Happys Pizza
1180 W Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

Depends on the day or the time if day, food is hit or miss, sometimes, nice and fresh, others its old and dry, taste reheated, order ahead and allow plenty of time due to under staffing

Review №2

Food was good but they gave me all these damn wings with no ranch !!

Review №3

Ordered my food online at 5:30pm for pick up. Walked into building at 6:02pm, walked up to the register and nobody was around. Finally an older lady appeared and helped me. I told her i was there to pick up my order I placed online. She asked for my name, then proceeded to tell me, oh the order i just received. I looked at her and told her when i ordered it and she just looked at me and laughed. It was obvious these employees are not doing their job and clueless on how to do it correctly.... and rude!

Review №4

We ordered our meal at 555pm for delivery and called at 705pm inquiring on where it was. We were told by a snarky woman that it was on its way. 10 minutes later a man arrived and gave us someone elses credit card receipt to sign. We ordered a sandwich without mayo and it came with mayo, when we called the manager first offered us a 20% off our next order..we explained we just wanted the sandwich we ordered. She proceeded to say if the sandwich hadn't been eaten they would deliver another one but because my daughter took one bite we had to bring it back to the store in order to get our sandwich. This was the manager and she was very rude. We used to frequent happys but we are not returning here.

Review №5

See my sons happy

Review №6

I order one sub sum fries and a 2liter it took two and a half hours to show up this was the night before last so tonight against my better judgment I ordered from here again because they're the only place that I can pay cash for delivery right now so I place an online order for sum pizza wings and bread, i recieved a confirmation email that said my delivery time was 55mins. An hr goes by so I decided to call and check on my food only to find out that they are not accepting online orders because their fax machine is down. When I asked the lady on the phone if I could still place my order she informed me that they were now doing pick up only so I basically waited an hr for food that was never coming. Why would you have the option to order online on your website if your really aren't taking online orders? Needless to say I'm beyond frustrated and will not be ordering from here again.

Review №7

Terrible customer service!! First of all they said they couldnt except our money because it was fake...youngster obviously didnt know what a old twenties look like. Secondly after waiting an ungodly amount of time they said that we never paid. This was the worst experience.

Review №8

I have changed my rating of 5 stars to now NO STARS. This is the third time I have waited over an hour for my food to come to my house. This is also the 3rd time I havent been able to get chicken twisters or tenders. Also they never have popcorn shrimp. I am so angry and dissapointed.

Review №9

The rudest most disrespectful managers and staff. My pizza took almost 2 hours, I finally get it and it's not even cooked all the way through, my dough is so doughy. Absolutely horrible. Wish I knew how to post pictures on here. I will never order from there again. Disgusting

Review №10

Pizza good. Chicken good. Ribs not bad.

Review №11

If you would have asked me a month ago I would have given it five stars I don't know if they changed management or what but this is the third time I've ordered from them the first of those third they screwed up my entire order. The second time it took two and a half hours and they claimed not to get my order over online ordering then when they brought it I got to BLT Pizza they brought me the driest hardest bacon and cheese pizza and forgot the lettuce and tomato and mayonnaise. And now today I've now waited an hour and a half and their line is busy and I cannot get through to find out about my order so my suggestion would be to call in your to-go orders or delivery orders instead of using the online service and then double checking the time frame

Review №12

Ordered online today 5/17/2020, via their own website. Total price was around $62 and was supposed to be ready in 25 minutes. Arrived at the store location 21 minutes after ordering and our order wasn't even started, person was on the phone and said it would be ANOTHER 25 minutes. Upon going back I 25 minutes later was told our total was now over $68. Showed him where we ordered using THEIR website and his only response was yeah the prices are different. Won't be wasting anymore of our time or money at this store. Owner was also disrespectful to my 12 year old daughter. Cancelled our order and walked out.

Review №13

The food was very good and delicious taste just like I thought it would

Review №14

First timers here and we were blown away!! The menu was great! The service was even better; said it'd be a 15 minute wait and it was done in half the time!! Food was excellent!! Highly recommend this place!We'll surely be back to try other things!

Review №15

I love the BBQ rib tips great for a late night snack for after work and for them being open late Friday and Saturday it helps me after getting off second shift, and the staff is great to talk to. The Gm is very nice and down to earth. The pizza is very good fresh and a great lunch item the next day.

Review №16

Best I could say is it was hot. ordered online got there they hadn't even started my food, had to wait an extra 45 on top of the original 30... fresh hot salty garbage is what I got chicken was what I ordered just taste like salty grease.workers were pretty ghetto too.wouldnt recommend to my worst enemy.

Review №17

I love this place, only just discovered it a few weeks ago and I can't get enough. Their pizza is excellent and the staff is friendly. The last time I was there my pizza ended up being almost $5.00 less than what I was told when I ordered it online because the guy at the counter applied a discount I was unaware of!

Review №18

So i ordered a Pizza at around 8:15 pm online it said should be there in 55 minutes. So I call the Store at 9:30 & I'm told "We didn't have the fax on for online orders" So they got my order when I called and said give it another hour.. It's now 11pm & I've seen No Pizza. Don't waste your time with this store the service is horrendous. I expect I wont be eating pizza tonight.

Review №19

Had to wait a little while but that was cool pizza was a bit soggy but still good

Review №20

Ordered food. Paid for it and they called me 2.5 hours later and said well really couldn't get to you so if you still want it we will make it now. Lol horrible.

Review №21

Every time I call to order,I am put on hold.no thanks,done with happy's.Don't waste your time!

Review №22

I have to be honest i understand that times are different , but wow im still currently waiting 2hrs 15m for an order i put in from the BATTLE CREEK STORE ON COLUMBIA. I called after the first hour they said it would be there in 10 min till my order went out for delivery......i waited 45 more min ..guess what happened still no food. I call up there to see what the hold up is and to my surprise the phone is now always busy.. Feeling very unprofessional guys js

Review №23

Reliably tasty food and a good value

Review №24

1st of all the driver forgot our order so a lady named Dina who claims she was store manager said her apologies she will take a percentage off and then when the food arrived cold hour and I have almost 2 hours later the order was wrong when I called back you a address it with her, She told me it was my fault and they were closing in 15 minutes..... Then proceeded to get a big attitude and tell me to call her boss and tell him her name is Dina in her boss's name is Mack...... Never been talk to or treated like that by anyone At that location before ....then told my 70 year old mother off .

Review №25

I placed an order online with email confirmation and showed up 30 minutes later to the Columbia location to the manager telling me first that they never received the order. I re-order in store and get charged for a wing + fry instead of the wing combo with fries where there was a $1.00 difference.. and the manager tells me that sometimes online shows different prices.. okay no big deal. I sit down and grab the flyer IN STORE and realize that it's showing the same price I was charged online as well. I point this out to the manager and she very rudely tells me that she can't control what the computer does and that she cannot enter it in the computer that way. I ask for corporates number and she tells me that she doesn't have it or know where it is posted in store. Then tells me I have to wait until a GM shows up on a different day for my refund because she can't do it. Eventually I was able to get her to refund me but this is ridiculous! 0/10 was a frequent happys customer will never eat there again.

Review №26

This was an absolutely disgusting experience never will I order from here again I recommend not trying this place 0 stars for sure cold soggy pizza and cold wings. 3 hours later

Review №27

Terrible customer service, rude and impatient. Takes over 2 hours for delivery. Only one star because wings are good.

Review №28

They have THE BEST JUMBO CHICKEN WINGS!! Mack is so polite and nice and my chicken is always on point! Fresh and seasoned to perfection

Review №29

No issues when I order my food. Always fast and food is just like I ordered. Taste great and will order again.

Review №30

Do not buy there food I received moldy wings when I ordered a large pepperoni pizza I called them after I received it because it was delivered and they hung up the phone after being extremely disrespectful I will be stopping in so for a good video stop by the happy on Colombia moldy wings will be thrown at them and I will be calling the health department

Review №31

I ordered a large pizza over the phone and speaking with this lady name Dina, she was incredibly nice and took time trying to understand my accent! 5 star service.

Review №32

Ordered a meat lovers got like a medium cheese only.

Review №33

Ordered a larg2 large pizzas one half all meat and half cheese and the other large pizza pineapple,mushroom and ham had them deliver the pizza and open both boxes of pizzas and they both were half cheese now why wouldn't I ordered a large cheese pizza instead of both pizzas being half cheese and it took a hour and a half to get my messed up cold pizza

Review №34

Ordered online and a hour and 10 minutes goes by so I call them and they never received my order (I guess their printer wasn't working to recieve online orders)! Finally was able to place a delivery order over phone after 5 minutes of trying to explain to the employee what I wanted, ended up talking with the manager instead! The manager tells me my price (which was almost $11 more then online order) and I ask her why it's more she tells me the online prices are different then their prices! I tell her that's almost an $11 difference how could it be that different she looks at what she put into the computer and says oh wait there is duplicates here. Long story short it's now 4 hours past my phone order and still haven't received my food!!! This place is a joke and very unprofessional, I rate 0 stars don't even deserve the 1!!!

Review №35

Today has been a stressful day especially when my phone messed up my online order so I had to call in. A woman named dena took my order with such a positive attitude it made my day better! Best pizza in Battle Creek!!

Review №36

Unremarkable service! BBQ food was absolutely divine. Plus nice friendly service!!

Review №37

When you call the people are rude my husband has asked for extra stuff on his sub's we pay for it but they don't put the extra stuff on there the management is messed up the food is not fresh even when we ask for our food to be fresh the drivers are rude I had a driver take my change left over from the food and it took them until close to closing to bring my change back and I ordered our food around 2 or 3 pm when I would call to see where our money was the manager was rude and snotty I called last night to order and whatever female they had working was rude snotty unperfessional they deserve no stars

Review №38

It took 2 and a half hours and I didn't even get my full order!!! This isn't the first time either! I WILL NOT be returning

Review №39

Such wonderful service!! Loved the pizza shout out to deena for helping me find the best deals!

Review №40

Love the pizza and the ribs just great food all around great for partying

Review №41

Food was great ! I don't like pizza but I loved happy's pizza. I had an order problem from ordering online and deena fixes my situation, absolutely kind woman.

Review №42

Excellent pizza and cheese bread

Review №43

Sometimes the food is great, sometimes delivery takes over an hour and your food arrives soggy and luke warm. Super inconsistent.

Review №44

Love the food. Employees are always friendly. Ordering online is a pain. Sometimes the order is not received in-store. And often the total price listed on-line is not what the driver says is owed once he brings the delivery. When I call the store, they say on-line ordering is usually messed up and the best thing do to is to call in. I prefer ordering on-line because I don't hear on the phone very well.

Review №45

Love everything here

Review №46

Great pizza !! Friendly service! And it's fast !! There is nothing to lose with happy's

Review №47

Called for a takeout came late was charged for extra sauces that never came driver said they were in there . Called to say we never received our chili cheese fries , interrupted by Deana on the phone saying “she saw the cook make them “ when I told her we received fries with the cheese no chili we were told she was going to charge us for another order , for they're mistake and send us our sauce which never came , Very poor display of customer service !!! Great job Happy's

Review №48

The manager was very unprofessional and the pizza I threw in the garbage it wasn't even cook all the way. Never going back to the one on Columbia.

Review №49

I ordered online, they said no more than 55 minutes for delivery. Almost two hours later, no delivery I called them. The employee informed me "online ordering doesn't always come through ". Are you serious why have online ordering if you can't actually order? I am very disappointed, then instead of rushing my order at that point he said I can place it now and it will be another hour and a half! Horrible customer service.

Review №50

Food was cold and the delivery took for ever just the price for the food it out rages for the price and quality for delivery and food

Review №51

Deliciously terrible for you. Probably the best way to die though.

Review №52

Staff was helpful and friendly not to mention the pizza was awesome!

Review №53

I am very dissatisfied. I placed an online order at 9:15pm. I chose the pick 2 for $8.99 each. I was called by the location at 9:45pm by the Manager at the site telling me that the chicken tenders I ordered online were no longer part of the pick 2 deal. First of all that's not my problem that something on the website is no longer available the way it is advertised. Second of all it had already been a half hour and the order was not even started. The difference in the price for the items I ordered vs the special that was advertised was only $2, and the Manager couldn't do anything about it? Then I called back 3 times and was placed on hold for a total of about 20 minutes just so I could tell them I wanted it delivered now. Originally I was going to pick it up but waiting so long for the order to even be dropped was ridiculous. Then I was told that it was going to be another 45 minutes to an hour until it was delivered. That put my total wait time for my food at 2 hours. This is not acceptable. I have not ordered from Happy's Pizza in almost 6 years because of this same issue and needless to say this will be my last time. You just lost a customer for life. I will be spreading the word around the internet and leaving reviews so others don't get treated like I did and get to the point of frustration to get online and leave a comment like this. Someone needs to really take a look at whats going on at this location and make the necessary changes to the Management staff to better the business if they want to succeed here in Battle Creek.

Review №54

Menu changed but the ribs are still really good

Review №55

1st time having happys will be back love it

Review №56

Why are u guys not answering the phone been that way for 2 days now

Review №57

Great service and tender ribs. Thanks Deena.

Review №58

I called in an order at 9:23pm and it's been 2 hours and 46 minutes. I call twice to be told both times that my order has just left. It 11:48pm!! They need to work on management severely, J/S

Review №59

The food is good but ive placed an order and it never got here. Then second time i placed an order to be delivered at a specific time for lunch at work and they show up a whole hour early when i wrote instructions in the notes/special instructions section. The business is not very reliable. Done spending my money there.

Review №60

I love Happys Pizza because they offer fresh food when I want something different than burgers.

Review №61

I put in a late night order for wings and when I got them they were pale like they just threw them in the grease, no seasoning, no flour they barely looked done. I am so dissatisfied. If we rely on Happys to make our food maybe they should hire staff to serve their customers by at least caring how they cook the food!!!

Review №62

Fast and food is great

Review №63

We live across the street from them and they send the drivers to a different part of town and when the pizza does finally arrived it was cold

Review №64

Food was good, but took an hour to deliver and only half of my order was delivered. I called and told them and I was told the rest of my food would be sent to me as soon as the delivery driver got back. It's been another hour and haven't received it.

Review №65

Deep dish was more like thin crust.. Very soggy and they didnt start makimg my pizza till i came in to pick it up and I was already 10 past the 25 minute suggested pick up time

Review №66

Food is gross. Pizza always undercooked. Chilli cheese fries taste like poison. Ribs are never cleaned before cooking them. Full of fat and slim. That never change the cooking oil. Fries taste like dirty grease.

Review №67

Great food love happys :)

Review №68

Placed an online order and received confirmation email at 4:48 stating for will be delivered by 5:43. At 5:58, I called and was told that the order wasn't placed because of some glitch. So all in all, including wait time on phone, I waited 1 hr and 20 minutes to be told the order was never placed.

Review №69

Always fantastic food! A little pricey, but well worth it. You definitely get what you pay for!

Review №70

Ordered food at 930pm said 1hr delivery food just showed up at 11:15 luke warm

Review №71

Good wings and ribs

Review №72

My daughters words... They took an extra long time to make extra nasty food

Review №73

The food is always fresh. Most places that are open late stop caring about their food at the end of the day but not Happy's. Their ranch is out of this world so that makes it all the better. Everytime I've been here the staff was super friendly and delivered fast service.

Review №74

We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and jumbo chicken wings while we stayed at a hotel this week. We are very picky and hard to please when it comes to fried chicken but we both loved it. We also fell in love with their pizza. Great cheese and sauce. Delivery was fast and friendly as well. I will definitely order again and recommend to friends and family

Review №75

I placed an order that guaranteed 60 min max delivery took almost 2hr. Pizza doughy and undone, chili cheese fries luke warm and soft. I called they said we can come get it and make it over. Heck nah I have a child that is hungry and has been waiting I'm suppose to wait 2 more hours? So Sad!!

Review №76

What a joke. Pizza was disgusting last night, received ours around 11:45 pm, called to complain about it this morning, I assumed they were closed after midnight so I called today, will not be compensated because we didn't call the day of when we got the food, excuse me for not knowing policy. I was told by the manager that he was there til 12:30am, I should've called last night. Told the manager we will not be going back.

Review №77

Black owner Y'ALL PERIOD (●♡∀♡)

Review №78

If you know your gunna be hungry two hours ahead of time, it's a great place to have deliver.........

Review №79

Love their wings! Staff is always great.

Review №80

Ordered 3 seperat times and order did not show up. Last order i did receive took 4hrs and it was cold to the touch when i got it. I also ordered today 2hrs ago and still have not received my meal

Review №81

The wings were the bomb! By far the BEST wings ive had from a pizza place EVER! Good job on the wings I couldn't stop eating them and never made it to the pizza! They were so good!

Review №82

Good as always! Try their sandwiches or rib tips. Check their ad for some pretty good coupon deals.

Review №83

I am seriously religious to Happys Pizza, but today was ridiculous.. I wanted a sandwich and was told chicken would be 3 more hours. Which I was okay with, I figured I'd pick a different one. The man told me that on the steak and cheese was lettuce, tomato, mayo, and banana peppers, cheese and steak... I said okay perfect because I don't do onions what so ever. I told him 3 times no onions... I get my sub, and it's not the toppings he told me and is loaded with onions. I told him and I got “well I went from memory, I'm new and nobody is perfect sooo..” He was pretty rude since the first time I called. I love the food here and despite the many errors I've always had, I still come back because I do understand, nobody is perfect. I've worked in the food industry many years. So I know what good customer service is. And I know how great and nice some of the other employees are. But someone really needs to work with this guys because I'm not happy about today

Review №84

Love Happy's but tonight was a huge fail. I got my order confirmation at 401, said would be an estimated 50mins, called at 530 and they said pizza was already on the way, call again at 6, still no pizza and spoke to the manager where we after being told the same thing we canceled our order. Instead of pizza and wings the kids had cereal for dinner and had to go to bed late because we waited 2 hours for a pizza that we never got. I understand things happen but a call would of been super appreciated. This is the second time our order took double the expected time and unfortunately will be the last.

Review №85

This place is HORRIBLE. The manager drinks heavily in the back, he is rude and mean and I had to call the pilice finally when he pretend to BE the police and get my info. It got so bad I got a PPO against him. Also, they spit in peoples food that they don't like. Once I saw my (ex boyfriend put a finger nail in the cheese in a pizza.... It's horrible.

Review №86

Best ribs in town !! Great management too !!

Review №87

No sausage and no pepperoni that ridiculous. They need to make certain that they do more inventory. That really not that hard!

Review №88

Love this place.....11/18/18 update. I will not come to this location again. The woman is rude when I called and said she won't deliver to my apartment. No explanations given. She hung up on me and when I called back she would not answer. This evening I came in to do a pick-up order I KID YOU NOT this woman was on her little cell phone having a conversation...while I waited....I love Happy's and I am sad I can not get the service I deserve...I will be making the extra trip to Drumstick from now on.

Review №89

Food is alwasys hot and fresh great pizza best pizza in town

Review №90

Their website says 45 minutes. Call after an hour and they said 1 hr 30 min. Still not here. I use to here all the time. Never again. Smh

Review №91

They are horrible gave me the wrong pizza and Blame cuss at me and acted like it was my fault and would not replace my food

Review №92

I'm just sitting here at Happy's Pizza waiting for my order. I did not call ahead I originally was getting Papa Murphys but they were closed. So on my way back home I spot Happy's Pizza so I decide to hop in and get a pizza here. Well... not sure why it's called Happy's????? No one who works here is happy. People are calling right left and center asking where there pizza is. The last call the lady ordered over 2 hours ago. He tells her it's on the way. Hangs up and ask the girl to find the order so he can make it. Meanwhile the phone is ringing with orders (not sure why they have so many clients as their hospitality is horrible). The girl hangs up and says sons of a beeswax!!! I'm thinking they need more help. Now I look over to a door that says “out of order”. Uhhhh it's the bathroom door. They do have dine in so I'm not sure what people are suppose to do. Also I think it's a health violation to not have a functioning bathroom. I have been sitting here 15 minutes now and the guy walks over and asked what I ordered. Soooo I believe my wait will be longer then 20 minutes. Happy's is not so happy let's hope the pizza is.

Review №93

Real good rib tips

Review №94

I like the chicken tenders and fries for the most part. When I first tried them it was great and everything after is off and on but, I was done when I order pananna pudding and the rest was horrible so I threw it away and I ordered the chocolate cake, red velvet cake and they were still frozen inside. My son ordered me tenders and fries the other day and I had to put them in my air fryer because they wasn't fully done. Im done now.

Review №95

Decent prices need to come down on some things

Review №96

Never again.Ordered a meal and was given the standard 45-60min delivery time. Over an hour later I get a call telling me he JUST got there and they are out of sun buns- the main thing I ordered. Why was I not called prior to this? Or even told there was no one there to make the meals!? Worst business ethic ever.

Review №97

I called ahead for pick up, was told 15min.waited for 20 min and went to pic up, not done,it was a salad..not even started..unfortunately I waited another 15 min ... I ended up with food poisoning ,off work for 4 days, throwing up and such.. wrenched muscles and sore.. Will not return..

Review №98

Absolutely love it .. Excellent food. And the boss / owner is so nice

Review №99

Good pizza, clean place

Review №100

The food is always great, but the service and the employees are exceptional. They make every visit great!

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2.7 Rating
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  • Site:https://www.happyspizza.com/
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
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