Bayou Bakery
1515 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201, United States
Review №1

I go to this marvelous place once a month as I enjoy the special air that is unique to this restaurant. The staff is extraordianrillyremarkably friendly and qualified. The service is exceptionally efficient. Most important, the food they prepare is perfect. I frequent many times and I was always pleased. The rate is honest. I recommend this place to to all.

Review №2

A good place for a quick bite. It is a cofee shop. It has a order and pickup style service. The food is average

Review №3

I lived in and around Arlington for about three years. Bayou Bakery is a solid choice for a quick or leisurely weekday or weekend breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Stay for a second, stay for two hours: they've got WiFi, great customer service, the best coffee in Roslyn/Courthouse, and amazing selection of meals or snack. Plus, the owner dedicated his resources and talents to keep kids fed during the toughest parts of COVID. Stand up restaurant, stand up owner.Sometimes on the weekend, a table might be hard to find so if you bring a party with folks who need to sit down quickly, plan to get there early or mid-late afternoon!

Review №4

Delicious food at a reasonable price. The staff is efficient and knowledgeable. Very comfortable ambience. Also, they did a hella'va job supporting the Arlington community during this pandemic. Loyalty forever, thanks.

Review №5

What a hidden gem this is! Sorry that I missed Chef Gaus, but will be back next time in town! The gumbo was as good as I've ever had and the "Douille" Dog was outstanding!

Review №6

Nice location. A cute Boutique experience. However, I do see a slight difference between pre pandemic and now in the quality of taste. I'm willing to give a pass, due new cooks and such. Will try again in the future.

Review №7

Even Mcdonald's is better.Thank you for replying. I thought it was obvious but let me explain. First, Because of the pandemic, I do not own a positive review for a terrible experience. If I were you, I would be embarrassed about serving the type of food I received for the amount I paid. Second, Making a decent breakfast is not that hard, but it is hard if you do not have a stove. I ordered a biscuit with eggs. My bf had the same thing with bacon. what we got were cold fake eggs and a terrible terrible biscuit. SO, why McDonald's is better? because the food there is at least hot! I would not call myself a chief if I was serving THAT! I know food, that's why it was shocking that someone who makes a living of making food allows himself not only to charge good money for an uneatable food but also provide no customer support.

Review №8

Amazing variety of menu options and delicious homecooked breakfasts! Coffee is decent but not craft level. Sweet tea is top notch.

Review №9

Good place to hang and eat some good food. Service is consistently above par. The bill won't shock you.

Review №10

I love a good coffee shop with personality and the Bayou Bakery takes the cake. Mr. T sandwich was yummy and interesting. And ooohh the biegnets!

Review №11

The coffee is good, the breakfast biscuit sandwich was meh, but the beignets are insanely good. GET. THE. BEIGNETS.

Review №12

You don't need to go all the way to NOLA to get perfect beignets. Bayou Bakery has amazing grits, beignets, biscuits and more. During COVID do yourself a favor and order online to skip the line.

Review №13

Bayou Bakery is a unique and charming cafe. They have a great atmosphere and Really. Good. Coffee. However, the service is limited and so is the menu. A good choice for a drink after work or a coffee meet up before, but this is not a restaurant and not a place to spend a lot of time. If you have a chance though, you absolutely should go to one of their crawfish boils. (Pictured) *chef kiss*

Review №14

The gumbo made me think of my grandmother's cooking it was delicious!

Review №15

I've heard a lot about the brunch at this place and was excited to try it out. Unfortunately I don't think they serve brunch on weekdays I ended up going with the egg and cheese on a biscuit which was really nice. Also the beignets are very tasty and the hot chocolate is perfect. The place was a bit crowded so we were lucky to find a table, but service was pretty quick. Would definitely go back.

Review №16

Love this spot for a nice quick brunch. The food and coffee is delicious and prices are great. The breakfast sandwiches and biscuits are so good and filling. As for the beignets, they were absolutely amazing and I would even venture to say they were better than Cafe Du Monde! Love having a Louisiana style bakery here in Virginia. Plus, I love the added touches, like the decor to really bring the place together.

Review №17

Very authentic fare. The beignets are great! The pralines are also very good and authentic though they are a little small for the price. The sandwiches and coffee are also very good.

Review №18

Glad to see them doing well with good range of drinks and snacks and planning for full reopening. Good outside seating meanwhile.

Review №19

Its an easy going friendly neighbourhood place with ample seating. The drip coffee was excellent with light citrus and aromatic notes. And the icing on the cake was that they give a free refill. Another thing i liked was that they give proper ceramic dishes vs the disposable ones a lot of places give these days.Taking off a star because of the relatively less dessert options. Though there are pictures showing a fuller display, that wasn't the case when i went in.

Review №20

A great taste of New Orleans in Arlington at Court House. Great sandwiches and Gumbo. Coffee and biengets are wonderful as well. The service is fast and efficient. The atmosphere is right out of Louisiana and is fun and festive. It is a short walk from the metro.

Review №21

Love their bakery and coffee. They are always super nice in there.

Review №22

As a longtime resident of Lincoln Parish, this place is pretty great. Wide selections of both prepared hot foods or tasty pastries at the full service coffee bar. With happy hour and beer on tap / bottled you could stay here all day and be in want of nothing. Opens at 7am for a quick cup of coffee (honestly though 6 would be better - make it happen?)

Review №23

Marcus the manager looked out for me .. greatly appreciated very lively vibe. They are taking COVID seriously!

Review №24

The food was filling, smelled wonderful and was bursting with flavor. We went during their weekend brunch and ordered the “dressed” grits, bacon and egg biscuit and the pulled pork breakfast. We will definitely be going back for more.

Review №25

Beignets!! (and they're delicious and piping hot) Also, my cappuccino was excellent. The place itself is a comfy all-day coffeehouse with really good food and it's a great escape from the sterile, soulless espresso bars in downtown DC. (Visited March 1, 2020)

Review №26

Have always loved this place for beignets, iced coffees and lunch but I really love how they are doing their crawfish boils now with a sample sandwich and sides!

Review №27

Great food and service as always and I'm glad their enforce people to wear their masks. Keep up the hard work, guys!!!!

Review №28

Super trendy place for brunch or lunch. The pulled pork biscuit and the beignets were so delicious. If you like coffee, they have a wide variety to choose from and it's made quickly. The atmosphere is great for dining alone or dining with a group.

Review №29

Just want to share 5 stars because the chef and business owner is a genuinely selfless person. During this stressful pandemic, he is keeping kids fed by offering them a meal for free. Keep up the good work chef and don't forget to support your local small businesses!

Review №30

Nice Louisiana style cafe. I love sharing a French press with friends and getting a biscuit with egg and cheddar. It's not the cheapest place but it's all very well made and tasty. A pleasant environment for conversation, reading or relaxing.

Review №31

Great staff! They have very good coffee, I love the special attention they take make a great Latte. Also I live the authentic pastries and of course the Beignets! If you are in the area it is worth stopping by any time of day.

Review №32

Best fresh baked Almond Croissants in the DMV!

Review №33

Fun NoLo menu with reasonable prices

Review №34

Really good Southern food, I got a incredible breakfast and the place is cozy and excelenet atmosphere

Review №35

Great coffee, breakfast, and snack place in the Courthouse neighborhood in Arlington. Local business with character and friendly service. It has good seating options and is close to the Metro. There's also a parking lot across the street.

Review №36

This is my second time visiting Bayou Bakery, and my first experience was definitely one to remember, especially the Shrimp burger special I ordered, but not so much this second time around. I waited 2 weeks for their shrimp burger special (since they only offer it on Fridays, and my schedule)..... 2 WEEKS, and honestly from this experience I don't know if I'll be back. I'm a FOODIE, so I'm big on Quality and Presentation, and I have to say it, Bayou Bakery failed on this visit. I contacted ahead to place an order for the last 2 Shrimp Burgers, and informed them I would be there between 30-40 minutes, according to my GPS. However, those were walking directions and I was in fact no more than 10 minutes away. When my Wife and I arrived the cashier who took our order over the phone grabbed the sandwiches sitting I guess on the counter behind her, which was odd, being as though I had told her we were originally going to be there a lot later. Ok Cool. No biggie. However, we left, and upon getting ready to eat them, they looked NOTHING like the first ones we had. The burger itself was not hot, smashed, mushy, and not to mention, so tiny I'm starting to think (judging from the size of the first burger we had) that they split one burger to stretch it to two, or either those burgers had been sitting there a while because NOTHING about it was fresh. Which makes this very hard for someone who's a texture eater to enjoy. I'm glad I got to enjoy it at least once, but it's very hard to come back after that.

Review №37

Not real eggs... Seriously??? If I wanted fake eggs I'd go to dunkin' donuts.

Review №38

I've been coming here since before I lived in the NOVA area. Always made sure to stop by everytime I visited DC. The hungover hog and honey latte are my go to and never fail to disappoint with just so much flavor!

Review №39

This is a wonderful little gem located in Arlington. Their food is delicious and their drinks are even better. We ate breakfast here daily even though our hotel offered free breakfast. The ambiance was that of a great little cafe and the food was great perk. There are bistro tables located outside as well. It truly is the quintessential cafe...what every Starbucks and Scooters wishes that they were.

Review №40

The chef was just on Good Morning America. He is making red beans and rice for people to pick up for their children during the crisis. He has his staff working to help the community. If at all possible please send in help with money donations to help the kids get a warm meal since the schools are closed.What a wonderful man! Also the beignets are delicious! Orders can be made for takeout for your own meal.You can make donations online atRealfoodforkids. Org/bayou bakery

Review №41

Perfect snow day with Southern hospitality! Had a warm and buttery buttermilk biscuit with coffee. Cozies up on the chair and watched snow, people & patrons.

Review №42

This bakery is EVERYTHING! I am so anxious to visit New Orleans after visiting this restaurant. The food and ambiance was exhilarating. The food, decor, and music offered an authenticity that I have yet to see before. I certainly recommend eating here. And the beignets.....YUM!!!

Review №43

Not much to write home about. The coffee was okay and they had a few snacks. Not much of a menu. I think they only survive because of the location as it relates to Arlington County Government. They have signs on the table that you need at least three people to be allowed to sit at a booth. Didn't feel very welcoming or friendly.

Review №44

A good counter service style restaurant for coffee and breakfast sandwiches with a New Orleans influenced menu and theme. They have different kinds of biscuits and also have pastries and beignets. It's a small place with somewhat limited seating, so you may have to wait for a seat if there's a crowd. We got biscuits with bacon, egg, and cheese which were pretty tasty.

Review №45

I enjoyed the music and the low key atmosphere at 5pm. Plenty of seating inside and out. I ordered a tea and the gumbo which was delicious! Its counter service/bus your own table type of place. The one down side is that the buy one get one free happy hour is on pastries they won't sell tomorrow so nothing was eligible. It was just a bit strange. I'll go back though for another cup of delicious gumbo!

Review №46

This place has a great sandwich called the Arm Drip packed with meat and gravy. Also the beignets are fresh and fairly inexpensive. Love this place when I want some comfort food.

Review №47

Amazing food! Great service and location. Will be back!

Review №48

Refreshing to break the Starbucks streak -- even though I like Starbucks. Enjoyed the experience there.

Review №49

Nice concept. I was expecting food from scratch. It wasn't bad. I'm glad I tried it because I can stop saying I want to go. I just expected so much more. They could've gone in a completely different direction with the concept but it was just ok.

Review №50

Pro:The beignets we're delicious.Cons:Service was pretty bad. I was waiting a while for my americano (just espresso plus water) and I noticed people who had ordered after me started getting their hot coffees. When I asked the barista if an americano was coming up she literally rolled her eyes and didn't even respond.I didn't care for the coffee. It's not bad but I drink my coffee black without sugar and I just wasn't a fan of the flavor.The biscuits and gravy have a strong smoke flavor that neither my wife nor I cared for.

Review №51

Fresh and crispy beignets!

Review №52

Food here isn't bad. I like the way the café is set up with the out door seating options. They have a good selection of specialty teas and coffees. I had a BLT and it was good. The service was good and the food came out pretty quickly.

Review №53

Owner-Chef David Guas is a gracious host. He and his staff are warm and welcoming. The food is fantastic. Make sure you get the beignets, of course. And the double cut, double smoked bacon is a unique must have.

Review №54

I love going here. The staff is very nice, the vibe is so chill and the coffee and snacks are the best. I always get the Cajun latte with either a scone or beignet..very delicious. The gumbo is pretty good as well.

Review №55

Having lived in the NOLA area for a number of years, I found this place a real treat. Its almost always packed and can be a little confusing between ordering and getting your food, but it's a pretty authentic experience from that standpoint as well. The food is true to its roots and I look forward to my next visit.

Review №56

The best beignets outside of NOLA.

Review №57

Themed coffee shop with cute menu items and fun staff.

Review №58

The coffee is excellent and so were the biscuits. The atmosphere is relaxing, comfortable and noise level was normal for this place. Still able to do work. Unisex restrooms.

Review №59

Yummy! I really loved my savory scone with my buzzin beehive drink this morning! Will definitely be back to try more things on the menu!

Review №60

I am extremely disappointed, I came after checking whether the place is open or not, and it says it opens in Google maps. Surprisingly, after I arrived, the store was closed!

Review №61

I enjoyed their hungover hog breakfast.

Review №62

The menu was not completely understandable on line. It was weird if you didn't get the New Orleans type of menu. Best part was the beignets.

Review №63

Great sandwiches, good selection of high quality teas, chill place in a great spot next to the metro, they also have games to play in your party.

Review №64

So good! Came here for breakfast and they absolutely crushed it. Tasty and fresh!

Review №65

NOLA, sweet NOLA. Decent , , & sandwich. Friendly staff, comfy atmosphere. WiFI.

Review №66

Nice quaint place with delicious items on the menu.

Review №67

Cozy little cafe with breakfast and lunch. Serves Counterculture Coffee and even has beignets at breakfast!

Review №68

Really good flavors!!!! Good prices

Review №69

Delicious fresh beignets, muffalatas and more. A little New Orleans in arlington.

Review №70

I ordered a mocha, and it was not good. The coffee was too bitter for my taste.

Review №71

Rustic and homey, it embodies the feel and the smell of a place with a southern its name implies, "slow-moving"; you don't feel like leaving once you're there...The locals socialize there to catch up with the daily "gossip". It appears to be a common place to hang out. Pricing appears to be reasonable...Service was excellent, the people were very nice and the mood was light...after having a cappuccino, I felt great!!!Definitely a place to revisit...

Review №72

Must work harder to keep customer relation. They take customer for granted. It is all about word of mouth and few more 1 star on google reviews. My order was ready and nobody let me know. Coffee got cold. Presentation is below average. Taste was good.

Review №73

Worth the trip! The pastry tastes so fresh and light. Great service, amazing food!

Review №74

Amazing flavorful food, very affordable, the food is honestly full of flavor had a great time!

Review №75

Beautiful bakery and restaurant. Hang out on the couch and enjoy.

Review №76

This is a wonderful, cozy cafe. The staff wad extremely friendly and the food was delicious. My partner ordered coffee that she said was delicious. I ordered a BLT and bengeits. The BLT was one of the best I've had and very filling. The bengeits were also delicious. It was a great spot to relax and enjoy the morning. I would definitely recommend this place especially since it is only a block or two from the Metro.

Review №77

We went in for the first time to pick up coffee and a breakfast sandwich. The food menu wasn't very straightforward so we asked the woman at the register for help and she treated us with impatience like she didn't even want to be there. We ended up getting a coffee and croissant and asked a different person for napkins. He waved us to the tables to grab napkins from. Luckily, there were some empty tables so we didn't have to deal with the awkwardness of interrupting someone's breakfast.The coffee and food were fine but the service was so off-putting that this would not be our first choice in the future.

Review №78

Great place! Food was very good, service was great and the waitress provided me two menus to go for me to take back to my Aunt.

Review №79

Nice place to relax and enjoy the Bayou atmosphere. Worth your time to visit.

Review №80

Love this place. It's the go to breakfast location for me and my girlfriend. Great food. Good mimosas and friendly service.

Review №81

Great local spot near metro. Large menu includes perfect weekend morning new orleans fare as well as coffee. You seat youself but it seems like it turns over pretty quickly

Review №82

Friendly staff. All masked and splash shields.

Review №83

Asked for a roast beef poboy and a fried shrimp poboy. Got the arm drip and shrimp burger. The arm drip is not what I expected. It was more like a cheese steak and did not compare to the cajun goodness of Danny and Clydes back home. While the shrimp burger is not the same as an over stuffed fried shrimp poboy it was unique and delicious. I would recommend the shrimp burger over the arm drip roast beef.There is no table service here. The place is small so if you are going to eat here stake a table quickly as it can be crowded. After the ordering pickup process at the counter you might not be able to find an empty table.

Review №84

Best breakfast in town.... GO now if you haven't already!

Review №85

Oh man - we loved this place! It's like NOLA away from NOLA. Great food selections and a feeling of N'awlins in DC. Loved it! Who Dat!!!

Review №86

The Cashier that helped me...*I'll take you out Sunday night. Wear something nice.*

Review №87

The best beignets, and counter culture coffee. Can't go wrong at Bayou!

Review №88

The latte we ordered was delicious though it wasn't as hot as I would have liked and the blackened turkey meatballs with Parmesan were absolutely fabulous

Review №89

The only place I know of in DC that has beignets. Quick and good service.

Review №90

If I could do six stars, this would be the one. From "naughty" egg nog to avocado toast with a twist to grits from George Washington's grist mill (seriously)!

Review №91

Got our King Cake! Good beignets too

Review №92

I actually enjoyed my coffee, which was both delicious and hot, but my muffaletta sandwich was cold and lacked traditional flavor. I'll give them another shot, though, because every place is allowed to have an off day.

Review №93

Amazing, mouthwatering biscuits and true chocolate taste in the mocha with oat milk. Made my morning and such sweetest staff

Review №94

It's cool

Review №95

I don't drink coffee but everything I've eaten here is great, and I've had at least five different things off the menu. The macaroni and cheese was especially delicious. Way above the standards of normal coffee shop/cafe food! They're also quick getting food out.

Review №96

What have happened to this place? I used to frequent it a lot last year, only to come back to a slow and poor customer service. The server in the photo below has two speeds: slow and snail. Despite of having only 2-3 orders in the queue, it took her almost 20 mins to make a simple cafe au lait. Adding one star for great tasing beignets.

Review №97

It's an absolute cluster in here and the service is pretty rude. The food was decent and fairly inexpensive, but there are definitely better breakfast places around. If you're intent on coming here, get your food to go so you don't have to deal with all the chaos and yelling inside.

Review №98

Huge sandwiches and good coffee. Nice place to chill.

Review №99

So yummy! I got the Honey Do latte which was so great! They offer all different types of milk for your lattes, which is a nice option to have! It's definitely really crowded so you might have to hover for a seat. I ordered the Beignets and they were DELICIOUS!

Review №100

Easy enough to get seats at the bar area but it does fill up fast for tables. Food was done quickly and very good. A lot of food for the price and everyone enjoyed what they ordered. Highly recommend for southern style food/breakfast/baked goods.

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