Outback Steakhouse
6800 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

Most tender steak I ever had. Wonderful crisp fresh delightful salad. Will go again. Great meal. Excellent service too. Birthday dinner with husband!

Review №2

The steak's were great. The shrimp was way to salty. The waiter was slow. We had to wait over ten minutes to get refills on our drinks. I can see this if it was busy but there wasn't but a few people in the restaurant. The appetizerwas delicious but over priced for what you received. All the food was like warm like it had sat for quite a long time. I won't eat here again. After spending over a hundred dollars for the four of us. It just wasn't worth it.

Review №3

Great service. Food was on point. The manager Mike was also a great help. I forgot my glass at restaurant and he took the time out of his day to send them to me in Arizona. Definitely will be back whenever back in Town

Review №4

Wife ordered well done steak and when arrived it was bloody.... It was taken back and delivered done with an extra potato side... The manager and sever were very apologetic. The only downfall is that spending that much money and not being able to eat dinner with my wife at same time.

Review №5

I was very disappointed with my visit. While ordering it was clear the waitress, who was nice, but had no knowledge of the menu. Our glasses were empty, the endless shrimp was not good and took so long it was one extra order...After waiting for our food 35 minutes it was overcooked and my steak was so salty you could hardly taste the steak itself. It was a sad visit...

Review №6

Very happy with our dinner this evening. Amanda is a stellar barkeep and our experience was excellent much because of her. It's nice to see a barkeep that can be proper with Covid protocol, while being an excellent host. Food was solid too btw and staff around the establishment was very pleasant . Thanks, Cheers !

Review №7

Ribeye was really good, had great flavor from the seasoning. Steak house mac & cheese was also good. The bread never disappoints.

Review №8

Extremely great food, flavorful with wonderful sides. I love tangy tomatoe dressing for my salad. Ribeye steak was cooked perfectly. Service was outstanding as well.

Review №9

I was told they couldn't give me change, I was planning on leaving a good tip anyway but after that I'm not going back.

Review №10

My family and I ordered the center cut steaks, they were magnificent. The cheese cake was just as magnificent, our waitress Charlie was very friendly, so was the young gentleman who brought out our food. This is our first time eating at Outback, we will definitely be repeat guests.

Review №11

Good complimentary bread. Steak was cooked as ordered. Great waitress.

Review №12

Good job Mike & staff. Ordered delivery via door dash & it was great. We were pleased.

Review №13

First time visit, not all its cracked up to be..potato soup was good, veggies were ok, steak was tough as leather..blooming onion(only thing on menu that I wanted to try) was not worth the wait or the cost..waiter was a space cadet, didn't get our onion til after we got our meal(its called an appetizer for a reason), & had to ask for everything(extra napkins, straws, condiments, etc..doubt I'll ever go again..been there done that..way to expensive for my pocket..

Review №14

Don't waste your time ! Food is way better and cheaper at Texas road house down the street SO MUCH BETTER. Never again

Review №15

We visit Outback frequently. Nick has taken care of us several times. Great service, the food is always delicious and exactly as ordered. Thank you, we will be back again.

Review №16

Long time customer that was very disappointed! Order was placed at 8:30pm & the RR closes @ 11p... My hubby & I ordered a 21oz steak, loaded potato & mac n chz.Both of our steaks were not cooked as we requestes, the potato was hard & couldn't eat it & the Mac n cheese was way over seasoned. Disgusting really and I spent $80.00 on it with a $10.00 tip for pick up... I'm done & will tell all my friends not to go...

Review №17

Place is always clean staff is very friendly and always know there menu and cuts of meat. Steaks have always been cooked right and price seems to be where it should be for food we get would recommend to all meat lovers my favorite is the t-bone steak.

Review №18

7/16/20 We've been going to this establishment for 12 yrs and always enjoyed our time and food. I don't really make comments, Today was a different experience at Outback. My family had a late lunch early dinner. When we got our food and tasted it, we instantly regretted it. I got the salmon it was bland, my daughters pasta was too. My husband's steak was“ok”. For the quality of food we got, we could've went elsewhere for A LOT LESS money!

Review №19

Same food as any Outback (pretty good) but super slow.

Review №20

Would have been great but ordered steak that was not to my liking good taste but just the waitress although nice she was very forgetful i order some thing she never brought out and when i was done with food she didnt apologize she says i should of reminded her not good customer service skills here although i still gave tip because was was still pretty good minus the some i ordered and didnt get they just put the food in a to go bowl even though i wasnt ready to leave

Review №21

Haven't ate there in while but was Great, table of 5 and everyone in group, loved and employees we met very friendly, recommend to tey

Review №22

Just received our door dash order, the chicken was burnt! It was terrible! The Parmesan spinach was ice cold. Alice springs chicken didn't have the honey mustard on it and chicken was dry. This was an expensive dinner and it was NOT worth the money. Sadly, more of it went to the trash than was consumed. Never again!!! I did call the store to complain, I spoke with Jason. I even offered to send pics of the burned chicken.

Review №23

Good food. Nice waitress.

Review №24

Well steak raw had t ok take it back been over er r ten min. And cauliflower not cook right had not done and mac cheese great no more bread I guiss out but had a refill dr p still waiting 14 min now rediculios

Review №25

The food was good. Service was good. It's just not the same. The social distancing, mask wearing, and people not being out, just makes the atmosphere everywhere you go, seem gloomy. The staff were great but you can tell they are ready for things to be normal again. They are losing money, the slow business makes time just drag by, and you can just feel how everything is so dragged down emotionally. These people need our business. So, go inside, sit down, and eat! and do something to put smiles on these employees faces! They need it!

Review №26

I always enjoy my meals at Outback! Everyone there is always kind and attentive, and the cooks in the back really know what they are doing. Amazing team!

Review №27

Always good food. Staff is always very nice

Review №28

Great food and service, this was the first Outback I ever ate at , I used to get the Mad Max burger all the time

Review №29

Not very good food they could take a tip or two from texas road house on how to prepare a steak and price there meals was not impressed at all.

Review №30

One of my favorite places to go and eat dinner with the family. You just got to try the bloomin Onion it's awesome. The stakes are always cooked to perfection. The staff is top notch always happy to help you with your questions.

Review №31

Came in on Tuesday. Had an incredible time. Food was perfect, so was the staff. Everything about my time was incredible and worth coming back again.

Review №32

Worst meal ever! Food was burnt. Last time we will ever eat there and we've eaten there many times

Review №33

Great food, great service. Waiter was very attentive even with all the tables and booths he was assigned to.

Review №34

My husband and I visited this location about six years ago and had an awful experience. From the service to the food, let's just say we left very underwhelmed. Fast forward to this past Saturday, and we decided to give it another shot. After all, this used to be one of our favorite places. We called ahead to see how long the wait was, then arrived a few minutes later. We were told at the door that it was approximately a 20 minute wait, which was no problem as this was already explained on the phone. I was asked to give my name and my phone number, and told that we would receive a text when a table was available. 20 minutes came and went.. Then 30 minutes, then close to 40 minutes later I called again to see how much longer it would be. The hostess explained that they had been texting me and we didn't come in so they removed us from the list. I never received a text so I was confused, but she said we would have the next available table so we decided to wait. We were told we would have to wait outside by the door so they could get us. Another ten minutes went by, and I noticed other people going in to be seated before us. By this point, I was hungry, hot (from waiting outside), and ready to leave. I went inside to be removed from the list, and asked what number they had written down for me. It was the wrong number the whole time. Instead of any kind of apology, I was given a disingenuous "sorrrry", and that was it. I understand that things must be done differently due to covid, but if they are going to use phone numbers, maybe they should repeat the number back. I can't see us giving this place a third chance any time soon.

Review №35

They have the best BloomingOnions.

Review №36

One of my favorite places to have a steak.The food and service was excellent

Review №37

Very nice. Great service. Great food. Had the cheese fries, very good. Had the chicken bbq, love the bbq sauce. Salad is nice, alfredo is kind of spicy. Bread is nice. Cheesecake is very good. Overall very happy with this experience

Review №38

The food and the service was excellent. A good variety of food, desserts and drinks on the menu. You will have no problem finding something you like to eat and drink.

Review №39

Good service and good food. Ate way too much

Review №40

Curbside pickup was fast and food was still warm when I got home.Couldn't ask for more

Review №41

The steaks are delicious and we're perfectly cooked. Service was wonderful.

Review №42

I called in an order for a steak, potato and broccoli. And water. Asked for well done. Got regular potato, rare steak, no water, no silverware and yes... I left a 25% tip. NOT COMING BACK

Review №43

Thank you so much for my curbside order. Once again sour cream when in said no sour cream. And you forgot the bread. Again.

Review №44

Matt was the best!! Service was excellent! Will definitely be back and ask for Matt!

Review №45

Service was fantastic food was mediocre at best....

Review №46

I had an excellent steak. They are doing their best to comply with the covid19 rules.

Review №47

We love sitting at the bar here. Great service, great food, and delicious beer on tap. We like the steaks, burgers, and pasta, but I'm sure all the food is equally delicious.

Review №48

Twisted ribs were yummy!

Review №49

Brought my family, and I'm so glad I did. I cant stop talking about how great Outback is.

Review №50

Watered well drinks, service not so great. Food was tasty

Review №51

Good food, good service. Bloomin' onion a disappointment. Decent steaks.

Review №52

Outback has really gone downhill from when I used to eat there 10 years ago. They only have small not very good steaks. And it's supposedly a steakhouse. Get back to your roots outback. Your steaks now have too much salt and they're thin and not very good. If you're looking for a good steakhouse don't come here. It's a decent restaurant but by no means a steakhouse.

Review №53

Ordered Outback and it was incredible. Everything was cooked perfectly, tasted amazing, was flavored perfectly. If you want bland, dry, steak you're going to want to go somewhere else. Can't recommend this place enough.

Review №54

Had a party of 4 adults and 1 child. You could tell the waiter wasn't either on his A game or he wasn't cut out for the job. Waited a while to get our drink orders. Then 2 out of the 4 meals where horrible. My husband had a burger that was burnt and my mother in law had a prime rib what was raw and a bad cut of meat. We told the waiter who went to get a manager. Manager came out addressed the problems. Was taking the prime rib off my mother in law's ticket because she didn't want it replaced. And was suppose to be getting my husband's burger fixed. Waited at least 15 minutes no burger finally had enough told them to forget the burger. We just wanted our tickets we had been there over an hour and half. Another manager came and spoke to us told us the tickets where taken care of. That was the only positive to the experience.

Review №55

Steak was cooked perfect. Ate at bar tables bartender was quick. She was very attentive to us even though we weren't drinking.

Review №56

I order steak it was rough hard to chew onion petals has burnt the crispy baby back ribs that's nasty meat on the baby back ribs was to hard

Review №57

The steak is amazing! Fast and friendly service.

Review №58

Placed my order online and couldn't find a particular item. I picked up curbside and the staff member who brought out my items got the item added and brought it out pronto. Thanks!

Review №59

Needs new management. Didnt get my food on fathers day waited for 2 hours for my food had to leave for work. Young uneducated staff . Care more about talking to co workers and being on there phones rather than taking orders and getting customers there food. They also gave me sour cream with our bread instead of butter

Review №60

Very good for a chain restaurant.

Review №61

Had an issue with my steak being cooked right.

Review №62

Service was good, atmosphere was good. The ribeye for the price was more fat and gristle than meat. Have had better at Outback. It was also lukewarm as were the sides.

Review №63

The bread was stale. No thousand island salad dressing only Catalina. No 8 ounce sirolion steaks. I order a six ounce which turned /out to be barely 3 ounces. The waitress was embarrassed and said she would get me another one. I guess it made the cook mad because he put alot of salt and pepper on it. The manager said the steaks were small because of the price of beef. All in all it was a very bad experience that costed 35.00 dollars

Review №64

I'm not really sure how the food is I was just there to drop off drugs to one of the employees.

Review №65

Our RED HAT groups met there for our monthly meeting and we had the best service by Nikki! Especially since we were requesting separate checked, dressing on the side, extra lemon for our water, you Know the rest ! And the manager was so sweet, she bought our whole group a BLOOMIN' ONION, WE LIVED THE PLACE, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Review №66

This place has the friendliest People. The Owner came over and we had a very pleasant conversation. The food is always the best, and so are the prices.

Review №67

Was my favorite steakhouse as they had the best flavor and quality but last handful of times I have been there it has been awful! Steak either had no taste or is full of salt, ordered filet 2 different times and delivered a small sirloin type, running out if potatoes and on and on. Originally getting excuse that they had a large turn over and need to train more but that's been awhile so not sure the problem now. If you order enough appetizers you wont be disappointed when you leave without eating a steak. Tried too many times!

Review №68

Good atmosphere and good food

Review №69

Food is awesome!!! Prices are HIGH!!! WAITER WAS AWESOME!!!

Review №70

I looooove their ahi tuna and Asian slaw, could eat it every day!!!

Review №71

Is there a lower rate than one star.I took my brother and my boyfriend here to eat lunch and it was awefull ,The service was not good .And the food was badYou really need another cook !!!!!!!!!.I ordered a blooming onion and it was burnt it did not look nothing like the photo on your add. I ordered coconut shrimp and it was burnt had to peel the crust off it so I could eat the shrimp and then even the shrimp tasted bad . My total on my ticket was69.47. that meal was not worth it.

Review №72

I have always loved this place, but the last time i attempted to eat in Ft Smith we sat there fo 20 minutes and no one came to ask what we wanted to drink. We got up to leave and they thanked us for coming. We left and ate at TGIF. it was excellent. We wont be back to fort smith outback.

Review №73

Bf and I went on a date night, we loved it our server was great, food and drinks were excellent and would definitely go again

Review №74

Best food and service. Friendly staff.

Review №75

Outback is usually super amazing /the broccoli was good / wish I would have waited to eat my steak though the chef doesn't know how to use black pepper sparingly/can't taste anything in my mouth besides black pepper / server was amazing though/ probably won't be back to this one though like every table around us we could hear them complain about same thing....

Review №76

The service is awesome especially if you request Kayla or Gretta as your server. These two make things happen!They still can whip up from scratch raspberry vinaigrette dressing for the salad. I like the ribs as they are so tender they fall off the bone. Not sure how they do it here because other Outbacks don't make that possible.Staff is friendly and the management roams the dinning room to keep things the best and make sure your delighted with your visit. I travel a lot and I can truthfully say this is one of Outback's finest locations.

Review №77

So. Come at a slower time, disappointed with the entire experience. I was slightly impressed on how you can get a 6oz steak at 3 differ6cooked levels...Glasses were empty and waiter said is there anything I can get for you....

Review №78

Awesome food... Great environment.. Thanks to Brian for turning up the volume on the game as per our request

Review №79

This establishment needs to be replaced. The chicken was great... the bacon was uncooked under the cheese... avoid the alice springs chicken at all cost or ask for bacon to be cooked before having it put on (at which point they will prolly spit in it according to the movie waiting)... the steak... well I'm trying to forget about that and now going to counseling.

Review №80

Lobster tail was cold. Steaks cooked perfectly. Service didn't bring more bread or drinks. It wasn't very busy so not sure why. Maybe he was new.

Review №81

Food was good. Service was crazy slow! Took an hour to get food. Maybe just a one time thing but not sure.

Review №82

Steak tough sent back to cook a little more and it was still not right.

Review №83

I've eaten here several times and usually get a medium filet with lobster tail. It's always been very tender and cooked really nicely. For sides I like their sweet potatoes and their salads.Environment is very warm and the dimly lit dining areas are pretty cozy, especially compared to other chain restaurants.Staff has always been excellent as well! Hunter was our server and was very attentive.

Review №84

Got dinner and a show lol

Review №85

Just had a fabulous dinner of prime rib, seasonal veggies, and baked potato. Service was wonderful, and food was great, even the veggies! Outback already has a great reputation and doesn't need my recommendation, but I do recommend it.

Review №86

Food was yummy, waitress was a go getter and hostess even walked us to the door. Awesome

Review №87

Expect me to wear a stupid Fing face mask!

Review №88

Great people and real good food

Review №89

Awesome help from the staff and especially our waitress, Jackie!!

Review №90

Amazing food and great service Abetzy was an outstanding server and Thao was a most marvelous Manager making sure all our needs where met i know for a fact that is one establishment i will be visiting frequently

Review №91

Amazing food. Just one 6 oz centercut sirloin and I was full, no need for extras!

Review №92

Just not that great. Steak wasn't flavorful or cooked correctly. Lobster tails were great.

Review №93

My experience with outback on saturday 2 22 2020 was horrible. There was 8 of us.Appetizers were ok.Entrees were cold.Steaks were not cooked rightOne person only got a piece of salmon on plate.Had wait on drinks refillsWe all together spent over $200 just not worth it.Waiter was not good.I dont know if we ever go back

Review №94

Came in for a steak at the end of a days work and we were taken extremely good care of by Thao!!!! Very professional and respectful!!! For sure coming back!!!

Review №95

I hadn't been to Outback in 5 years. The last time I was there I was very unimpressed. This time was different. The wait staff was very attentive. We'r ordered a 12oz ribery steak cooked medium. It was perfect. The steak was cooked just right and it was very tender and flavorful. After we'r had left, I realized that I had left my glass case on the table. I called the restaurant and the hostess went and found it right away. The manager got on the phone and told me it would be in his safe and to ask for him when I came back. I returned later in the evening and I had no difficulty in retrieving my eye glass case. I will definitely go back when we are out on the town again.

Review №96

Ordered chicken sandwich. It was so terribly overcooked. Black in some spots was inedible. Can't waste don't trust sending back so took it home for the dogs next door . Very disappointed outback!

Review №97

I had such an amazing time here at the Fort Smith locations!! My server was such a delightful young man named Adrian . Dinner was fabulous and well put together. The manager Thao, who is strikingly beautiful btw, seemed attentative to what we wanted and was accommodating to our request. Made me feel very at home. Will be returning!!! Shout out to Chloe for being polite as well!

Review №98

It's Outback and great wings.

Review №99

Really good food. Service was excellent

Review №100

Food was good... The waiter was not. Never got out empty plates off the table, ordered a beer I never received and he was at the table a total of four times.

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  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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