great atmosphere . Comida authentico! Sabor de Mexico!

Review №25

Great food, nice people! Ethnic menu.

Review №26

This place is amazing! Definitely best authentic place in Wilmington! I'm so glad they opened!

Review №27

The tacos are a little small but the flavor is huge! I'm addicted after 1 visit. Having never been and seeing the parking lot of the new one being empty at 7pm on a Sunday night I was skeptical but they have probably the best tacos I have had in town to date. The meat is hot and fresh and I loved both the pollo asado and the carnitas.

Review №28

Good authentic Mexican food,

Review №29

Food was fresh and delicious! Service was wonderful! They're all so warm and friendly there. If you want authentic go here! New favorite place!!

Review №30

Great fresh food, good selection, nice service, plenty of food at affordable prices.If you are really hungry or eat a lot try el molcajete.

Review №31

Jacksonville location.Unsatisfactory for authentic Mexican food. Street corn tastes frozen and boiled, not fresh and grilled. Ordered the sampler, nopales were bland and unappetizing. Also had the enchilada jalisco, sauce was from a can; had the tin taste. Drinks, house margarita was decent.

Review №32

Really bad customer service.

Review №33

Traditional Mexican tacos. Nice toppings and salsa bar. Personally, I think they are the best tacos in Wilmington.

Review №34

Definitely wouldn't recommend eating here. Everything we ordered was subpar at best. The grilled chicken and asada were both dry, plain, and overcooked, the tortilla on the chimichanga was so hard you couldn't chew it, the burrito (if you can call it that, considering it was just meat wrapped in a soft tortilla) was entirely flavorless, and the queso was so thick it was hard to swallow.

Review №35

Awesome food and staff.First time in and the food is cooked fresh and hot.Absolutely delicious!

Review №36

We've eaten here a few times and the service is amazing but the food was phenomenal. Definitely recommend!

Review №37

Supper nice staff and GREAT authentic Mexican food. Nice selection of beer too. We were there for lunch and it was busy. They're mostly take out for lack of tables so dinner might be crowded or SHOULD BE so go early, I don't think they take reservation, go early...stay late.

Review №38

The food was good

Review №39

Never had a Modelo this size before! Great food!!

Review №40

Delicious and fast! Plus they have tamales!!!

Review №41

This is a wonderful restaurant with great staff and some of the best Mexican food I have ever had! The menudo is served daily and is the bomb....I just ate a whole bowl.I have been to many restaurants in the Wilmington area and most are Tex/Mex food, made like fast-food, or has lost all the authentic Mexican flavors.I highly recommend El Arriero Taqueria!You will love it

Review №42

Authentic food. Small place. Delicious! You can tell they make their own corn tortillas because they're thicker and heavier than commercial ones. Recommend!

Review №43

Came as a recommendation for good authentic and flavorful food. Absolutely lived up to my expectations, can't wait to come back and try more food!!

Review №44

To start, if your expecting to be served and to have free chips and salsa before your meal, then this place is not for you. They do not have table service and chips are an extra charge.The food, however, is excellent authentic mexican and it is delicious. This is a place great for take out. We ate at the outdoor tables b/c we had our dogs and the tables were disgustingly dirty. The inside appeared pretty clean though.

Review №45

Great food great dining atmosphere

Review №46

It's a homey place to eat. Wonderful staff and great food. You can't go wrong here.

Review №47

Very good cooking, authentic. I got the Cuban sandwich. Nice, big, filling. Wish the restaurant could be bigger but it remained perfectly cozy! Great lunch!

Review №48

Great stop. Food was great!

Review №49

Good tacos

Review №50

Good place for some Mexican food . Kind of a tight squeeze if you bring a stroller.

Review №51

Best Mexican food I've had in Wilmington! The chorizo/carne.burrito was amazing!

Review №52

Love this place good is authentic and taste great.

Review №53

Always a pleasure eating here. Great staff, tasty authentic Mexican food (coming from a native Mexican. Taco Bell, El Serro Grande, Islands, is not Mexican btw.) Clean and welcoming environment. Please try a Jarrito pinnapple soda with your meal.

Review №54

Flavorless food. Cashier was rude. I've tried this place a couple of times and still have yet to be impressed by their overpriced food. Lesson learned. Won't be going back.

Review №55

This is some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Highly recommend El Corral (pork) and Sincronizada (chicken).

Review №56

Food was okay. Service was a little slow. Nothing too crazy good here.

Review №57

I love this place. The food is Great. Go get you some.

Review №58

Fantastic food counter serviceCold beer.

Review №59

Swripouly, not edible. could have been Chinese. cold no flavor. disgusting. . they must live in anywhere other than wrath food so bad. will take back tomorrow

Review №60

They over charged me and said very very racist thi gs about me,right when I paid my bill,I understand Spanish even the curse chicana.Viva Jalisco vejas feas!!oh and btw,the health Department needs to be called, they served spoiled beans that made my son vomit.and were laughing about it,I have it recorded on my phone, them saying it in Spanish

Review №61

Authentic mexican food. Make no mistake about it, this is not the typical american tex-mex you can find at most restaurants. The food is fantastic and they offer a number of things you can't find elsewhere. Give it a try. It's well worth it.

Review №62

This place is amazingly authentic! I recently moved to Wilmington from phoenix and was afraid that I would never have authentic Mexican food again. I was wrong. If authentic is what you want, you HAVE to try this place.

Review №63

Pros: Nice people, clean environment, quick service.Cons: Stale chips, limited selection compared to other places, small/cramped area, and no waiters/waitresses. You have to sit down, figure out what you want, go back to the front, order, get your own drink, and get your own refills. It's silly, I know, but I'm used to being served when I come to a restaurant.Overall the food was pretty average, although this was my first (and last) time going to El Arriero Taqueria so possibly they were just having an off day.It's a good backup plan if you can't find anywhere else for some reason.

Review №64

Good food good service authentic flavors

Review №65

Food is good to many people tables to closed overall is worthy

Review №66

Exemplary Mexican. Shrimp tacos delectable and fiery. Recommended.

Review №67

Definitely more authentic than most

Review №68

Great food, nice folks and good service! This is our mexican food spot for sure!

Review №69

Great find! Delicious tacos and very reasonably priced. Service was good, small place making it more authentic. Will definately be going back!

Review №70

Great authentic Mexican food. Very reasonable prices and very good food. Great experience overall and a great find.

Review №71

The food is excellent!

Review №72

Food was good. Service and atmosphere was lacking. Topping bar should be monitored due to people putting their fingers in the food.

Review №73

Great prices for the food you get. Good dish presentation and alot of flavor! The sweet rice n cinnamon water is delicious and great for eating really spicy food.

Review №74

Authentic mexican food. Vegetarian friendly! They simply replaced the meat with beans.

Review №75

Fantastic place to grab authentic Mexican food. Service was great and so was everything we ordered. Their menu is a little small, but everything on it is fantastic.

Review №76

Food was okay I felt they where a little over priced especially on soda

Review №77

Friendly service

Review №78

I've been there three times and will return more and more. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, everything is handmade and authentic and priced reasonably. The tortas are huge (and tasty)! I appreciate the fresh toppings bar with cilantro, radish, cucumbers, salsas and the selections of agua frescas

Review №79

Absolutely delicious!

Review №80

Very authentic and Mexican, ask if they take pesos.

Review №81

The food is delicious. Small space, clean. A little pricy and no table service. But the food more than makes up for any of the cons.

Review №82

Amazing food and a very simple menu. Select your meat, select your style, and enjoy! I had Carne for the meat and quesadilla style food. It came with a salad that was also great. I look forward to eating here again in the future! The horchata was also very tasty!

Review №83

Super bomb food. The Al Alazon is freakin sweet.

Review №84

Food is awesome will definitely come back

Review №85

Real Mexican food at a reasonable price. Very fast service.

Review №86

Servers food on foam plates. Food is good Mexican fare.

Review №87

If you want authentic mexican food, this is the place! Plus they have a fresh salsa bar.

Review №88

Good food and friendly staff

Review №89

Absolutely fantastic food. Best Mexican food we have ever had.

Review №90

Delicious tacos. Carne asada was ver good. Carnitas took me back to my fond memories of Cali and the great mexican food I grew up with that I have not been able to find since moving here. Guacamole is fresh and delicious. Fantastic sauce & veggie bar. Can't wait to go back. Having a carnitas burrito next time.

Review №91

OK food, but over priced, bad service, and bad attitudes. Save your time and money to spend elsewhere. On the border just down the street is way better, and La Costa is the best around!!!

Review №92

Best service and food in town.

Review №93

. Sooo dope.

Review №94

Fantastic authentic Mexican food!!! Had fabulous tacos carnitas and tacos pollo asado with a side of queso dip was so delicious (rico) too. The staff was very polite and answered my questions about the food. There is a self-serve bar with a variety of salsas, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos etc to add to your tacos. Clean and nicely decorated too! TV was showing programs from SKY network and Latin music was playing in the background. Thoroughly enjoyed my meal and plan to return. What a great find!

Review №95

The food was good, but the place kind of small and kind of expensive too

Review №96

Delicious authentic Mexican food experience

Review №97

So pricey

Review №98

Good food and service,

Review №99

After a day by the beach, we were hungry, find this place over google, this sure is authentic Mexican food, but for the price is not enough food, personal is great, as well the service, but plate looks a little empty, I'll give them a five stars but not this time!!!

Review №100

Food is amazing there and so are the people

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