Penn Station East Coast Subs
3020 E Saginaw St, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
Review №1

Best fries in town! Cut fresh from the spuds. I have only tried the cheese steak, but it's excellent as well. Slow at times when I'm in a rush to get back to work, but it's worth it.

Review №2

Love this place! Bread is perfect for me! Not too bread-y. Fresh cut fries! Yum! A regular standby

Review №3

Best cheese steak in Lansing! Lemonade is great. Fries are handcut . Low key they have a amazing cookie

Review №4

They closed 30+ minutes early. I have visited this Penn station a few times, and this has happened more than once. One of the times they managed to stay open I had ordered two sandwiches, and there was a customer behind me who also had to order. They made one of the sandwiches, and stopped to make the large order that was behind me. Once they finished making their order, they made my last sandwich, so the first one was ice cold..

Review №5

The “manager” doesn't know how to make order correctly or manage people. I ordered online to “save time”. The person responsible for getting orders out kept printing out customer receipts & then just stood around looking confused while doing nothing to get the orders out. My sandwich sat on the counter for 15 minutes only for my to find out the sandwich was drenched in sauce & extra onions. My order was for a sub with no sauce and light onions. The “manager” scolded an employee for letting customers grab their own wrapped cookie but then touched my fries with her bare hand. It's really disappointing watching bad management ruin a place I used to really enjoy.

Review №6

I ordered online thinking it would be faster. I ordered my food at 7:30, it said the food would be done at 7:45 which i get if its busy it will be a little later but didn't get my food till 8:25 because i asked them where it was. Turns out it was sitting out for a half hour. As soon as i got to the place i went up to the cashier to let them know i was here to pick up an online order. No one bothered to say anything about the two subs sitting for a half hour. One sub had everything on it even though on the receipt on that specific sub says everything that isn't supposed to be on there. Both subs were so soggy we couldn't even eat them. This happened to other people while i was there too. Very disappointing in the service.

Review №7

I have been coming here the past few weeks since I decided to give Frandor Penn Station a try. (I had used to get Penn Station when I lived in Grand Rapids but the service fell behind at some point.)The fries are hot & crispy and cooked in good clean oil. The subs are spot on with fresh ingredients.

Review №8

My cheese steak had some kind of pizza sauce on it...WTH?The Italian was delicious. Fries are always exemplary!

Review №9

Went to Penn Station tonight so sorry I went this was the must unprofessional service I have ever received here. One of the young ladies was yelling at the young man when all he was asking for was help, he could not move customers through the line without her and she kept swearing and telling him to call Chris. I do not know who Chris is, but I do hope he can not only get this young man some help changing the register tape but get his staff some proper customer service training. I did not even mind the wait but did mind having to watch this young man berated in front of a store full of customers.

Review №10

I love the food here. Really good sandwiches! The staff is awesome and friendly! If you want a great sandwich and to say hi to some amazing people then this is the place for you.

Review №11

Never had a disappointing visit! I Make sure to go every time I have a job in Lansing. Great staff and incredible food, highly recommend!

Review №12

First time there they have very good subs and lemonade

Review №13

It was yummy I loved the sandwich but I like the fries more

Review №14

Best cheesesteak sandwich I've had in my entire life. Hands down. Don't even bother with anywhere else.

Review №15

Pretty much awful. If a big party comes in behind you they basically don't give you your order until you ask for it because they are paying too much attention to the big order. I also had this location serve me a sandwich with raw chicken so I stopped even trying to go there.

Review №16

Joe the GM has been there for several years and runs a great restaurant with delicious food. Thanks Joe.

Review №17

Great selection of subs, French fries are always fresh and they have really good fresh lemonade.

Review №18

Food was great. The service was disorganized.

Review №19

A bit slow but great food

Review №20

When people tell me what their favorite sub shop is.. and its not Penn Station... I laugh and let them know they have no clue.

Review №21

Great tasting subs! Fast service

Review №22

Great staff. Amazing Subs!

Review №23

Great subs and great service

Review №24

Kellogg Ventures Inc is the franchisee of this location. They are currently fighting my unemployment claim because I won't come in and make food for the public while I have COVID-19. Please do not eat here. If they're coercing me to work while I'm sick, they're doing it to others. This should be criminal

Review №25

Very good subs, Italian and Philly's are real good. Excellent fries and lemonade. Not cheap, 8 inch sub and medium fries are almost $12. High quality.

Review №26

Fries were cold and nasty. Chicken cheesesteak was miserable. It took forever to get my order and only one person/order was in front of mine. Not my best experience with Penn Station.

Review №27

Wait times are a repeating issue. Staff members refuse to cover their noses with a mask while prepping food, and my sandwich was made in so that it was so wet that it leaked all the way through the bag.

Review №28

The Reuben was great and the fries were amazing!! Yum!

Review №29

Good subs, tried several all were delicious

Review №30

First time here and staff was super friendly and helpful with recommendations. Food came out quickly and was delicious. I do plan on this being one of my new go to restaurants.

Review №31

Always good food. Pretty busy, but the staff seemed in good spirits. Well recommended

Review №32

You will never go wrong with this place, full stop. Best hot sandwiches in town that I've had so far. Don't go there at lunch time if you're in a hurry, but if you have the time it's worth the wait.

Review №33

Delicious subs and great service. Can't beat that! :)

Review №34

Thanks guys!! Fries on point! Cooked perfectly as requested

Review №35

Blahhhh. I love their subs. It's a shame I have to just let it go. This was my 3rd attempt at this location. Long wait for food while I watch them send food out to every other person in the place. A medium fry looks like a small. For $30 this was an absurdly over priced meal with low quality service. Wont be back.

Review №36

Great food and service. Only complaint is that they don't have gluten free bread. I understand not having any cross contamination is very difficult but it would be nice if they offered it and just had a disclaimer that days cross contamination is possible.

Review №37

Always fresh and delicious. The cookies are incredible!

Review №38

Penn Station's Italian sub is a fantastic way to tide yourself over before you can get an even better sub either outside of mid-michigan or out of the state entirely. Their Italian sub is better than any other chain's in metro Lansing. I get it with everything on it and think it is perfect that way. The fries and fresh lemonade is also great if you are really looking to go all in for the full Penn Station experience.

Review №39

Amazing fries, great subs. Not the best I've ever had, but the best option for those things in the area

Review №40

Why have I never been here until now?!?! This place was amazing! Never been to a sub place that has fries. They were fresh cut and delicious!

Review №41

Excellent sandwiches made to order Fresh squeezed lemonade. Hand-cut french fries in house. It's good food and Worth the stop.

Review №42

These guys are great. I phoned in my order on my way back up north while I was still on I-96, got there 10 minutes later and ran my dog around a little to stretch his legs. Went in during a small rush, bathrooms were very clean. I paid and sub was ready to go, he made some fresh fries, took care of everyone else who ordered in the shop, mine still on the counter. I waited patiently, and the manager who took my order on the phone noticed me waiting, sub sitting on the counter in need of fries still. Guy gave me a coupon for my wait and hooked me up with extra fries for all the confusion. Handled it just like I would've if it was at my restaurant. Got back on the road sub and fries hot and delicious, Penn Station is worth the wait. Only regret I didn't get a drink to wash it all down. Winston my dog sat in the car and he appreciated the extra fries we got. Don't have a Penn Station in my town and this one is in the perfect spot to get right off 127 and stop in really quick for food on the run.

Review №43

The best subs anywhere!

Review №44

Love this place, everything is good fresh and fast.Cost very reasonable.

Review №45

The staff are always very friendly and their fries and lemonade remind me of fair other words, good. The addition of artichoke hearts costs extra for the vegetarian sandwiches, which id unfortunate. There are two types of veggie sandwiches and lots of choices for folks who want meat. Good for fast food! Beats burgers!

Review №46

I truley feel bad for the owner of this establishment. She has chosen a thug to try to run her business. I wish the best to her and hopefully justice will prevail.

Review №47

People super friendly. It was my first visit...git a free fry....whoot whoot!

Review №48

Pretty good subs. I had chicken Philly and it was good. Chef was personable and tailor made my sandwich..and offered options or suggestions. Place was clean, and the price was pretty good. I'll be back

Review №49

Seema like everytime ive been there recently, there is an amazing cook on duty. Her name is kaitlyn and shes amazing, super nice and friendly. This is the only penn station ill go to.

Review №50

First time visiting and Very friendly staff food was amazing and very clean environment. If I could give you guys more stars I would.

Review №51

So delicious and the lemonade was to die for and a reason alone to visit. Was very impressed for my first time. Can't wait to return.

Review №52

Excellent customer service made a first timer a customer for life! Delicious food and the fries remind me of fair food. Soooo good!!!!

Review №53

I've driven 35 minutes due to a craving for their artichoke sub. So good!

Review №54

This place is amazing. Brought my mom here for her first visit. The atmosphere was great, nice music and clean. The service was on point!!! Joe made a quality sandwich and provided fast friendly service even though he was the only person working on a Sunday at 12:30. He even took the time to bring the food to us. Thanks!

Review №55

Unique sub combinations w/an east PA slant, fresh french fries & lemonade. . .my wife likes their grilled artichokes with cheese & mushrooms & added chicken, I usually do a modified cheesesteak without the pizza sauce & no brown spicy mustard.

Review №56

Not that great. Too much money and the food is not that good.

Review №57

Pretty typical of a Penn station. Great food. Fast service. My only complaint is that the manager kept yelling at the guy making my food making it really uncomfortable.

Review №58

Loved the food and the entire team behind the counter were friendly and really seemed to be happy in their jobs. A great atmosphere. I will be back.

Review №59

The fries and lemonade are delicious. We were helped by a lady named Pam who was friendly and had amazing customer service skills.

Review №60

I'm sad that I have to give them one star. They don't deserve any! If you want Penn Station, go to another location. The service is horrible. The general manager is the most unprofessional person that I have ever encountered. We had hair in our food so we returned the food and requested a refund. The employee called the general manager and gave me the phone. The general manager called me a liar and threatened me over the phone. We simply just wanted our money back, nothing more. We had to call law enforcement because the general manager was so aggressive and said that he was coming up to the store to confront us. The workers are unsanitary (just watch them make your food). We didn't notice until after we returned for a refund. Its only a matter of time before the health department shuts them down. Save yourself the trouble, visit a different location!

Review №61

Always fresh and delicious. Staff is nice. Gives extra fries lol

Review №62


Review №63

A little pricey, but loved the fresh lemonade and fair style in a cup French fries, yummmmm

Review №64

Fantastic subs and the service is perfect.

Review №65

Great food. Lots of flavor. Fries are really good. Love the Pizza Sub. First time there, be back again for sure.

Review №66

Very disturbing that employees do not where masks

Review №67

The subs here are excellent. Not to mention the fries are some of the best in town.

Review №68

This place... isn't so great. The sandwiches are too greasy. I got an italian, which came out pretty sloppy, with too much meat and mayo... it just didn't taste fresh at all. I suppose sandwiches featuring Italian Beef or sausage and peppers might be okay in a pinch, but that's not what I tried. Their fries were pretty good, it's just that I didn't go there for the fries.

Review №69

Very good but rather pricey subs. Subway is getting old and tiresome, give this place a try.Subs are toasted and come to you warm.The manager is very helpful in making a decision/choice and offers tips on changing an order up.

Review №70

Everything is great, but prices seem high for what you get. Good once in a while.

Review №71

Good sandwiches overall. Good fries. A bit pricey for what it is.

Review №72

Great sandwiches... Jason just made me an awesome cold cut italian that was to die for... the freshsqueezed lemonade was delicious!!! And, the fresh cut fries are the best in the west... 10/10 would eat here again

Review №73

Wow! I would give it 6 Stars if I could! Never going back to another sub place again! My sub was amazing! I ordered a club sub expecting your typically cold cuts and dried out bacon... what came to me was a sizzling sandwich. This bacon was thick and perfectly cooked and what really got me was the real slices of ham also sizzling - no thin pre-packaged ham here. I was blown away!I mentioned that this was my first visit and they offered me free fries just for coming in. They were also delicious. The staff was very friendly and practically just as fast as Jimmy John's.

Review №74

Food is good, but the place needs a good cleaning. Sticky floors, dirty pay terminal and other items others touch.

Review №75

Great food and people who work there are awesome

Review №76

Great customer service. The employees at this location care more than a lot of owner operated stores I've been to.

Review №77

Good sandwich. Courteous and fat service.

Review №78

Hot subs and fresh cut fries! Management knows how to keep this place running, and is very polite while doing so. Don't expect to be in and out the door like a drive-thru, it takes time to craft the delicious crunch you are looking for; and you will get something worth the wait. Try the Cordon Bleu, or just stop in to satisfy that potato craving.

Review №79

Nice people, great sub

Review №80

Friendly staff, fresh food

Review №81

Every time I come here the subs are great. The fries are always burnt. The price is a little steep for what you get but I am a fan of the classic philly on the menu. However if you're looking for a good local philly and not a chain hit up steakhouse philly down the street.These guys have a pretty good menu but are kind of missing that element that makes other places in the area really cool.

Review №82

Ive never been here before and it was amazing! The staff was very respectful and my food was to die for. Im craving it! Bravo team! Keep up the good work! Ill be back for sure! Thank you all very much.

Review №83

Always delicious. We get this for lunch at least once a week and this location never disappoints.

Review №84

Great food great service the fries are made fresh fro. Potatoes in front of you

Review №85

Great food great service

Review №86

1st time there. Was good.

Review №87

I love Penn Station so much. Used to always go to Big John's for cheesesteaks around this area, but I decided to try Penn Station instead and I was so glad I did. The quality here is really top notch, there are plenty of menu items and size options, the fries are great, and everyone who's served me there has been very friendly. Definitely would recommend over other sandwich shops.

Review №88

Good, fast food, this was my first time experiencing this sub place and it was quite good. I had the steak full 12 inch sub and a medium fry, the fries were from raw potatoes cut and fried, yumm... I should've gotten the large size. I'd definitely visit here again. Only reason for not giving a 5th star was because once I walked in the two associates waited around to finish smoking instead of put it out and walked in when I was parking.

Review №89

Yeah, just don't. Not this location.Ordered two 8" subs, one with no cheese. That one was given to us with cheese. Go back in to replace it, they argue with me, open sub RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME to confirm it does have cheese. Okay; they remake the sub and apologize. Sub comes back as a 6".Find a different Penn Station to eat at, or just eat at a separate restaurant; this one isn't worth it.

Review №90

Very tastey very sloppy sammies. High medium price range but for those fresh fries and steak subs, awesome. Gotta try the original with pizza sauce.

Review №91

Great subs, not usually too crowded.

Review №92

This was my first time at this restaurant. The menu was varied and the service was efficient. My friends and I liked the food and will certainly return.

Review №93

Ordered chicken parm. As soon as i tried to grab the sandwich everything fell off the bread. Fries are good. Maybe take more time making the sub. I will try again in a couple weeks to see if they're any better

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Review №95

The artichoke subs are absolutely divine. The associates at the location on east Saginaw near Coolidge Road, are totally awesome...they make the BEST subs and it seems that every time that I eat there one is offering me a freshly baked warm cookie...who can turn that down!Also I've found that the restaurant itself is always clean, smells normal (accept for the aroma of great food) and I've never been concerned about the cleanliness of the staff as they prepare our meals. Thanks a lot from someone whom has pretty high standards !

Review №96

Food is good but service is not. They forgot my daughter's fries and getting their attention to get it corrected was difficult.

Review №97

Manager was very nice, thank you!

Review №98

Food was great. Service was awful. Kinda pricey for what it is.

Review №99

Food was good. Fast and friendly service

Review №100

I have enjoyed meals at this establishment several times now and the food is always delicious and prompt. The general manager is friendly and polite. Keep up the good work!

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