Jets Pizza
5843 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45429, United States
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We've been using Local Flavor discounts at Jet's which we've been having about once a month. The food quality is consistently good, the service is consistently good.One of the things we've commented on at our tables is that we don't remember Jets being this good when we previously tried it (it's about a block from the house), and so if you haven't tried it in a while - maybe try it again and see if your experience is similar.We order an 8 corners for 3 people, and eat 2 slices each then use the leftover for someone's lunch the next day most commonly.

Review №2

Jets 10 pizza is my family's favorite and our go-to every time we order from Jet's. Order it deep dish style and add Turbo seasoning to the crust with a side of garlic butter. Absolutely delicious!(Sorry, I was so hungry I forgot to take a before pic!)

Review №3

Great flavors. Pizza ready when promised. Pizza was a little greasy. Also had small Greek Salad. It is to be a 2 serving salad but if you are using it as a meal it will only feed one person. The toppings included with the Greek salad were great and the dressing was very good.

Review №4

Awesome many toppings they fall off the pizza!

Review №5

Great pizza! Got a little crazy and got a hand tossed pizza and it was still great.

Review №6

I ordered a Detroit style super and it was perfect in every way. Made my whole Sunday. Thanks Jet's.

Review №7

Good food fast service! Love it.

Review №8

Their pizza is good. Good service too

Review №9

Easily the best pizza place in town. Great staff and food quality. I always find myself coming back to this location.

Review №10

Nice choice to eat! love it.

Review №11

Pizza was good, waited for 20min after the ready time on my online order

Review №12

Good food fast service! Love it.

Review №13

Ordered pizza forgot the salad. Chris went back and ordered a new salad ️ and brought it back️Jets has the best garden salad ️️️

Review №14

Truly a great place to get some good pizza and subs

Review №15

I visit this spot a lot since I work in the area. I love how the service is always fantastic and they keep the place clean consistently. Rates are reasonable and they serve generous portions.

Review №16

They deliver to Rumbleseat wine shop which is just too good to be true. Salads and subs aren't bad for a pizza joint. Always friendly service and those Sicilian squares *sigh

Review №17

Great crunchy Detroit crust

Review №18

I loved the pizza but too much sauce

Review №19

Great food, Marlissa, Jes, and Pat are top notch people who do the best work they can. Crew appears to work hard even when times are difficult or stressful, as I went in on 2/14/2020 and they were up to their ears in orders but still getting things done as fast as they could.Honestly the only issue I have is that there is no dine in area, and that the large deep dish pizza costs less yet somehow contains more pizza than an eight corner.Other than that they are honestly the best pizza in the area and if you can't get delivery, I'd suggest making the effort to pick it up, it's that good! Thanks to this crew for the best pizza in Kettering and possibly even in Dayton!Cheers!CMA

Review №20

Consistently quality pizza with a delicious crust and a good supply of toppings. A great choice for people who like a thick crust pizza. They oil the pans so the crust has a nice crunch on the edges. They offer a good variety of crust toppers too.

Review №21

Friendly staff and good pizza

Review №22

They are misleading on their coupons and will not honor what they print on tg he "gift card" they send you. It says may be combine with other offer, but they say no when you call. This was a while back from this post, but we have not eaten there since.

Review №23

The pizza is some of the best but the customer service leaves room for improvement. I went in with a friend and the worker used a coupon to make her pizza 9.99. I ordered the same pizza but was unaware of a coupon and worker didn't use one on my order. I'm fine paying menu price, it's whatever. But when I looked at the receipt, it was a dollar more than what was listed on the menu. I asked a worker and she informed me that they hadn't gotten in new menus with the new prices. I suggested letting the customers know before they pay or using a piece of tape with the accurate price written on the menu.My pizza was $16 and my friends was $10. Maybe use the coupon for both customers or neither.

Review №24

Jet's Pizza is one of our family's favorite places to order pizza from. Pizzas are always hot and prepared with the correct toppings. Staff are friendly. I highly recommend the Turbo crust (if you like garlic). Both 8 corner pizzas and hand-tossed pizzas are delicious.

Review №25

Hands down the friendliest crew in the area. Management is top notch

Review №26

Best pizza around

Review №27

The pizza is delicious but also, the customer service is top notch. We received unparalleled service from Jess. Definitely coming here again!

Review №28

The dough is made fresh

Review №29

Food is great for the price. This is basically our go to place to get pizza. I really like the detroit style crust. We love getting our pizza here and the people at the store are really friendly.Loses one star because the delivery guy comes off like a sarcastic jackass, however. Just give me my pizza and leave the attitude.

Review №30

Great service, always gets the orders correct and fast.

Review №31

Not as good as most other Jet's in the area: the past two times I've ordered and asked for a flavoring on the crust, they have forgotten it. And the pizza kinda tastes like plastic? Like a plastic aftertaste? Haven't had this issue with other Jet's, so I'm not sure what's up there. Delivery guys are always really nice, but I wouldn't recommend ordering from this Jet's.

Review №32

Decent pizza, actually slightly above average for franchise delivery pizza but still nothing to brag about. I will say the delivery times are generally pretty fast so they have that going for them.

Review №33

Good pizza. It's different than the other chains

Review №34

The best pizza around imo! I'm addicted to their bbq chicken (minus onions) deep dish pizza.

Review №35

Pizza is good but does not taste fresh, does not look fresh as it should look coming out of oven. Even salad did not feels fresh.

Review №36

One of the worst pizzas of my Life!!!so disappointing.. no flavor.. little sauce.. meat looked and tasted like it was a few days old.. just Gross..

Review №37

I don't normally write reviews, but something must be done. I came in with high hopes as all of my friends have told me about this place. When I came in to pick up my food, a manager was walking around and preparing food with her fatty midsection completely exposed. It was so disappetizing, I took the pizza home and didn't eat it. It was almost touching the pizzas being prepared and order as it was brought to me. YUCK!

Review №38

The Aloha BBQ Chicken deep dish crust pizza was excellent

Review №39

This place makes a great pizza when you order anything make sure you get extra cheese that way the ingredients stay on the pizza and not all over your plate I am calling again soon you would not go wrong if you did the same

Review №40

Thin crust pepperoni garlic crust very tasty. Wings mild soggy and burnt taste not so good. Frickers still the best.

Review №41

Best and most consistent fast food pizza chain.....

Review №42

Delicious Aloha BBQ Chicken pizza! Friendly staff too.

Review №43

A nice small pizza shop.

Review №44

Great staff, great pizza. The only place ill order pizza from being a transplant from buffalo ny

Review №45

Amazing pizza is the best I have had since moving to America from Scotland!! I litterly only had a $100 bill for our familys order and the delivery guy said no problem and went back to the store for change and was back at our house in less than an hour! Will be making this our new regular for take out!! Thanks guys!! X

Review №46

Walked in and a bell rang loudly! I examined the menu on the wall for 3 to 5 minutes nobody greeted me ???? Then the same loud bell rang when walking out! No more need be said.

Review №47

Good Detroit style deep dish pizza.

Review №48

Average at best. The crust last time was weak sauce.

Review №49

The pizza is so great and amazing

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Review №51

Why did you get rid of the alfredo ! Are you crazy!

Review №52

I love their pizza and their staff is always kind and makes sure I know about all their sales before I order, which really helps when money's tight and you have mouths to feed! Their deep dish is awesome

Review №53

Excellent pizza. Fairly fast!

Review №54

The best pizza in the area, in my opinion

Review №55

Excellent 8 corner pizza!

Review №56

This pizza is nothing more than overpriced trash. 3 personal pizzas and it came to $38. Whoever makes the prices should just go on ahead and climb in that oven when the next pizza goes in.

Review №57

Very good barb chicken pizza

Review №58

I never write reviews but this has to be said about this Jet's Pizza. I went to get my pizza picked up from here and the person who gave me my pizza was completely stoned out of his mind!!!! The worst part was is that he looked like he was only 16 years old because he had braces still and looked like he hadn't even graduated high school yet!!!! i think he was a manager!!!!! Absolutely terrible that i witnessed that.

Review №59

Awesome quick delivery, food is fresh, no hassle with ordering. Brought plenty of plates and napkins with menus. First time ordering from here and i will continue to get my pizza from here for now on.

Review №60

I have always ordered from here and it has been by far my favorite pizza, the past 2 times ordering they screw up and gave me the wrong pizza and did not bring the ranch I ordered with it. I spoke with John the "manager" only to be offered a 5$ credit towards my next order. After further speaking & trying to explain how unfair that was being I have spent 40$+ the past 2 times to get something I didn't pay for, and shorted on what I did pay for. He further explained they can not "just hand out free pizza" 5$ credit was the best he could do. I will not be ordering here anymore. I will be charging back my card as well, since I have paid for something and what I received was not what I paid for, and no resolution has been offered.

Review №61

The prices for this not so great pizza is unbelievable

Review №62

Service was horrible. We ordered carryout. They made a mistake in the order. When we called. We were put on hold then told we needed to speak with a manager who never came to the phone. After 7 minutes on hold, we just hung up. When we showed up at the store, they did correct it, but we had to wait while they corrected it as part of our order sat at home. The pizza was okay, but the service ruined the taste.

Review №63

Their deep dish is absolutely amazing. My personal favorite is the 8 corner with cajun crust. They also have the best jalapeño cheese sauce for dipping their cheesy bread into.

Review №64

Decent pizza, but LOUSY customer service! Called at 9:42 for delivery and was told they stopped taking delivery orders at 9:40. I said, "come on, can't you make an exception for me - you guys know me, I order every week?" Nope! So, I said "We'll, thanks for the consideration for a long time customer" and he HUNG UP ON ME!!. Not a single, I'm sorry, etc. Calling Donatos.

Review №65

Wasn't there. Ate at Geeze

Review №66

I'd say this is probably the best pizza in the area. Friendly service, Fast Delivery, and the best tasting pizza I have found in the Dayton area. It would be a shame to overlook this place.

Review №67

The pizza here has become my personal favorite in Dayton. The pizza is delicious and priced quite reasonably. If this was served at Dewey's it would be 30 bucks.

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Had a delicious 8 Corner last night with Turbo Crust! Great service and great pizza!

Review №70

Great place

Review №71

Really thick crust pizza. Super greasy. Worst pizza to eat cold.

Review №72

Jet 10 with turbo crust.... Awesome!!

Review №73

We love Jet's Pizza! Try a deli boat! Delicious.

Review №74

I love their Pizza

Review №75

Love this place! Must have their turbo crust.

Review №76

It just didnt live up to the other reviews. Give me marians or donatos

Review №77

Turbo crust is a must.

Review №78

Excellent tasting pizza

Review №79

Pizza was delicious

Review №80

Very good!

Review №81

Good one

Review №82

Pizza is fantastic, bbq chicken pizza is my favorite

Review №83

Family loves it

Review №84

Michigan Tradition

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Review №86

Trash .

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Review №88

The bet ever

Review №89

Great pizza!

Review №90

Best pizza ever!

Review №91

Decent pizza but nothing spectacular

Review №92

Great pizza and wings never get tired of eating at Jetts

Review №93

The 8 corner is unbeatable. This location rocks. Seriously great pizza with real ingredients.

Review №94

"Awesome quick delivery, food is fresh, no hassle with ordering."

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