Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
1070 E Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203, United States

Review №1

Restaurant should be closed! No true social distancing. Had to inform the manager that patrons people were not donning gloves when self serving. Saw one customer reach over with his bare hand to get a baked potato ( no mask or gloves). Mask wearing nor gloves not enforced via the manager and her staff!!! Will not visit this Asheboro restaurant again as this is not a safe environment! Saw a server take contaminated condiments from a table that had not been cleaned and take it to an occupied table. This pandemic is real and on the RISE!!!!

Review №2

We keep giving them one more chance but they fail Everytime. The food just keeps getting worse, we found a roach on the table one night. Today we went for lunch so u would think everything would be fine but not. The saled bar had food that looked like is was a week old. Zoom in on the picture and I will see how bad is was.

Review №3

Haven't been here in several years due to food quality. Thought we would give them a try (& I was craving the rolls). Very disappointed! Rolls were hard. Fish was mush. Pork chops were dry. Overall a disappointment. 2 stars was the waitress was the only positive. Super nice and apologetic. Guess we will wait another several years.

Review №4

We came there today (Saturday, 10/31/20) at lunchtime around 2:30pm & the woman who rung us up (I wish I had her name but I believe she's Hispanic) was soooooo rude!! We were visiting the zoo & was having a wonderful day until we met her!!! She even rung me up for 2 $2.99 drinks when I had water. Thank god I looked at my receipt because of how rude she was and noticed it. The mgr corrected it but she didn't apologize or nothing. Then the rude girl, yes... girl (that's what she acted like) was laughing with her coworker looking right at me while I was having it fixed in front of the mgr. strictly horrible. My waiter carried the stars given and the food was good to me. I would of given a better review if the Customer Service in the beginning was better. Such a shame. I will be keeping my receipts to make sure I get my refund.

Review №5

Great place for reunions my dad's class reunion

Review №6

Completely disgusted this evening. Made an online order told me my order would be ready at 6:41 p.m. I showed up at 6:49 p.m. they told me my order had not even came through. Although my card was already charged they told me I had no order ready to pick up. And on top of all of this I had to wait an extra 15 minutes to receive my meal to go. And on top of this steak was not cooked to my order specifications. They did not even put steak sauce in the bag.

Review №7

Since it's a buffet, they had disposible gloves so no one is touching the utensils. The food was fresh and hot. Love their salad bar. Great service from our waitress.

Review №8

Food selections (variety and savory) are unmatched and hands down best in class. I travel the county and this I find throughout every location I've visited. At this particular stop the food preparers stand out. Check out and service on the other hand seemed somewhat unconcerned with their contribution to the total experience as they lack attention to detail. For example_the salad dressing was somehow absent from takeout, though I'm certain I brought it counter.

Review №9

Steaks were decent, rest of the food is rather bland but maybe enjoyed by kids. $2.99 for kids dinner buffet includes drink, adults are $19 with drink+tax

Review №10

Very poor quality food. Sorry service and expensive for the food quality will not come back .

Review №11

They always have just about anything u want to eat , but dont forget to wear ur masks.

Review №12

The pot roast & rolls I picked up from Asheboro's Golden Corral today was awesome!!! The price was awesome too as well the staff who greeted me plus took my order out to my car! Thanks!

Review №13

I just order food for curbside and they don't do nothing I have to go for my food inside bad service

Review №14

Need more variety than chicken and burnt meatloaf on lunch buffett..

Review №15

Service was was good..used disposable gloves to get food .

Review №16

Very clean and the waitress we had was awesome. Food delicious as always. Ate way to much.

Review №17

Delicious food. Employees always helpful and friendly.

Review №18

Always enjoy Golden Corral. Have been customers for many years!

Review №19

Great food and the waitresses and management were top notch

Review №20

Oh man, they have the BEST FOOD. They are respectable, helping you any way they can. Thank you guys for everything.

Review №21

It was great being able to visit again. They have spaced out the tables, added gloves and sanitizer for the bar, and your waiter/waitress will bring your plates and silverware to the table for added "safety".

Review №22

Good food but better when there isn't a beef shortage for sure

Review №23

Food over cooked, vegetables burnt over cooked,meat no flavor.What a shame this was a good place to eat. But not now something has gone wrong with golden corral.My last time.

Review №24

Great variety of well cooked food on their buffet! We eat here two or three times a month. Very friendly servers, clean restaurant and restrooms. Highly recommend this location to all!!

Review №25

Can't beat the lunch price for an all you can buffet. Great selection of food kept stocked. Salad items, fruits, country style cooking, all kinds of meat, rolls and breads, pastas and pizza, and of course the big dessert area! Love the desserts. I had issues with cleanliness though. Plates kept in the open and upright, away from the food area. Food scattered in some areas. Some food items were going bad. I complained and the item was swiftly removed and replaced with a sincere apology. I still like the place though. The unlimited food option keeps it at 4 stars for me

Review №26

They had very limited food on the menu we wait 15 mins for them to give us plates and tfor the price its not worth it bc they had all side very few meets $15 a person is a lot if u all u are getting is side items

Review №27

The steak from the grill was delicious and fried Chicken was also excellent. There's so much to choose from here that it's hard to come away hungry. The cooks for the most part were spot on, fantastic job. In fact I didn't eat anything that wasn't good. The rolls were very good and the carrot cake, oh my goodness, I love the carrot cake here. This is a great place to take a group or just indulge yourself. Highly recommend!

Review №28

The restaurant was very impressive especially because we didn't get there until after 8 p.m. the service was fantastic food hot and delicious the working staff were very friendly. The manager checked on our service and wanted my family to enjoy their meals and wanted us to be happy. We only felt rushed a little at the end only wished they gave us heads up before putting all the food away. Otherwise great place to eat with no real complaints !! We'll definitely be back!!!

Review №29

Always a pleasure to dine here. Love the friendly vibe along with great staff and environment. Food was good as usual and salad bar was also amazing.

Review №30

It was good. Just need to bring spoons when they bring the rest of the unteniles.

Review №31

Today it was great. It's hit or miss with this location. Sometimes good, others not so good. But today made up for the last time we ate here.

Review №32

The food and service was great!

Review №33

Whatever seasoning it is that they put on their steaks, I don't like it. It makes the steak inedible for me. This is chain wide, not just a specific store. I also find a lot of the food to be rather bland and to me the prices for the buffet seem to be rather expensive. In their defense, the staff is always pleasant, the store is always clean, and the place is always busy.edited for clarity

Review №34

Prices are high .we paid 30.00for just two was ok.yrs ,it's all you can eat but you can only eat so much

Review №35

It was better than the last time. They went up on the price but I think that is the new norm.

Review №36

It's pretty good! Nice selection. Friendly waitstaff. A really good time.

Review №37

Good deals as long as you have coupons. Usually overcrowded.

Review №38

Service was was kinda ok...not the best

Review №39

Love the buffet. Awesome food. Great variety. Great deserts. Do wish you would bring the molten lava cake back though.

Review №40

Very clean and the food was surprisingly good. They were able to accommodate my large family.

Review №41

Glad they are open again the food was great and service was great and very friendly

Review №42

The food was great ! Great customer service.

Review №43

Not sure what has change in team and management since last rating but had to change my rating on it. Last 4 times we have visited it has been on point. Good Food, Good selection, & clean.

Review №44

We love to going the morning for breakfast..its alot cheaper than dinner and we personally like their breakfast food more.

Review №45

Way to crowded and people coming were rude

Review №46

Delicious, enjoyed every minute of it. Happy after Valentine's day!

Review №47

Worst food ever potatos was dry no good selection

Review №48

I am or was a loyal customer until this trip first I was overcharged for my meal second I seriously doubt the owners want their employees giving discounts to family or friends and finally my server was almost nonexistent and when she did show up she put a party of five behind my seat with a child that was hacking and coughing without covering its mouth . I will never return.

Review №49

I mean in terms of buffet you know what you're gonna get. I don't mind eating here and making myself hate how much I ate.

Review №50

Great Selection went around 1pm on a Sunday and service was phenomenal

Review №51

Even though we were there at a down time, food was hot and fresh.

Review №52

Food was so salty! I told my daughter that y'all must have stock in a salt block company.

Review №53

I love eating here, it's just the lady waiting on us didn't bring what we asked for, which was a straw and soon. I ate soup with a fork!!!

Review №54

This was my 2nd visit, and both times were very good! The salad is fresh, meats were tender and juicy and great fried shrimp! Our waitress was friendly and helpful. Thanks!

Review №55

Went for free fire safety dinner & meeting - we'll be going back.Best quality and selection of any other Golden Corral we've been to. Y'all really know how to cook here in the south!

Review №56

I ordered a pan of Mac N Cheese to feed 6 people I was impressed by the quick availability, I placed the order 30 minutes prior to receiving it. The Mac N Cheese was not tasty to me but the people I shared with enjoyed it very much.

Review №57

Great food and glad they are back open.

Review №58

This was a great buffet experience for me! Pretty close to North Carolina's Zoo to grab something to eat before/after you go. I believe this Golden Corral in particular had a more better selection than others I have tried.

Review №59

This Golden Corral was probably one of the biggest ones Ive been to. Which made it comfortable move around. The employees were friendly and the food was hot and fresh. Also they had the largest strawberries Ive ever seen. Definitely would stop back if I was in the area again.

Review №60

Me and my husband went here for our anniversary dinner my steak was crispy and his ribs and bourbon chicken was cold like less than 145 ( dangerous temps) he is now dealing with food poisoning but the manager was nice enough to give is a refund. However how do you payback for food poisoning hes now in the bed sick and may be out of work for a couple of days

Review №61

Great service with a smile

Review №62

Always Delicious and has the Best Waitresses..they just need a Manger to ring you up.because the young girls that does it. Neither of them ever listens to what you tell them and they always overcharge us because there to busy texting on there phones. Other than than everything is Great..

Review №63

Great people, clean, friendly people ,good service and food.

Review №64

Good food great staff very friendly

Review №65

Great food, wonderful staff, we were very happily pleased!

Review №66

Food always good and right price

Review №67

Good chicken wings. Vegetables deserts

Review №68

Very poor service waited for 20 minutes just to get plates

Review №69

The place is usually good just on the way I went the food was under cooked and without flavor so maybe they just changed the chef that day but every other day its pretty good.

Review №70

Best have ate at beats ones in ga even had biggest bar and best tasting.

Review №71

Great experience

Review №72

I will never eat there again. I ate Saturday for dinner and had to pay for premium weekend price. The everyday dinner price has elevated too pricey for me. Steak was low quality and too tough

Review №73

They offer a great variety of food. The downside is that some of the food looks old and not fresh.

Review №74

Andy is the best waiter I have ever seen if you eat there ask for him you want be sorry

Review №75

Food was warm or cold what it was supposed to be. Very tasty. Great variety well stocked and clean

Review №76

Family friendly good clean place great food

Review №77

The layout of this place is ridiculous. I did not like it. The servers are not easily found and the food was cold. I'll like the Lexington location much better.

Review №78

Friednly staff

Review №79

There is always something you want. Food is delicious, hot and plenty. Eat till your heart is content, then have dessert. Don't 4get to tip your waiters!

Review №80

I would have given you 5 stars, however, the last two times I was there your grill person on the steak station could not keep up. They didn't keep enough steak on the grill based on demand & number of customers. Both times had to wait up to 8-10 minutes. Load up the grill during rush hour.

Review №81

The food was awesome and such a wide variety

Review №82

Food, pretty good, the steak that husband got ,was very good. Wait staff friendly did have to wait for tea and coffee refills. Over all the dining experience was pretty good. Price wise little high, but everyone can get what they like.

Review №83

Easy in and out parking lot.anything you want to eat.friendly personal.very good icecream. Online ordering is a plus.

Review №84

Golden Coral used to be my favorite not no more the flavor was not there and I really did not like anything I tried.

Review №85

For the price the food could be a lot better and not much to choose from on the bar just the same old stuff

Review №86

Good for a quick meal

Review №87

Good food. Service is okay

Review №88

Great service and good food, very well priced as well

Review №89

Their food is Awesome but the price is outrageous.

Review №90

It's okay is some things are good others aren't so good to me

Review №91

Not bad. What you would expect from Golden Corral.

Review №92

I love this place! Great food! Great service!

Review №93

When i visited this time it was very clean and the staff were quick with refils and to take used plates away. The food was very delicious and again very clean. This restaurant has hot bad ratings before but has upgraded itself in many ways. This is why just a 4 star rating but if it continues a 5 star on my next visit. I will give it another go soon. Hope i can say 5 star then.

Review №94

Has one waiter that is the best. Funny smell but if you can get past that food is good.

Review №95

It's good food and a great place

Review №96

Minimal wait staff and waited a while for our drinks but food was good

Review №97

Always enjoy our trip here! Love choosing from so many things. Great staff and mgt!

Review №98

Food is good most of the time. But for the price you pay, the steak should be cooked properly.

Review №99

Went to the one in asheboro had a roach crawling on the counter wont ever eat there again a waste of money couldn't believe a roach messed up our meal

Review №100

Dann great food.Breakfast is to die for.

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  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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