Dans Coney Island
5600 S Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, MI 48911, United States
Review №1

Stuffed Green Pepper Soup is a favorite of mine, so I upgraded to Bowl (worth every $$$.) It was so huge that I couldn't take more than one bite of my Reuben. Their Corned Beef is as good as all the other reviews say it is. Also, Rebecca went out of her way to make my first visit to Dan's an enjoyable one. It's just up the road from Potter Park Zoo, so now they'll be my go-to.

Review №2

What a great little place! Today was my first visit and I will definitely return. My server Kate treated me like a queen and breakfast was super! I highly recommend!

Review №3

All these years living in Lansing , and I never got to eat here. Till tonight!! I had the the chicken greek salad, and it was really amazing. The waitress was super nice. Food came out fast , and I heard other customers comment the same . I'll be back to Dan's coney island Soon.

Review №4

This was my first time in this restaurant and after having the pleasure of their Cinnamon Roll pancakes with a side of sausage links, I was suitably surprised. Good breakfast for a small restaurant. I give it 4 stars for service and food quality.

Review №5

Not a bad first experience. Stopped in on my lunch break, it was seat yourself. Staff was very friendly and present. I ordered a coke and an assortment of 4 of their signature hot dogs (Chicago, Rocky, Flint style coney, & Detroit style coney). It was lunch time, so they where a bit busy, but I felt a little neglected. Staff was constantly filling coffee, but only came to fill my drink once at the end of my meal when I'd been out for a few minutes. Food took was longer to come out than I expected for four hot dogs and so I only had about 15 minutes to eat before I had to head back to work. The food was good, the Rocky was a bit bland, but some sriracha sauce fixed that. All in all, I'd give them a try again, just not when I'm limited on time.

Review №6

Great service on the take out. Everything was up to par.

Review №7

The food is awesome. It comes to the table fresh and hot . My husband and I love the fish and chips. Best ever. We've found our hangout.

Review №8

My food came to me surprisingly quick. The food was obviously fresh and delicious. The customer service was good also.

Review №9

Great service and food love this place. Please support them you wont regret it!

Review №10

I had a double cheeseburger and the grease was just soaking the bun. I shouldn't have ate it cause I got sick in the night. Won't order that again.

Review №11

Always great. Food, service, staff never disappoint.

Review №12

I love this place! They haven't never disappointed me. They are quick and friendly. And I never had a messed up order I've been here 5 plus times.

Review №13

Now I absolutely love small family owned restaurants and this one has been put on the list. This place has been around for a while, but it was not until I came back to visit my hometown that I discovered this gem.Great food and service (even during a pandemic), plentiful portions makes this place a must visit.

Review №14

Delicious food, very friendly and attentive staff. Had a wonderful experience. We will definitely be back!

Review №15

Service wasn't great. Waited over twenty minutes for our food, waitress didn't check on us, sorry about the wait. Nothing. Food was pretty good

Review №16

I have always loved Dan's for breakfast but this week's experience will keep me away until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. No masks on servers or cook and although the tables were spaced appropriately, people gathering by the front door were not. Customers were allowed in without masks. This is a public health issue in a Lansing zip code with some of the highest number of cases. Be smart, please!!!

Review №17

Service was good, food was ok. Better quality hot dog buns would have been good.

Review №18

A quiet little place where you can have some really good food.

Review №19

This is my favorite place I really love the cinnamon roll pancakes. You are going to get more than enough food. When you visit here

Review №20

Great service and lots to eat for a good price

Review №21

Real food, friendly service! Moderately priced.

Review №22

This place has great omelets, as well as cinnamon French toast.

Review №23

One of the better breakfast burritos I've had in Lansing. Good service too.

Review №24

Good service but the chicken was super dry.

Review №25

I ordered through GrubHub and my food came hot, fresh, and delicious! Great food and large portions.

Review №26

First visit and we are going back. The food was delicious and fresh. Our order was promptly taken and our food was served shortly afterward. Our server, Star, was courteous and attentive. We enjoyed the casual and peaceful atmosphere.

Review №27

Good food. Following good Covid-19 protection rules.

Review №28

Great service and the fries were unlike any other place I have been...tasty and very filling..My swiss and mushroom burger was kinda average and my wife was not a fan of the faux news channel so we probably won't return

Review №29

I love, love, love Dan's Coney island!! ALWAYS satisfying I got the club and fries this time one of the many classics you'll find at Dan's and go ahead and get you that soda! free refills at Dan's and if you don't finish it you can get a to go cup!! Who does that?! Noone else I've seen

Review №30

The cinnamon pancakes were really good! Tried their Coney today (flint style) and also enjoyed that. Looking forward in trying other menu items.

Review №31

Nice clean inside. Pleasantly surprised by the quality and delivery time of the food. Service was great. Pricing is very fair. Overall no complaints on my visit.

Review №32

The food is excellent. The staff are friendly. The prices are very reasonable. Their cinnamon pancakes are awesome. Their coney dogs and BT sandwich are tasty too.

Review №33

This place charged me 4% upcharge for using a DEBIT card....I will not return...I will also not support any company that uses these practice

Review №34

Good food and great service.

Review №35

All I can say is wow! This was an awesome spot. Between the creative menu options, quick service and quality good coming out with the quickness. I look forward to coming here to explore the rest of this menu.

Review №36

Ok place. Service was horror, food was ok. Bisq and gravy was nasty

Review №37

Food was good. Service bad.

Review №38

I will give you 5 stars because my service was perfect today. My first time in, her name she said was Kate (or Kathy?) check said Kathleen B. Very professional, upbeat, and really hustling around while the other girls were standing behind the counter chatting and playing. I think my waitress was the only one hustling around doing anything. I had a very tasty breakfast, it came out fast! Lots of coffee refills. I looked for a manager to compliment my food and service, but did not see one, but I didn't ask for one either.I just moved here from Alma, I am sure I will be back often for Katie's great service, and would like to try more items from the menu.Ladies room was clean as well! I like to see that!

Review №39

Some of the best breakfast in town.

Review №40

This is my weekly Sunday breakfast spot. It's all the simple things you live done right, with a few sprinkles extra (like cinnamon roll pancakes.) The staff is always friendly and welcoming, the food is ALWAYS great.

Review №41

Dan's simply has great food. I am always satisfied and the servings are good size so you never leave their hungry. You can't go wrong stopping for a bite.

Review №42

Met some friends here for the first time. Portions were large, prices reasonable and they serve breakfast all day

Review №43

Good and service was amazing.

Review №44

Wide selection of 'Coneys' enjoyed the Chicago style, other dinners in my group had the Breakfast Coney, the Whistler, the Sriracha dog, chicken gyro. All were well received. Great place for a quick lunch

Review №45

Fast, friendly, accurate service.Good food, plenty of it at a good price.Clean, spacious dining area & tables (don't know about restroom cuz I didn't go in there).Clean plates & flatware!

Review №46

Love this place. Breakfast awesome gyros amazing. Staff friendly and attentive

Review №47

Very large menu but we were there for the coneys so tried Flint and Detroit varieties, very very good! Nice generous helping of pretty awesome fries, onion rings were tasty but more average. Quite friendly and attentive wait staff, meals served quickly. Pricing reasonable with two coneys and fries coming in under $10 before tip. We will be back lots to try other portions of the menu based how excellent this experience was.

Review №48

If you want authentic style coney dogs stop here. Best I have tasted. Way better than Zeus's by far. Gonna stop in to try there breakfast very soon.

Review №49

Great food and service!

Review №50

Alright, slow server, but good

Review №51

Great food great service the best breakfast in town prices are considerable cheaper then any restaurant on Cedar Street if you know where I mean

Review №52

WOW --- I was not expecting this to be SO GOOD!!!!!! - I was recently getting tires at discount tire CO. and my wife and I decided to get a bite to eat. Right across the street was Dan's. I had never been there before so we tried something new, our waitress she was wonderful and the food was AMAZING!!!! --- I will be back!

Review №53

Great food! Excellent service! Definitely a must stop!

Review №54

Really good food and really good value for the food that you get service was excellent I totally recommend this place

Review №55

Detroit style chili dog and fries were great

Review №56

Their food has always been wonderful and serving sizes are nice. Staff is friendly. Weekends are packed, but that's what you get when you have great food

Review №57

Some of the best breakfast in the area. The skillets are what we normaly get and they are more then enough food, even if you are starving. If you have been here before, give it a try!

Review №58

This place is a gem of the Capital City! Prices are very reasonable. Service is excellent. It has a great old timey feel. The rasberry custard french toast is sweet yet satisfying. The spinach gyro omelette tastes like it is fresh from a Greek skillet. My new favorite breakfast hotspot! (But also great for lunch and dinner)

Review №59

Good food, friendly staff.

Review №60

The Food and staff is amazing...Everything you order is so good. You are made to feel as if you're royal.

Review №61

Good food good prices very good service

Review №62

Mybvery first review! We found this place on google, and we love the foid and service! The same sweet server -Kate- both times, and she told us to come back often because we are now family! That made us feel very welcomed! We really like this place, I will tell all my friends also! We can't wait to try the whole menu.

Review №63

Let me start off saying that my waitress was awesome. But the down fall was they wouldn't let me order off the kids menu for my grandma that has dementia. Ordered mushrooms but I got cheese curds, this was my first time being here so I don't think I'll be going back there anytime soon.

Review №64

Hot, fast, tastie, priced right. Food came promptly at a peak morning time. Not to loud. Service 100. Food 100. Five stars or ten out of ten however you say it, I was pleasantly surprised. Waitress was Kathleen.

Review №65

Food was good, experience would have been better if my waitress had not told the table it was her birthday so don't make her brain hurt with our orders. Coming from a middle aged woman! Give us a break! Tasteless! I think I will stick to Fleetwood from now on.

Review №66

Family friendly, warm, affordable and great food!

Review №67

Great breakfast fare, tying or exceeding zeus'.Coffee is brown-dyed water, though.

Review №68

The food was delicious. I had their Russian Ruben with fries. The portions were very generous, and the food came to the table nice and hot. I will definitely go back here again and will recommend to my friends. I might just have found my new Sunday morning spot. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the waitress could have done a little better, but overall it was a great experience.

Review №69

Great, quick service. Big food portions, reasonable prices. Mixed culture.

Review №70

The have a wide menu selection. Breakfast is served all day. We like the "skillet" breakfasts for dinner as they are very good and plenty to eat. Nice folks there too.

Review №71

I've visited twice now and I'm impressed with the food quality and the service is welcoming!

Review №72

Fast and tasty food.

Review №73

Great food quality, large portions and good prices.

Review №74

I gave 2 stars because the food was actually cooked very good. I am no longer in the restaurant business but when I was, I could have been hired to run any restaurant in Lansing. I helped a few very well known restaurants get back on their feet. There is basically no general management here and if there is, that person is really bad. We had a gentleman in an apron bring us our drinks holding them against his chest. We ordered 2 gyro plates for lunch and had literally 2 different waitresses which is very unprofessional. We lifted the condiments and it was nasty and sticky and you could see they didn't clean under them. We sat and watched all the waitstaff sit at the bar and gossip and talk about their personal life, and of course surf phones as well. The ketchup and mustard containers were so nasty and faded that you could just tell there is no accountability here. We went without ketchup for our fries because we were afraid to touch or taste what was in the bottles. We got 1 coffee refill, and there were only about 6 tables in the place full and 4 waitresses. Maybe their local customers don't care about these things, but it's too bad to see that a place could do 4 times the sales and they have no clue. The waitstaff could make 4 times what they do also if they just had proper training and knew how to properly do their job. For a location that's had many things fail, I don't see them making it too much longer the way they are. It's too bad the owner here doesn't want better.

Review №75

Great service, very affordable food.

Review №76

Good food , good prices , support local small business

Review №77

Was getting my car fixed and Dan's was close to repair shop.I had the cornbeef and swiss on grilled rye. The sandwich was good lots of tender cornbeef though the rye bread.was only so so and they only had yellow mustard .Would have liked some good deli mustard instead.Service was good and overall was good for the price.

Review №78

Average food. Good service. Probably will not be back.

Review №79

Wonderful breakfast short time to I will be back

Review №80

It was my first time there. The food was good and the staff was very nice. The restaurant was clean and service was quick. Worth a second trip.

Review №81

Food and service was good but kinda pricey

Review №82

It's always great.

Review №83

My family has been looking for two things and we found both at Dan's. We go out for breakfast every Sunday after church and have tried several places. Dan's became our new breakfast favorite the first time there. On top of it the coneys are excellent and they're actually open past two or three so I can get them for diner if I like. The atmosphere is homey and the service is great.

Review №84

Service is friendly and quick!Still some of the best and original Detroit style Coney dog sauce around.

Review №85

I miss the Colonial's wings, but these are a close second! Great hot dogs. Friendly staff, clean dining area, and service was quick. Great lunch joint.

Review №86

Great Food and a wonderful waitress! Tate!

Review №87

I went here for breakfast a couple of days ago. They had a diverse menu and great service! I got a breakfast burrito it was massive and delicious. It had some of the hottest fresh jalapenos I've had in a while! My freind got cinnamon bun pancakes. Great food. I'll be back

Review №88

I tried the farmers omelette with hash browns inside omelette with wheat toast, you better be very hungry, the omelette is huge. I would recommend that you try their food. You get a lot for your money. A few are like family to me.

Review №89

Food was fast & delicious! The service was also very good, quick & consistent! I was impressed! I had a breakfast dog & bean soup...delicious! :)-~

Review №90

Not just hot dogs and burgers. My husband and I have been going to Dan's for several years and I haven't been disappointed yet. The coney dogs were our first order, but it didn't take us long to discover all the other great food Dan's has on the menu. Our favs right now are the omelette's. My husband orders the Western (covered in chili) and I am addicted to the Veggie. At Dan's, Veggie means you can pick whatever vegetable you want, and if they have it, you can put it in your omelette. I'm stuck on spinach, onion tomato, green pepper, and mushroom with American cheese right now, but I know whatever I want in my omelette it will taste great! We skip the sides of potato and toast because my husband is diabetic and he doesn't eat them. I don't get them, even tho' they come with the omelette because it would be too much food for dinner. Just the omelette is a perfectly sized dinner all by itself. Dan's also has great soups and salads. We order the Cobb salad to share and then we each choose our own bowl of soup. That's always a good dinner choice. My husband loves Dan's Greek salad so we occasionally order that as well. The gyros are one of my favorites, but you can't ever go wrong with the club sandwich. I only order those things when I am eating alone so I don't have to listen to my husband complain about how delicious my food looks when he can't eat them, too. Dan's has great food and even diabetics have plenty of choices from the menu. I always get our dinners to-go because we always get take out and eat at home no matter where I order from. House rules. The food is always ready fast and is always hot. The staff is friendly and they always make sure my order is right. They don't even think it's weird that I order my husband's coney dogs without the buns. Just two dogs covered with Detroit style coney sauce, onions and hold the buns.

Review №91

Staff and food is always better than any big chain place. Save money and receive personal service that is the best

Review №92

Have great food and good people work there

Review №93

Great food. Very accommodating for our large soccer family.

Review №94

Great food

Review №95

Great food and friendly staff

Review №96

Great food

Review №97

Asked for eggs over easy and bacon crispy, got crispy edged medium eggs , bacon greasey not crispy. Not the first. You get what you order when the owners cooking.

Review №98

I like this restaurant because they have good hot dogs and fries. That's the only thing I've tried so far. My husband had a breakfast there and it looked good, he said it was good and there was plenty to eat. The waitress was good at her job, no complaints. The restaurant was clean, it's a nice cozy place to eat. We will be back.

Review №99

Service was quick and friendly, and the food was delicious! My three year old raved about the chicken strips. The cinnamon roll pancakes and Coney dogs are amazing!

Review №100

Great coneys

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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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