Moes Southwest Grill
3512 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States

Review №1

Mu husband & I went to Moe's for his birthday last week as this is one of his favorite places to eat in Wilmington. I had never been so I was skeptical at first but WOW! The food was amazing! The portions were more than I could eat & I got the junior burrito lol! Chips, salsa & cheese dip were fantastic as well. I will definitely be eating here again!

Review №2

Very busy. Meed more help on the weekends. I was there picking up an order .. had to wait a bit.. they need someone to do all the order wipe down things in dining room..

Review №3

I love Moes, but for some reason this place decides to skimp you on all the goods. I always get an earmuffs and they kid on the rice, and give you about 4 little pieces of chicken or steak, it's honestly a joke. I always have to pay extra for double meat and even then it's not enough. They skimp you on everything pretty much, besides rice of course...

Review №4

Great food for the price you start with a base food and then you can add any ingredient that they have which I think is a great concept. Would recommend.

Review №5

I really like this new Moe's location. Food is fresh and very flavorful. Staff are great. When I was in there this evening Isaiah made my burrito bowl and he was very engaging and polite. He showed us real hospitality. I like the fact that they have healthy vegan and vegetarian choices. I don't eat meat every day so it was good to have the tofu option. I couldn't believe the portion size! Great deal! Loved the guacamole ....

Review №6

Hope and her staff were amazing, they were as kind and friendly as could be! They greeted me as I came in the door, maintained pleasant energetic conversation while preparing my order quickly and carefully. Easily my best experience in a Moe's location!

Review №7

Great place I brought 2 of myfriends for their 1st time.THEY ️️it

Review №8

We had a bowl, a burrito and queso. It was all fresh and delicious. The quest is really good.

Review №9

I visited on Wednesday at about 3:30 in the afternoon to pick up some food Togo. I was very shocked to see the staff wearing their masks below their noses and some under their chin. Completely defeats the purpose. There was a couple in front of me and people behind me and never once did I see any of the staff change gloves in between orders or when they continued to touch everything in the kitchen. I will unlikely be back. l also work in the food industry and we take wearing masks and changing out gloves EXTREMELY serious. The way gloves and masks were being used at this store, needless to say, was pointless.

Review №10

Food was cold. Burrito completely fell apart as soon as I picked it up. The flavor was decent. The chips are the blandest chips I've ever had. Go to Chipotle.

Review №11

The staff is always friendly...the food is always good!

Review №12

So disappointed. I can't say anything was good. The chips were stale and had no seasoning. The queso was too thick. The quesadilla was so dry it was almost inedible. The bacon was chewy and stale and dry. Everything just tasted old. Bummer since it's so hard to find a good meal to eat out during the quarantine.

Review №13

Food was not so good , I will try and come back try something els ,hopefully they can do better . Ac dose not work so it was 90 inside the building , made it uncomfortable to eat .

Review №14

The girls working there were super sweet, but the rest of the experience was not. I know flies come out in summer, but in May, there were a few flying around where the workers were preparing the food. I was with family that likes this place, and I decided to just stick it out. The food was kinda plain, not much seasoning. Maybe that is how Moe's is everywhere. The drink area was filthy and seemed no one cared to wipe it down, even though it wasn't even busy.

Review №15

Ordered nachos to go and for a little over $10 (you design your own so could be less or more) I got a huge portion and it was good! Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the lack of nachos. Had to eat the rest with a fork!

Review №16

Absolutely love Moes.Always good food and friendly service.

Review №17

I ordered a salad and a kids meal. I ordered the free chips and salsa. The kids meal was inside my chips. I never received the drink. The cookie tasted stale which was odd. I threw the chips away and the cookie.

Review №18

What has happened to Moe's? We had not been to a Moes in a long time, and was this last visit a disappointment. They have Greatly reduced their menu, even from the smaller menu, several items were not available. We ordered one item, and after they started making it, they told us that several key ingredients were not available either. So we ended up paying for the fancy taco, but got nothing more than what the cheaper taco would've contained. So after having been a Moe's customer for many years, I don't think I'll be returning ever again

Review №19

When I call cant get any human to answer the phone guess Firehose will get my money today

Review №20

Great place to eat. Steak burrito was delicious! Would definitely go back again!

Review №21

Lacking in leadership/mgmt.

Review №22

I love Moe's Southwestern Grill!!! My family and I love this place. Not just because our last name is Moe!! (Smile). The staff is always friendly and accommodating!! The store is always neat and clean!! I love that they have vegan and vegetarian options as well!! They always greet you with WELCOME TO MOE'S!!! The manager (African American) is excellent with the employees. He's very patient with them. I highly recommend this place for you to eat there.

Review №23

Love their chicken quesadillas!!

Review №24

The food had 0 flavor other than the queso dip. I had placed an order online but when I showed up they had never received it though I had gotten a confirmation email and the funds had been taken from my acct.

Review №25

Most of the time, the proportions seem better than Chipotle. However this last time, they really skimped out on the meat. I do like that they offer free salsa and have a ton of drink options.

Review №26

Like the vibe.

Review №27

Literally useless.... whoever is working today needs to go home....they all just sat there and stared at me never asked if i needed help or anything wont be coming back

Review №28

I eat here way too much. Great food and welcome to Moe's!

Review №29

Wrong doug.

Review №30

Honestly a bad experience all around. Not usually one to nit pick but these things were obvious. Got a burrito with tough dark meat chicken. The brown rice was cold, undercooked, and had no flavor. Service guy was rude. The tables were very dirty and the floors looked like they haven't cleaned them in a week

Review №31

Service was ok but the food was off. The some of the chips were overcooked while others were under cooked and a bit greasy . The food portions and ratios was not balanced right, too much of some things and not enough of others. Overall they got my money this time but I will not be bringing my family back anytime soon.

Review №32

I really enjoyed when I walked in the resounding,"Welcome to Moe's! Welcome to Moe's! Welcome to MOE'S!" from the employees. It made me giggle. I've never been inside a Moe's before and I would definitely come back because of that lovely welcomed feeling. Wasn't sure what to order so I got the 'Wrong Doug' and you know it was pretty good! I would give this place 5stars but there was a brief training moment when the guy wasn't sure how to use the register and instead of asking the manager on duty for help, went ahead to ring me up. Good luck to you buddy, it's okay to ask for help every now and then and it doesn't make you look bad I promise.

Review №33

Delicious, I'm there every Monday. It does not disappoint!

Review №34

My first trip to a Moe's Southwest. And I can honestly say, I was pleased. Food was good. You can get things made as you want them. It's all freshly made in front of you. Service was great and helpful. Prices were good as well. I will return for more good food in the future.

Review №35

They have a great staff and the food is good as well.

Review №36

Food was good. Every single table was dirty.

Review №37

I miss the pinto beans. They only offer black beans. But otherwise love it

Review №38

Slowish service, food not prepared or made the best. Skimpy on a lot of the toppings as well.

Review №39

Food isn't bad.

Review №40

Every time I stop by the food is always fresh and the staff is friendly!

Review №41

This was by far the WORST Moe's I have ever been to. The girls hair was absolutely disgusting and not even in a hair net. The power went out and then we waited in line for 20 min just to order our food. Every worker was so careless and slow throughout the whole process.

Review №42

I got a chicken burrito bowl, it was bland. My fiancé got a steak burrito, also bland. “Grilled” veggies were pretty much raw. Overall we were pretty disappointed.

Review №43

Quick, delicious , clean family friendly. Great staff!

Review №44

Delicious burritos and bowls, Chipotle with a twist! Solid tofu and nice vegetable additives. Try the quinoa instead of the rice, it's great!

Review №45

Food was terrible and tasted old and service sucked. Nice new location the food was just bad quality

Review №46

Staff very respectful and polite, there was the one girl that went to the bathroom with her aapron on and came out with it on as well, never took it off then served us our food, I asked her to remove her aapron and put on a new one, so she did . Other than that food was very good!

Review №47

A decent assembly line taco, salad, quesadilla, burrito, or bowl your way. Grab a beer and sit outside if you like. Free salsa bar. Kids will like the Coca Cola touchscreen with every flavor of soda. Wish it could be made a bit spicier, but always a consistently quick lunch or dinner. Welcome to Moes!

Review №48

Food and service was good place was clean

Review №49

Burrito was not that good but the chips were good. New store so very clean.

Review №50

When compared to Qdoba or Chipotle Moe's up charges for many more items. I tried three different sauces all of which tasted like they had gone bad. Burrito assault with mediocre but did not finish. And for a fat guy to not finish his burrito says an awful lot

Review №51

Healthy Mexican. Fun place

Review №52

Burrito bowl is insanely good. Lime and cilantro rice

Review №53

The staff was chill and comforting I love moes I think they're better than flaming Amy's

Review №54

Love getting the rice bowl with veggies! It is our favorite. Glad they have vegan options and good customer service.

Review №55

Good food and decent prices. I was surprised to be welcomed as other locations dont welcome u. I stop by this location each time I'm in town.

Review №56

Delicious! Clean and nice new building.

Review №57

Second visit to Moe's, great food within the past 2 weeks.

Review №58

Other than finding 2 large chunks of gristle in my food, it was good. Prices were good. Service was average.

Review №59

Food is always good and the cleanliness is pretty on point. Reasonable prices for the amount of food you get. For the most part everyone there is really nice but there's one person we keep catching there that comes across as a little rude. They've never been outright mean or anything, just has an attitude when they talk to people that makes us a little uncomfortable and they happen to have been there every time we visit and we don't go very often because of it.

Review №60

Welcome to Moe's! Good food, good price, no hassles! Mondays are $5 burrito day. You can get any burrito you want for just five bucks. That's hard to beat! Their rotation of salsas also makes return trips worthwhile. Some of them have been really excellent.

Review №61

Good tex mex for decent price.

Review №62

Love Moe's but wasn't quite up to par today. They were very busy. Ordered steak burrito. Steak was full of gristle.

Review №63

Not sure why everyone loves moes, its okay seems overpriced

Review №64

"Swift" the manager and John the prep guy made my first experience at Moe's phenomenal! They were very knowledgeable of the items available for the burrito that totally filled my stomach. Yum Yum well done.

Review №65

Food was very good. Very friendly family atmosphere. You get a big welcome to Moe's when you walk into the door.

Review №66

A lot of things happening at Moe's. Ordering is stressful to me as a new customer. So many choices and I feel rushed to make decisions and I don't really understand what I'm doing. Ultimately, the food is good and the portions are enormous, so bring your appetite. State of the art Coke dispensing machine with flavor choices and the ability to make a beverage exactly to your liking. Comfortable dining atmosphere. Interesting wall art. Will be back.

Review №67

Excellent staff, food and service! Restaurant was clean, and manager was very patient. Just seems like the menu was a bit smaller than Charlotte's.

Review №68

I have been to other Moe's that were much better. Food was just mediocre and the service was poor. Probably won't return.

Review №69

Great staff great food selections!

Review №70

Awesome food first time visit

Review №71

Always great food. Had quasidila and chips. So much food had to take some home! Staff is always very friendly and willing to answer any quesiltion and make suggestions for best food you'll have!

Review №72

Really good tacos. A but pricey but worth it.

Review №73

The food was great and the workers were all excellent!

Review №74

Its Moe's food, so you know what you are getting, no surprise there. The people inside make the difference. Went out of the way to speak to me, brought the tray to my table, and could not have been better. Great customer service.

Review №75

Huge portions and lots of choices!

Review №76

Doing Keto! Love that I can make keto friendly version.

Review №77

Everyone is always friendly, and the service and food are great. We especially love the seasonal salsas and how generous Moe's is with chips. :)

Review №78

Great food and great service!!

Review №79

Moe's was horrible...the food was cold and all dried out. Never going back!

Review №80

The food is great but their calorie listings seem to be a bit off. I had a stack and it was absolutely delicious. The guys behind the counter seemed a little off. They bickered a bit and, just after we sat to eat, they burned something so badly that the restaurant stunk of it. My wife's, son's, and my food were genuinely good, though.The drink machine's mix seemed slightly off as well.

Review №81

Food was only so so and staff was disjointed. New location not convenient. Not what it used to be.

Review №82

Awesome burrito stuffed to the brim with just about whatever you want. Quick service and friendly atmosphere make this place a great quick bite to eat.

Review №83

Welcome to Moe's... It is a chain but this is a good location for it. If you like burritos, you'll like it here. One plus here is the staff. Yes the food is basically the same throughout the chain but staff is where a location can differentiate itself.

Review №84

Vegetables were fresh but steak and chicken had been sitting awhile. Salsa bar needed cleaning and staff was not very engaging.

Review №85

Great customer service and the food was delicious...returning customer!

Review №86

Fast and friendly service. Food was wonderful. Loved their Moe-Rita drink!

Review №87

This place is filthy. the floor looks like it's never been swept or mopped, the tables are crusty. your employees should really clean this place instead of just stand in the back talking the whole time. get up and do something you lazy ass people.

Review №88

Neighbor of ours really liked it so we tried it. We weren't too impressed. Your typical sports bar. Maybe that was the problem. Too big. Too open. Nothing to write home about. Just so so. Had the wings and they were tasty, but I've had better. Service was OK.

Review №89

Very good food as with all Moe's locations staff is really friendly.

Review №90

I love it here! This is where I go whenever I have a hankering for a burrito. The food is always fresh and tasty. I looooove the queso. The atmosphere is nice with a fun selection of music. The staff is always friendly and it's an overall great experience. They also have a coke freestyle machine so there's plenty of drink choices

Review №91

Very nice spot for lunch during the week! Great selection and very fast service. Too bad their queso isn't free (or that's probably a good thing...) because it's so good! Also offer the Coke machine that lets you fully customize your drink. Great spot, great service, lots of seating (if you get there early). Check them out!

Review №92

Got there an hour before closing. Needed to get my kids dinner. Great speedy service. Kind friendly. My kids can be a pain in public but they kept their smile. One manager was it cleaning the Lobby. I struck up a convo with him. Very friendly. Then as we were packing to leave another employee came out and was cleaning up condiment station and drink station. I chatted w her about her wonderful dreads. Then next I know my little boy picks on her and they start playing tag then another one my kids joined in. Then I noticed she is a manager there too. How great is that ? Deff a place I'll go back to. Great prices. Great staff. Great quality of food. 2 thumbs-up from the 4 of us and six stars for almost fast food.

Review №93

We loved it! We all tried something we had never tried before.

Review №94

Maybe this location is not the normal Moe's example, but the food was terrible! The chips or tasteless pieces of paper and the queso just had a horrible flavor. We got steak nachos and a steak quesadilla. The quesadilla was okay what's a guacamole, that I had to pay for, really wasn't that good. All in all, I much rather enjoy Qdoba Mexican Grill.... Sorry

Review №95

There was very little wait and he food was great. They have almost any type of seating, a Coca-Cola freestyle machine, and it is great for kids, I strongly recommend it.

Review №96

Great food. Messy dining area

Review №97

Great 5.00 Monday deal

Review №98

New location much easier to access

Review №99

Great food! Great atmosphere! The kids eat well. What's not to love?

Review №100

Delicious food and kids eat free on Tuesdays. A little slow, but worth the wait

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  • Address:3512 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-794-7112
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Southwestern restaurant (US)
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  • Monday:11AM–7:30PM
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  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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