La Costa Mexican Restaurant
3617 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
Review №1

Outstanding location for quality Mexican food. Service is consistently great. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I loved.

Review №2

Great food in a traditional Mexican restaurant setting. Arroz con Camarones was excellent, as was the Flan.

Review №3

Didn't live up to the hype. Great service from the waitress though.

Review №4

So very VERY TERRIBLE!!!!They missed my kids order and messed up my order.However they did get my wife's order of cheese and rice correct. They close at 9 pm I got home saw my order was JACKED so drove back and got there at 8:48 to locked doors and no one answering the phone after roughly 8:20! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! THEY DO NOT CARE!

Review №5

Solid, but not as special as some other Mexican restaurants in town. They do, however, sell margaronas; which are margaritas with a small upside down Corona in it. Worth a try!

Review №6

Fast service, but way too expensive for food quality. Honestly, they've had 2 tries and the food is not good both times. The prices are like 25-45% more than a good Mexican restaurant. There is like no toppings on the taco salad. The food doesn't taste fresh or seasoned.

Review №7

Food was amazing. Hostess was very nice.

Review №8

The food was delicious! One of the best Mexican restaurants I've eaten at! Service was great. Staff was kind and friendly!

Review №9

The food doesn't taste good. I ordered choripollo. The chicken tasted burnt and the beans had no flavor.

Review №10

Yucky food, chorizo tasted like breakfast sausage and the carnita was like a soggy fajita that was overcooked. They took it back to the kitchen and still charged me for it. My daughter had a similar experience and the tortilla was stale.

Review №11

Had the pork fajitas, meat was seasoned well. The service was good. Prices were good.

Review №12

If I lived close to La Costa Mexican Restaurant, it would be my favorite spot!!! Great food.

Review №13

Great food. Consistent everytime Nice and attentive staff.

Review №14

Great food, quiet nice atmosphere...

Review №15

DoorDashed La Costa for dinner and it was so good! BEST queso ever & my ACP was delicious!

Review №16

They have a very friendly staff and only recently reopened to the public. During the shelter-in-place, we have ordered takeout a few times and have been pleased with the meal.

Review №17

Delicious food, great friendly service

Review №18

Amazing food. Good price

Review №19

Always delicious Mexican food and the staff is lovely.

Review №20

Always get service,food and Patron margaritas

Review №21

We love it. Our all time favorite. And we love Luis.

Review №22

This is my go to place for Chile Rellenos and Chicken Mole enchiladas. The sauces on both these dishes are super yummy.

Review №23

Tried it for the first time about 4 months ago. We have returned 3x since then. Good food and good service; consistenly!

Review №24

Went in around 7:30 on a Saturday night and the place wasn't busy at all, which had me a little worried at first. We were seated immediately, and our waitress came to the table with chips and salsa, and took our drink order. This was my first visit and the smell was definitely right on point for what I expect of a good Mexican restaurant. Being from Texas I have a taste for good Tex Mex and this place definitely didn't let me down. Started with some queso, and got the fajita trio (chicken,beef, and shrimp) to share. it was fantastic. I love chicken sour cream enchiladas so I ordered one on the side and it didn't disappoint either, though the sour cream sauce could've been just a touch thicker. Overall I'd rate this as one of the best spots for Mexican food in Wilmington

Review №25

My first meal out! Great staff, great food!

Review №26

Service was good. Great food made to order. DELICIOUS!

Review №27

This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. There are 3 locations with the one on Market Street being my second favorite only because the Oleander location is closer to my home.The food at La Costa is always fresh and well prepared. I don't ever remember having an issue and we have been here quite often. I love their enchiladas.The service is always very good and frequently great.

Review №28

Excellent service. Chicken Fajita was kind of dry. The rest of my food was hot fresh and to die for. Generous portions. Price was average. Place looked well cared for and clean. If ever in the area again I will be back. I do recommend.

Review №29

Our go to Mexican! Oleander is the best and the folks are great.

Review №30

Decent Mexican food

Review №31

The biggest burrito ever. Food is fabulous. Been looking for a good dirty Mexican restaurant and I think I found it.

Review №32

I love this place. The atmosphere is very casual, the people are friendly and efficient, and the food is great and consistent. You're not going to go there and suddenly find your favorite dish tastes different. The salsa is delicious. We've been going here for over 15 years and it remains my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. That's saying something!

Review №33

The food is always excellent and a good value

Review №34

Down home Mexican cooking and deicide that can't be beat

Review №35

Food was alright. The prices in my opinion were way overpriced. They gave us the wrong receipt which was 11 dollars more than our total was suppose to be. They were quite slow. Their salsa also tasted weird and the chips were burnt. I don't really recommend this place. I don't usually ever leave reviews but it wasn't good.

Review №36

Good food

Review №37

Excellent food!!! Great prices!!!

Review №38

Food was excellent!! Staff was wonderful! Thanks for the southern hospitality!

Review №39

Love this restaurant! The seafood dishes are delicious and in my opinion, they have the best salsa in town!

Review №40

I love LaCosta. Their chicken taco soup is awesome, as is everything else on the menu. Great service as well!

Review №41

Great atmosphere, wonderful staff, good food and delicious salsa!

Review №42

Very authentic, delicious food. Large portions. Menudo on Sundays!

Review №43

Relaxed, good selection, excellent food, and courteous & highly competent service

Review №44

Great food and great service!

Review №45

Great service.. Great food.. The faita taco salad was great.. great margarita specials.. my wife had the quesadilla and it was huge. If your in the area you gotta try it out. The salsa has cilantro and onions and is great on the chips or your meal.

Review №46

Great authentic Mexican food at decent prices. The wait staff are super friendly too and give great service. I highly recommend La Costa if you have never been!

Review №47

Restaurant was clean people were nice sadly the food had no flavor...️

Review №48

I really enjoyed the seafood enchilada and the portions are huge.

Review №49

Decent food at a reasonable price. Rarely crowded.

Review №50

Amazing food with amazing service. Very little wait time

Review №51

The Carne Asada was delicious, I highly recommend

Review №52

Their carne asada is off the hook. Locally owned authentic Mexican restaurant. Been going there for years.

Review №53

No. If you want authentic this isn't the place. Service was fine. Food was decent, but not what I was looking for. I expected to be able to order tacos (asada, pastor...etc) but they only had two options (ground beef or shredded chicken) and they are equally poor. Over all not impressed.

Review №54

They brought us out the wrong food then said that's what we ordered and made us pay for something we didn't order and didn't eat. Our waitress Lorena was also the manager at the time and had a attitude when we tried telling her she got the order wrong. We left hungry and still paid. Do not recommend

Review №55

The lamb shanks are some of the best in town and all mix drinks you get your money worth. Two thumbs up.

Review №56

Wonderful and very tasty. No pictures as I ate it immediately. Lol

Review №57

Extremely good food and lunch prices are great.

Review №58

I had a bad experience here recently. Me and my daughter stopped here to eat. We had already placed our orders for food, then my daughter asks me to go to the bathroom. Since I don't trust allow my daughter to go public bathrooms alone I went with her. And unfortunately when we came back from the bathroom our table was clean! Drinks gone, paper and crayons my daughter was drawing on was gone. Even the couple next to us was wondering what was going on and I told them we just went to the bathroom. When I finally made eye contact with one of the waitresses, I asked her why did you move our drinks and stuff? And her response was "it could be replaced". I felt that she couldn't give me a straight answer because she didn't want us at this establishment. So I politely declined the replaced drinks and we left. Hope this review helps others and since I didn't get to try the food, this rating is based solely on the service that was given to me and my child. I know every place isn't the same but if I come to your place of business to spend my money, then I expect the same type of service as everyone else.

Review №59

Excellent authentic Mexican cuisine such as one can find in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico. Excellent Margaritas too !

Review №60

At around 7:30 my wife and I arrived and were seated without waiting. We were waited on and served with an excellent dinner. It's a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to eat at with a Mexican flair.

Review №61

This place is a joke of a Mexican restaurant. Our server hovered around our table till we were ready to eat. Then she took our order and we never seen her again. The chips they brought us were burnt. The salsa tasted like just blended tomatoes and onion. No real flavor. And the food was cold when it got to the table. I tried to talk to a waitress walking by but got an attitude cause I asked for different chips and a refill on my water. Will never go there again.

Review №62

Service was awful. Waitress was obviously not happy with her job. What their lunch menu states is definitely not what you get. Even when you try to show them with The menu they will still you that you are wrong. The food was extremely bland, no flavor what so ever. Awful first impression.

Review №63

Ive had several people rave about La Costa and finally decided to try them. They were just...okay. I'm not sure if we caught them on a bad day or what. The food was not very favorable and very mediocre. We had carne asada tacos, rice & beans, queso with chips and salsa, and a quesadilla. With other options for Mexican and Mexi-Cali in the area that are amazing, I don't know that I'd choose La Costa again. Their pricing was comparable and our table was clean. The staff were friendly and appropriately attentive.

Review №64

The restaurant is very cozy inside. The atmosphere is very relaxing. Staff and servers very polite and attentive. The food, for the most part was bland and not very spicy as I would expect a Mexican restaurant to be. Not a total fail, but not one I would consider frequenting that often.

Review №65

Awesome food..great drinks.. Great staff.

Review №66

Decent Mexican place .. in my opinion lacks a little bit more of that great Mexican restaurant feel .. lol but overall the food was ok . They lacked in original, real natural juice flavors they knowed for .. not even jaritos . Not even Horchata taste real ( not to crazy for that powder one .

Review №67

The food was really good (ordered the seafood chimichanga) but the service was.... lacking. (Not the word i wanted to use)There was only two that I saw on a Saturday night.

Review №68

Good mexican style cuisine at reasonable prices

Review №69

Love it always good food. Great fried ice cream

Review №70

Basic, old-fashioned Mexican food with fast and friendly service. The food is good if you're not looking for anything fancy--this is not nouvelle cuisine.

Review №71

I ordered tortas to go and they really was not what i expected.

Review №72

My husband and I moved here from Texas. La Costa is the closest to authentic Mexican food we've found since moving to NC over 5 years ago. Looking for good Mexican? Look no further. The staff are always attentive and on top of things too.

Review №73

We had our evening meal here tonight and the food was quite good!As a usual snack staple they give you chips and salsa. The salsa was good but I would have liked a spicier version. The wife usually gets queso cheese to go with the chips and we really liked this version. They added something to this cheese to add flavor.Our main courses came out very well too. The only issue was we told the waiter that neither one of us wanted guacamole and my wife's toppings for her fajitas has it on them. The waiter corrected this very politely I may add and dinner went on without incident.I wanted to try something that their online menu stated they had however to be let down by them not having it. However I did try a flan and I thought it was good. Since I've never had flan, I cannot comment if this was a good version or not.However I and my wife enjoyed our meal and with the good food and good service, if we get a craving for Mexican, we will not hesitate eating here again.

Review №74

Been going to this location for over 6 years regularly. Food is always great and consistent. Service has always been tops. Restaurant has always been clean and I always go back.

Review №75

Tasty affordable Mexican food in Wilmington.

Review №76

Had dinner here on Friday April 21 2017. The food looked fine. My son and grandson seemed to enjoy their burrito and taco. However when I began to eat my rice I noticed the fork had a foul odor. I thought it was just that fork. It smelled as someone whose breath was rotten with bad teeth . There was another fork on the table that was clean so I picked it up thinking it was just an isolated incident or a figment of my imagination but it smelled the same. All I could do was think about bacteria and how I had eaten from this rotten smelling fork. I had to get up, go to the Bathroom and spit out the rice before I puked. What made it ten times worse is I had to wait a couple of minutes on the bathroom to get empty because someone was in their blowing it up. I mean figuratively not literally. Won't be back!!!!!

Review №77

Always good! Service was great and my food.

Review №78

Authentic food at great prices! Its the #1 spot whenever I'm in the mood for Mexican food.

Review №79

Great authentic mexican food.Food is fresh, delicious, cheap and has friendly servers too.I like it a lot.

Review №80

Delicious food, and perfect wait staff. Not ignoring you, and not hovering over you, asking how everything is after each bite.

Review №81

*Very great food and people*

Review №82

Excellent food,nice atmosphere... Good service

Review №83

Friendly staff, prices average

Review №84

Good, cheap, Mexican. They have a couple of locations around Wilmington and are a safe bet if you are hungry.

Review №85

My first visit there .was pretty nice.i love it..

Review №86

They are good on service, and one of the best home made hot sauce but the tortillas are not good.

Review №87

Great food and great service. Will definitely be going back.

Review №88

Great lunch specials and the food never disappoints.

Review №89

Salsa is fresh but not to my taste. Service is good. Have had better elsewhere.

Review №90

Excellent authentic mexican cuisine at a great price

Review №91

Always good, consistent Mexican food!

Review №92

Came in with my husband and son to join our 2 uncles and some guys my husband works with for lunch. Idk if my waitress was having a bad day or if it was cause my husband is Mexican and I am not. But this was my first time here and it was horrible. Our waitress never came to get our drink order, never gave us menus and then when we did eventually get our food, we had to wait till our waitress brought out food to people that came in after us before my 2yr old was given his food. She seemed to get annoyed when we asked another waitress for our tortillas saying that she told us she would bring them, I just wasn't aware that meant we had to wait for her to go take care of her other tables and get their food and drink refills before we got our full order. But with that being said, thanks for making us feel welcome in your restaurant.

Review №93

Amazing taquitos, and the best queso I've had so far!!!love it!!

Review №94

The fajitas, nachos La Costa with chicken and queso dip are amazing!

Review №95

Always great service and exactly what I order every time! I love this place and at a great price. I can afford to drink and eat when I come here.

Review №96

Amazing food and service!

Review №97

Ok but slow service, plates hot burned hand

Review №98

Great food! Good prices and great service. Will never go to San Felipe again.

Review №99

I can't believe we waited so long to try this place!! Their Enchiladas are amazing!! Gonna be a regular from here on out!!

Review №100

Food is amazing! Great portions!

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