Panchos Cantina
206 Ballardvale St, Wilmington, MA 01887, United States
Review №1

Got there and was immediately sat and given chips and salsa. Then had to wait like 20 minutes to order our food but not once was told who our server was or greeted. Once our server came, we ordered our food and what greeted us for food was decent. I definitely just think it was an off day for everyone.

Review №2

Nice Mexican restaurant.. Food and bar is a little over priced. But enjoyed there triva day on Monday

Review №3

Let me start off by saying that this is by far the best Mexican restaurant that I have ever stepped foot in and I have traveled all over the world. Everything from the food to the service to the drinks gets a five star rating if there were more stars to give that's what they would get !! It was extremely clean from the dining table to the floors to the bathroom. It has great parking all around the building, it is in a great location, and every single person we dealt with was extremely nice and helpful and attentive ! This Resturant is getting all of my business !!!! Thank you so much ! Wow !

Review №4

Not a fan of this place at all! My wife ordered take-out there of just a burrito bowl with steak, a basic steak burrito, and asked for a small-sized burrito or taco with just shredded chicken and rice for my young daughter. They said it would take a half hour for the food to be ready, which I thought seemed excessive for 3 basic items. Got there a half-hour later as instructed and the place was dead. They had 3 or 4 people total dining in. I proceed to wait an additional 20 minutes for my order. It was not busy, no one else is coming in to pick up food and yet I continue to wait. There were more people working there than actually eating in the restaurant. They finally bring out the food that I ordered almost an hour ago (20 minutes of which I stood waiting for patiently in their restaurant). No apologies whatsoever for the wait. The real annoyance was that they charged me the most for the tiny burrito comprised of mostly white rice and lettuce, with a modest amount of shredded chicken. My wife called and asked why they would charge $15 for chicken, rice and shredded lettuce and they said they just rung it up as one of their more expensive burritos because they basically felt like it.So essentially I paid $43 for 3 below average size burritos that had probably half of the meat that a Chipotle burrito would for example. AND Chipotle would have been less than half the cost. Combine this with the fact that I had the distinct displeasure of waiting an hour to get said burritos, I can confidently say that I will not be going back to this place. I would strongly recommend to anyone to avoid this place because quite frankly - they're lousy.

Review №5

Great place to eat and socialize. Fonzi is an amazing chef. Worth the visit.

Review №6

Ordered the shrimp ceviche, steak dinner plate (but got pork instead), street corn, cheese dip, and asked for ghost pepper salsa. Maybe it was an off day for the waiter, but she didn't have a pen or paper and a couple of our orders got mixed up. Everything was delicious, expect the rice had started to get a little hard, and the cheese dip had an odd consistency and sweet? It was towards closing time when I got there. The best dish was the shrimp ceviche.

Review №7

Honestly the best food I've had in MA! You definitely have to try the one of a kind desserts!

Review №8

HIDDEN GEM! Fresh food, made to order and great drinks! We loved the atmosphere, service, food and drinks! This place is awesome and we will be back!

Review №9

Food was good but it took two hours to cook.

Review №10

Best service I had in a long time. Bartender are nice and friendly, foods are great and they have a very well variety of food choices. I may the owners and they are amazing friendly and good people. My personal view and opinion is at 100% satisfaction guaranty..

Review №11

First time here, Fonzi (Chef) was great, appreciates diversified great taste. CLEAN.Will have to bring my girlfriends here.

Review №12

Food was really great, the whole staff was really friendly, one honest drawback was overall atmosphere, just felt a bit industrial, but they did a great job trying to dress it up.

Review №13

Stopped in for lunch with a vendor last week. The food and service was good. Word to the wise. If you like Coke products, the only serve Pepsi. And don't order the coffee. They don't really serve coffee. We ordered it, and there was more grounds than coffee. Overall a good experience.

Review №14

Have eaten here many times. If you enjoy true Mexican food then go hear the owner and his wife will Always do anything to make sure that you are pleased ,the staff is polite and awesome and the prices are right. Shrimp Tacos like you've never had tacos before

Review №15

Super fras food with amazing waitstaff tucked in a commercial plaza off Rte 93.

Review №16

We enjoy eating out. Last night we went to this magnificent place which friends recommended to us. We had a delightful time there with exceptional cooking and a professional stuff and a great cook. We added this venue in our phone list and we shall surely go again soon. We highly recommend.

Review №17

Great portions. Churros are awesome

Review №18

Great Mexican food and service is excellent. Chef Fonzie and his wife Julie are very friendly!!!

Review №19

My wife offered me as a tribute and sent me on a Target run in Wilmington because our local Target did not have the item she wanted and saw that Pancho's was next door. She decided to give it a try and placed an order. The wait was reasonable since it was smack in the middle of the pandemic on Takeout only mode. Smelling the food on the drive home was a test of wills. Once home the food was fantastic. The first thing I tried was the fresh guac and it was awesome. It set the bar high and was not sure that the rest of the meal will live up to it, but,… it did. We each ordered the Cancun chimichanga and it was done just right. It was filing and oh yeah that cheese sauce was great. The churros at the end sent me into cloud 9. Now every time she starts a Target order, I am like is it available in Wilmington? Just so I can come back to Pancho's.

Review №20

Tired of pizza and sandwich shops? Make the trip "north" to the Wilmington Target and enjoy some great Mexican food! The starter chips are warm, crispy, and the salsa is an original recipe. The meal portions are huge, and the taste is excellent. There was NO WAIT because I don't think anyone knows it's here! The restaurant has as contemporary look, and bar is expansive.The service was also good and fast. You won't leave hungry, I assure you.

Review №21

Pleasantly surprised. The food and drinks were good as well as the service. My husband and I bother ordered the Durango. He got the burrito and I got the bowl. They did forget the cheese sauce on my bowl, looked s bit thick for me (too much flour in the sauce?). We will go back. Pancho's Sangria was very good!

Review №22

Make the trip to Pancho's. Wherever you are in New England, seriously, make the trip. Chef Fonzi and his wife serve up delicious, inventive Mexican food with San Francisco Bay Area style and are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! One of the things I miss most about living in the Bay Area is the Mexican food, so when my hubs and I found out Fonzi is from Daly City, we knew we had found a winner. I'm sure the quick lunch is great, but dinner is where Pancho's shines. The wildly unique Pancho's pasta is incredible, all the staples from tacos to chimichangas are perfection, and the real kicker is the daily bread pudding specials with mouthwatering flavors like dulce de leche, red velvet, and so many more. They make the salsa in house and you can get it in pints to take home. Trivia night is so much fun, the drinks are always ice cold, and they've set up a super nice outdoor area to allow for socially distanced eating. Probably the most ringing endorsement I can give for Pancho's is that we drive an hour to get there, and to be quite honest with you, we find ourselves going almost every week!

Review №23

Pancho's cantina is close to work and I pretty much get lunch from here every day. The food quality and quantity is superb and the price for their daily lunch taco bar is unmatched. Nice and fast service if you are in a rush too.

Review №24

The best carne asada tacos anywhere.

Review №25

Food was delicious and services was great.

Review №26

We love Pancho's! This is exactly what Wilmington needed--an authentic Mexican restaurant with an extensive menu. My family and I have been to Pancho's on numerous occasions since it opened and have been impressed each an every time. Whether its Al Pastor Tacos, Mission St. Chimichangas, Street Corn, or the amazing Tostada Salad, Pancho's delivers those south of the border tastes you are craving.Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, Pancho's continues to provide well crafted and delicious meals. You can tell that fresh ingredients are of upmost importance as well service that makes you feel like you are at home.I can't recommend Pancho's enough! Fantastic food, fantastic drinks, and fantastic service are what keep my family and me coming back to this one of kind spot! Give them a chance, you will not regret it!!

Review №27

This spot is worth giving a shot. They have large portions for convenient rates. Consistently well kept and with great mood. Will visit here again.

Review №28

Delicious food and drinks, great workers, highly recommend!

Review №29

Great food, Great music, awesome service, And drinks are delicious!

Review №30

Food and service is excellent definitely would go back

Review №31

Food is extremely delicious. Appetizers dishes are super good. Staff is super Friendly and attentive. Definitely will be coming back for more.

Review №32

Three stars for cleanliness, big portions, and tasty salsa. However the food here is really subpar. I got a burrito and I couldn't finish, the shredded chicken was like CANNED CHICKEN. No flavor and the thing was a wet unfolded mess. Other times I've been here the food was so-so, but today it was just bad. What's up with the weird taco bar during lunch service? They have like 10 people on shift and half standing around doing nothing, they couldn't do table service?

Review №33

Yum! Good food and good people!

Review №34

You will enjoy the food and the service. The price is just right too.Great place to have lunch.

Review №35

Avoid!was super excited when it first opened as the only mexican food in the town of wilmington (since then casa blanca has opened).1) high price/premium. which is fine... but food is meh compared to like 3 amigoes or any other nearby town's local offerings2) i would be fine w/the premium charge if the service/atmosphere reflected the price, but when you get there in person, it didn't seem like the staff knew what they were doing. where to seat patrons at either lunch or dinner (been multiple times). they dont get you silverware, napkins, ask you for more water3) false advertisement, wished i took a screenshot but on their website they advertised 'buffet' and when i asked about it in person (thinking i was getting buffet) none of the staff knew what i was talking about. there appears to be very little training on the staff on how to handle customer service4) when it gets busy, super long waits for food. again, seems like there is a huge disconnect between management/staff on what makes the best customer service or even if there is a baseline. the attitude/behavior is that "it will take as long as it to make great food". very prideful/arrogant restaurant running, low on customer service for average food that is overpriced.

Review №36

My husband and I sat at the bar and had dinner and margaritas. The bartender was a sweetheart. The food and drinks were awesome. The Durango burrito with chicken was delicious.

Review №37

We came here on a Saturday night around 7:30 and it wasn't too busy. Our waitress was really nice. She checked to make sure our drinks were good and even brought a second jalapeno when my father in law said his Texas mule wasn't spicy enough.For drinks we ordered the Texas mule, jaguar paw, tropical gardens margarita and sex on salisbury beach. All were good and strong.For food we ordered the Durango bowl with carne asada, Durango burrito with carnitas, quesadilla with carne asada, and a veggie quesadilla with no peppers. The dishes with meat were really good. The burrito relied heavily on rice - there could have been more meat, but it tasted good. However, the veggie quesadilla was HORRIBLE. It looked like a bag of frozen mixed veggies on a tortilla. The menu description said mushrooms, corn, black beans, onion and peppers but that is not what we got. It's almost like they ran to Target next door and bought a bag of Birdseye - see the picture attached. The cubed carrots are a dead giveaway. Our waitress was understanding and took the item off our bill and even gave us 50% off the check. It was such a shame because everything else we ordered was good. After this experience I will definitely be sticking with the meat dishes, but we'll come back. It was good for a local family Mexican place besides the veggies.

Review №38

This is an amazing restaurant, great food!!!

Review №39

I loved their food at first but the last time I went there it seemed like the whole of the staff stopped caring. Had a waitress who gave a vibe of not wanting to be there and the food was disgusting. Chicken in the quesadillas tasted like it was probably cat food.

Review №40

The best Mexican food

Review №41

Food was fresh, flavorful and delicious! Staff was helpful and friendly!Got the Jalapeno Poppers, LOVED!Then the tacos; each with steak, chicken and pork w pineapples - was amazing!Looking forward to our next visit! So close to North Reading, there hasn't been a good Mexican place near us in so long!!!My husband and I have been looking for good Mexican (nearby) forever and we have finally found our place!Thank you Fonzi! See you soon

Review №42

Good food. Good service. Best Tacos in Wilmington

Review №43

Okay so it all started with me being completely lost driving around after my interview, I saw this place decided to try it. MY GOD!!! The carne asada was so freaking good. I also got a mission street horchata the taste literally equaled the greatness of my carne asada. Good day turned better :). Highly recommend

Review №44

The food is GREAT! They are very accommodating and will make you whatever you want, even if it's not on the menu. Very impressive Chef and consistently good food. If you tried it once and didn't like it, I highly suggest you give it another shot!

Review №45

Great experience! Come in just to support local business, the community and the amazing family that runs this restaurant, if nothing else. The food portions were huge and quality was good. We chatted with the staff for 5 minutes just to ask how things were going in this location and they gave us a free dessert, we were just curious but what a kind gesture! They definitely care about their customers.

Review №46

Ordered takeout from here and everything was delicious. It was still hot when we got home and we were impressed with the portion sizes.

Review №47

The good: the food is great, the price is right, the service is friendly. Like most Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants they keep a basket of warmed tortilla chips on the table, and the salsa is delicious. Like authentic Mexican food, it isn't wicked spicy - it's just the right amount.The bad: the menu is kind of confusing. They list a half dozen burritos but it's not clear what's different between them. The menu is large and varied, but I think it's too long, too many choices. It takes up both sides of a broadsheet.The ugly: it was almost exactly an hour from when we sat down until our food arrived. The restaurant atmosphere suggests quick service - hard surfaces, loud, not particularly comfortable - and an hour is a long time to wait.

Review №48

The food was good. Big portion. VERY LATE service.

Review №49

Went to visit Pancho's and everything was amazing!! The food, the drinks and the service was all perfect. The manager and the Chef came to visit our table and it was a nice touch. Very family-friendly environment, we will return soon.

Review №50

Great food and great service.

Review №51

Good portion sizes and prices. Was pretty dead when we went on a Sunday night. I imagine they get a big happy hour after work crowd.Server was friendly and attentive. Appreciated that the the manager came over to check on everything.Had the nachos...tasty. Other person had a bowl and really liked it. Convenient location as they live at Avalon apts. Sangria was tasty as well.***Edit: ended up having a very upset stomach that night. My stepfather also felt ill after a meal here. My family will not go back.***

Review №52

Service was a little slow but the food was delicious. Probably the best Mexican food within a 15 mile radius. It is family-owned and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommend!

Review №53

Delicious food! Went to the to go counter and decided to eat it at the restaurant. The chips and salsa were free, and super tasty. We were served water by one of the nicest waiters I've ever encountered. 10/10, I will definitely be coming back for some more of their delicious and juicy carnita burrito bowls!

Review №54

Classy place. Delicious food. Great customer service too

Review №55

Chicken tortilla soup is sooo good! Fast service. Great for a quick lunch!

Review №56

It was my first time last week and i had a pleasure of finally coming in the service is outstanding the food was well worth it. Despite all the negative comments that people have written i decided to give this restaurant a try and I have no regrets about it. I think people need to realize this restaurant opened 2 weeks ago and everything takes time. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a good Mexican restaurant The owners were very polite. I also think the portions are huge i disagree with a review i seen that had said they give small portions i think the portions are fairly reasonable. I would recommend this for people who are looking for REAL Mexican food.

Review №57

Food was awesome. Like ...real good. They are challenged a bit on the service end, but I'll take that as long as the food stays at this superb quality. Go there, it's good ---and I'm a picky man....

Review №58

Good food and atmosphere

Review №59

Nice place it's a mix of a to go and a sign down restaurant. Has a full bar and good food! Prices are as expected.

Review №60

Good service, delicious and fresh food, good portion size (not too big or small) nice atmosphere. I left very satisfied!

Review №61

Awsome texmex style in the north shore the owners are the best and so it their food

Review №62

Some of the rudest owners I have ever met. Food is overrated and over priced and they do not care about the customer just your wallet. Called the police on me over a door dash delivery . They could of cared less if the customer ordered from their restaurant, they didn't care of the customer got his dinner. All they cares about was my ddor dash red card for payment wasn't working on they're end . They blamed Door Dash for the entire thing when it's a partnership. NO CLASS and ntomentintomentthey don't care about the customer of they did I could of come back Monday and paid for the order where it was a simple issue and technical error. Yet they let the customer suffer.

Review №63

Great food, very friendly staff, consistently fantastic atmosphere. They charge reasonable prices and the food quality is fantastic. Great work.

Review №64

They love their salt! But that's just a small hiccup that can easily be fixed. This place is not a dingy, thick walled, bursting with cultural pictures and artefacts kind of place. They aren't trying to give us a feel of Mexico through their decor. They do it beautifully through their food. The menu is exciting with the usual favorite as well! My daughter gobbled down 2 ground beef tacos and that says a lot to me. I absolutely love their desserts. I would prefer ordering the burrito from the 'to go taqueria' section of the restaurant. Option to customize. This place is definitely worth being on a repeat list.

Review №65

First visit, positive experience even during a busy lunch rush.

Review №66

Best Baja Salad ever

Review №67

OK but not the best Mexican food I've ever had. Not a ton of flavor. Good drinks.

Review №68

My husband and I took our two young boys here on a Friday night. There was no wait so we got seated right away. Prices are decent for Mexican and it's a Great family environment. I always worry about taking a toddler out to dinner but this was a good place to take them. Service was a bit slow but the staff looked all very young and probably have not had much training only been open a few weeks. They were all very nice which is all I can ask when serving a family. Margaritas were very good! Overall not a bad place. I would go again and bring the family!!

Review №69

I think Mike over here needs to understand where do you ever go to a place and get the food and pay it another day?????

Review №70

Love this place the drinks and the food and the service A plus

Review №71

The host was so friendly and thanked us for coming in. She also offered for us to try some of the queso cheese with our chips and salsa. It did not disappoint!!We got burritos which were very good size and delicious. Good proportions of meat to the other filling.

Review №72

My wife and I love the Authenticity being that we are from California and we feel right at home, their elotes are the best in New England and the owners make you feel like family.

Review №73

Amazing Mexican cuisine! Loved it. The Nacho fries is a treat, check out the picture posted.

Review №74

Blah!!! Lay off the salt Pancho!!! Ordered take-out. Simple burrito and a cup of the soup. Both soup and burrito were very salty. Overall taste was salty yet bland... Got "spicy" salsa on the burrito that didn''t have even a hint of spice or hotness. Can't comment on the service as it was regular not-busy takeout. But the food quality is horrible.

Review №75

Great shrimp and bacon tacos!

Review №76

Authentic Mexican food. It's wonderful.

Review №77

Wednesday's they have a guy singing. Food was good. Good lunch spot also.

Review №78

Fish tacos were uncooked, the flan was a weird grayish color and half of my order was missing.

Review №79

Great great food! Everything was dleicioie and the drinks were good as well. The place is super nice and clean. And our service was awesome and super friendly.

Review №80

Spectacular... Best Mexican I've ever had!! Real time spent in the preparation!! Must eat!!

Review №81

Always great, very good menu

Review №82

This restuarant has been open for 2 weeks now! With that being said, the team seemed to work great together and were very pleasant. The atmosphere was great, clean bathrooms. Food took a reasonable about of time as it was peak dinner time. Well worth it! Salsa was amazing. Coconut shrimp app was delicious. I only ate 1 of my tacos because I too many chips (per usual) but it was good too! I recommend this place and cant wait for the full menu to drop.

Review №83

Great food , great service

Review №84

Awesome food and the waiters are great! I will recommend to my friends for sure

Review №85

Only 9 dishes to choose from. Quality is average. Nothing to brag about. Skip it

Review №86

The best food, personalized attention and prices in the region

Review №87

Basic Mexican style food. Good for lunchGood salad options

Review №88

So happy to finally have a good Mexican restaurant in the burbs! The food is excellent! Can't wait to go back!

Review №89

Walked in, sat at the bar waited 5 mins. No one acknowledged me while the bartender ? Texted away, when I got up to leave I was noticed. Left and came back in and the bartender was a bit salty. I asked of I could order lunch and a drink. She said we dont do that here, order your food over there. Which was a cafateria style service. That said the tocos were ok. Could have done without the attitude confusion.

Review №90

I know they brand themselves as "Californian" food, but it is just very terrible hispanic food. No salt on the chicken, beans, or rice, and to make matters worse there were no salt shakers on the table. Even the salsa was bland somehow. The rice had some sort of canned vegetable medley mixed in. It seems as though people mostly come here for the drinks, because I can't ever imagine someone coming back for the food. Also atypically expensive for mexican food. $15 for a chimichanga with a side of iceberg lettuce.

Review №91

Great food and service great place too relax after work to.

Review №92

We live right near the restaurant and when we heard it was opening we had to try! The only thing I was slightly disappointed about was the steak salad, it was literally lettuce with steak on top. I was expecting simple toppings on the salad to at least make it appealing and tasteful. Other than that, I tried a little bit of everyone's dish and loved it! We will be back again!! (But will not get a salad)

Review №93

Great food, awesome drinks, service is wonderful

Review №94

I went for the "soft opening" on the first day, I know they just opened and I was not expecting a lot, but omg the food is outstanding! and the service is amazing, Joanna makes the best drinks!!!! I will be back in a few weeks to give them time.

Review №95

Came on Cinco de Mayo, definitely an experience! The food was awesome.

Review №96

Great family owned Mexican cantina. Had the Barbacoa, al pastor, and grilled chicken. All seasoned well and cooked thoroughly without the dry or burnt after effects at some larger competitors.Definitely coming back. Great atmosphere, nice open concept with friendly staff and homemade food.

Review №97

Great food ! Service is great so nice and attentive! Highly recommended

Review №98

My wife and I enjoyed eating here and the waiter Luis was a great waiter and the food was delicious we highly recommend this place try it out

Review №99

Good food, friendly environment and good prices.

Review №100

Not worthed , I could have got a better deal at Taco Bell...they filled my burrito with rice instead of chicken and charged me$14.00McDonald's is way better.

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  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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