Little Caesars Pizza
310 N Kingshighway St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
Review №1

Horrible. One star because no stars is not an option. I was overcharged 30 dollars. The employee 'Alex' was extremely rude. I didn't get 2 liters of soda I was charged for. I was charged for little sauce on a pizza that had double sauce ' (guess that was suppose to be funny). Most of the 8 pizzas were about half topped with very little to no cheese. The wings were slimy with very little flavor.

Review №2

Got home with pizza ate a slice and got another slice to eat and there is a dead fly baked into the pizza. Called the store told them and asked to speak to manager about it. They came back on and said he was real busy and couldn't take the call. Didn't ask for for number to call back. That if i want to bring it back they would give me another one. I'm 15 minutes from there. That is poor service.

Review №3

The chicken wings are good. I bring them home and cook them in the oven a little longer.

Review №4

Hot and fresh but not ready. Didnt take too long though. Maybe ten minutes.

Review №5

Good prices for good food

Review №6

Always good. Yay pepperoni pizza for a cheap, quick meal.

Review №7

We just ordered there pepporoni deep dish for $8 and when we asked for less sauce. the manager charged us $9. Less sauce for more money? Don't seem right

Review №8

Best place to pick up pizza, the only pizza restaurant I'll go to!

Review №9

Shout to Lane for excellent customer service. My kids said THANKS for the cookies.

Review №10

Hot and ready is good when you're in a hurry

Review №11

Pizza was good wait time was terrible...and they messed up my order but quickly fixed it...

Review №12

I've always been a fan since it was my first serious job starting in high school. It's good especially since they have hot and ready pizza! Staff is always friendly!!

Review №13

At the cape Girardeau little caesers they were Extremely rude to guest especially to a veteran that came in there asking questions. They also proceeded to argue with the veteran because they got his pizza wrong and he just wanted what he ordered. He fought for our country and you make pizzas give the man what he ordered!!!

Review №14

I ordered a supreme pizza inside, a young lady took my order, she yelled for a pizza, and was responded with “NO” and “ABSOLUTELY NOT” by another lady in the back, I was shocked. I eventually got my pizza 15 minutes later, wondering if I would even get my pizza or not. Very unprofessional.

Review №15

I used the app to order my pizza. That way it would be prepared when I got there. I placed my order and received a confirmation that my card had been charged for the order. Upon arriving i was told that my pizza was not ready and my card had been charged but was voided and that my card would be refunded within 48 hours. It's been 24 hours so far, and no refund. Do not use the app to order. Employee working at the time said that this happened all of the time.

Review №16

Better than pizza hut just wish yall could make a spicy buffalo style pizza that would be so amazing

Review №17

My favorite pizza restaurant in cape Girardeau. You get more for your Dollar! I always get a white extra cheese pizza which is not cooked as long but that's how I like my pizzas. Their garlic butter and jalapeno cheese dip are awesome. I love the garlic parmesan wings too!

Review №18

Love the pizza here. Always hot and ready. Fresh also. Good food at a great price.

Review №19

New menu items. Special order was fast.

Review №20

Good pizza for a good price

Review №21

This place was awesome. Friendly youngins all mannerly. Pizza was exactly as I ordered it and delicious. They gave me a pack of cookies for my spoiled furbaby. In Marion they always give her a bone but it was cool the young lady gave us cookies

Review №22

Not bad. Semi fresh pizza. Good customer service

Review №23

Great pizza

Review №24

Food was good. Service was slow and not correct. The order had to be redone.

Review №25

It's good for a quick " hot and ready". If you need it quick. Crust was a bit tough.

Review №26

Friday night, called ahead, still had 5 cars ahead of me in drive thru. Crazy busy, girl named Zoe was cool, calm, focused and in charge! Great service!

Review №27

Five dollar hot and ready take out pizzas are great for parties or gatherings! Or spend a dollar more and get the "extra most bestest." I recommend that you get the cheese sauce for your crazy bread, it is good stuff. You don't even have to communicate with people if you don't want, just order online and use there pizza portal, this is awesome for introverts. Definitely a deal when compared to "the Hut."

Review №28

Great selections ,friendly fresh pizzas.

Review №29

Always quick, always friendly, & cheap!

Review №30

Great pizza and fast

Review №31

My order was great It was just the way I ordered it. Customer service was great! I was greeted and served with a SMILE THANKS, LITTLE CEASARS........."YOU ROCK

Review №32

You guys rock there thank you

Review №33

Fast and cooked well

Review №34

The people there is friendly my family loves there pizza they have great prices

Review №35

Food is okay, but customer service is awful. Most of the staff is young, rude, arrogant, and unprofessional. I've been charged different prices for getting the exact same order.

Review №36

The cape one is one is very rude even the manager all they do is play and sit and talk about snapchat and facebook I sat and waited for about five minutes and still didn't get waited on I'm like excuse me and they still didn't want to do anything the manager is very rude as well I wouldn't recommend this little Cesar to no one because all they do is display they claim they only have three people in the morning so I wouldn't go to this little Cesar.

Review №37

Great for a quick meal on the go,cheap! Food is quick!

Review №38

Love eating their by far

Review №39

Love the pizza!

Review №40

It's delicious there's hardly ever a wait... great food would definitely go again

Review №41

Great customer service and my 2 little kids love the pizza!

Review №42

Pete is very good at his job and makes ur visit great

Review №43

I had placed an online order. The male (I'm assuming manager) was very friendly and helpful as always. The girl was snotty and rude when I said I was there for an online order I had placed. Management seems to care but employees seem to not. Good cheesy bread though.

Review №44

Very helpful employees and enjoyed their conversation while I waited for my order

Review №45

Always fast and delicious. Friendly staff who always have a smile on their face and are nice as can be!

Review №46

They allow customers in without masks.

Review №47

Bad they got my order wrong they didnt give me my change they had me to pull up then come out and said they got my order wrong and that I owe more money so I got my money and left

Review №48

This place has fallen in service and quality. I've reached out to them and it seems like they're happy with how they're doing.Slow service, especially in drive through. It also seems like I'm interrupting their play time when I order. They seem annoyed that I came to the window.This was a twice a week stop for me.'s Chinese takeout instead.

Review №49

Pizza came fast and the pizza was good. I will come again.

Review №50

Decent pizza for when you just want to get home and feed the kids fast.

Review №51

Very quick & friendly

Review №52

My favorite quick stop for lunch , the quattro pizza was amazing

Review №53

Good stuff

Review №54

The service at night is so horrible its sad

Review №55

I will give one star for the lower prices only. Cape location has terrible customer service. Order is wrong every time. The last time my order was wrong again after waiting 20 mins, was told they take a lot of orders so it happens, the young girl said if I want to pay the difference they will make me another pizza. Asked her if the owner or corporate knows how bad service is she responded I'm one of the managers and walked off. I will NOT return! Little Caesar's you lost a customer!

Review №56

Great service every time I've been here.

Review №57

Great pizza fast service

Review №58

Love the bacon and pepperoni pizza

Review №59

Always hot and fresh as advertised. Can't beat the price and my kids love it. I have several children and can feed them all with 5 large pizzas, for $27. Easy on my pockets, happy fed children.

Review №60


Review №61

The crew was really nice. ...and we had or pizza really fast and out on our way. ...Great job you guys

Review №62

Service was ok, could be better. Got my pizza and it was warm but was like it had been sitting for awhile.

Review №63

Best I've ever had. The breadsticks taste like rubber. But pizza is always great, hot and ready.

Review №64

The 6 dollar thin crust is an amazing deal. It tastes great. I love it

Review №65

Cheap and tastes great

Review №66

The pizza was cold tasted old n hardly no sausage or cheese. All bread n sauce

Review №67

Great for something quick and cheap

Review №68

Good pizza. Only thing is if you want a custom pizza you got to call and double check to make sure its what you ordered.

Review №69

Peter at the front register is the bomb!!!!!! Excellent customer service and excellent sales man.

Review №70

I asked the manager could i hav a Hot & Ready Pizza made fresh out of the oven...instead he got smart & said the ones in the storage oven was jst made bt in reality they had bn in there for a long time because the cheese & pepperoni was hard...very rude & disrespectful service...i wouldnt recommend this restaurant at all...better off going 2 Pizza Hut

Review №71

The Employees friendly clean and the food is good

Review №72

Made me sick

Review №73

It was very delicious .

Review №74

Cheap fast & fresh pizza

Review №75

The pizza is alright, the crazy bread is fantastic

Review №76

Good pizza, this one stays busy, young staff. Horrible parking.

Review №77

Good bang for your buck. Decent pizza, fast, fresh.

Review №78

Fast cheap good pizza

Review №79

AHHHHH. They put..more cheese..on the pizza with the most cheese...!?!?! All seriousness it's amazing cheap good food. Always hot fresh and ready. Crazy bread is always yummy. I've also never had any bad service!

Review №80

Seem to get flustered easily when orders pile up. Waited 20 minutes after pulling around from drive thru and still had to go inside to discover what was going on

Review №81

Pizza's are amazing in comparison to their price. Very generous with toppings. Chicken does fall off the bone but in more of a mushy way rather than perfectly cooked.

Review №82

Busy day when I went. I had to wait on my pizzas but that's fine cause they were hot and fresh. The young lady at the counter was very friendly.

Review №83

This place has terrible service. Tried to use a gift card that was issued to me and they claimed the balance on it was 0 and that they couldn't read it even though I hadn't used it yet. Then they proceeded to act as if it was my fault that their system wasn't working.

Review №84

$5 pizza fast , good for the money and very easy . lost a star as the $5 lunch combo frequently isn't hot and ready.

Review №85

We have found that it is simply much better to make the short drive to Cape for their Pizza. We enjoy the taste, the way they actually put the amount of toppings on our pizza's, especially if we order and pay for extra- they make sure to give them to you. And they compensate well, if something is not right.

Review №86

I love their Pizza.

Review №87

Clean and Nice Excellant Service very accurate and on top of things!

Review №88

Always like little Caesar's Pizza delicious

Review №89

Trash af.They didn't have change for a $100 bill and said they would have my pizzas ready when I came back from going across the street to get change from a convince store. When I got back they had sold my pizzas and I had to wait for them to remake them. Got the pizzas home and one was only partially cut.0-5 stars all day.

Review №90

Not hot and ready. Went on my lunch break and a “6 minute wait” turned into me asking for my money back 20+ minutes later. For one pizza that was supposed to be “hot and ready”. The girl working the counter was a rude and obnoxious loudmouth, cussing and screaming at the workers in the back. One worker finally had enough of her and walked out and I don't blame him at all. She was also incredibly rude to every customer that came in.

Review №91

Extra Most Bestest Thin Crust Pizza is the BOMB!!! If you eat it, you will never want another pizza again. Lol And the guy that was at the pick up window was extremely nice. Called me darlin, smiled, and was so polite. I dont know his name but he deserves a raise.

Review №92

Lucky it's even rated...

Review №93

Always good. I really like the pretzel crust pizza.

Review №94

I was in the drive through tonight and got to the window to see the worker standing there on her phone !!! She looked at me then just went right back to texting on her phone when I talked to the assistant manager he said he would talk to her ., he closed the window and walked up to her and the both started laughing !!! I found this very unprofessional!!!

Review №95

Great pizza done right! I've been to many, many Lil Caesars across the nation and they do am right! Lot's of sauce and cheesy. Not dry like the others who skimp on the sauce.

Review №96

Horrible.. had to wait for forever and then they forgot about us..

Review №97

Cheesy Bread

Review №98

Great prices but food doesn't digest. It's like cardboard with garlic butter

Review №99

Love their pizza

Review №100

Quick service and awesome Pizzas...courteous employees..,,can't favorite Pizza

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  • Address:310 N Kingshighway St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 573-334-8444
  • American restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Chicken wings restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Pizza delivery
  • Pizza Takeout
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–10PM
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  • Thursday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–11PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–11PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–10PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:No
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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