iheart KOLACHE
13901 Midway Rd #101, Farmers Branch, TX 75244, United States

Review №1

Found when dropping off a package at UPS. Needed something light and a jolt of energy. Soooooo, I headed right on into iheart and realized I can order a veggie kolache- YES! But unfortunately, the crave was real and I ordered a cream cheese AND chocolate croissant!!!!! WITH a (dirty) chai latte, add expresso.What a sweet lady at the counter that took my order. And the other one that made my coffee. Quick process. Totally appropriate for those that need a little bite in the morning.No doubt the rating is revelant to their place of business and goodness. That croissant melts in your mouth!Thanks again!

Review №2

The Kolaches are great and very filling some of the best buns I've had sausage and gravy is always my go to. The owners are very nice and even gave us free donuts while we were dining in and the atmosphere is very cute, modern, and inviting. Highly recommend

Review №3

Place is run by some really sweet people. Pretty good kolaches if you like brioche bread.

Review №4

A must try! Why did I not discover this place sooner? Kolache options are so good and a cool coffee shop inside.

Review №5

Absolutely delicious stuffed kolaches! Can't recommend this place enough, and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful even while they were busy

Review №6

This place is awesome! Must stop if you're in the area. Lots of options and pastries too. My husband introduced me to this place and it was a mistake because I got hooked.Staff is welcoming and extremely polite. They're always in a great mood.

Review №7

Not sure the owners business model but serving coke with kolaches at 9am then refusing me a substitution or allowing me to purchase an actual breakfast beverage makes no sense.

Review №8

Very tasty and Friendly staff. I will come more often to get kolache-!

Review №9

Iheart Kolache was our breakfast place for our week+ stay at the Comfort Inn. They were so friendly, the place is warm & inviting like someone's home and the food was so fresh and delicious. But it was the Iced Mocha Coffee that had me coming back . Consistently perfect every time

Review №10

The kolaches here are really good, and are a go-to breakfast item for me. But if you're used to good coffee, their coffee is pretty bad. I almost poured mine out. I would highly recommend getting your kolaches here, and then going just half a mile away down Alpha to Native Coffee for your coffee. 5/5 for Kolaches alone, -1 for bad coffee and -another for calling it "the freshest coffee in town" on a sign on your way in. (It's fine if your coffee sucks, just don't pretend that it doesn't.)

Review №11

Their version of a “donut hole” is the best little thing you'll ever eat!

Review №12

At first, I had no idea what kolaches were but I'm so glad I found out. When I used to live in Dallas, I would stop in on Saturdays for breakfast. The staff is patient and helpful. They have regular choices like sausage and gravy, bacon, egg and cheese, and pepperoni pizza just to name a few of my favorites. They also have sweet choices like sweet potato or a fruit topping. A must try.

Review №13

Really cute shop with delicious kolaches! Definitely coming here again!

Review №14

Pretty good Kolache spot. Definitely a great variety available. They are a little pricey, but worth it if you love Kolaches!

Review №15

THE BEST COFFEE AND BAKERY IN DFW!!! This is my 2nd time here and have tried almost everything on the menu now, ITS THAT GOOD! Everything is quality made, the coffee is REAL and made right in front of you. Also the employees are all happy and inviting! I drove from Arlington just to come here. THANK YOU KOLACHE!

Review №16

My kids live in Dallas and brought home the crossaint kolaches!!! The were very good... The glazed crossaint donut was impressive. I was excited to get back to town. I got the pink icing crossaint donut but totally want the glazed. There were sugar-covered donuts also. Haven't tried that one... Yet!!!

Review №17

Great place. Excellent service. The kolaches are very tasty. Coffee is good too. I highly recommend it.

Review №18

This place is amazing. Delicious kolaches. My favorite is potato, cheese, and broccoli. So many creative flavors to choose got to check it out!

Review №19

I went for kolaches but loved the chocolate muffins over there..they are really very tasty and so soft..must try that muffin for sure..i became regular customer for the yummy chocolate muffin.

Review №20

One of my faves

Review №21

I am generally not much of a breakfast person but this place might convert me I usually get their kolaches they are so good. Warm and delicious and great variety. Even reheated they are good lolNice environment and great customer service and top notch food. What else could you ask for.

Review №22

Came by today and purchased a chocolate glazed donut for my son along with some other items. Within a few mins of consuming the donut, he had a red rash all over his face where the icing had smeared. (pic is taken abt half an hour later, and it was still pretty red) I called up there to ask what was in the icing- not mad, this kind of thing happens, I just needed a list of ingredients to try and figure out what caused the reaction so I can avoid it in the future. The lady on the phone didn't understand me at all, and apparently there was no one else there who could communicate in English or answer a question about what was actually IN the food they were selling. Very frustrating. The donut tasted good, as did the cheese and sausage kolache, but the mini sausage stuffed kolache balls were very disappointing. They just have like half of a lil' smoke in them.

Review №23

I had variety of options to choose from.Kolaches were fresh and butterlicious. Found Their potato, broccoli and cheese kolache interesting.Great customer service, clean place and interesting interiors!

Review №24

Pretty good, but out of half the stuff before 10:00

Review №25

Fantastic food and the people were so very friendly and accommodating! I will be returning there frequently.

Review №26

My first time eating Kolache and I didn't quite know what to expect. Was thinking more like maybe an empanada but it was better. I'm sure I'll be hitting this place up more often now that I've had a taste. Oh and the coffee is also good too.Overall, cute little pastry shop with clean restrooms! I judge most places by the food + restrooms. Working in the food industry, clean restrooms usually correlate to better food handling, crew, and kitchen.

Review №27

I love this place. Nice and clean mood, delicious bread, and friendly staff. Always love to come here

Review №28

Amazing Coffee!!! Sweet people. Lovely environment. Highly recommend

Review №29

What a cool place. I've never seen so many different sections of kolaches.

Review №30

Fully stocked on egg & sausage kolache, small, large, mild, or spicy. Small but various sweet tooth options like cinnamon rolls, Danish, muffins, and donuts.

Review №31

Love this place! Food is amazing!

Review №32

Staff is always super nice. Kolaches are great! They can do large orders with semi short notice.

Review №33

I LOVE their croissant donuts! They are so flaky & buttery sweet delicious.

Review №34

I have been trying out different shops near for a good Kolache. This place has the best so far. Was so happy most of them are not that great. Yay. I got the large one on a croissant.UPDATE:OMG I ordered some of their beacon and cheddar kolache. These are the best ones I have ever had. So good !!!

Review №35

The bread they may they use is amazing!

Review №36

Love this place! The kolaches are so good and ther srvice at the counter is great!

Review №37

Delicious food. Good sized portions as well.

Review №38

Just go and get to Kolache heaven. Savory and sweet yumminess!

Review №39

This place has good, espresso and drip coffees, really tasty kolaches, meat rolls and even donuts. I was highly impressed with how good everything was. I totally recommend you visit this place. The prices are decent and 2 people can fill up for about $25. (We got a lot of food and espresso coffees.) come check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Review №40

We love the kokaches here! They have great flavors to choose from too!

Review №41

Cute little spot where you can get Starbucks coffee, a variety of hot teas (green with a splash of coconut milk) is a perfect match with the potato, egg, and cheese kolache. The kolaches are very filling (one is easily 2 serving) are fresh and can be heated to your liking.

Review №42

I find myself coming once or twice a week! So many delicious flavors!!!!

Review №43

I haven't had anything better than this place. Their croissants are the butteriest, flakiest that I have ever experienced. I love this place. 40981274/10.

Review №44

Excellent breakfast food, great selection, reasonable prices. If you like kolaches, you'll heart this place.

Review №45

Awesome shop. Very friendly. We stopped in this morning and had some fantastic drip coffee and a selection of great Kolache. I recommend the ranchero and the Jalapeno cheese.

Review №46

Best breakfast you will ever have on the go.

Review №47

Delicious Kolaches. Gotta try the chorizo egg Kolache!

Review №48

Love this place, everything we try is awesome and so unique!

Review №49

Very tasty kolaches. The round ones appear to be the premium kolaches and the are delicious. Atmosphere is perfect for the morning hustle and the service is very good.

Review №50

Amazing Family Business!!!Great Team, amazing service. Delicious breakfast selections! Perfect for catering team bkfast meals. I use them everyone I travel to Dallas.

Review №51

Simplified and clean, it's modern and the display highlights the wonderfully golden brown kolaches in all it's delicious variations. Pick to your heart's (and I mean stomach's) desire. Everything seems to tempt your tastebuds. You're welcome to hang out and work on your computer in either the brighter section by the windows or the nook tucked toward the back, just adjacent to the counter. The service is excellent as well. Go and enjoy. I highly recommend.

Review №52

This shop has an excellent selection of savory breakfast kolaches, with combinations like sausage, egg, & cheese, as well as traditional sausage kolaches.There were so many choices it took me a while to order, but the cashier was kind and curteous. I liked that each kolache was labeled with a little toothpick to avoid confusion. I will definitely come back again!

Review №53

Store was clean and employee was friendly and helpful. Large selection of kolaches including some very interesting savory choices. Had the egg, cheese and potato and while the bread was great the inside was pretty bland. The raspberry kolache was pretty disappointing though, hard chewy bread with basic raspberry filling in the middle. Probably wouldn't make this a regular stop but if I did go back I'd stick to savory and probably try one of their more interesting selections.

Review №54

Absolutely delicious kolaches with a lot of options to choose from. The coffee is also yummy.

Review №55

I love this place. They are friendly, the food is good. The hot chocolate with whole milk is the best. Thank you

Review №56

I love being here! Yes im the woman at the front counter and I LOVE ALL OUR CUSTOMERS! I Take serous pride in our FRESH product and love introducing you to new delicious experiences! Come on by, I'd LOVE to make your day!

Review №57

Very clean and beautiful interior!

Review №58

Such soft bread stuffed with a variety of things. Really delicious. I crave it when i visit this side of town.

Review №59

I called at the last minute and picked up donuts around 6:30 am. The staff was very friendly and welcoming! Even better, the staff at my job loved the donuts. Crispy - I have never had donuts like this before! Can' t wait to back and try out the other food!

Review №60

Cozy, clean and the very best kolaches. Superior coffe.

Review №61

Vegetable kolaches are incredibly delicious

Review №62

I don't particularly like kolaches... Like, at all... But my boyfriend loves theirs and I really like the croissant donuts! What a great spin on donuts! They are extremely filling though, I ordered three and by the third I was picking it apart. XD

Review №63

Good prices, great selection and really good kolaches.

Review №64

The best part is this is not a chain

Review №65

Addison area outpost of wanna-be kolache chain. Everything from the wood veneer, to the perfectly symmetric shelf of unused mugs, to the prominently displayed bags of high-karma coffee beans, look straight out of the RFP response of a second-tier design firm. About a dozen tables, some against bench-like seating on one wall. A couple of easy chairs and a small bar. Classical music on low. Free wi-fi with password you can ask for. Large variety of sweet and savory kolaches, with a high ratio of tasteless air-puffed carbs to filling. Arranged with mathematical precision behind the counter. A small collection of other breakfasty things. I got a fruit cup that was old and overchilled. Teas are a collection of Harney and Sons boxes. I didn't bother to ask about the chai latte because, well, we've been here before.

Review №66

I would have given 5 stars but they were out of the particular thing I really wanted.

Review №67

Awesome is all I can say!

Review №68

Great kolaches with a huge variety to choose from. It's like a LaMadeline of kolaches....

Review №69

A Kolache place with a "Starbucks" feel. Croissant breakfast sandwiches are phenomenal as well as their croissant donuts. Very clean and the staff is friendly. Will definitely be returning.

Review №70

The staff is extremely friendly and eager to help out. The food is great and when you order a box, they take the time to individually label each kolache. This attention to detail sticks out to make it a memorable breakfast experience. They offer a variety of kolaches including dessert and Philly cheese steak. Over all, I highly recommend this iheart kolache.

Review №71

Cute little spot with great/strong coffee

Review №72

My clients love when I bring them breakfast from here

Review №73

Kolache are really good and nice place to start your morning.

Review №74

Very neat and clean place. Love it.

Review №75

Quick stop. Got a couple sausage kolaches. The quality of the meat was so-so, a little too fatty for my tastes. Definitely not as good as the Czech kolaches that you find once you start heading south of Dallas. Coffee wasnt anything special. Staff was pleasant and the place seemed clean. I'd go back in a pinch, maybe order something else.

Review №76

Absolutely amazing kolache's. They have just about any combination of breakfast items you could ask for in the kolache's.

Review №77

This place is wonderful! The staff was very friendly and the food is great. If you want a wide selection, go early in the morning.

Review №78

Great kolaches! Quick service and friendly staff. They also have small and large kolaches which is really nice.

Review №79

I love this place! It's on my way to school so I stop here for breakfast a couple of times a week. The owner is awesome and so is the staff. The kolache's are really good and i love that they make the croissant sandwhiches fresh to order.

Review №80

I cannot express how much I am in love with these kolaches. Chorizo and jalapeno, philly cheesesteak, BBQ beef, sausage egg and cheese. They have it all.And the CROISSANT donuts!! They take donuts to a new level.Do yourself a favor and stop in early. I know the location by my house in Frisco sells out pretty quickly.

Review №81

Only place I can find in DFW that has meatless kolachies

Review №82

My siblings and I are big kolache fans, so when we saw the balloons out front signaling their opening, we were really excited. The kolaches are great! Super soft and fluffy :) highly recommend the Chicken Enchilada and Jalapeno Cheddar :)

Review №83

They do things different here, the donuts are more crossianty but in a good, delicious way. The kolaches are top notch, and their coffee better than starbucks

Review №84

Cozy, clean, elegant and most important, delicious place. I stopped here because McDonalds crossing the street was under remodeling and I was needing to work in my computer for a couple of hours. I found a really comfortable place to sit, work, have a coffee but most important, have a delicious breakfast. They have around 40 different options to choose. From the traditional sausage kolache, to egg, sausage and egg, chorizo, ranchero, bacon even one enchilada kolache which I haven't try yet. I give it a 5 stars without thinking. Not sure if they have wifi but I am using my TWC wifi and signal is good enough.

Review №85

Amazing, I'd never had a kolache like this before with egg cheese and sausage in the bun... amazing

Review №86

Highly recommended!! Such a diverse selection!! I got Bacon&Cheddar Cheese, Ranchero, Chicken Enchilada and a strawberry doughnut!!! The bread is so soft and the insides are always steamy and juicy! Think I'll go here for breakfest everyday starting now.

Review №87

Yum. Dozens of varieties and they are all delicious. Great spot.

Review №88

These aren't the kolaches you are used to. Soft buns filled with a variety of meats, cheese and spices. They do have more traditional fruit and cream cheese kolaches, but the real gems are the buns.

Review №89

Beautiful atmosphere and so peaceful! The coffee is great of course!

Review №90

Always delicious and great customer service!

Review №91

It is so good, best experience if had eating a Kolache.

Review №92

This place is amazing! Kolaches are really tasty and the owner is super nice!

Review №93

Awesome kolaches. Try the bacon, egg & cheese. Best brekky for those on the run.

Review №94

Best donuts I have ever had!

Review №95

I got stabbed in the gum and tounge by a broken off wooden sliver from the flags they use to mark their kolaches. This is a dangerous practice, if I had swallowed it it could have seriously hurt me. When I called the manager laughed and said hes sorry, but since they "cant find" my transaction in the system, he won't do anything to make it right.Don't risk it, he refused to pull the rest of the batch from the shelves, imagine if one of your kids gets hurt by this.

Review №96

Excellent catering experience with the staff, the quality of food, and the timeliness of the delivery. I would highly recommend them for any event.

Review №97

Very nice cafe , love the croissant sandwiches and the kolaches are amazing . Staff very friendly.

Review №98

I used to commute to Houston (from Chicago) on a weekly basis, but only ever experienced the standard sausage kolaches. Enter iheart Kolaches in Dallas with a huge variety of kolaches. I tried the jalapeño sausage cheese and ham/egg/cheese and both were wonderful. Plus, the owners are awesome. Definitely a place to go back to.

Review №99

Best kolaches in dallas. So many different varieties.

Review №100

Has the best kolaches in town and the nicest people.

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  • Address:13901 Midway Rd #101, Farmers Branch, TX 75244, United States
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  • Phone:+1 972-385-7272
  • Bakery
  • Coffee shop
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  • Monday:6AM–1PM
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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