The Sweet Place
2910 Short Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States
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The treats are always good and te service is amazing. The red velvet cupcakes are my favorite. The vegan cookies are so good, they are soft and chewy. O and try the funnel cake!!

Review №2

Definitely a must try. We took home several cupcakes and cookies all were amazing. Best part of our experience there was supporting a local business.

Review №3

Great food with quality ingredients. Will surely make a return trip. The bill was reasonable.

Review №4

It has. Good stuff it look good

Review №5

So I just placed an order tonight. They sent me the wrong cake and then told me to call Uber (like it's their fault). Second, the cake looks like someone ate some of it. I don't know about you but I don't eat after ppl. Third, I called the store and the manager (Brandy) is no help.... pretty much she got tired of talking to me and hung up on me (who hangs up on a customer when you are the one that made the mistake)....So I called back and Barry answered said "we are so busy, but I'm taking the time to talk to you." The place has the worst customer service of all time I swear... Please, enjoy that $10 dollars because this place will never get another dime from me!!!!

Review №6

Customer service is horrible at night, the cadet was in the back of the store for approximately 5 minutes prior to coming out to greet me. Stock was pretty much empty.

Review №7

I would love to say I tried it, but I never got the opportunity. On google it says they close at midnight, but to my dismay they close at 9. I tried on Monday...they closed on Monday. I tried on Tuesday... closed again. And today on Wednesday I tried once again, there is no way to order on their website, you have to order on doordash, grub hub, etc. (I found this out after doing a deep investigation as the info was not posted publicly anywhere) after memorizing their times they were open I got excited and went on doordash but couldn't find the feature to make my own ice cream. I called once again and they said they are now open till 10 but ice cream closes at nine. I'm starting to think this is just a figment of my imagination. I feel bamboozled.

Review №8

Had there vegan cookies twice. The first time my cookies weren't fresh, but I bought them late so I didn't mind. The second time was told they were fresh, I kid you not the cookies tasted like they had been sitting for DAYS! Another thing is the moment I walk in it's not the most pleasant experience. The young lady that's there doesn't seem excited to be there. I understand it's a job but when you are trying to sell your products customer service should be a priority. Unfortunately, this is one place I will no longer spend my money at, some things just aren't worth a pretty penny.

Review №9

Wow.... what an exceptionally terrible place. Do not spend your hard earned money here. Terrible service, terrible hour window for delivery, rude to their customers. Save the money and spend it elsewhere.

Review №10

I visited this shop for the first time and purchased a sprinkle cupcake that was $4.00, this item was ok nothing to jump up and dance about, it was gooey in the inside wasn't good to me or my son at all ( I let him taste it) Probably need to use less sprinkles on the inside of the cake, and the cake by itself was not very tasty.

Review №11

Absolutely awesome! The girl working behind the counter was also part owner and was very knowledgeable and sweet ! I will be back! The cupcake and cookies were outstanding!

Review №12

Such good cupcakes and I love the red velvet! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Literally the best cupcake I've had.

Review №13

Would absolutely suggest to friends and family. Great quality and service. Love the taste and presentation.

Review №14

All of the sweets I ordered tasted stale. Gave 2 stars because the chocolate chip cookie was edible.

Review №15

The ice cream here is super good and the girl who works the counter is just as sweet as the treats she makes. Hope to order more soon.

Review №16

Ordered via Doordash. Never heard of this business. Decided to try. I was disappointed. Ordered chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and 1 chocolate cupcake.The cookies were hard. The cake was dry. The icing was not sweet at all!Will not order again.

Review №17

Friendly staff, great desserts, and wonderful atmosphere!!!! GO CHECK THEM OUT

Review №18

Red Velvet cupcake was delicious without being too sweet! Service was quick and staff was friendly.

Review №19

I highly recommend the Sweet Place! Great service and atmosphere. Not to mention that the sweets are to die for. Go try for yourself you won't be disappointed :)

Review №20

What delicious cupcakes and sweets sold by a super friendly staff. When in doubt, they will make helpful suggestions. Each item I have tried is fresh and delicious.

Review №21

There are other bakeries that do it better. I have tried them three times now and I can't get myself to like them. Their cake and cupcakes are just bland and dry to me especially their Red Velvet. I like their chcolate chip cookies but they aren't something to rave about. Not a fan.

Review №22

Amazing delicious Cupcakes! When I tasted the Yum-Yum cake, it was like a taste of heaven. Probably the best cupcake, nay one of the best desserts I have ever had.

Review №23

Visited the Sweet Place late night/early morning. Great service even better sweets. Red velvet cupcake hit the spot

Review №24

Great sweets and great service.

Review №25

Friendly staff. However my lemon iced pound cake was completely wet on the bottom and there was no icing on the lemon iced pound cake.

Review №26

Friendly staff, Good Treats, Clean Place. All around great experience

Review №27

Ice cream- delicious! Brownie- delicious! Churros- delicious! Staff- super friendly! This is my new favorite ice cream shop!

Review №28

Considering that the owner goes too collage full time and spends over 50 hours a week in store and the food taste great. That a win for me!

Review №29

Rolled ice cream was great and great customer service! Employees were very helpful especially Marcus

Review №30

Had a dozen cupcakes delivered to my work. They all tasted extremely old. Will not purchase again.

Review №31

Had a new chocolate cupcake, super moist! You have to try the Thai rolled ice cream!!

Review №32

Order through Ubereats and extremely disappointed with the stale cupcakes. Would not recommend. Wish we would have looked at reviews before ordering. Bad pastry spot save your money.

Review №33

Best desserts in Cincinnati! Everything is homemade and tastes out of this world!

Review №34

Great ice cream, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. Go support this local business so they can get to the point where they have a bigger menu, more ice cream rollers etc.At the moment, this is not a place to visit if you are an impatient person, it probably never will be. However, as someone that enjoys the experience of watching their food made before their eyes, this was quite enjoyable. This is not grab and go ice cream... if you want that there's a UDF down the road. For people that like the experience though, please go support this business.In response to Kelvin (I am not an employee btw): if you have never ordered delivery before you might not know that contents can move around on delivery and cakes are quite crumbly. No one would ever eat your food lmao. Also mixups happen, you were probably just not being very specific on your phone call... “I was delivered the wrong cake and would like a replacement” would be their responsibility to fix, and they could fix it, but if you were saying that someone ate the cake, which they most definitely didn't, that would be the fault of the Uber driver since the employees were only responsible for packaging the cakes. If you told them about a problem they could fix instead of blaming them for something they definitely didn't do, these super nice employees would have surely helped you out.

Review №35

This place is just bad. Super, super, super long wait time. Makes you even think that they do not understand how time works. Five minutes means five minutes in my world, not twenty-five. Would not recommend.

Review №36

Always fresh

Review №37

Great service and great treats!

Review №38

Went to pick up my order and there was a very strong sewage smell ..

Review №39

Awesome stuff!!

Review №40

The BEST rolled ice cream in Cincinnati!

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  • Phone:+1 513-221-1370
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