First Watch
104 E 7th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Review №1

This was our first time trying First Watch for breakfast while we were out of town. Environment was very clean, staff was super attentive and the food was amazing without being any more expensive then a chain diner like Denney's. First Watch has ruined us for breakfast food. An incredible value everyone must try if in the area! A+++

Review №2

I like First Watch as a reliable breakfast option. There is one located in my town and another less than 15 min away. I typically prefer to visit a local breakfast spot when I travel, but when I don't find one - I know they're a safe option for quality food and service. This one missed on a couple of marks.First - I was seated by the hostess station. The edge of the booth was no more than 4 feet away. There were plenty of open seats and I thought that to be an odd location, given the current pandemic.Second - They forget my order of Million Dollar Bacon. I rarely indulge in candied bacon and was looking forward to it. They did not charge me, but also did not realize it had not arrived until midway into my breakfast sandwich.Third - For being one of only 3 tables sat at the time, I feel the wait time was excessive.That said, the food that did arrive was fresh and delicious. The server was professional and courteous, but not very personable or friendly. Conclusion: The food was good. The experience was lacking. I'd eat there again, but don't foresee myself recommending this location.

Review №3

A very extensive and amazing menu! The food could use a little more flavor or just a tad bit of salt/seasoning to make it taste much better. Not too expensive. The pancakes are soo good. Crispy and fluffy. Staff is very nice and friendly. I am here on business and I will go here every morning for breakfast

Review №4

I ordered the "Breakfast Tacos" and oh my gosh...they were so good! I'm a huge fan of Mexican food (I actually have to make myself not eat it so often) and this was a perfect Mexican/Breakfast blend. I wish I had taken a picture. The presentation was great, they were very filling, and the flavor was just right.

Review №5

Very good attention, very nice food and good atmosphere only thing that could improve is the gravy lol because I like it with more cream milk. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Review №6

A fav location for quality breakfast. I love this place so much. The service was very welcoming and sociable. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I loved.

Review №7

This is the best restaurant for breakfast in the Cincinnati area! I love their waffles, watermelon drink, and the friendly staff.

Review №8

Still a fantastic breakfast and pretty darn good gluten free toast! The million dollar bacon was a tad to sweet for me this time...but that's probably just me. Great service, quick for downtown, and prices are appropriate. You'll need to find parking!

Review №9

First time there. My friend was thrilled to see Gluten Free bread. Almost anomaly these days. So very few restaurants have GF items. Our meals were outstanding. Perfect portions, reasonable prices & excellent food quality. Great service too! This is our New Go To Place!

Review №10

My absolute favorite restaurant. Great service, even better pasta, and an atmosphere that would make you think the godfather himself is a regular. Honestly can't say enough good things. And don't forget to grab a cannoli before you leave!

Review №11

Excellent service and they are consistent at every location. I love the market hash with the Floridian French toast. I was so sad they disconnected the watermelon wake up.Loyal customer here

Review №12

First Watch was at one time my favorite brunch restaurant. Then they changed the menu and took my fav Breakfast Scramble (Eggs, spinach, cheese on a croissant) off the menu. Still they had the chicken salad melt. Which is an open faced chicken salad on bread with cheese and potatoes as the side. I ordered tbe Chicken Salad melt to go. When got to work, I noticed they gave me some greens with salad dressing. I was disappointed that I didn't have the delicious potatoes that they normally serve. I Let it go maybe because I didn't ask for the potatoes. The salad was horrible just horrible! That was not a salad. They gave me some greens with salad dressing on it. I don't call that a salad. Then the chicken salad didn't taste the same. I was just disappointed. It had an entirely different flavor. I can say I won't be going back to First Watch. The Kale tonic was still good.

Review №13

One of the worst experiences I have experienced with the First Watch franchise.First: we used the app to get in line. Got in line with a 0-5 minute wait. Got to the restaurant and wanted 25 minutes past the scheduled time.Second: we wanted 45 minutes to finally receive our food as we watched countless orders go to a table to be picked up by a delivery service.Not sure exactly what was going on today but it wasn't the First Watch experience we are use to. Food was great and our waitress (Cassidy) was very friendly and kept us informed.

Review №14

Can't beat their 2 for You: Roast Beef Havarti and Sweet Honey Pecan Chicken Salad️

Review №15

My top spot for delicious Breakfast. Arrived at five, it wasn't busy. This place has a good feel to it. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.

Review №16

Called ahead of time, the gentilmente on phone was nice. During breakfast, my waitress Jessica was simply nice, making me feel very comfortable .

Review №17

The food is amazing - especially the million dollar bacon! The staff is friendly and very clean

Review №18

Good breakfast and brunch place~ ordered the signature tri-Athlete egg white omelet, pretty decent taste. Artisan bread is fragrant and delicious! Complementary coffee with order. Good service, affordable price. Cool atmosphere but long queue during peak hours .

Review №19

The breakfast tacos are not spicy. I did not get the chorizo. The black beans are not so good. I would recommend a different side. But the tacos are good. Would be better with more flavor or spice.

Review №20

Really excellent farm to table experience. So many creative options to choose from. Had the summer special Mexican corn street hash. Excellent coffee too. Large portions and staff was super friendly. Recommended.

Review №21

Breakfast, yeah, very satisfying. One of the best spots of its kind in the area.

Review №22

The potatoes at breakfast are super good! Staff was great.

Review №23

Great food, great service, great music. they pay attention to the little things like quality condiments and heated syrup. Legit farm house vibes.

Review №24

Delicious and fresh! Great food.

Review №25

Most Definitely one of the best places i have ever ate breakfast at. Staff is friendly and professional,place is very clean and updated,and food was top notch.

Review №26

I loved everything that we tried for breakfast this morning. This dish Was amazing and we had a blueberry lemon pancake topped with lemon custard and strawberry that was to die for!

Review №27

Awesome service, food & prices

Review №28

This is a great place for brunch, they have many healthy options in the menu and the food is delicious. I really liked the detox drink. The service is very good and the staff is friendly. They have nice deals also for special occasions such as on Mother's Day. I would love to go back to First Watch every time.

Review №29

I had a breakfast here . It was great and delicious.

Review №30

Great food and excellent service! We went on a Saturday around 12:30 and there wasnt to long of a wait. The food was fresh and satisfying!

Review №31

A little hectic in the prime time but overall nice

Review №32

Excellent food, super friendly service, clean store.

Review №33

Food always perfect when I visit.

Review №34

Very good food and service.

Review №35

Came here for brunch this morning with a friend. It wasn't busy at all, that was reassuring, so our waitress was very attentive to us. I ordered a black coffee, they left the pot on our table, and the BLT eggs Benedict. My side was an arugula salad, it was delicious!Staff was very friendly and street parking was wide open for us. Food got out to us very quickly too. Will be coming back!

Review №36

Delicious and very fast service!

Review №37

This place has great, fresh food and friendly service.I go to this First Watch a lot as I work nearby and it offers excellent, flavorful, and fresh food. I actually think their potatoes are one of the best things on the menu. I always get them as my side.I only found this place about a two months ago, so I'm still working my way through the menu.I am not a huge breakfast eater, but everyone who I go with loves their egg dishes. My daughter is a huge fan of their giant pancake.They even get Kudos for avocado. A pet peeve of mine is when you get rock hard avocado with your dishes but First Watch always has served nicely ripened ones that have that exquisite creaminess.I'm so happy I found this place.

Review №38

Pumpkin pancake and chicken sausage eggsellent breakfast with the morning meditation drink!

Review №39

The service was excellent and the food was amazing! Thanks!

Review №40

Everytime we come to Cincinnati I have to come here. I love the food, the service and the atmosphere.

Review №41

Always a wonderful experience with great food and health conscious drinks :)

Review №42

I absolutely love First Watch. I always have an opportunity to try something new on the menu and I am never disappointed. The location of this restaurant is downtown which I love love love. Our waitress was simply amazing. The dining room was packed but she made me feel like I was the only person there way to go First Watch. Before my son passed away we would always go to First Watch so it brings back special memories thanks guys.

Review №43

Good food. Good service. Good start to the morning.

Review №44

Awesome million dollar bacon! Get some while you are there!

Review №45

Good food, nice people... very pleasant!

Review №46

The remodel looks nice, but they continue to seat black men in the back, next to the restrooms. Even when the establishment isn't packed. This rating gets three stars because the food wasn't terrible, but they need to do better.

Review №47

I was staying at the Hilton and walked over for breakfast on a terrible rainy, windy morning. It was just me, so I was seated immediately. My food arrived quickly and my server left me the coffee carafe (huge bonus!). I was able to linger and enjoy myself, prepping for a day at the convention center.

Review №48

Visiting for the Cincinnati Open. Needed some coffee before heading home. This place leaves the coffee carafe and a glass container of water at the table. We loved that! The food was great and the environment is very relaxed. The fresh juices are delicious definitely try the Summer Blush if you can.

Review №49

Their food and selection was amazing! If you like homemade gravy you'll love their biscuits and gravy! I had the French toast and they were huge 2 pieces is literally enough for 2 people!

Review №50

Love this place. A must stop if you are in Cincinnati. Breakfast is so amazing. Great crowds and servers are very nice and cute. Good environment and good coffee. 5 stars

Review №51

They always on time early is the way, I like cook it when I order it they are the best breakfast when you want a good hearty healthy breakfast. FAST.

Review №52

Delicious thank you for wonderful breakfast

Review №53

I would rate higher but the value is low for how much its costs to me. 2 eggs, bacon, toast 1 omelette 2 coffees and 1 pancake $34.00 before yes it was good, but not 40.00 service was ok, not bad not great, place was super packed but if you dont mind spending a little more its a good place but to me about 30% over price for what you get. The one and really only thing I really liked was the home made fried potatoes these were good, again my issue is I got 50% as much as I saw on other peoples plates so :/(I wont go back, but I can see why its more highly rated

Review №54

The restaurant had great decor, a fresh, farm to table feel. The host was very nice and got our table prepared even though our entire party was not together yet. The menu was pretty straight forward, everything looked so good, I didnt know which to choose. The seasoned potatoes were cooked we as well as my omelette, which was made silimar to homemade but could've used a little more cheese. The kale tonic was AWESOME as well as the new fresh carrot juice. Overall, our experience was great, wish our server would have smiled a little more but she gave good service

Review №55

Delish! You cant go wrong with anything on the menu, but the ricotta pancakes with lemon curd are my favorite. The orange juice is also fabulous.

Review №56

Met cousin and her husband for breakfast and we had great service and delicious breakfast. This chain is my absolute favorite for a wholesome meal.

Review №57

Love the food!! Very fresh and generous portion sizes! Great social space!! Very friendly staff!! Will come back the next time I'm in Cincinnati for sure!!

Review №58

Went there on a Monday morning, got some outstanding service from a lady called Isabella! Very welcoming and top notch! Food was okay

Review №59

The food and service was outstanding. Great place for breakfast meeting.

Review №60

This time I got the veggie burger and it was amazing. I normally get the salad.

Review №61

Excellent service! A nice relaxing place to have a good wholesome breakfast.

Review №62

The million dollar bacon is totally worth it!However the grits were mediocre even worth cheese on top.

Review №63

Clean, well designed, sunny, spacious. Our wait staff went out of her way to discuss local foods and offer helpful suggestions with a smile. We genuinely enjoyed our food and our visit. Well done, First Watch.

Review №64

First time here and I love more hood. Restaurant for me

Review №65

Breakfast very good

Review №66

The time it took to receive my order was over 10 minutes and this was a order that was placed

Review №67

Food was was great. Staff where very friendly.

Review №68

Great place! The gentleman upfront was very friendly & helpful, he radiated positive energy! The food was awesome - I had the smoked salmon tzatziki toast with Kale Tonic and both were delicious & refreshing. Definitely recommend!

Review №69

Very delicious food

Review №70

Great brunch and lunch any day. Great coffee. Great Service Staff and MGMT always professional. There can be a wait sometime but the food is worth it. Prices are cheap for the amount of food you get. Kid friendly

Review №71

Very good food servers can get a little more personality but the food is outstanding!

Review №72

It's consistently tasty and one of the best franchise breakfast

Review №73

My wife and I were heading home to Louisville from a weekend trip up north and decided to stop and get breakfast at the first watch in Cinci. Our food was excellent and afterwards the GM, Jabar, came to our table and said that he felt it took longer for us to get our food than the usual standard of his restaurant and said our meal was on the house, because, I'm his words, “we're better than that.” I wish more people still cared about their customers and the company they represent the way that Jabar does. If I was an executive of a restaurant company I would look for people like him to be promoted to assume more responsibility. This experience gave my wife and I a good perspective of the natives of Cincinnati and the leadership training of First Watch. Not sure if it's considered the south, but that is some southern hospitality! Thank you.

Review №74

This place was the bomb! Could have chosen from a dozen delicious looking breakfast dishes. Ended up getting pumpkin pancakes with a chicken sausage patty. They left a carafe of coffee on the table too which was much appreciated. My wife said her omelet was best she's ever had!

Review №75

Food was delicious and we had an excellent server.

Review №76

Good food!!

Review №77

LOVE their Market Fresh breakfast bowl!

Review №78

Great selection of brunch items. Excellent quality and big portions. A little expensive but reasonable for the neighborhood.

Review №79

Their food is good sometimes and their service is good sometimes. However for them to be the only breakfast place close to where I work I hate it. From waiting 45 minutes for a Togo order that was called in to inconsistency everytime I get the same thing. The Sunrise Granola bowl. I even expressed to the manager how it was different every time an he stated he will send a discount in the mail because they forgot the granola an..we know that never happened cause that was 3 weeks ago. I just feel like they can do way better.

Review №80

Nice service and waitresses were very attentive to customers needs. I recommend this place to all.

Review №81

Great food and even better staff

Review №82

Boring and overpriced food. Overly and inexplicably always crowded. Do yourself a favor and spread your wings and head down to Taste of Belgium or another much better option in the downtown area.

Review №83

Nice friendly staff and a good healthy breakfast to start the day

Review №84

Very nice place to sit down and have brunch or lunch! Very welcoming and a great staff. Prices are a bit high, but food matches in terms of quality!

Review №85

Great atmosphere with Great good. Be sure to try the million dollar bacon!!!

Review №86

Fat service and the food was good. I had a cheese omelette, simple stuff but they did it right.

Review №87

Great food but a bit pricey for lunch.

Review №88

Our go-to Saturday brunch. Tasty, fresh and healthy food choices. Outstanding service, I feel like family here. Thanks to the whole team for helping us make this choice easy almost every week.

Review №89

Garden fritta and million dollar bacon was great! Coffee was okay but the atmosphere was charming. We will go again!

Review №90

Wonderfully fresh and fantastic food and friendly people. Definitely worth the trip.

Review №91

My first visit and my server picked the perfect breakfast for me

Review №92

The food was good no complaints there. Service was terrible, it was not busy and I felt I was not treated correctly server never brought my water I asked for, she also never offered anything else never came back to check if everything came out ok just walked by and dropped off the check, no thank you no come back soon nothing she needs more training the management for the location on 7th downtown Cincinnati needs to step up and train properly or does the management need training also. It's the worst experience I have had at this location. (Jessica) needs training she is not server capable yet. I have been there a few times and had great service this time was the worst.

Review №93

Breakfast... quality stuff.

Review №94

The service was great during a mid morning rush, food was awesome..

Review №95

Overall good food

Review №96

Good food and great service.

Review №97

Great Mother's Day breakfast! We got there at 8:30 to avoid the crowd. The service was wonderful.

Review №98

Loved my waitress and food always good!!

Review №99

A great place to have a healthy and delicious breakfast

Review №100

French toast was excellent, husband and I shared the million dollar bacon they offer seasonally and it blows any other bacon out of the water. Coffee is delicious and smells great as soon as you walk in. The inside of the restaurant is clean with a great farmhouse design. Our server was Ryan who was very polite and friendly. She has been one of the best servers in a downtown restaurant I've ever dined in. If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would!

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:104 E 7th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-721-4744
  • American restaurant
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  • Sunday:7AM–2:30PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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