Amala Joint Restaurant
6271 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77083, United States

Review №1

I found the place absolutely wonderful. I let "Mama" choose my meal from a couple that I'd seen online. I ended up with Egusi Soup and Fufu. It was actually a bit thicker than a soup. The dish had spicy fish with a semolina porridge of sorts mixed with spinach. It was spicy, but not so spicy that it wasn't enjoyable. It reached a level where the spicy was enjoyable not painful. The Fufu was a sort of starchy gooey mix of yam and wheat flour, I think. It had a playdo consistency and was used to pick up the Egusi with your hand. It tasted like mashed potatoes but then took on the flavor of whatever you grabbed with it. The price was fair. It's a mom and pop place so don't expect fine dining. Go for the flavors and the experience.

Review №2

Last week was my third time visiting this location and I am pretty pleased with the quality in service. Each time I've ordered Abula with assorted meat and extra shaki and have enjoyed it each time. The lady who takes the order at the front is very friendly and has such positive energy. I am unsure if they are currently offering dine-in due to covid-19 but masks are required. I've ordered to to-go. Sometimes it takes a while for them to answer the phone and I think it's due to them being understaffed.The location is very convenient with plenty of parking. They are also located next door to a Nigerian bakery and food market so that is really awesome. Keep up the good customer service! This place is worth a visit if you love Nigerian food!

Review №3

The food is good, but the restaurant isnt always reliable for being open or having what you want. This place is a family owned business so their effort should be rewarded, and I'd advise calling ahead.

Review №4

Beats amala zone hands down. Everything is served fresh.

Review №5

I really wanted to like this place after reading positive reviews, unfortunately that was not my experience. I found this restaurant through DoorDash and decided to give it a try. I ordered Egusi soup and it tasted burnt. I was so disappointed because my mouth had been watering for this soup and I try to support black business especially during the pandemic. I could not even finish it because the burnt taste was too much. This was my first time trying this restaurant and It was certainly my last.Update: I decided to give this restaurant another try so I went there for lunch and ordered okra soup and two meat patties. The meat patties were very delicious and the best I have had in Houston. The Soup was very flavorful and delicious. The staff and owner was also very nice. After a much better experience today I will be a returning customer.

Review №6

I had the meat pastry and it was delicious. The crust was kinda sweet and I loved it!

Review №7

Oh my goodness . I just finish eating their suya and goat meat pepper soup , they're really good . They also have edikaikong and grilled fish in their menus . That place is buka in America .

Review №8

Food is always hot and fresh and great portions. Will be back!

Review №9

Great flavor, wonderful service. Awesome people.

Review №10

Love this place... My favorite place and love Adeline.

Review №11

Authentic Yoruba cuisine

Review №12

Very tasty Nigerian food and good service!

Review №13

Worst place to order food online they are very arrogant and poor customer service.

Review №14

Loved the Jollof rice!

Review №15

Best Nigerian restaurant in Houston .

Review №16

Great food, but take forever to get your food ready

Review №17

Jollof was not enjoyable. The meat pie was stale.

Review №18

I have tasted efo riro in four differents African restaurant around Houston before I finally get the real efo riro at Amala Joints.

Review №19

Great meal... tastes as good as home

Review №20

Their meat pies are so good . This place has the best Nigerian food . Try them and you will come back for more .

Review №21

The food is amazing really really good I will definitely be coming back here

Review №22

Very friendly staff. Really enjoyed the food. My family ordered different food and no one has a complaint. Would recommend this place at anytime.

Review №23

The owner Abe is so nice. Best Nigerian restaurant.

Review №24

Great place. Nice meal. Respectful and friendly staff.

Review №25

This is authentic Nigerian cuisine! Small, intimate setting. Staff is friendly and welcoming. The Egusi and Moin Moin are on point! I'll be back to try more of the menu.

Review №26

Thanks very much I really appreciate the service was top notch... good customer service.

Review №27

I ate Semo and Egusi Soup and trust me, I'm willing to come back...... Good job guys

Review №28

It was my first time trying African food and I loved it. Great experience!

Review №29

The food tasted just right, i was on my way back from Houston to Dallas and i stopped at this wonderful place, Got some Jollof rice and Ewa Agoin.....i sure did NOT regret it, one of the best I've tasted in a long while, can't wait to come back soon....please keep up the good work....

Review №30

Poor service. I placed order over the phone within an hour, on getting there, the food was not ready. This has been a consistent issue. Probably, they might be doing it on purpose or just the act of unprofessionalism. It is very very upsetting

Review №31

Nice food.. nice meal.. respectful staff

Review №32

Brooooo!! You guys need to try this place... omg food is amazing. I promise you will not regret. rate it 10/10

Review №33

Good place for African dishes especially Nigerian foods. If you are dining-in allow for extra wait time

Review №34

Best Nigerian food in town. Best place for Amala . Their meat pies are the best in Houston .

Review №35

Naija Naija my people.... Great service. We were attended to in a timely manner. Quality food as well...

Review №36

Best meat pie and good food ever .

Review №37

My first time eating here. Thr meat pies are good....i tried the jellof rice..kinda basic compared to other places ive had...i wanted it with beef and she told me that it wasn't ready yet so i had to get chicken which was basic.Wouldn't order there again.

Review №38

Awesome place to eat African dishes

Review №39

Amala joint is the best of all Amala sellers in Houston, their food tastes so nice , a taste today will convince you they are the best. Taste just like Amala Ojuelegba in Lagos. You guys are the best

Review №40

Best meat pie in the whole Houston . The Amala was so good .

Review №41

Good customer service, tasteful food.

Review №42

Cordial and warm reception, great food.

Review №43

Enjoyed eating amala with ewedu yesterday for the second time at this Restaurant. Please keep it up!

Review №44

Amazing food... I really enjoy the food

Review №45

Delicious.... my personal kitchen when I'm in Houston.

Review №46

The food was very brilliant, reminding me of the way my mom cooks but the service was even better due to the waiter's care and positive attitude.

Review №47

Being out of town and wanted the taste of 9ja....Got more than expected...the stewed snails were on point.adults and kids were all satisfied....the manager made sure we were satisfied

Review №48

MD and other staff are couteous, moreso Amala joint serves good food.

Review №49

Food tastes really good and excellent customer service.

Review №50

Came in to buy bread next door, and grudgingly decided to stop because after all the Houston nigerian food hype, I was disappointed with my experience(I am from out of town). I went in and ordered Amala, Ewedu and Gbegiri to-go, and also some stew for my husband who wanted to eat it with bread. The! Best! Amala! Period!!! It was silky smooth and the Abula tasted so good! The stew was also delicious!!! I tasted the stew and I could taste all the spices in the perfect blended quantity! Whoever cooks the food there knows what they are doing!****I cook very well and I have very high standards for good food!

Review №51

Fine authentic nigerian food,courteous service

Review №52

The food is nice but they hardly pick callsHave been calling for hours to place an order...yet no response.

Review №53

This is a great place to eat Nigerian Food, the taste is great and I will surely recommend it to all my family and friends. Everyone MUST try Amala Joint Resturant!!!!! It is THE BEST, with so much taste amd service is really Great also!!!!

Review №54

Good food, good service.

Review №55

When u order food at Amala joint it's like queueing to enter molue ( Mass transit bus) @ oshodi b/ stop in Lagos, Nigeria.

Review №56

Amala Joint is definitely the place to relax and enjoy a good meal. Wow! never knew I could enjoy a restaurant meal that tastes so home cooked.

Review №57

I was looking for another restaurant with a similar name and mistakenly went here. I am so glad Waze led me here. The food was so good that we were back the next day for more! I absolutely love their jollof rice. The efo riro is the best I have had in Houston! I was delighted when I found out I could order in bulk. The owner and her husband have an owner-servant mentality. Always very friendly and kind. The wife carried my pan of efo inside my car becasue it was hot. The husband gave me a bottle of malt while I waited for my food. Very thoughtful folks!

Review №58

Excellent It's home food.Home away from home.Wonderful , friendly staffs and management

Review №59

Just came out from having lunch at Amala Joint and cannot believe how good their food tastes. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to all Nigerians or non Nigerians who loves African food.

Review №60

The food is very good and great customer service

Review №61

Without a doubt, amala joint is very good indeed!, the food is rich..n the amala is very solid..not some light stuff, I have ate amala in other amala operating spots here in Houston before but this is one of the best.

Review №62

Best Amala place in Houston .

Review №63

Half rice and chicken was good

Review №64

Great ppl

Review №65

Their Okra soup is delicious.

Review №66

Awesome Nigerian food

Review №67

The unthenticity of the food cannot be compared to any other Nigerian place in Houston

Review №68

Great food

Review №69

Awesome food!!!

Review №70

Good place

Review №71

The Amala is delicious

Review №72

Goat meat kickin!

Review №73

Love it

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  • Address:6271 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77083, United States
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  • Phone:+1 281-721-2982
  • West African restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
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  • Friday:9AM–7PM
  • Saturday:Closed
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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