Zocalo Street Food and Tequila
1474 Barclay Pointe Blvd #206, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States

Review №1

This place is 10/10!! Everything was fantastic about our experience here. Our server was top notch and she was very knowledgeable about the menu. I got the street tacos and they were off the charts! Really look forward to coming back when I'm in Wilmington again

Review №2

Delicious and varied menu with a wonderful staff! Handicap access is a little difficult, but we were able to work out a path.

Review №3

They have some seriously delicious food. I believe Myra or Mira was our server and she was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend Zócalo.

Review №4

We LOVE Zocalo! The food is incredible, the service and the atmosphere are fantastic. Jackie is a great server, she gave great tips on the menu (thank you margarita pitcher!!) and someone who I think might be the owner or the chef is always around asking how people are doing. Great place, awesome mix of authentic and modern. Highly recommend!

Review №5

The best experience on a Mexican Restaurant in Wilmington. The service was EXCELLENT, the food was AMAZING and have a spectacular food presentation. We are very very satisfied with everything on Zócalo. I definitely recommend️

Review №6

I highly recommend Zocalo! It is an amazing Mexican restaurant with delicious food. The presentation of the food is incredible and the dining experience was excellent! We enjoyed the service and atmosphere! We will definitely be back soon!

Review №7

We have dined here 2 times in the last week. Once for lunch and one time for dinner. The staff top to bottom are wonderful. Friendly and glad to serve you. The food has been A+ both times. Fresh presented beautifully on the plate. We had a large party for our dinner, divided seating of course, but that didnt affect the food quality, service and friendliness of those working. Same goes for our lunch party of 2. Same great food and service. This restaurant is a must try for fantastic food!

Review №8

The food is awesome!! Upscale from normal Mexican restaurants. Would definitely go again. Thanks for a great evening!

Review №9

Food was delicious but it took over an hour for our takeout order of fajitas. We called ahead to order it and were told it would be ready in 25 minutes. My husband said some of the staff was very rude to him as well unfortunately. Wish we had a better first experience because the food was really good once we did get it home.

Review №10

This was the second time I visited this restaurant... first time was amazing this time not so much. The service was a little too slow. They didn't have a lot of stuff that we asked for and they food was just okay this time I felt as if the food was rushed. Will I give it another chance? Yes! I just hope its better next time.

Review №11

Came for lunch today after church with me and my fiancé, Jacqueline was our server and she was very Friendly, service was excellent and the Food was fantastic. Highly recommend coming here and recommending her as your waitress!

Review №12

I love the place. The food was fresh. They make the tortillas on site..The food was so delicious.

Review №13

Top of the food chain in Wilmington for Mex. Had a sampler and Fajita Chimichanga. More food than 2 people could handle. So good I almost exploded trying to stuff it all in. Drinks were top class too.

Review №14

I freaking love this place! Best mexican joint in town. The margaritas, chips, and chimichangas are to die for.

Review №15

Love this place! Takes Mexican food to a whole new level.. you MUST get the tableside guac!

Review №16

I was impressed with their wide variety of options on the menu. Good food, will definitely come back. (pictured is the Veggie Chile Relleno)

Review №17

Really good food. The price isn't too bad. Their drinks are on point. Worth a shot if you like Mexican and Micheladas.

Review №18

We choose to seat outside in the nice patio area, the waitress made sure we were having a good experience by checking on our food and drinks often.

Review №19

Excellent food and service. Nice outdoor seating. Indoor dining was available at the time we dined (9/26/20)

Review №20

Terrible take out. Laughably overpriced for the quality received.Picked up the food at the suggested time and drove 5 minutes to home. When I got home I discovered that all of the food was at room temperature. I was very excited about trying the street corn and it was clearly several hours old. Chips were stale. Had high hopes and was very disappointed.

Review №21

Excellent atmosphere. The building is new, and has a fresh yet inviting sense to it.The menu is diverse, but lacks multiple vegetarian options. I believe there was only a choice of quesidillas, fajitas or the Chile. Chef does not allow substitutions. The salsas were on point. They serve fresh chips with three salsas when you sit and all were excellent.House margarita ($9) was quite nice.Service was quite slow, restaurant moderately busy. The food took far too long - probably at least 30 minutes or more. Tables that sat after us had their food before.Once the food finally arrived, it was worth the wait. Ingredients tasted fresh, sauces had spice and flavour and presentation was beautiful.I'd definitely be back.

Review №22

I moved to Wilmington about two years ago and always enjoyed this place because of the "street food" and luxury aesthetic they give off. After leaving a shift at the hospital my coworkers and I tried about 5-6 different dishes including elotes, tacos al pastor, ceviche, and other things. From the start our waitress was rude (which friends have warned us about before coming here). Ignoring us all night, dropping off our food/drinks and just walking off, never refilling our beverages once, just walking right by our table of 4 all night long. Then the food... gosh it smelled amazing but boy did it disappoint! Dry steak, hard rice, unseasoned ceviche.. maybe the chef was having a bad day but nonetheless you are a restaurant. To the rescue comes our waitress? Nope. She notices the barely touched plates of food and asks about our experience as she proceeds to go back and forth with us about how we should have asked for salt and limes to "deepen the flavor." This place is a joke. The manager even defended her terrible behavior by saying "it's a busy night and it gets stressful." Terrible staff, even worse food and no hospitality. The food and service may have been 5 star quality many years ago but that train has sadly left the station in 2020.

Review №23

So the food was pretty good but for the price I just dont think that it was worth it. Fast and friendly service but I probably won't be going back.

Review №24

In the corona times, it was different, yet the new norm. You have to wear a mask to enter. We had a party of 7, so we had to sit 3 people on one table and 4 people on another table. We were in close proximity. I had the cilantro serrano margarita and my friend had the fall breeze martini. The margarita was perfect. I didn't try the martini. We ordered the queso dip, which wasn't bad. (I love queso with everything in it, but my kids didn't want that.) I ordered the fish tacos (battered tilapia), which was amazing. The tortillas had to have been fresh because I was in heaven with that. My son had fajitas and he said they were good. All in all, it was a great place. The only reason I am giving it a 4 was the service. She was great, but it seemed as if she were by herself. Not her fault, just the times that we are in. I'm happy we went!

Review №25

Five stars! Delicious, authentic style Mexican food. The tacos are good and the mezcal drinks are fantastic. Try some of the atypical drinks on the menu!

Review №26

Had a manager I'm assuming tell me to wear a mask going to the bathroom when he himself wasn't even wearing one . He wears a piece of clear plastic several inches wide and a couple inches off his face. I just laughed at him and said ok

Review №27

Great food and service. Social distanced outdoors. Wonderful experience!

Review №28

Fantastic place! My friends and I found this place randomly and decided to try it. The service is great, food is fresh, and it is good pricing. I loved the carnitas, and the chimichangas both times I have been. Also, the queso and fresh gauc is fantastic. I love it and will continue to go. Some of the best Mexican food I have have had in a while.

Review №29

We've eaten at the restaurant twice and food is good. We've ordered pickup twice and they've fouled it up both times. Tonight I went to the restaurant to pick up our order and told them my name when I arrived. It took a while to get the food, longer than they had told me but I now realize that's because my order was likely sitting in the kitchen. The lady brought the order to me and I drove home. Got home and then saw they had given me the wrong order. I called and told them and said I would bring the order back. When I got back there was a man waiting for his order (which had been given to me). The lady took the good from me and a few minutes later came out with my order. Given that this was the second time they had messed up a call in order (second of two) I began to check to make sure everything was there. The lady was there and after confirming everything was there I started to leave and she said they had forgotten to add the chips and salsa so she went and got that for me. I drove home and we opened the food and it was cold because it had been sitting aside for so long - but that's not a big deal. We also ordered churros and when we opened those after our meal we learned they had not included the chocolate or caramel sauce. I called the restaurant just to confirm those are supposed to come with the order and the lady said yes, said they obviously forgot to put the sauce in the bag. So - food is good, not great, but I'd continue to go back there. Just maddening they can't seem to get orders straight. Somewhat apologetic but doesn't appear to be a big deal to them.

Review №30

My family and I traveled from Texas to North Carolina and we were craving Mexican food or something similar. We found this place and it was absolutely delicious! We got "El Grito" for 2 and my mom fell in love with it. The picture doesn't show it, but this also came with dessert. If I ever visited NC again, I will definitely come here again.

Review №31

Liked the atmosphere. The staff took very good care of us. Our waiter was attentive and friendly. The salsa was smokey, fresh & had a great flavor overall. Loved the Duck Carnita Street Tacos with blue corn tortillas and pickeled onions. The refried barrocho beans were great. My wife had the Cheese Enchiladas topped with Mole and Creme Fresh and excellent Fried Plantains. Very good. Thank you for a great experience.

Review №32

My experience at Zocalo was great from beginning to end. The staff are friendly. The food is all made fresh in house. EVERYTHING was delicious!!!I had the Blue Crab Tostadas & Tortilla Bowl w/ Chicken. Both were so good. Thank you Cesar for your knowledge of the menu, the restaurant, and your food suggestions! If I'm ever visiting again, I'll definitely have to stop in. And I've already suggested you to friends.

Review №33

Amazing experience! I love the seating inside but the outdoor patio area is very nice and comfortable! Not very expensive and awesome service! The food is superior and my new favorite mexican restaurant! Gerison done a terrific job with my drinks

Review №34

Service was pretty good especially considering how busy they were. Food was tasty but not for the budget seeker if you want drinks too.The pineapple mojito seemed to have more sugar than alcohol in it which does make it an easy drink. The street sampler was very tasty and probably not for most solo eaters. Lots of bold flavors in this meal!

Review №35

The food was ok it's not my favorite of what I usually eat. That was my first time ever eaten there

Review №36

The food, atmosphere, and service, is perfection! Clean and classy. Not your typical Mexican restaurant fare. The menu and presentation is better.

Review №37

Was so good my wife and I ordered them on Grubhub two days in a row. Food was prepared super quick and had enough food for two meals!

Review №38

Very rude service! Hostess insisted that we get up from an outdoor table place our masks on and wait while they fully dressed the table with chips and salsa. The manager was extremely rude as well insisting that this was for their safety. We were the only people sitting outside. When I asked why this was mandatory she was unable to give a explanation.

Review №39

Absolutely the best street food in Wilmington. Staff is very friendly and the atmosphere was great.

Review №40

Love the food! It's an upscale restaurant... From the delicious the traditional guacamole..the soups and oh my the modern specials.. Just love it! Friendly and attentive wait stuff! Been there at lunch and dinner too and we just loved it. Nothing but top 10 points or even more!

Review №41

New favorite in Wilmington. We moved in across the street and visited last week. Awesome service and very tasty food. Will be there after church frequently.

Review №42

Picked up Zocalo tonight. We'd eaten in precovid. We figured it would worth placing an order to go. Tried calling it in but after several minutes couldn't get ahold of anyone so we decided what the heck we'll place our order to go. Two appetizers and two meals. We'll have leftovers for tomorrow. Estimated time the order would be ready was 15-20 minutes. 35 minutes later they tried to give me someone else's online order. Not a big deal just no sorry I don't know a Vicky, but I'm sure she'd like her order. Then they wanted me to sign a receipt for payment which we had done. I know we did because my wife had it and had tipped. Again no worries miscommunication covid times are a bit crazy. Food quality. My cheese dip was a cheese frisbee cold and firm. It became clear the reason for the delay was that part of our order was forgotten and the rest of it had been sitting under heat lamps. I want to clarify as this was a to go order I live twelve minutes from zolocalo. My cheese dip did not convert from a tasty liquid to a frisbee in twelve minutes. It had been a frisbee for some time. That's okay some of the other food was warm for example the cheese dip side that came with the sampler. The rest of the food was mostly edible but not good. When we dined in it was decent, nothing to write home to mom about but not certainly not bad. I don't know how dine in compares now. I would not however suggest getting your order to go.

Review №43

Though the food is good, it is the spacious interior of Zocalo Street Food that captures your attention - definitely eye candy, especially the huge paneled photo of a Mexican plaza on one wall. You'll take more than a couple glances at it. Our server was a delight -- gracious and beaming with excitement.The only thing I could subtract from high ratings would be that the chicken was a little drier than I expected.

Review №44

The food is amazing and I LOVE the house margaritas! I've always had the nicest servers and never had to wait too long for food. The ambiance is sometimes loud but most times when I go it's just nice. Honestly one of my favorite places to go

Review №45

GREAT food. Great service.

Review №46

Fantastic food, great atmosphere, friendly staff and reasonable prices!

Review №47

Alot of food ,very good quality.

Review №48

First time going this week and I had to go back a second time. Food is delicious, drinks are cold, atmosphere is pleasant, and the place is very clean. I had the lunch special for Thursday and there are specials everyday of the week. Love the chips and three types of salsa.

Review №49

Food that won't break the bank, friendly atmosphere with great staff, and casual dining. Not a bad pick if you've just finished watching a movie. Me and my gf both enjoyed the street tacos and nachos but wouldn't go out of my way to get them again. Nothing really negative to say about this place but nothing unique stuck out either. 4/5

Review №50

Service was wonderful BUT....I cannot, in good conscience, give a rating higher than a 3 due to the taste of the food.Our server (who I can't remember her name but she looks like Kate Winslet!), she was great! Attentive and funny. I appreciate all the measures they've put into place especially given Covid-19.Food came out in a timely manner and looked delicious. We got the steak tacos, which came with a side of rice and beans. The rice was delicious. Odd that were some random peas among it, but it didn't bother me much. Beans were good and flavorful as well.Which was why I was so disappointed to bite into my delicious tacos and find that there was zero flavor. It was really disheartening honestly, given how pretty they looked! My boyfriend had the same tacos and he advised me his lacked any taste or flavor as well. There was a salsa that came with it, which I liked for the spice but the flavor, to us, was off. However, I am not considering the salsa when rating the food because I feel that flavor is subjective to a point.But not having any flavor at all, no salt, no anything is really saddening given the presentation of the food. The tacos were really bland and tasteless and shouldn't be so for a main dish. Our waitress explained sometimes they dont add salt to the marinade in order to adhere to everyone's palate, which makes sense but it really tasted like nothing. I mean, a lil salt wouldn't hurt.If I could rate by tenths of a point, I would give my overall experience a 3.9. Everything else about our dining experience was great. I just can't give a 4.I should've known something was off when I saw peas in the Mexican rice! (Just kidding.) But in all seriousness, I would return again, just hope next time we can actually taste the food!

Review №51

Very unprofessional manager , will not go back because of the way he talked to me , I will not support this business any longer .

Review №52

Zocalo is a great place to have some really tasty Mexican food, there are so many choices on the menu

Review №53

The food was very fresh and traditional Mexican tasting. I went on a Tuesday when they have make your own tacos which was also a great option that my dinner guests chose. The hostess sang some Spanish music karaoke and had a beautiful voice. My only disappointment, which I voiced to the manager, was our waitress was not very attentive.

Review №54

Made reservations a day before for the tequila tasting. Call the restaurant 30 minutes before 6:30 told them we where going to be a few minutes late. We get there at 6:36. We get there and they tell us they are full. Hostess goes and talks to manager and they sit us down. I speak to waitress and once again she goes to the back. Comes back and tell us that they are booked for tequila tasting. That we had to called to confirm the reservation. No where online did it say for us to call and confirm. We left so upset. We had to pay a babysitter to be able to go out and we return back home so upset and without any food. Thanks for this amazing experience. Never again will I step foot in your restaurant.

Review №55

The most unorganized worst service I've experienced in the area in years. Ordered food at 430 got there at 5 and at 530 it isn't even being prepared yet!!? They don't want to give a refund so I'm patient things happen I'll let this pass and I'm told they aren't getting my order in right away. 630 rolls around and still no food I walk in along with 5 of the what had to have been 30 people waiting outside for food and turns out my order still isn't being prepared, after being told to go back outside rudely multiple times and waiting patiently for hours now I just leave due to the incompetence of the main guy who seems to be so called running this operation. This place will NEVER get my families money again.

Review №56

Finally ate here on Tuesday afternoon after a movie at The Pointe. So glad we tried it! The chips and salsa were excellent, and you get 3 kinds of salsa- mild, tomatillo and hot. They offer lots of interesting food and drink options. The zocalo margarita and roja sangria were both great- we're looking forward to trying some others. We shared a $15 sampler platter since it was our first visit. It was very good and quite a lot of food- wings, taquitos, quesadilla, corn, and cactus fries, plus a nice size serving of guacamole, a little queso (it was really good, wish it was bigger), and some dip for the cactus fries. Everything was good though cactus is kinda slimy like ocra. We didn't know how big the sampler was, so I also had tortilla soup ($7) and hubby got a $2 taco (taco Tuesday special), but they charged $1 for a little bit of sour cream. The bowl of soup was large and pretty tasty though slightly gloopy. Hubby said the taco was average. We left stuffed to misery for $42 plus tip. Speaking of tip, service was very good- thanks Maya! We'll be back to try some more of the interesting items on the menu because overall it was good, though slightly expensive- calling it "street food" seems a bit misleading, gourmet mex is more accurate.

Review №57

Big fan of Zocalo. It's one of those places you wonder how things don't go well for everybody else. I've loved their food and find everybody to be attentive and polite. The ceviche is off the chart, get the trio !

Review №58

Great staff and delicious food! I have food allergies (soy,dairy and gluten) and they were able to accommodate which was the best! Definitely recommend this restaurant.

Review №59

My second time bringing a friend here. Place was absolutely packed but the fact it's such a high ceiling doesn't make it really feel cramped. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. Michael was our bartender and was an absolute riot. Even when I spilled my water glass as my clumsy self usually does, he was really cool about it and continued being very personable and made sure all our orders were right. Tacos and Sopes 9/10. Service 25/10! Great place for beer and dinner.

Review №60

Food was good, but not great...this just opened about a week ago, so I will give them another chance bc they still have a lot of kinks to work out. The chips and salsa were the best out of the whole meal .

Review №61

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the server/management were very attentive to detail. Ordered the watermelon mint margarita with chicken fajitas and chicken divorciadas as the entrees. Everything was wonderful! Will be back soon!

Review №62

Food is excellent. Love the enchiladas w poblanos sauce, shrimp is the best if you like seafood and plantains are awesome. Servers are great each time I've been. Only complaint is the speed which is the only thing that gives it a 4 instead of 5, we are typically here about 2 hours.

Review №63

Skillful chef, good drinks, pleasant staff

Review №64

My new favorite Mexican restaurant. Food is outstanding; we've been three times in last two weeks. $2 tacos on Tuesday nights!

Review №65

Love the food and love the drinks even more. I worked in the area for 8 months and every Monday I tried the Margarita sampling. Bartender always tried to produce different drinks to compliment the food pairing. Can't wait until my next visit.

Review №66

Always great food, amazing service, relaxed atmosphere, and excellent price point. Pictured is a chile relleno Norteno. I highly recommend the molcajete grill, an unbelievable amount of amazing food for the price. The chipotle gratin potatoes are a must, as are any of the margaritas. Easily one of my favorites.

Review №67

My boyfriend and I went here for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. We sat at the couches outside and the host came out and said “you can't eat here” and threw the menus on the table and walked away. We continued to sit because we didn't understand the vague and rude welcoming we received. It took 10 minutes for our waitress to come outside (there were 2 tables inside, so they weren't busy). We ordered drinks (she barely knew the price or what was in the drinks). Once we were ready to order, we both choose dishes from the lunch menu. It was 1:00 o'clock pm. The waitress then told us that they are not serving from the lunch menu so it would be “a slight to charge to our meal” (again very vague and rude) so i asked What the up-charge would be for more clarification and she said I'm going to charge you for the dinner portion. The lunch burrito was $7 and the dinner burrito is $14.. so double. I said Oh.. well never mind. Well just split a meal. We split the ACP dinner portion that our waitress said was a “HUGE PORTION”. It came out tasteless, the portion wasn't even enough for one person and when we looked displeased and asked for our check (without eating) she didn't say a word and she walked away.Terrible service, terrible food, terrible atmosphere.

Review №68

Food was good. Server was very average. Never asked.if we needed anything. When we asked for something it seemed like we were an imposition and she dropped it off at the table with out even making sure it was right.

Review №69

Very good meal and great service plus, they had the heat on. So many restaurants are freezing and so Carlo was not. Highly recommend.

Review №70

Friendly service. Hand made chips. Great atmosphere. Amazing food.

Review №71

There are no words to describe how amazing this place is . Fantastic chef. Best margaritas. Can't wait to go there again!!

Review №72

There margarita is the best in Wilmington. There food is great, with friendly service.

Review №73

Great food great service great atmosphere

Review №74

Awesome place.. Really good food. First time eating cactus , great service as well.

Review №75

Michelle our server was brilliant. Great food. Had a great time. We will be back.

Review №76

The worse experience as a mother dinning in my one year old was apparently being to loud so the manager came up to our table and told us her customers were complaining.

Review №77

Food is GREAT!! I recommend the Vegetarian Quesadilla. Would have given it a 5 star, but the service is ALWAYS so slow. Had to go inside and get my water refilled twice. Keep that in mind if you are going to a movie or have other plans.

Review №78

A little pricey but food was amazing! Our server Yovanna was absolutely amazing and is what made our experience as good as it was!! 5 stars to Yovanna, if you come to eat here make sure you ask for her !

Review №79

From the salsa to the stake everything tasted horrible, waitress was kind and courteous but had no effect on the food. $70 later.

Review №80

Been a regular here since they opened, usually good, but most recently the service has fallen off.The last 3 consecutive take out experiences were miserable. Most recently, they forgot half the order, forced a 30 minute wait, resulting in cold food, and then charged us for it.Look at other places for quarantine food.

Review №81

Food was absolutely delicious! Pineapple mojito was ridiculously AMAZING! Will definitely return when we are in the area. Also, please open one in the Raleigh area.

Review №82

Where.. have.. you.. been.. my whole life?! The food is absolutely incomparable. From the moment we walked in until the time we left, there were nothing but smiles from the staff. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was relaxed but modern. My wife and I are the type of people that pick apart restaurants and put them in a “Ban” category but tonight we both decided that we will be life long customers BEFORE our food even arrived!! 10/10 guys!!

Review №83

Great atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful service! Their chips and guac are in house made delights! :-)

Review №84

The menu looked delicious and the prices were pretty damn good....but I ordered fajitas, and the waitress forgot to bring tortillas. She realized this after bringing the rest of the meals to our table; apologized and went to get my tortillas. NEVER came back. Eventually I ate the steak/peppers/onions with a fork to avoid getting cold. Also never came back to refill drinks. Two thumbs down!

Review №85

Had the sangria swirled with frozen margarita- as beautiful as it was delicious. Guacamole and queso app came with warm, fresh chips. Sat outside--service is slow but I appreciate a chill vibe. Will be back. Arrived 1pm seated and served right away.

Review №86

Love it!! Great service.

Review №87

Great food and amazing servers and bartenders. My son's favorites are the street tacos and the elote (street corn).

Review №88

Great upscale, great value, great service, Mexican restaurant and especially the chef - Julio- is awesome!

Review №89

Food was excellent; silverware wasn't very clean and their was [one] waitress serving [every] table so needless to say service was a bit slower and less attentive than I'd like.

Review №90

Really enjoyed the outside dining and food was great

Review №91

Good food. I'm from Tx so it is hard to find Mexican style food that I like. I like the atmosphere and the wait staff has all been awesome. Price is a little high

Review №92

Horrible service rude rude visiting from out of town treated us like we were a bother!

Review №93

The food is amazing. Portions were waaayyy plenty. Homemade tortillas, chips, and tamales. A must stop. Salsa is perfect not over oniony and runny and it has consistency. It was perfect. Guacamole was good but, you don't get alot. Sweettea was perfect. Resturant is clean and parking was no issue. The menu is not typical but, very surprising.

Review №94

Went here for a date night before going to the movies and did not regret it. Great food and great people! Loved our waiter and atmosphere. The decor was beautiful! Nice spot for dinner especially before going to the movies since the cinema is so close!

Review №95

Contemporary, bustling and friendly atmosphere. Loved my food. The server was incredible and knew every detail about the menu and the drinks. All the way down to the pickled onions on a particular dish. The restaurant's music is a bit loud, but it adds to the atmosphere. Overall great experience with the food and the service.

Review №96

The food here was absolutely amazing. The ambience and decor the place was fresh and comfortable. Cesar our waiter was very informative and helpful, attending to our every need. we definitely plan to visit this place again in the future. The cactus was amazing and it was the first time I tried cactus in my life. Thank you for such a wonderful restaurant with wonderful service.

Review №97

Great, creative (yes, traditional) food that is super tasty. The chimichanga is incredible, but everything I've had is great. Really cool environment, with outdoor seating.

Review №98

Great food! Good wow! And clean!

Review №99

Fantastic! I ordered the azteca quesadilla but tried the enchiladas, skillet fajitas, and chimichanga and they all were great. Chips and salsa are the best I've had. I recommend the guacamole appetizer.

Review №100

Took our daughter here last night for her birthday dinner! Amazing food, service was great! They went way out of there way to provide excellent customer service!

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:1474 Barclay Pointe Blvd #206, Wilmington, NC 28412, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 910-833-5142
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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