Panera Bread
7711 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255, United States
Review №1

I had lunch there with my daughters. The cheese broccoli soup and a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. Talking about good eating! Yum yum!

Review №2

Fast and yummy! Price is about ten bucks per person. They have really good teas and lemonade for the same price as sodas. Our first visit was today, probably going back tomorrow.

Review №3

Panera has a look ways made great food. I am now vegan, and while their selections for me are limited, I have to say the options are still delicious

Review №4

Anderson PB. The dining area needed major attention! Some tables were out of place and not returned to their original spots and a few tables were filthy. Looked like they hadn't been cleaned for a while because they were dry with condiments, etc.

Review №5

CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE. We don't usually do take-out, and this location is fine for dine-in -- unremarkable as Panera goes, but Panera is typically good. Since the pandemic started, though, we've been doing take-out. This location has *never* gotten our order right. Sometimes we catch the mistake before we leave, and sometimes we don't realize what's wrong until we get home. If you order take-out, verify every item you ordered before leaving.

Review №6

My family and I went for a quick tea and snack today. It was lunch time and understandably busy. When we were called over to the counter to place our order, I said I would like two cinnamon rolls and one blueberry muffin for here, and three large cups for tea. I asked if our cinnamon rolls could be warmed, to which I was told “There's a microwave over there” very condescendingly. Another worker told the cashier that she would warm them, as she does often and the cashier said “No! They can do it themselves, they don't need to be lazy.” I was pretty embarrassed at this point, so I just wanted to take my food and go. Then when the food was ready to pick up I was asked “Do you really need three plates?” Which I did need. I took the food and microwaved it. I then asked for some silverware as cinnamon rolls can be messy, and the lady at the counter handing out orders asked my name, I told her my first name. She said I wasn't on the list of for here orders... which was because I got my things at the bakery counter. All in all it was the WORST Panera experience I have ever had. We are fairly loyal customers to the Eastgate and Anderson locations and this was probably my last trip to the Anderson location for a long time.

Review №7

I was (literally) the first paying customer at this Panera location. I had a business in the same shopping center and have eaten here hundreds of times.I moved from the area a couple of years ago, and have not been here in awhile.Today though, I spent some time here, sipping a Hazelnut coffee - and, other than the grand opening, this is, hands down, the cleanest I've ever seen this location.Over the hour or so I spent here today, I saw one particular employee, Roy, out on the floor, cleaning tables, offering to box up food for customers, replacing coffee urns when empty, grabbing refills and best of all, interacting w customers - many of whom who clearly knew him.All the other employees I observed or interacted with were also on their game; but I believe a big part of the ‘front of house' change is due to Roy.Say hey! when you see him.

Review №8

Love the selection. Can beat a hot bowl of soup on a chilly day. Quick fast friendly service

Review №9

Panera bread. I keep being disappointed tastewise. The mac and cheese noodles are overcooked, everything is slightly too salty, and tastes more processed than expected. I'm not sure why this is so if everything is fresh. The breakfast bagels and pumpkin muffins are the only thing I buy anymore. And the last 2 pumpkin muffins were muted in taste. Service is usually good and they are accommodating.

Review №10

Everyone in the staff was as friendly as can be during a lunch rush on a friday. I usually don't go to Panera so they helped me with picking out a good thing to order. The food was also delicious but still a little pricey for me to go here all the time.

Review №11

Awesome service.

Review №12

Service poor. Staff not very attentive.

Review №13

The food is great and the people there are very welcoming. The Mac and cheese is the best!

Review №14

Great food and decent service. Prices are high in my opinion for what you get. Soup and sandwich for almost 13 bucks? But it's fresh and good quality so I really can't complain too much. Will definitely continue to eat here.

Review №15

I love their Autumn squash soup. I do wish they had more variety of vegetarian soup options

Review №16

Food is mediocre, but I've been coming here for a while and have properly accustomed myself to the meager atmosphere. HOWEVER. It seemed like the usual day of teens and young adults giving me hipster vibes and overpriced beverages, when this large and in charge bald man comes bringing up the rear. I can only assume from the chatter that the regional manager scouted him from the flea market like a modeling agency. Can you say HAGGLE?! Because he can. I've gone here a couple times while he's been working and forced employees to try to take my food out of my mouth while I'm eating, but last time I ordered he interrupted me before I could even get my order out and then my food came out incorrectly. Instead of apologizing, the staff had to argue with me over what comes on the sandwich. Thankfully one of the staff, Abby, was extremely kind and helped me solve the issue without a problem.

Review №17

Beechmont ave store absolutely the worst customer service of any Panera bread restaurant, order two bowls of soup and got nothing not broth! Sandwiches were cold and when we complained to the manager we got nothing but attitude as if it were our fault that they put out bad food.

Review №18

Consistent service. Food is always fresh and well prepared.

Review №19

This is an average Panera location. It doesn't seem as busy as other stores, so I question why this one doesn't stack up in cleanliness. Parking is ample. Don't get confused by the shared entry door.

Review №20

Great food, great service!

Review №21

I had the bread bowl with ten vegetable soup and it was a good meal.

Review №22

I only ever rapid pickup here because the staff is rude and it's easier than interacting with them. They also take horrendously long.

Review №23

Clean, good food as always.

Review №24

Great Food, good customer service and atmosphere. Love to grab a coffee and work.

Review №25

Good coffee and pastry, nice enviroment for morning start

Review №26

I love this place!! I go here very often, service is good and ofcourse, the menu too!!

Review №27

Not bad . Need more meat

Review №28

Excellent service!

Review №29

I got there about 30 minutes after they opened and they had plenty of food to serve. Bagels and beverages are fresh, but the other baked goods seem like they're from the night before. Decent, friendly service, but I did have to go back for something they forgot to put in my bag. Not bad overall, if I lived in the area I would visit again.

Review №30

Always good

Review №31

Top notch food and questionable service . It's like the employees get annoyed they have to work hard because they are always busy and it reflects when they are not friendly and have poor customer interaction.

Review №32

It is MIND-BOGGLING how much this store has gone down in quality over the past year or so. I frequent this store on the weekends. Most of the time is to grab a bagel and coffee and get some work done on my computer. In the past several months, I have gone in multiple times only to find out they are either OUT OF ALL CREAM CHEESE or they ONLY HAVE HONEY WALNUT. I have had to take the empty creamers to the counter to be refilled. I have had to ask them to bring out coffee to replace the empty urns. I have had to wipe off tables because they are dirty. This past Sunday, I went in with hopes of a decent experience. NOPE. After ordering plain cream cheese, I heard again "Sorry, we only have honey walnut." So I turned around and walked out. It is not the young folks taking orders. The problem lies with management and above to make sure this store has what it needs to be successful. PLEASE do something about thins!

Review №33

The staff there are amazing. due to a health problem i'm on a low fat diet right now and one of the employees ( Jeremy he's a training manager there) was amazingly helpful. when I come in and asked for a nutritional menu (a friend and I had been out and about and thought of panera spur of the moment) rather than just handing me the menu I asked for and going back to what he was doing, he went over the menu with me and helped me figure out what I could have. he was very sweet and went out of his way to help.

Review №34

Wonderful sandwiches, breads and pastry products! Great place to eat and read!

Review №35

Absolutely love this place, they have the best food and are fast

Review №36

The coffee tasted like chemical cleaner, i ordered one bagel and cream cheese and received 3 knifes and 2 packs of cream cheese..... wasteful.

Review №37

Service was great! Food is alway great!

Review №38

Love their selection of soups and they have a great summer salad. Casual environment for a pleasant dinning experience, where they don't rush you to turn tables. Good food at fair prices.

Review №39

I always enjoy the food from panera. I do the the pricing is outrageous for lunch though. My coworker and I had lunch together and spent about $20 on 1 drink, a pick two, and bowl of soup. Service was quick. My co worker asked for an item that's no longer on the menu. First the manager said No they couldn't make it. Then change his mind a minute later.

Review №40

I like Panera. I love the soup and bread bowls, yum! This location has a nice warm fire in the middle that we sat next to while it was snowing outside, fun! My 4 year old loved the chicken noodle soup. A little more expensive than fast food, but worth the extra money in quality IMHO.

Review №41

This was a rough day for The Beechmont Panera! Day shift came into the store, with very low inventory and zero advance notice or bagets. The staff appeared to be newer. They did the best they could, to accommodate patrons. Great Job and Thank You! Night shift, you let your team down..️

Review №42

Excellent choice of food, vegetarian friendly

Review №43

The order was done when I called and placed it. At 7 pm on march 21, 2019. The service was excellent. Will be coming back..

Review №44

The whole place is a hype.. frozen food just warmed up .. high price and awful quality. I remember Panera Bread was a place to visit 20 years back ..

Review №45

Great place for a nice relaxing lunch, very friendly works are very friendly.

Review №46

Workers were really helpful in helping us put a sandwich together my boyfriend would eat, he was in the mood for something specific. The quality of food was great. My only complaint is that the autumn squash soup is seasonal. It's my favorite.

Review №47

Such a nice staff, except for one particularly manager. He seemed aggravated that he was at counter taking our order. He kept saying "get over here now" to team members that were crazy busy during the brunch rush. That's the only thing that bugged me! Like help out, man! These teens and young adults were working harder than this guy. Doesn't have a manager's attitude. But overall, the team members were awfully nice and helpful.

Review №48

Fast service good breakfast sandwiches,pastries are delicious

Review №49

Love the food! Nice and clean. Good service!

Review №50

Food was good. Service not so much. Super slow. Didn't have what I ordered so I had to change my order but they didn't adjust my bill (not that I wanted to wait for it). And by the time our smoothies came I had one bite of my sandwich left. And it was not crowded at all...

Review №51

Quick food > fast food. Sipping coffee and catching up with friends.

Review №52

A while ago I had left a great review for this location but this is an edit because the service at this store has been TERRIBLE the last 3 times we have come in. The young girl working the register last night when we came in at 6 and got a take out order and the other two times is rude and acts like you are bothering her just by ordering! The young staff treat people very poorly and after a third time we will not be back to this location.

Review №53

Quality, fresh breads, salads and beverages. Friendly staff and clean, neat restaurant, tables, chairs and booths are comfortable.

Review №54

Looking forward to new Panera in Marietta. Always one of my favorite places to eat

Review №55

This establishment is next door to my work and staff and management is amazing! order was recieved super fast and was really accommodating. This is now my favorite Panera location and would recommend to anyone looking for great food and great customer service !!

Review №56

Love the food but the employees need adult supervision. Social chatter audible to all was loud, constant, and inappropriate. I hope managers will take note and teach staff proper language and behavior in the workplace.

Review №57

Never had an issue eating here, most of the lower ratings are because more poor experiences last longer in our memory and people seem to like sharing bad experiences more then good ones. Also as a previous worker the stock problems have nothing to do with the workers, the baker's bake what they have at night for the morning. No one can predict how busy a day will be and they may run out faster then expected, and businesses are only allowed to order a set amount of any resource. The workers understand you're upset if they're out of stock of what you want but they literally have zero control over any of that.

Review №58

Tastey and friendly, but no value.

Review №59

Great place to eat.

Review №60

Much too expensive for these designer foods

Review №61

The food is good. I really like the green goddesses salad and the Mediterranean sandwich

Review №62

Not sure what the deal is. Food is good. Service is good. But rapid pick up is not rapid. Still a work in progress.

Review №63

Frequented this place for many years. After last 3 visits, I won't be back.1. Large splinter of wood in broccoli cheese soup2. Scone had white shard of plastic and shards of metal (seemed thicker than standard aluminum foil) on bottom3. Mediterranean salad was inedible. Greens were like rubber4. Place is dirty, fireplace is never on, some staff member (including manager) is always yelling/shouting. Ambiance sucks.5. Wait times are insane, even outside of meal-time rushes. Waits were so long during this last trip that the manager was handing out free baked goods. While only the manager and one other staff member were making food, 2 teenage Panera workers sat in the dining room surfing their phones, 2 workers manned registers that had no customers, 1 worker lazily swept the floor while the manager made eye rolls and sarcastic comments to indicate she didn't trust him with any other task, 1 worker slowly disassembled the coffee carafes and wiped the surrounding counters. This in addition to multiple workers behind the scenes. Yet the few customers Panera did have, waited 20+ minutes for food.6. Food prep workers with open wounds

Review №64

Nice, clean, customer friendly.

Review №65

Nice setting, good food and drinks, friendly staff, wifi available, reasonable prices.

Review №66

Pathetic. At 3pm in the afternoon I ordered a salad and 2 soups to be picked up via rapid delivery at 6:20pm on 11-9-16. I arrived at 6:30pm to find no order waiting. There were two workers preparing meals plus the dishwasher person and the manager. The four girls in the bakery stood by and watched. When asked why they weren't helping the response was - 'they don't know how '. The first part of my order was ready after 15 minutes. The second part - just a bowl of soup took over 15 more minutes and then I went up and complained and demanded the soup to be added right there and then. They had also run out of Baguette, even though it's a bakery - no one was available to make more. When I got home I found 4 slices of bread, a salad and 2 orders of french onion soup My order was for a bowl of Squash soup and a cup of French Onion. Neither French Onion soup had bread or cheese. The excuse they gave me was that they had just had a big rush. I told them rush or no rush, the rapid delivery should have been available on time. They kept trying to bribe me with free pastries from the bakery.

Review №67

The food quality at the Beechmont location is excellent. Normal wait time is less than 3-5 minutes before your meal is ready. I like that they give you a discount on bake goods as not to throw any food out at the end of the night. Great place to grab a quick bite with many healthy options.

Review №68

Good food .

Review №69

Excellent service always good food.

Review №70

It's the perfect meet up place, but doesn't always have what I want.

Review №71

Was going great until I saw a worker reach into the tea container with her bare arm up to her elbow. Gross, no glove or any hygiene whatsoever. Mentioned to what appeared to be shift leader and got Surly response. Won't be going back.

Review №72

We tend to go in on Sunday mornings to complete our homework. Even though it is usually very busy, we find a suitable table upon arrival and don't have to wait long for coffee and a bagel. The staff is very friendly!

Review №73

I have ordered by Rapid pick up 4 times and every single time I have had to wait 15 min AFTER getting there....why even have rapid pick up if you don't start cooking till customer gets there uugghh!!

Review №74

I picked up a rapid order which wasn't ready. I ordered an Asian chicken salad and there was no chicken on it. That is very upsetting, particularly when you don't find out until you get home. I meant to give it only one star by the way.

Review №75

Its Panera. They are generally good but the service has been slipping enough to mention.

Review №76

Wonderful food. Wonderful Service.

Review №77

WE JUST GOT SOME NEW RENOVATIONS!!!Come visit me at work! I love this place! We have great food from bread all the way to our soups!My favorite... Frontages and broccoli soup. Come and get some!

Review №78

Food tasted great, good service, but you have to clean up your own dishes

Review №79

I liked the food and the addition of freshly brewed tea is nice. The menu is a bit pricey, so I wouldn't recomend coming with a large group.

Review №80

Slowest place on earth. There is zero sense of urgency or care for time. And the orders are ALWAYS wrong. If I could give a zero I would. I will never go to this location again

Review №81

The New England clam chowder is absolutely delicious! Also, the brownies are as well.

Review №82

Slightly disappointed with my meal as it is usually much better. I'll chalk it up as a new employee...

Review №83

Fast ,courteous service of a delicious product.

Review №84

My 2 year old daughter wants to come here every night. And when we do come here she always gets the chicken noodle soup with the bread bowl. After that she gets a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese !

Review №85

I eat here weekly the broccoli and cheddar soup is to die for .

Review №86

Good food but got my order wrong.

Review №87

Great food and coffee (free refills) and customer service

Review №88

The turkey chili was good but I really wanted a cincinnamon bagel but they were out of cream cheese.

Review №89

I did the rapid pickup. I asked for one kind of soup and they gave me another. Then I asked for a flat bread and it has practically nothing on it. I'll make sure to include a photo. Ridiculous.

Review №90

Average food with gourmet prices

Review №91

The food is delicious and fresh but the prices are close to ridiculous. You're definitely paying a premium to eat here.

Review №92

Love the steak egg and cheese on an everything begal

Review №93

Great lunch stop

Review №94

Love there food fast Service friendly associates people. Nice Environment. Convient to home

Review №95

I went there 15 minutes before close, and it was apparently a big deal for decent service. The soup I wanted was out, as were two different kinds of bread. The only thing there was plenty of, was attitude.

Review №96

Always great food and good staff

Review №97

Great salads & sandwiches. Strawberry/poppy seed to die for.

Review №98

Good food

Review №99

Had a medium cup of hazelnut flavor was very watered down...Had a chocolate pastry, it was okay.

Review №100

Quick simple food.

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  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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