QDOBA Mexican Eats
5335 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

We enjoy going to qdobas very much. If there is a place my picky hubby will eat at, we go. He likes their food. We always get the chicken bowls. Just wish they could go back to using the pop machines and have lime wedges. Miss them both.

Review №2

Absolutely love the food... But this is the 2nd time that my wife has received RAW chicken in her bowl... Please implement some quality control measures.

Review №3

Ordered the family meal and was surprised with how much food they gave us for the price. Not bad for Mexican american food. Definitely beats tacobell.

Review №4

Food was great.Place needs a cleaning.Didn't check out the bathrooms.

Review №5

Granted they were busy at dinner rush. It shouldn't come as surprise people are hungry and come in at this time. Should be handled like the previous night was... More than enough workers. Not Sure what the dillema was but im pretty sure the queso had water added to prevent from running out... No steamed rice for "15 minutes" we got chips and queso, guy register pulls out a scoop of chips from somewhere underneath the register, that looked like it came with a bag of IAM dog chow. Very small amount, almost if they are running low. Just add water fluff'em.up! This could be turned around, I hope it does. The manager lady seemed.Very nice.

Review №6

The nachos are yummy even though the chips can be a bit too salty sometimes.

Review №7

We asked if we could have more chips placed in the bag (even willing to pay for them) the girl behind the counter said that's just what they give. Still have not heard back from management yet.

Review №8

I love this place eat there as much as I can

Review №9

Quick and friendly employees, clean and nice restaurant and very good food

Review №10

Food is good affordable and hot. Service can sometimes be a bit hit or miss

Review №11

Walked in to pick up an online order, about 7 employees walked by before someone finally asked what I needed. Chips were heavily salted not just a preference issue they had chunks of salt on them. Not the best experience.

Review №12

I really like Qdoba's food. One of my favorite places to grab some healthy food to go or stay and eat when I can. Also like their loyalty program. Have earned many free meals.

Review №13

As far as the local "fast food" options this is probably the best. Delicious meal and made quick. No complaints.

Review №14

It's qdoba. Little confusion on the managerial side on two separate occasions. Decent food.

Review №15

Not bad. Quick eats at lunch!

Review №16

I liked the keto bowl option. It was really tasty with the options for adding extra guac and no beans and its pretty cheap comparing other places.

Review №17

Food was good. Service was good. However, it wasn't very clean. It wasn't very busy either and it was noon. Not sure why booths looked like they hadn't been cleaned all weekend, pop dispenser was sticky and pop splattered all over? Maybe short staffed?

Review №18

Food was better than the cleanliness of the tables and floors.

Review №19

I did not hate this place. I've never been there.

Review №20

Ordered a $5.65 bowl of just black beans with shredded cheese. They barely put any in the bowl. What a waste of money. Go to "La Cocina Mexicana" instead. They are authentic Mexican and you'll get a much better deal.

Review №21

Staff and environment are top notch. Food is excellent and fresh.

Review №22

Good food . Always have had friendly staff even when things seem to be going wrong or they run a little late on orders they do their best to make it up to the costumer would highly recommend for eating in or carry out /pickup orders. As before the staff has always been friendly and courteous .

Review №23

This place is filthy and the food has no taste .. will never go here again.

Review №24

Always out of ingredients but the wife loves it so I tolerate their bad inventory management for her sake.Edit: Qdoba redeemed themselves with a couple of comped entrees and a perfectly good dinner experience with no missing ingredients.Excellent customer service response. They actually care about opinions and reviews. We will be going back for future dinners.

Review №25

My favorite thing at Qdoba is the grilled steak burrito. This was my first time at this Qdoba. There was a line but it went through fairly quickly, and I must say all the workers were happier and friendlier than I expected them to be. Steak burrito was as good as always, but it seemed like they didn't put as much topping on as the one in Portage. Could just be my opinion though, I don't know.

Review №26

I could eat here everyday. They give you the full qdoba experience, that doesn't leave you hungry!

Review №27

Good food real hamburger meat here really good selection, if your into fast casual style restaurants I would recommend this any day over anything else. Service is good too lines move really fast so expect to be in and out quick. Wish we had these in Arkansas where I live

Review №28

Love love love Qdoba. Only issue sometimes is the long lines but u guess that's what you get when the food is good. Only negative is the iced tea container needs to be cleaned out more often.

Review №29

Food was fresh and delicious. Dining room was very accommodating. The main table has outlets by each seat for chargers...(awesome) If I had one suggestion, the labels to identify all the items are not very customer friendly for first time visitors. It got a little backed up having to ask which item was what on the list of options...otherwise Great experience and Quality Margaritas.

Review №30

Last three visits ended leaving before ordering. All due to unpreparedness of staff. Twice no white rice "it'll be 25 minutes for white rice". Other was an extraordinary wait time to place an order. All were off-peak visitsvisits.vivisits.

Review №31

Fresh food, generous portions, clean and fast service. Great price. The tortilla soup is amazing!

Review №32

Very good food

Review №33

Ordered the nachos here and the chips are so overly salted the meal wasn't worth it, and I asked for unsalted chips and they refused me and said all thier chips are salted, did not even get offered any compensation

Review №34

This Qdoba consistently has below average service. More times than not there is an issue. They often do not have to go orders ready or forget chips with the order. They are often out of a certain meat or give you bad looking meat product. They often roll burritos poorly and when they break the tortilla, they get a new one and leave a lot of ingredients in the old tortilla. Consistently, the service and craftsmanship is poor in comparison to other Qdoba locations. I've gone at least 10 times and have left disappointed more than half of those times. Qdoba as a franchise is one of my favorite restaurants, which is why I return. Improved management and training would correct most of the issues. It is a newer location, so I've been waiting for improvement, bit continuously leave disappointed.

Review №35

Out of the three times I visited, only once did things go smoothly. My first visit I ordered online, and when I arrived, the associate informed me that my food had already been picked up. Having paid for the food and not received it, I had to argue with the associate and finally the manager resolved my issue. I was given a free soda while I waited for my food to be remade. The food was as ordered, no issue there.My second visit was another order from the internet and went just fine. My third order went similarly to the first. Ordered, this time a friend picked up my food, when I checked the bag there were three wraps instead of the two I had ordered. The associates at the store had given my friend someone else's order. When I arrived at the store, the person whose order I had received was there waiting for their food to be remade. I explained the situation and my food was remade as it had been over an hour since I originally ordered.I highly doubt I will return. Even though the food is fine, this recurring issue has deterred me from ordering again.

Review №36

The pork is SO good. Love the "Subway style" build-your-own options.

Review №37

Very friendly. Fast. The place is clean. Full line of food even late at night. Love the chicken burrito bowls! The mango salsa is amazing! My only gripe is that it is seasonal, so you spend half the year waiting for it!

Review №38

First time there and a wonderful experience. Carissa, the employee who served us was so delightful, friendly, and helpful. And she did a great job preparing our food unlike when some just throw everything on the shell. In watching her, she made sure everything was evenly put on it so you didn't have one big glob of something in one bite or no meat in a bite. Will definately be returning. Thank you for a not only a delicious meal but a wonderful experience.

Review №39

This place was exceptionally clean on the service floor as well as in the men's room. Taryn was my server behind the counter. She made an incredible burrito for me to take home. Her personality was very Superior and she was very pleasant in nature. Thank You Q-doba for everything.

Review №40

I'm unsure if I'm going to come back. Service was terrible. Food prep table was really dirty. I don't know what gets prioritization, online or in shop orders but tonight it was online orders because one associate was making nothing but online orders and it took forever to get to order when the only person in line was me. After the associate finally got to me, they gave me weird portions (they left chicken in the spoon and gave me fajita vegetables from two different hot plates, one noticeably fresher than the other, and then they asked me if I wanted habanero salsa twice. Yes, I asked for it, I didn't order it mistakenly, I have very obviously been to a Qdoba before) and they wrapped my burrito really messy. And then they wished me a good day and promptly left to go work the grill. I was standing there, food in sight, for a good couple of minutes with no one helping me pay before I decided it just wasn't the experience that I wanted to pay for and I walked out. I've been to plenty of qdoba's to know that this is irregular and to also know that there was no reason for such bizarre service at 8 pm on a Sunday. I'm ordering Domino's.

Review №41

Had a wet burrito it was very good

Review №42

This restaurant has excellent tacos I'm definitely coming back

Review №43

Good is good, they do tempature checks on the food regularly.

Review №44

We had a Keto Briskit Bowland enjoyed it. The service was good the people are friendly and helpful.

Review №45

We go there often. My husband loves them!

Review №46

Place needs some management. I have been to far quicker locations where I didn't have to wait for them to prep food. Not super impressed.

Review №47

This review is about Ally, a delivery driver for Qdoba. Last week, there was a communication error, and Ally ended up with an order but she was in the wrong location. Instead of just giving up and going back to the store, she started making phone calls (as did myself and my co-workers) trying to find the right location for the delivery. It took us a few minutes to get it figured out but, through Ally's hard work and perseverance, she was able to locate the correct location and make the delivery. I was very impressed by the fact that she didn't give up and her diligence was nice to see. She is a great representative for your company and if the rest of your workers care as much about what they do as she does, you have a great crew. Way to go, Ally!!

Review №48

It's okay theyre kinda dumb with our answers.

Review №49

I'm lovin' it!

Review №50

Wonderful food, easy ordering, and pick up!

Review №51

The food was very tasty. The staff was not very organized.

Review №52

Good Food, need to work on dining area cleanliness. There wasnt a clean table available. Both garbage were overflowing, the drink station was sticky and unclean.

Review №53

I have always enjoyed the food here. I have only gotten the three cheese nachos each time I have gone. The price is reasonable. The food is good and they seem to use quality ingredients. Don't forget to get a rewards card.

Review №54

Food is great as always, however very under staffed for rush hours.

Review №55

I had good customer service here but my food was cold. :(

Review №56

Large portions. Good for fast food. Fresh tasting

Review №57

First experience at this eatery with a colleague, who talked me into trying the place. Was pleasantly surprised at the offerings and how they were put together. Food was outstanding and served quickly and hot. Personnel were extremely friendly an eager to assist. Nice surprise and definitely will return.

Review №58

Great food, best value is the 3 cheese nachos, just make sure to order your chips on the side so that all of your meat and toppings stay in your nacho bowl and so that you actually get what you are paying for.

Review №59

Great food

Review №60

Employees are kinda rude and slow. Seen them give food away to one customer and take forever to ring someone up employees lack training. And customer friendly experience is not there

Review №61

Quick and yummy!

Review №62

First time tasted the best

Review №63

Exceptional food for a fast food restaurant. Service was amazing. Prices fair. Not expensive but not cheap. Definitely worth the price though.

Review №64

They didn't take the cores out of the tomatoes. And there was beef in the pork.

Review №65

I ate there for the first time. Wasn't super impressed. It's kinda like the Subway of mexican food. It's good food though

Review №66

We loved this place when it first opened, but it has really gone down hill. They never have fresh food like the Kalamazoo locations and it's always messy. I watched girl making my tacos pull some fajita veggies out of the pico and throw it on the floor like that's just how it's done. Went to the drink station and there were wrappers everywhere along with soda covering the counter. I did try to clean it up. It's just disappointing. Another awesome addition to Battle Creek going down. I guess we'll stick to Torti Taco for a while.

Review №67

Good food, good service. Could use a little more team effort. Seemed like one person was doing everything, just lots of giggles from the back. But she did great, kept joking and smiling. I'll be back.

Review №68

Great service, delicious burritos

Review №69

Huge portions, delicious food. The brisket is worth the extra dollar.

Review №70

Great food decent prices

Review №71

Way better the taco bell

Review №72

Good food real meat just dont go to the one in the detroit air port they dont have hamburger meat lol, would recommend!

Review №73

So glad Qdoba finally came to Battle Creek, since they have been in Kalamazoo for years. Great way to have Mexican food your way with healthy options! Battle Creek, please support this restaurant!!! Very much enjoyed the food, please give them a try.

Review №74

Just delicious!!!! And friendly

Review №75

Great staff! Love this Qdoba!

Review №76

Great way to have a yummy gluten free fast food meal!

Review №77

Steph was awesome and had a fun sense of humor. She made me an amazing burrito and everything was hot and fresh! Highly recommend.

Review №78

I would of given negative stars if I could of. The food was bland with no flavor almost had to choke it down . Very small selection of food. Not sure how they call this mexican food . I would enjoyed a banquet frozen dinner more than this place . The highlight of this place was their pop machine sad and highly disappointed. To top it off when we were leaving the floor behind the food serving area was filthy with food covering it . Pick a broom up and clean your floors. Spent over 20 dollars here , a huge waste of money. Highly overated. I really dont get all the 5 star ratings the food was disgusting . Although it was entertaining watching the flies race on the window..

Review №79

This is a newly opened location. The staff were very friendly and the food was really good. The food tends to be served a little slower than normal, but that seems to be just because they are new. Still a great place to eat, just plan to spend a little more time there than normal.

Review №80

Food was great. Prices did not match website. Was charged 3.50 per taco but website stated 9.00 for three. Total with taxes was over $11 with taxes. Maybe I read the info incorrectly

Review №81

Overall pretty good place. The workers looked a little scrubby and it wasn't in tip top for cleanliness.

Review №82

In comparison to other Qdoba's, this location is SUPER slow and customer service leaves alot to be desired....very glad this was not my first visit...I would not have come again

Review №83

This place is really dirty. We went two days in a row, second day was worse

Review №84

Order ahead on the Qdoba app: Walla!! Delicious dinner ready after work, don't have to cook.

Review №85

They need to get rid of the flies that are flying around in there. Otherwise, great place.

Review №86

Love this place .

Review №87

This is a weekly visit for me. I want to give five stars on the food alone, but the staff is inconsistent with their manners and the line can take more than 15 minutes on a consistent basis. Overall, it is well worth it for sure, but there are a couple of precautions if you are in a hurry.

Review №88

Great value for the amount of food you get. Fast service and great location

Review №89

My son loves this place. He is a vegetarian.

Review №90

Terrible service, unusually gross food and the fountain machine was broke. We frequent Qdoba in other cities. We stopped here for dinner while driving through to Chicago. Not only were they swamped with to go order, but the staff was frazzled. Their fountain pop machine was broke, and only worked for water and coke (no flavors, no lemonade, no sprite).The beans tasted sour, disgusting and unedible! The manager did remake my meal without the means, but by this point we were just ready to go. The reason I gave it 2 starts is because I believe they were trying...

Review №91

The lobby was filthy everywhere, and employees were just standing around. We ordered 3 tacos and nachos and most every topping was not fresh! It'd be nice if they'd take more time doing your order, Not everyone goes there all the time and knows how to order their food.

Review №92

Qdoba is a great place for quick feeling good quality food.

Review №93

Food was amazing

Review №94

I love Mexican food. Qdoba however was way too spicy for both my husband and me. We tried ordering the most mild things we could find. Still to HOT! I'm sure if you like spicy you'll like it. The Qdoba in Battle Creek is on Beckley Road west of the mall.

Review №95

Food is amazing and the workers are very friendly. Way better then taco bell

Review №96

Wooo choice overload! But pretty much all great choices. I kind of just stumble through all the options but ever time I've ended up with something good. I love place.

Review №97

Great place to eat especially if you like customizing your own meal. The drink machine may have a line but it is a mix and match of all flavors. You can try many flavors of drinks that you can't purchase in stores.The staff us always friendly and talkative in all of my visits. Nice place to try for the first or millionth time!

Review №98

Perhaps this location should become an online location instead as they seem to be prioritize their online customers rather than the people standing in front of them.

Review №99

Staff seemed like the did not want to be at work :(

Review №100

They always have good food. Their Adobo Chicken and their Grilled Brisket are the best!

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  • Kids' menu:Yes
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  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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