Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant
369 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

I have lived her 20 yrs & never tried️So glad I stopped in!Their staff is super friendly & knowledgeable. Love the atmosphere & the restaurant is super clean & beautifully decorated. Lunch specials are an awesome deal for the portion amount. If u r in the area... definitely come in and say Konichiwa(or Kombanwa) & order super yummy Japanese /

Review №2

Yum yum. The miso here is some of the absolute best around. We also loooove the unagi they serve. Everything we have ever ordered has always been amazing and so delicious. Prices are extremely fair, the staff is very warm and accommodating. I bring my twins sushi lunch to school on their bday and I always order it from here because they go above and beyond and the unagi lunch boxes make me sons feel so special and it looks and feels as though I have spent a fortune, when in actuality it wasn't much mula at all. Excellent restaurant that's consistently excellent. I didnt even mention the sleek decor and warm inviting atmosphere. I have been coming here for many many years, when friends or family come from out of town I always take them here. Chefs kiss and 5 stars

Review №3

This place is my preferable site. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this place. Whenever I feel like having a special supper, this place comes straight to my head. fresh and many types of food and a large list of dishes.helpful team, and nice vibes. Also, the cost is decent. I tell about this spot with no doubt.

Review №4

I sent my friends to this place with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The dishes they serve are fantastic and the crew is generous and cooperative. always when we visit this place we pass a gorgeous time. warmly recommended.

Review №5

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are great and the team is very friendly and cooperative. always when we go to this place we enjoy a pleasant time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №6

Very delicious sushi and great service

Review №7

After traveling a great distance in the past few months, this restaurant is considered as one of the great places to get sushi. The food came rapidly and the service is just fantastic.

Review №8

I actually like their dishes and customer service, excellent area next to my house. The cashiers are always super nice. Would recommend to others.

Review №9

Always a welcoming and great experience here. Love the choices. My favorite is the hand grenade.

Review №10

Sushi was good and was made fast. The staff was fast and nice. The place is small with plenty of parking space in front of it. Over all quite good sushi restaurant.

Review №11

This place is definitely one of the finest restaurants in the neighborhood. Always when I visit this place I am incredibly pleased. They preserve their high level service and the topmost level of food they offer. You always win with this place. Highly recommended.

Review №12

I really like their dishes and service, awesome area nearby to my home. The employees are always super friendly. Would recommend to others.

Review №13

This place is worth a try. They have big portions for affordable prices. Regularly well kept and with fantastic vibes. Highly recommended.

Review №14

I like this spot! They give awesome meals, their menu is decent, The chef in that place is a professional, I love a lot trying all their food. The food is always of high qualtity, the service towards the customers is good. I visit often this restaurant and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend it to all my friends.

Review №15

I like to go with friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is flavorable and the team is welcoming and cooperative. Whenever we go to this place we enjoy a cheerful evening. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Review №16

This restaurant is doubtless one of the finest place to eat in the neighborhood. Every time I come to this place I am absolutely pleased. They always keep their high level service and the highest level of meals they serve. You no doubt will love this restaurant. Very recommended.

Review №17

My favorite sushi restaurant .. the food is amazing, the service is always great..the sushi is always made fresh.. the dining room and restroom are always spotless.. a few tv's in the dining room in case you want to catch your favorite sport game during lunch or dinner!! You have to try the Sakura Roll! It's my all time favorite!

Review №18

Best spot to eat something when in a rush. Their service is rapid, prices are fair, awesome vibes. I highly recommend this place

Review №19

This is one of the few places I've found that serves Katsudon, which is one of my favorite dishes, so I'm very grateful. It's a small business, but it's pretty cozy. The prices are fair, too. I do recommend it.

Review №20

Fantastic and tasty food, I liked the atmosphere the spot has, and the workers were super nice. Will definitely eat here again.

Review №21

This place is great! Reasonable pricing, considerable dishes and the employees are always friendly.

Review №22

I have been coming here for years and the sushi is always delicious and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Review №23

I love this place. The service is always friendly and the food is great. Highly recommend!

Review №24

This place is worth a visit. They have large portions for fair rates. Constantly clean and with excellent atmosphere. Would recommend to others.

Review №25

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, I generally rate the place based on how fresh the fish is (meaning, not fishy and gross) and this place nails it. I have only been here a couple of times, but every time I visited, I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the spicy tuna hand roll and they LOAD it up with the spicy tuna. Delicious!

Review №26

This spot simply knows how to serve their clients. Constantly with a very kind mindset. The food is conveniently priced, always yummy and clean.

Review №27

The person who takes order wasn't so nice, but we thought food may be. The food order was messed up, and we kept getting blame for not clearly marking what we need.We had 2 Toni roll, the first one came out so-so. then we clarified we needed two. Well, second one was really bad.So I think we offended someone, but then billing scam started. 16% mandatory service charge, extra items on bills- after that all we gave our credit card and well service charge for using credit card as well.Not coming for food here again...

Review №28

The service is constantly rapid, lovely atmosphere, kind employees. Will visit here again when I arrive in town.

Review №29

Had to return a few things at best buy next door, spotted this sushi store from across the street and glad I did! Great experience!!

Review №30

One of the best places to get sushi. Great food, amazing staff and awesome atmosphere. Would recommend this place to anyone!

Review №31

This place is awesome! Convenient pricing, large portions and the staff are regularly very nice.

Review №32

Would absolutely recommend visiting this place. Great vibes, fresh food, fantastic customer service. Kudos.

Review №33

Always crowded = always great food!! If there aren't people in a restaurant, don't waist your time....

Review №34

Horrible service asked three times for cooked samon sushi rolls instead off saying they don't have it they keep bringing me wrong stuff. End up giving me vegetables rolls which didn't taste good either. Don't waste your money at this place. I never had that bad experience at any sushi place.

Review №35

Food was fantastic...service was friendly and very good. Thank you!

Review №36

Food was good, but does not accept Amex

Review №37

The all you can eat is a very limited menu. So you either eat rolls you don't want or a lot of the same rolls.The Miso soup was very full of seaweed and flavor. I would just come here for just that.

Review №38

Food was ok but very over priced and I had a gift certificate and even then it was pricey

Review №39

My go to Sushi restaurant.

Review №40

Very nice server but I've had better sushi from a buffet...much better. I ordered one specialty roll, allegedly one of their better ones, and the ingredients tasted off....I broke it up and dissected it and it looked like the tempura shrimp had been fried, let cool and refried multiple times(no soft meat left all hardened crusty meat and batter). Who would serve that to anybody let alone a new customer?Too much bad to say here..very expensive even with a coupon. I was informed that the credit card would read the name of the owners other business..... a massage parlor...At this point I am hoping that I dont get food poisoning...and perhaps can warn others not not waste their money. How the heck did they get a 4 + anything rating?Now way ...not even close...

Review №41

The customer service is always fast, lovely mood, welcoming staff members. I will return here again when I am in town.

Review №42

Great pricing and the food tasted delicious. They have a nice selection of sushi to order from.

Review №43

Bendo plates were outstanding. Tempura vegetables and shrimp plus teriyaki chicken or beef and California roll included

Review №44

Omg!!!Really good chicken fried eating there...clean and nice ......thanks....

Review №45

Great sushi at a great price. Coupons always available! Our families go to when the sushi crave hits.

Review №46

Overpriced for the quality

Review №47

Fresh and delicious.

Review №48

I've been here before and it was okay but this visit, the person who made the sushi did not do a good job. Every roll fell apart immediately when picking up.I will not return after this visit.

Review №49

The food and service was great! The Crab Rangoon was the best. We had 6 different rolls and they all tasted excellent. It is not a very big or fancy place, but the food more than makes up for it. This was our first visit to the Sushi Bar, and we will definitely go back.

Review №50

They didnt have glute free soy sauce, and the waitress lady was not really, but damn the food was still good, just get a friendlier lady and gf soy sauce

Review №51

Good food! Although paid 1.75 for an old can of coke.

Review №52

Great food for a great price. The lunch special is huge and delicious.

Review №53

Crab Rangoon wasn't the best we've had, but everything else was really good. Good service.

Review №54

Awesome place awesome prices. Great service and really awesome food 10/10 would recommend.

Review №55

Had for first time today, I love it and will come back again. Highly recommended!

Review №56

Absolutely horrendous service. My girlfriend and I showed up with a coupon (the only reason we stopped by) that explicitly stated "one coupon per table." We showed the coupon to our waitress who acknowledged it, and we placed our order. To avoid any confusion over whether or not we just misunderstood the coupon, let me explain it:$30 for unlimited sushi (no special rolls, no dinner plates, none of that "maybe we can get away with it" nonsense)Each sushi plate costs between $4 to $6 and usually has two pieces per plate.We ended up getting 10 plates total, at an average of $5 per plate. $50 total, no coupon.We were charged $60. The coupon was charged, twice. As in, $30 per table, per person. What backwards logic would lead anyone to assume that a "per table" coupon would be applied twice to two people sitting at the same table?? When we asked the waitress to talk to the manager about it, we heard him yell at her repeatedly "PER PERSON PER TABLE!! PER PERSON PER TABLE!!"Never eating here again. They've had to change their name recently, I'm not sure why, but I would bet that it was an attempt to re-brand after too many bad experiences like this.

Review №57

Very good sushi! Will come again!

Review №58

Sushi was poorly rolled and fell apart when picked up. The spicy tuna roll looked like dog food and the filling was all over the outer rice. tempura was soggy and undercooked. Not a good place for a date night location.

Review №59

Cute little place, not a lot of seating but spacious and quaint. Really good sushi too, same quality as TL's (high end sushi place in Bartlett) and way cheaper. My new favorite place!

Review №60

Great food and service everytime I come. Went last night with my husband, and my only regret is that I didn't tell the chef how great my Sushi rolls, Japanese shrimp fried rice, and Miso soup was. Love this place!

Review №61

Good choices. Fast service

Review №62

So many good rolls! My favs are the Den roll and white Phenix roll

Review №63

Price are reasonable and the quality was good too. I do not know why there's so many negative reviews. Service was okay. Maybe I am not picky as the others. I love this place so much. Their Olympic roll, Monica roll and Sakura roll were my favorite.

Review №64

Outstanding food, service and environment. Make sure to have a "Hank's Crunchy Roll". Delicious. Very friendly and accomodating. My stepfather doesn't each raw fish, so without hesitation they made him the most delicious vegetable tempura with baked chicken. I really appreciated their effort and customer service. Thanks SUSHI BAR!

Review №65

Love this restaurant. We order a large platter 2-3 times a year from here and everything is fresh and so delicious that is why we continue to order and go there.

Review №66

Love the people and always amazing sushi!

Review №67

I absolutely LOVE this place.. The sushi is very fresh, I love all the rolls I have had, especially the volcano roll, amazing flavor!! TRY THIS PLACE!!

Review №68

The food was ok I guess. The experience over always horrible the one waitress that they have had nothing but an attitude She has no idea how to talk to people and communicate to people in a tone of voice that is acceptable when you are working. The guys behind the bar very nice but over all my experience was dampered by the slow service and the attitude of the one server that is there. It was very slow and I was not the only 1 in the Room that was shocked by the tone of voice that this woman used with the customers

Review №69

Fabulous! Amazing

Review №70

Been coming here for close to 15 years now. Excellent, consistent quality of food, reasonable prices, friendly service. Can't ask for more than that!

Review №71

Always happy with the sushi here. Waiters treat my family really nice and friendly. Price is excellent and nice atmosphere.

Review №72

I order from here all the time & today the rolls were literally falling apart! Disappointed because the food here is usually good. Will mention this next time I am in.

Review №73

This place is a joke, i went there after seeing the other reviews. Food sucked plus their prices are up there compare to other Sushi places but the food is not worth the prices they're charging. Plus they included the tip with the check and we were two Adults and 2 minors. I suggest you guys find a different Sushi place.

Review №74

Had sashimi- didn't look fresh. Didn't smell fresh. And definitely did not taste fresh.

Review №75

Does anyone know what happened to Chef Eddie? The one that used to work there? Tall. GREAT chef! We loved his cooking. He was an expert!

Review №76

Have been going to this sushi place since 2004, always fresh and delicious, please try!

Review №77

Good place, decent value. Probably #2 in the area, the servers and chefs are very nice and welcoming, if they have seen you before, they make sure you are taken care of quickly.

Review №78

4 things I rate sushi places on,1. Service2. Cleanliness/Presentation3. Quality of food4. Price for what you eat.Service- Good friendly environment with a cozy feel in a way a little bit cramped. I wouldn't recommend when there is many people. One bad thing about service is, the waitress boasted she can remember my friend and I orders, but she did forget and didn't handle the situation well.Cleanliness/Presentation- Restaurant is clean and well organized. Presentation of food was not as nice, little bit dirty plates, humongous plates that was 3/4th the size of the table (they only put 2 rolls for such a big plate) for a small table Also when I'm paying $50.00 for one meal I would wish the presentation of dishes could be nicer.Quality of Food- Has good quality of food. I've tried their hand roll, simple california, and specialty roll. Proportion was good and not too much rice, sauce and seasoning well balanced also. Only thing that was a downfall was their cucumbers that they put in the roll was at times too much cucumber. Also an important aspect of putting cucumbers is, they must be skinned, if not you will spend some time chewing on it trying to break it down. Why is this important? Because, a majority of their rolls contain cucumber as a major base. If you can't have the base correct, everything else from there will be flawed.Price for what you eat- Please keep in mind that everything except water and the air you breathe, you have to pay for. Waitress offered me a small bowl of salad that I believed was complimentary, turned out to be $2.50, which is shocking seeing how very small the bowl of salad was. For 2 Hand rolls, 2 specialty rolls, and a California roll with diet coke, I spent $50.00 please consider the amount of money you will spend. For what I paid good and delicious food but not proportional with the price.Advice to Restaurant: Having a confident waitress that forgets her orders is not a smart move, traditional pen and paper would serve well. Also complimentary appetizers such as soup or salad would really set you apart from other sushi locations. Lastly, chefs, great food but love the food you make and the customers will love it too. That will ensure clean and a quality dish presentation to the customer.Thank you for reading my review.

Review №79

Great service, great food, reasonable prices, what's not to love!

Review №80

Below average sushi. Waiter didn't understand my order, rolls were low to medium quality. Would not recommend.

Review №81

I've been here a couple of times and the food and the price are great.

Review №82

We were VERY pleased with the sushi, great services and price was awesome!

Review №83

A small hole in the wall with excellent sushi rolls for a very reasonable price

Review №84

Great Food, awesome Sushi. We will be back!

Review №85

Very very good food and fresh ingredients, very nice atmosphere. quite expensive though.

Review №86

Received coupons that said free delivery for 30$ + purchase. i called them and made sure if they do delivery, they said no & said they just made mistake on the coupon

Review №87

Have been there many times. The food is fantastic, the servers are always friendly, and they really make us feel welcome.

Review №88

Decent sushi, sashimi is not that great.

Review №89

Great service. Sushi is good for the price. Restaurant can be a bit cramped on weekends.

Review №90

I ordered three sushi rolls for takeout it was $17 when I got there the bag was already boxed up and tied so I left when I got home I realized they only gave me one of the three rolls. I called back and they told me I could get credit or I could come back and get the roles that they forgot to pack so I went back for the last two rules when I arrive back at my home I realized that they have only gave me one of the three rolls AGAIN!

Review №91

This place is great for dinner and drinks!

Review №92

Reasonable priced, absolutely delicious sushi.

Review №93

The food is alright

Review №94


Review №95

Wow! Love it!!!! Looks are deceiving! I was very impressed!!!

Review №96

Good sushi and fair prices. They even had a few rolls on the menu that I had not seen before.

Review №97

I'm obsessed!

Review №98


Review №99

Horrible, rude, slow servers. Small, small, tiny portions and they gave paper plates!!!

Review №100

Just super

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:369 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 630-894-9088
  • Asian restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Bar
  • Sushi restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–3PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–3PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–3PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–3PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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