Bandanas Bar-B-Q Cape Girardeau
156 Vantage Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States
Review №1

First time eating from here, we did take out, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was! Fall off the bone ribs! Best BBQ I have had in a long time.

Review №2

I've eaten at a few of these restaurants and had good experiences...until now. The burnt ends were dry, tough, and terrible. The slaw and okra were okay and standard pre-made affairs from their food vendor. Service for takeout was friendly and professional during this pandemic.

Review №3

Excellent food, clean environment, with friendly/attentative wait staff. The food is reasonably priced for good BBQ and the sauce is excellent, good kid options...maybe adding a kid rib to the kids menu, however the price saver rib worked great for our kids!!! Will be coming back...just as good a Dexter BBQ ribs...(that's a compliment). It's a special touch giving the kiddos suckers for a treat when leaving...little stuff like this goes a long ways!!!

Review №4

It was our first time to eat there. We r from Southern Illinois and our inside dining is closed again, so we decided to try Missouri. The restaurant was very clean and the staff was great and the food we had was very, very good. Great Place.

Review №5

The food was great, the waitress was very friendly! The prices really weren't bad either!

Review №6

Good food..good service. Friendly staff. Clean and use good social distancing in their dining room.

Review №7

1st time eating there. Fantastic food & service. Will definitely eat there when back down there.

Review №8

Utteely amazing food. They use quality product and it shows in how wonderful it tastes. I highly recommend eating here.

Review №9

The manager was very gracious. The waitress was very goodI would recommend this place to anyone looking for great bbq and service

Review №10

Sadly, the smoke turkey sandwich was dry. The potato salad was good as was the price point for the meal.

Review №11

Some of the best ribs I've ever eaten. And great bread!

Review №12

Good food. We always order the combo and split it which is a decent deal

Review №13

Staff was nice and friendly. service was good and our food was fresh,hot, and awesome. their prices are very reasonable. the bathrooms were clean and well kept. i definitely will be going back in the future. and i recommend anyone that loves some good bbq go check them out yum yum!!!

Review №14

Clean,courteous and did the social distance. Food delivery was fast and delicious got plenty to eat.had to do a take home box.wear your mask.

Review №15

Ribs for 2 was good. Fall off the bone. Memphis Spicy was the best sauce. Garlic bread was barely garlicky. Very good service.

Review №16

Amazing BBQ! Blows Dexter's outta the water! Awesome staff and wonderful prices! Thank you again for the lunch! Stellar experience overall!

Review №17

So far pretty good. Various types of sauces that are pretty good. Awesome meal.

Review №18

My fourth trip there, and everything is still excellent. Real smoked pork with K.C Barbecue sauce-- sooo perfect. Fried okra tastes like fresh. Cole slaw very good. And the buttered toast is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Plenty of butter on it. It's hard not to ask for more. Iced tea excellent also--not weak.

Review №19

The most underrated restaurant in Cape. So good, so cheap.

Review №20

Only positive thing I can say is friendly waitress and staff. The food wasnt nothing to brag about. Wasnt $15 good. Meat was tough, I've had better. Not going back again.

Review №21

My first time eating there was today and oh my goodness the food and costumer service was absolutely amazing! I look forward to eating there again.

Review №22

Great service and good food. The only reason I'm giving them 3stars the ribs a lil tough.

Review №23

We had the brisket tips and lunch bbq brisket.Everything was on spot!

Review №24

Yummy food. Great wait staff

Review №25

Mmmmmmm.... Smokey and delicious...the fried sweet corn on the cob was awesome ..the red skin potato salad...same. Awsome...garlic bread toast ,it Was perfect with our meals....refills was plentiful and the waitress wslas polite and informative...they also have upwards of 6 different types of bbq sauces...each one was a different experience...we drove 40 mind one way to eat here..thanks Bandana's we appreciate your service to the community...

Review №26

The food is really good here. Had a salad with turkey which was so tender and flavorful! My daughter had sandwich and sides of okra and slaw which were delicious! We received prompt and courteous service also. Highly recommend!

Review №27

Very clean. Staff was great, very friendly and helpful. Food was excellent. There were 9 of us, almost all had something different. All of us thought the food was great. Will definitely be going back.

Review №28

Have visited several times now and have not been disappointed! The meats are delicious without any sauce, but I love the Chicago sweet mixed with ranch on my salad.Staff is always friendly and service is great.

Review №29

Very good food and great service.

Review №30

BEST BBQ IN TOWN! It doesn't hurt that they also have GREAT service! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to come back for more ribs.

Review №31

Beautiful restaurant!!! We came in for appetizers and drinks, but ended up getting dessert, too. Our server was so amazing, she even brought out a dessert complete with a birthday candle for me!!! We will be back!

Review №32

This place rocks on some ribs and sausage. Hands down the best I ever had. The service is always great. Clean place and just overall fantastic.

Review №33

I've been there 3 times now. It's been worth the money every time. Fast and friendly service.

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Review №35

I wanted to checkout this New BBQ place just opened in Cape as I'm a big fan of BBQ. So be aware this is just my opinion as I've eaten a quite a few BBQ places over the years in many states, I was greeted as I walked in and placed over at a table. Everything looked nice and clean people were enjoying themselves. While waiting for my server I was greeted by the manager who chatted a bit with me which I appreciated this is great customer service (very friendly and nice). Meanwhile, I was eventually greeted by my server who asked me what I wanted? I asked her what was good and she said everything and any recommendations she would make as I wanted smoked Brisket? She informed me they did not have that which was kind of a let down as I was in the mood for brisket that should be a automatic in BBQ places like baked beans and slaw. She did mention the beef shoulder and I asked what was the difference she did not really know and sadly there was no images of it so decision time? So I went with the shoulder thinking it might be close on her recommendation but no images of it is a issue? I ordered a sweet tea with lemon after a while my drink arrived with I did not know it was unsweetened? I looked around and checked out the different BBQ sauces on the table all tasted pretty good. However one of my issues in restaurants is seeing images of food they offer on a menu or on the wall so I kinda know what I am getting when I order. Note: Most men are visual and we make decisions on what we see usually pretty quickly as we can see how it looks on a plate. I don't like ordering something I don't know what it looks like that's me.Anyway eventually my food arrived but I was not expecting it to be served under two large slices of garlic bread like they were hiding something underneath? No biggie except the meat was not very appealing to the eye for one issue a lot of fat was another and it lacked a real smokey flavor? Guess I'm Southern tainted as I expect to taste a smoked flavor on my BBQ meat before any BBQ sauces added. The garlic bread was good but in my opinion lacked a strong garlic taste it was more greasy than stiff. The Okra was wonderful but the potato salad kinda lacked something in it not sure maybe sweet pickle relish juice, onions or something else as it was kinda bland maybe it was me? Oh well moving along, went ahead and started eating and discovered my ice tea was unsweetened. Ironic my server was nowhere to be found as I looked around for her. Which was kinda strange as you would think they would kinda check on you to see if everything was ok? So, no follow up on her part was one issue that irritated me plus you would think if she was no there someone else would look over and see my ice tea glass was empty and no big deal just ask me if I wanted a refill but that never happened no did anyone else even say hello to me while I was there (except the manager and my disappearing server?) Which I felt kinda weird like I was invisible or something so not impressed with the overall service from this place I felt everyone kinda felt short on my order except management.Eventually she showed back up after I was done waiting for my bill I told her about everything and my ice tea was wrong and glass empty she said sorry she was in the back I thought she said eating? Maybe I was going crazy having hearing issues? She apologize gave me a to go sweet ice tea so I paid my bill and left. I then went online and filled out my survey mentioning my issues to upper management about my weird experience.Surprisingly I got a quick response from Rick White CEO and thanked me for my comments and concerns informing me he would address them with management and staff about my recent issues and offered me a free $15 gift card for my trouble which was very nice. Although I spent more I felt management overall is wonderful. Hopefully others will have a better experience.

Review №36

My wife and I had an amazing meal! I ordered 1/2 slab of ribs with fried okra, garden salad and Texas toast. She had a beef melt with a side and everything was delicious! We can't wait to go back. The staff was very friendly and the restaurant was very clean. You should give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

Review №37

I had the smoked Turkey and they gave plenty, the garlic bread was fantastic and the service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this place

Review №38

Really really good!

Review №39

I eat there almost once a week and love it! The employees make for a great experience and atmosphere! The food is awesome each and every time I visit and service is awesome.

Review №40

Excellent food, and we received excellent service!

Review №41

Service was slow but they were very busy. I had a half side of ribs with baked beans and corn. The veggies were very good. The ribs were fall of the bone tender with a smoky flavor, but little other seasoning. Six different types of bar b que sauce on the table provided the flavor. I will go back but this visit did not place it at the top of my list.

Review №42

As soon as we walked in everyone was very friendly, smiling and saying welcome to Bandana's! The place was very clean and the employees were dressed nice. We ordered our food to go, as we got down the road we noticed they had forgot the best part, the ribs, I pulled over and called. We went back, they made it rite, even gave me a gift card for next time. Food was excellent plus wonderful people!

Review №43

The service was extremely friendly. The food was great. BBQ chicken nachos were very good. And I had a Chicken Sandwich that was amazing. The garlic bread was the best I have ever had.

Review №44

The food and service were very good.. We had a glitch with 1 of 2 gift cards that took a extra few minutes,But all worked out well.. Our waitress and the manager we worked with both were great.

Review №45

Food and service was top notch. Great choices. Okra was the best.

Review №46

We didn't have to wait for a table and the entire staff was so friendly and welcoming. The ribs were amazing and my side salad, was worth ordering. We will definitely be back.

Review №47

It was a very friendly place and the service was fast and very good. We will be going back. The food is very good.

Review №48

Amazing food with great service

Review №49

Delicious clean and friendly

Review №50

Love this place every time I eat there

Review №51

Was looking forward to lunch here after reading reviews. Unfortunately the quality of food fell way short. I got the Wet Bandana sandwich which looked like it just come out of a package and was microwaved for 45sec. And, you cannot call yourself a genuine BBQ place and not have banana pudding!

Review №52

Awesome food, excellent friendly service

Review №53

Good food, friendly service, reasonable prices. Nothing great but a better option than most in this town

Review №54

WOW! ... just WOW! There was so much food and it was so good! I threw my diet to the wind and ate a half slab of Smoked BBQ Ribs and most of the fixens!

Review №55

It was good food good service

Review №56

Enjoyed our dinner very much. Much better than the other bbq places here. Our waitress, Hailey, was great, very friendly and helpful. The restaurant is clean and inviting. Will go back.

Review №57

Good food for a great price, an amazing place they have a lot to offer!

Review №58

A great place to eat in Cape Girardeau! Friendly staff and with excellent BBQ. Love the ribs!

Review №59

Food was great or server was fantastic. It was a little pricey but only because we ordered way to much food. We actually took home enough for another meal.

Review №60

Traveling for Thanksgiving and was so pleased and surprised to find a Bandanas BBQ in Cape. A familiar restaurant from our time in STL. Some the best smoked meats I have ever enjoyed, and not disappointed by the new location, The folks of Cape should be thrilled to have a Bandanas.

Review №61

Good food, ok service, reasonable prices.

Review №62

Give a 3 star for service and cleanliness . The star of the plate, bbq, was plain, did not taste smoke. Definently did not smell smoke. I couldn't even find evidence of a smoker on site, there were no signs of an indoor smoker, definitely couldn't smell it. This one next to the worst of all I've eaten at in Mo, Indiana, and Illinois.

Review №63

Food was fantastic.. my server Phoebe was incredible. Great food, great service, I'll definitely be going back.

Review №64

Food was great service was good just a little pricey

Review №65

Great food service tasty bbq. Very clean place.

Review №66

So, I don't like BBQ, so I ordered a side salad & sweet potato fries, and they were really good. My husband and his adult daughter ordered BBQ & they said it was really good, so, partnered with our absolutely amazing waitress Phoebe, I give this place 5 stars.

Review №67

So, I don't like BBQ, so I ordered a side salad & sweet potato fries, and they were really good. My husband and his adult daughter ordered BBQ & they said it was really good, so, partnered with our absolutely amazing waitress Phoebe, I give this place 5 stars.

Review №68

I ordered carry out today during Cape's soft opening and everything is delicious! Ribs, Chicken and Smoked Sausage were exactly what I had the taste for! Great Job!

Review №69

Staff was great ,the food was awesome portion sized the taste was marvolus. I'm definitely going back there

Review №70

The food was ok kinda expensive

Review №71

This is my most favorite place for barbecue. So happy Cape Girardeau, Mo got one.

Review №72

Fish looks like it came out of a box, waitress was clueless when asked about items on menu, seating very uncomfortable; clean place but not worth almost $60 for 3 people. Dexter's bbq blows this place out of the water..this place doesn't even offer brisket.

Review №73

The restaurant is clean and the wait staff is very friendly. The food wasn't very good ️. If you are on a low sodium diet then don't go. The BBQ sandwich I had was very salty. The Cole slaw didn't have any flavor.

Review №74

This restaurant is new to Cape. Food was just okay. If BBQ is your desire there are better offerings at the same price point.

Review №75

Food was great , service excellent.

Review №76

Wonderful place deserves 5 stars but drinks are 3 dollars a piece high for me but food was good

Review №77

Great food and nice service

Review №78

Delicious food! Love the array of barbecue sauces at each table! And they have fried okra!

Review №79

The food is incredible and the service is top notch and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Review №80

Very good food and great service

Review №81


Review №82

The food was fine. However, everyone seemed uncomfortable. Like the wait staff was on edge the whole time. It made me nervous.

Review №83

Good spot for some decent bbq. It definitely beats having to go downtown to get a good bite to eat.

Review №84

No complaining here. Everything was very good.

Review №85

Good ribs, decent service. Was there with family. Good visit.

Review №86

Awesome food and awesome service!

Review №87

Impeccable service, amazing food! The staff there is awesome as well!

Review №88

Have visited Bandana's several times and the BBQ is the best in Southeast Missouri. Todd and his staff have created a wonderful place to enjoy great food and service.

Review №89

The ribs were stale and tough, I'll pass.

Review №90

Food very good and large portions - loved the ribs! It was busy so it took a bit of time for the food to arrive. Large selection of bar be que sauces.

Review №91

Great food and great service

Review №92

Good food fast service.

Review №93

Pretty good. It's like The Cracker Barrel of BBQ.

Review №94

We ordered the Bbq nachos and they were the worst ever. It was like they took canned bbq and threw it on some chips, added some cheese and served them (looked absolutely nothing like the picture on the menu) we also ordered a bbq chicken sandwich and a bbq pork sandwich, they were pretty good. Would I go back no, probably not.

Review №95

Was my birthday they didn't have any sweet wine nor did they have ribs in the back , what the hell kind of BBQ joint is this?! So I left and went to Dexter's.

Review №96

1st time there and everything was wonderful

Review №97

Great dinner phoebe was a wonderful waitress.

Review №98

Great food great service

Review №99

Great food!

Review №100

I thought the food was pretty good and my wife loved it.

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