Zeeks Pizza
1715 228th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

BOMB. My sister has been raving about Zeeks for a while and she finally got me to go with didn't disappoint. We tried the Tiger flavored wings and they were amazing! So meaty and the odd sounding flavor mashup was brilliant. The beer selection was good and the pizza was even better. Its a bit spendy but the quality reflects that. Probably my new favorite pizza spot!!!

Review №2

Great pizza and beer, a match made in heaven! This was my first visit to Zeeks Pizza on a Tuesday night. Overall, we found the service to be fantastic. The restaurant was very clean, organized and presentable with an overall great atmosphere.Our order was taken promptly and both food and drinks arrived on time and as ordered. We ordered a large kitchen sink pizza and it simply hit the spot. As for the beers, there is a wide variety of local and imported beers on tap to sample - so many choices, so little time!I'm confident you'll be pleasantly satisfied at Zeeks. They are also very family friendly with many tables for large groups. On our visit, the restaurant was somewhat quite at 5:30 pm, so keep in mind your experience may differ on other times or the weekend.Hope you find this unbiased review helpful.

Review №3

Better than fast food pizza but not gourmet pizza like some other family owned spots around. The dough was good, definitely doughy and chewy. The sauce and cheese were good. The toppings were also delicious. I would probably say it's overpriced compared for what you can get based on the size of the pizza and taste. My father didn't like it as much. Friendly staff and big parking lot/dine in space.

Review №4

I have been hearing about this place for years and was so excited to finally try it! Decided to go to this location because of better reviews. Nice clean restaurant. We ordered the medium Dragon pizza and an order of the Buffalo Wings. And some stout - can't remember the name but husband liked it!! Pizza was $26 for 13 inch so we had high expectations...wasnt too bad but wasn't anything too out of the ordinary. But the pizza was on the higher quality end. Now wings on the other hand - soggy on the outside, dry inside... Tasted like they were just thrown into a microwave. We really wanted to like this place, we really did. But because of the higher prices and awful wings we probabaly won't ever return.

Review №5

The atmosphere feels good. The food is always delicious. The staff were friendly and efficient.

Review №6

Excellent and unique pizza, awesome salads, personable staff. Good beer wine and cocktaiks. Sports on big screens around the restaurant.

Review №7

Favorite pizza place. Friendly staff, great beer and cider selection, and a few wines in tap. Fave pizza is Dragon with less cheese and add sliced black olives. Yum

Review №8

Awful pizza. Delivered 20 minutes after it left the store. Took one hour total to arrive. Kids would not eat it. This is a large kid style half cheese and half pepperoni. Called in to let them know about the problem and ask for a refund. Refund was refused. Spoke to Carolina or Caroline who is the manager. I requested a new pizza be delivered then was called from the store to ask for this pizza to be returned. Zeeks pizza must be hurting for money or under poor management. I will have to find a new place to order pizza from

Review №9

We enjoy going out. Last night we came to this magnificent place which friends told us about. We passed a beautiful evening there with very good food and a well-trained crew and a talented chef. We put this fine restaurant in our list and we will no doubt return very soon. We warmly recommend.

Review №10

Loved it! We dined in this time and the restaurant radio station was set to 90's alternative rock....and I enjoyed every minute of it. My salad was gigantic and my two favorite pizzas, the Puget Pounder and the John Candy were perfect. The crust is light and fluffy with the perfect amount of chewiness. Treat yourself with the garlic bread. It's their perfect pizza crust with cheese and crushed garlic.

Review №11

You'll never taste an amazing pizza if you haven't tried on of Zeeks. They make the most delicious pizza ever made.

Review №12

Perfect family destination! Catch the game at the cozy bar or grab a growler of your favorite craft brew. Pizza is always amazing. Try the Buffalo Soldier with added pepperoni and a dash of Tabasco.. heaven!

Review №13

On a quick road trip up north and stopped in Bothell for a quick Zzz's. Mean while the crew decided we needed some zaa too. With a quick hipster pizza search up popped Zeeks!! Asked the hotel staff what the thought and all agreed six thumbs up! ( there were three staff members)Hopped online and gave “the call” totes friendly staff on the line taking the order who was also very informative to all questions asked.The moment it happened!! Our pizza arrived super quick 20min wait or so for the traditional pep And had there Texas leaguer. Both pizzas where baked at the perfect cook. All ingredients tasted fresh.“A little on the greasy side,” says the ladies and the kids say “the cheese wasn't as stretchy as I like“Overall I would definitely recommend Zeeks if your looking for some delicious delivery.

Review №14

Went just after opening for lunch. First visit. Service was friendly and good. Pizzas ingredients tasted fresh with good flavor. Had a medium Woodsman and a medium veggie something with spinach and feta.

Review №15

Great staff, borderline great food and reasonable prices. Looking forward to them being open again.

Review №16

This is my favorite pizza of all time. I absolutely love the bread and the toppings, everything is organic. It actually tastes better than any other pizza I have ever had.

Review №17

Two pizzas cost 58 dollars. Two medium pizzas................. Definitely overpriced. They taste very good though

Review №18

Good food, good service, full bar, lots of room to meet up with big groups of friends. Interesting and diverse Pizza choices. Super convenient delivery service as well, including plates and all the fixings.

Review №19

Zeeks has the best pizza and the best service. There is no better pizza in the Bothell area. This is my go-to place for my family pizza.

Review №20

One of my favorite pizza place. I will love to give them five stars but they are inconsistent with the quality of their pizza. However they are good overall.

Review №21

Great beer selection, excellent service, delicious pizza, we usually have a large group and never a problem, children friendly environment, love it!

Review №22

We used to visit the Issaquah Plateau store when we lived there and were excited to see the store opening in Woodinville. First of all, invest in some decent silverware and ditch the lousy summer camp bendable stuff with the sharp edges. Who made the decision to buy that? Secondly, you may want to make a point of telling patrons that the pizza you've been eating and loving for years has changed. Thai one on is no longer the same good Thai pizza it was. Finally, the lousy music that was on tonight actually made me long for the sound to be turned up on the State of the Union address. If you're going to play music that appeals to a very thin slice of the population, turn the volume down.

Review №23

What sticks out most for this Zeeks is the service. The staff is so amazing, thoughtful, and genuine. The speed is not quick, but the beer selection is good and the pizza is delicious. A nice place to get together.

Review №24

Seeks was a fantastic change from delivery. I really liked the hand tossed crust. I had the dragon breath. Nice balance of heat and flavor. The space was comfortable with TVs playing the games visible throughout. Yup. We will be back , often.

Review №25

Great food and service. Love it here!

Review №26

The pizza quality was awesome. I was only there long enough to pickup a to go order but it appeared very clean, a big deal for me.

Review №27

Great satff very friendly, good pizza and completely acceptable drinks.

Review №28

Great service fun convos and great food thank you guys

Review №29

One of my favorites, especially the Thai Peanut pizza.. fabulous!!

Review №30

Great pizza, crust was a little soggy and chewy, great reheated in a toster oven for leftovers.

Review №31

My boyfriend and I are visiting from out of state, but if we lived closer we would definitely visit here again and again and again. We got the Yeti pizza minus the tomatoes and wow was it good! We also ordered a couple of mixed beverages, I had the lemon drop and my boyfriend had a spiked strawberry lemonade both of which were really tasty. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening.

Review №32

I love the selection of pizza but the crust always seems under cooked

Review №33

Very tasty and good environment!!!

Review №34

Hands down the second best pizza in Washington. Unless you want to drive up the Cascades on Hwy 2 to the original Sahara pizza, this is the best the state has to offer. Frog Belly is my favorite. Unfortunately, not as good of a pizza as you will find on the east coast, but you will not be dissatisfied. The Seattle and Kirkland locations are the better options. The offer slices or whole pies and delivery options too. Zeek's also offers a good beer selection.

Review №35

Pizza is decent. Overpriced for what you get but tasty. My wife and I have walked in to this location at 9:15-9:30 the past 2 thursdays. We both wait patiently by the door waiting to be seated. Both nights we went in we were greeted (or lack there of) by a girl late to early thirties with embellished eyebrows and yoga pants. She dramatically came to the door and said (both visits) I don't have anywhere to sit but in the bar. (Obviously they are closing soon) our presence seemed to annoy her. It was apparent they were busy and didn't want us to be there. She was talking to her boyfriend at the bar so that consumed most of her time. We were finally asked for beverages and she dramatically made a scene like we were inconveniencing her again. She walked back and asked for order . Took our order and went to the cook and said "start the oven" "here they come again" this was very uncomfortable for us. She went back to her boyfriend. From the point of walking in to walking out with our pizza was over 35 minutes. (2 other patrons in the bar)Unacceptable. We spent $50 on pizzas and drinks just to be hurried along and reminded we were inconveniencing her because she wanted to talk to her BF and probably go home. I understand the hospitality and retail business but the service we received was atrocious. The girl identified as a manager to one of the patrons so I am really surprised she conducts herself in a manner detrimental to the business. This has happened twice to us! Unfortunately we will not be returning to this establishment. Unfortunate because they make a good GF pizza.I know Red Robin doesn't specialize in pizza but their service is always A+even late! Plus it's about $10 cheaper than this place. I can't recommend this establishment and strongly encourage you to take your business elsewhere.TrulyMatthew

Review №36

Our favorite places for dine-in or takeout. Really cool pie combinations on awesome crust. They displaced The Rock as the place we need to get saucy.

Review №37

Good local flavor.

Review №38

Best soft crust pizza i have had in a while. The Thai One On with #3 hot was fantastic! Hot enough for me. Highly recommend and lots of beer choices.

Review №39

Really friendly waite staff. Clean place. Good food. Cold beer!

Review №40

Hot and delicious. Many pies to select from. I usually go for a thin crispy style pie. Zeeks crust is thicker and was really good. We loved it!

Review №41

When you gotta have it...ya gotta have Zeeks baby!

Review №42

This is a fantastic establishment! Great ownership—very personable, first class service and even remembers my name, favorite drinks food and always greets with a smile. I love the food too.

Review №43

Zeeks not only makes great pizza, but they have a good selection of beers on tap and top notch servers. We've been going to Zeeks since it opened and are always impressed with the quality of their pizzas. They dough is fresh, hand tossed, they do not chince on the pizza toppings and the pizzas are cooked perfectly. They have a really nice selection of pizza choices--our favorite is the Beast Mode all meat pizza. The restaurant is very clean with a fun but relaxing ambiance.

Review №44

Awesome place to eat great food and the best service

Review №45

Great service, the buffalo soldier pizza is my favorite!

Review №46

Great pizza with friendly staff and fast service

Review №47

$32 for a medium pizza?! It wasn't even that good. Don't go here, there's a MOD pizza literally across the street

Review №48

Great pizza, great service...excellent beers

Review №49

The pizzas are great and they have nice ingredients. Amazing!

Review №50

Such delicious pizza... We had a waitress on her first day and she was fantastic. Very down to earth and accommodating. The menu could use some updating (just a piece of paper on a clipboard), but maybe that's the style... Great pizza for the price!!!

Review №51

Absolutely terrible customer service! The employees here all seem angry about something, and it shows in their work. So unfortunate because I love Zeek's pizza but won't be going to this location again.

Review №52

Decent pizza. Their crust is quite doughy. Sauce pretty good. Topping choices are great as well.

Review №53

The best staff! Fresh ingredients! Great local beer always on tap.

Review №54

I love this pizza! I love the atmosphere, and all of the staff are amazing. I've never eaten a sub par pizza there ever. I wish it cost a little less though, especially since the size of the pizzas aren't that large.

Review №55

Excellent sushi at the restaurant and the staff was very pleasant.

Review №56

We got the "kitchen sink." Not all that impressed with it.

Review №57

2nd time trying Zeeks with the same result.I got one large pizza, breadsticks side and a pint of ice cream. $55. Pizza was soggy again. I even selected light sauce and cooked “well done” to attempt to prevent this. LIKE LAST TIME. Fail. Soggy $55 waste of pizza. So disappointed and mad at the waste of money. Like yeah the flavor was good on the soggy pizza but it was a $9.99 pizza NOT $55And ontop of that they didn't have the flavor ice cream I ordered. Chocolate & when you want chocolate and they bring you everything but it sucks.The thing that earned two stars was the delivery guy, he was nice and on time.

Review №58

Zeeks Pizza in Bothell is a great place. You can have awesome pizza and watch a game. The people are extremely friendly and kind. We enjoy eating here every time we go.

Review №59

Great pizza and great service!!

Review №60

Great Pizza. Excellent selection!

Review №61

Great pizza, good beer selection, nice staff. 5 star down to 2 star. I used to like this place however in the last three trips they:1. Forgot to place my order with the kitchen, I couldn't wait any longer so I left without any pizza.2. Forgot the salad I ordered with my pizza.3. Made my pizza wrong ( I did not want to correct it because I just needed to get out of there).

Review №62

Pizza is actually good (although expensive-ish), thick crust and bottom, decent topping coverage, good variety of topping choicesplus if you come around closing time you get to hear the line cooks singing which actually makes the food taste betterand the server is incredibly friendly! first class service!I got a pizza with anchovies, kalamata olives, black olives, and goat cheese. I call the fish slime.

Review №63

Good service, great pizza, impressive beer selection, food was out quickly, and kid friendly. Feels a bit like the pizza place you went to as a kid after a baseball game, but cleaner, slightly better lit and more expensive...not sure how they get away with charging $30-40 for a pizza, but it is good.

Review №64

Seeks always has a great Pizza at their locations. This is a nice one to visit with a group as there is plenty of seating. A nice Bar area, as well.

Review №65

The menu is not very well laid out. The kids menu doesn't even have any options written on it, which our server didn't even know. When they say Zeek's Pizza, they mean only pizza, and only thin crust at that. There is no pasta or other Italian dishes, other than wings as appetizers. The pizza wasn't great and the bread sticks were disappointing at best. The chef here seems to not understand when there is too much of any ingredient. The "Cherry Bomb" pizza tastes only of spice and nothing else, which was not mentioned on the menu. The bread sticks had too much herbs which overpowered the smaller amounts of cheese and bread. In my own opinion, the bread sticks should be scrapped and made over with thick crust, not thin. When I order bread sticks I expect there to be more than a paper thin amount of bread. However the service was okay and it wasn't crowded (now I know why). Not coming here again.

Review №66

Always delicious! Never feel rushed.

Review №67

It ain't MOD but it's pizza. enjoy

Review №68

Just not a fan. Kids love this place if you get a kids style pizza. Chicken wings showed up under cooked every time I have ordered them. I do love their salads.

Review №69

Love this place. Great pizza and beer selection. One of our main go-to's for pizza.

Review №70

Zeeks Pizza in Bothell, our go to pizza place. A very attentive staff, with knowledge of local beers. Great pies, great selection of beers and a very tasty Wild Greens Salad.

Review №71

Excellent pizza with great beer on tap. The flavors are unique and the beers are local. The wait staff are friendly and fun

Review №72

Our server was Christine. Great job for a large group. Recommend getting portebello mushroom, black olive, artichoke hearts with red sauce and mozzarella.

Review №73

Fun staff and great pizza

Review №74

I can't believe that I am hooked on a vegetarian pizza - the Tree Hugger! It is piled high with everything I love on a pizza and some things I didn't know I loved on a pizza. The crust is awesome - light and not at all greasy. The service is always friendly and attentive. The Greek salad is very large, very fresh and very delicious. I ordered 6 pizzas for an event at work and they were delivered precisely on time and were a complete hit with my guests.

Review №75

Best GF pizza crust I've ever had!!!

Review №76

Nice ambiance . They have wide variety of pizza, there is something for everyone. I like the fact that the pizza base is thin and not oily.

Review №77

Great service and pizza

Review №78

This is one of my favorite pizza places. Great pizza and salads. The menu has been recently updated, so now you can create you own pizza or salad for a great value.

Review №79

My experience Ed xiques was awesome as usual friendly people that work there and nice and the wait time was exactly what they said it would be

Review №80

Love the zippy buffalo soldier pizza. Great crust and an excellent beer selection.

Review №81

For several years I ordered through another pizza company starts with a P and is known to be very delicious which it is good but after ordering Zeeks Pizza they are superior they go to the edge of the crust and they seem to put more toppings on and their crust is absolutely delicious the whole experience always seems to be very good I've ordered about seven or eight times and every time has been outstanding delivery seems to be on time the prices seem to be okay but the pizza is really worth it highly recommend Zeeks Pizza

Review №82

Awesome pizza. Customer service is splendid

Review №83

Peperony pizza, nuff said!!!

Review №84

I've used the online ordering a few times now. It is easy to use and very convenient! The delivery is quick and the pizza is amazing. If you don't like it then that's just you!

Review №85

Good pizza and good choice of on tap ciders!!

Review №86

This place is a little more pricey but still affordable and I get why. It's not just a pizza place, the atmosphere is really nice and they have a bar. The staff is always nice and on top of everything to make sure you're enjoying your visit there and the pizza and beverages are pretty good.

Review №87

Seattle pizza mainly sucks, or so says the Chicagoan. But Zeeks is what we have found out here, and Zeeks does not suck.

Review №88

bomb is the best! Great beer and salads too. Plus the kids love playing with the raw dough they give them.

Review №89

Build your own pizza was delicious. A bit pricey though.

Review №90

Very good but a bit pricey

Review №91

Great selection of beers with a constantly rotating lineup. Fantastic pizza, I like to get the Juan Candy. I've tried many of their other specials and I've been quite pleased with those as well. I try to bring my growler whenever I go

Review №92

Best pizza I've had in a long time! I love that the menu is diverse, and has an item for everyone. The staff is quick to assist and very personable, this is a must for anyone.

Review №93

Love the pizza and I love the service.

Review №94

Favorite Pie for over 20 years. Crust is amazing. Try something different. Thai One On is the one that got me hooked. Now the Juan Candy, Dragon and Yeti give me variety. Mmmmmm

Review №95

Always great pizza and local beer selection.

Review №96

I love Zeeks Pizza. It is a bit more expensive than the competition but the pizza is great. They also have a good beer selection and now a full bar. My favorite order is a Zeek the Greek salad and a Cherry Bomb pizza.

Review №97

Pizza is all about the crust and the sauce and Zeeks are both excellent!

Review №98

Very nice service

Review №99

Great pizza with plenty of options

Review №100

Friendly staff, excellent pizza, and a comfortable environment

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  • Phone:+1 425-893-8646
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  • Delivery:Yes
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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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