6971 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States

Review №1

Grace is the best server ever! She handles herself very well under the pressures of ridiculous customers whom insult her.

Review №2

This Subway is the best! Girls are always super cool and play the best music too

Review №3

Always a favorite location to visit. Every worker is genuine and friendly. We went in to grab 2 footlong sandwiches which were on special for $5.00 if you bought 2. The sandwiches were made to perfection. We asked for it slightly extra toasted and it was spot on. We enjoyed the dinner we picked up and will be back to this location. Thank you guys for being ao great and producint excellent food.

Review №4

Great service

Review №5

Great food and great customer service.

Review №6

Never never never go there , always they dont have anything!!! They put less material, they always late , ........................ , So proud of the owner !!

Review №7

Services is very slow at night, since it's usually one guy doing everything. Was under staffed on a Saturday night 1900.Took me 15 minutes to order 1 sub. If it was midnight I'd understand. Employees reek of dissatisfaction. Probably due to subway subservience is one step above serfdom. Tip jar has been removed by management to further afflict moral. Hand hygiene isn't great either. Noticed employees are trained to grab oven door with gloved hands then proceed to topping subs. Food is tasty though!

Review №8

Today had a pickup for ubereats at this location during the lunch rush. The place was understaffed and swamped with customers for a Superbowl Sunday. The young lady working there was AMAZING! She was handling the rush with what seemed like no help but got things done and was getting people moving. I wish I would've got her name so I can let subway know; I'm still going to try.

Review №9

Dirty nasty outside sidewalk super nasty homeless sleeping outside

Review №10

Best subway ever. Great customer service and not so busy. You can eat outside and that's really nice too. Definitely be going back here.

Review №11

The Sandwich Artist greet me upon entering the door....awesome sauce....created the ultimate 6in veggie patty sub on flat bread(twice toasted...OMGawd), and a 12in tuna melt on flat bread as well...this subway was a great one....will definitely return to this when in the area!

Review №12

Worst subway ever they didnt have any meat other than chicken nd salami smh no sauces no bread and no avocado dont go to this subway!!!

Review №13

Inside was dirty, employee had an attitude because I asked for extra cheese or a water cup. Service was very slow, and there was hair inside where they have the cookies placed. Definitely dont recommend coming here.

Review №14

I had a good experience at Subway thanks to the gentleman who helped me out it's late night 1:00am and they were still open as a matter a fact they are open 24hrs. Food was delicious service was awesome. Will definitely come back here again. Ty.

Review №15

Great sandwich, always enjoy their tuna salad, the service was grand. Nicest young people!

Review №16

The staff here is always nice! They are always patient and helpful. The bread is always fresh! They are great with large orders and catering orders. The parking lot can be a little difficult to get out of, but there is always plenty of free parking available.

Review №17

Good food when they're not out of stock on bread or soup

Review №18

Another location refusing to honor the Uber Pro Partnership agreement while listing themselves as a Pro Partner on the Uber Driver app. Total bait and switch to get you into the store just so they can try to make a cash sale still. Another report to Subway corporate for violations of the Subway/Uber partnership will be on its way.

Review №19

Sent wrong sub, got order wrong, badly made, old bread, no may/ mustered, no cheese, no peppers. In short really bad

Review №20

Food was great exactly made it the way I wanted it can't go wrong

Review №21

There was an employee names Bryan who worked nights. I haven't seen him in a while but he made the absolute BEST sandwiches this side of this Mississippi. Idk if he changed hours but if hes there 10/10 would recommend; any other employees are about a 6/10 at best.

Review №22

The food is always well made, but the soda machine is always empty and the lemonades taste watered down.

Review №23

Awesome place to eat. I love their new bread with the jalapeno peppers already made in it I can eat it with any sandwich. The prices are great weather you are on a budget or not. One more plus to add to this business the stay open 24-7. So you never have to worry about being hungry if u work overnight.

Review №24

The one off of 70th street and freeway has a very pleasant and accommodating staff. Not the busiest so it may take a little longer or near closing some might not be readily available but for the money. I like them.

Review №25

Love my Subway. Alwaysgood fresh and fast!.

Review №26

One of my favorite places to eat

Review №27

The guy making the subs , told me to wait after the first sub , then he went outside to get something (that he put in his hand and close his fist) , so my granddaughter was thirsty I told get a cup and get water. Then the guy working came in and made my 2nd sub , then told me if I was going to pay for a drink. I informed him it was water but he said the not the cup for water, so I told him give a cup for water for my granddaughter he said there is no cups for water. That i had to pay for a drink

Review №28

Why is there only one employee on shift during an incredibly busy time at a 24 hour restaurant during the weekend??? Esteban is making yall look good! Awesome customer service, got the order perfect and had a great attitude despite the BS.

Review №29

They make a meal for you and then go to pay it. I had $56 on me but they don't take fifty dollar bills. Not posted or anything so they get to throw away my meal. Great business plan .

Review №30

It is always good and fresh

Review №31

My chicken was no good !

Review №32

Today is Saturday and sandwich of the week was a meatball sub... Which I ordered. They were out of meatballs. Then,I ordered a chicken pesto grilled. Out of that. After more consideration, I got the American club.however, the "sandwich artist"made the arong sandwich and had to start over.Meanwhile, no apologies or any kind of symptahetic attitude from the two young women there. We always seem to have poor experiences at this particular Subway. We will not be back

Review №33

Love the subs. Getting a bit pricey now.

Review №34

Love subway always fresh always fast.

Review №35

Subway in college grove open 24 hours. Bread is stale. They don't put enough veggies in.

Review №36

This subway needs way more staff on duty, worker was taking to long, about three customers Walked out the store mad and without there sandwich or food. *update* the 5th customer left infuriated

Review №37

Why do people think Subway so good it's not real meat they're serving

Review №38

Always fresh and tasty!

Review №39

I don t want to rating was not to good Ok just that

Review №40

Need more than one person making sandwiches when theres 8 people in line, I will never try to eat there for my luncbreak again, I only get 30 mins

Review №41

This is a good location, it's open 24hrs, and the sandwiches are fresh. This location is open twenty four hours a day. They have some really good juice that is concentrate free, fructose corn syrup free, and they now have a coke freestyle machine so you get like over 80 flavor options.

Review №42

A woman named Claudia here was the best. She was welcoming and made my sandwich look like one of the photos. You should really go here.

Review №43

Excellent customer service im very picky and they are great about it

Review №44

Left the bad Subway down the street to give this one a try again after several years. Glad that they are back on track. Fast, accurate, friendly, and sandwiches well made.

Review №45

Always classic sandwich

Review №46

It was great!! Nice people!! Fast!! And the clean!

Review №47

Manager was rude, and had a very unperfessional attitude!! I asked for extra toppings for my husband's veggie sandwich, and she acted as if it was a problem, or she was paying for the items. Customer service is just not the same any longer these days.

Review №48

There are no words powerful enough to describe my feelings toward subway. my soul shines with light and joy when I eat a subway sandwich... to die in a subway sandwich shop would truly be a godsend.

Review №49

Asked the girl if the bread was fresh. She said its all like that, it's baking. When I hesitated...she frowned up and said "do you want to touch it! Didn't expect that! Our 3 purchases went to Jack in the Box. We were the only customers in the store.

Review №50

This subway was the worst their store was dirty, there was flys caught in the ice where the food is, and the employees was very unprofessional. If your looking for somewhere to go on the late night, this is not the place.

Review №51

I was hoping to run in and grab a quick sandwich. Being 5th in line I wasn't expecting it to take 17 + minutes. I'll reevaluate stopping here in the future, especially at lunch. I used most of my lunch waiting.

Review №52

Other than they had no tuna the toaster was out and there was something else it was good food good service fresh food by the way I wanted a tuna the guy was super cool

Review №53

Not fresh! Only go If you like being sick.

Review №54

Tasty sandwiches at a fair price.

Review №55

Owners are amazing memorizes your orders

Review №56

Fast service

Review №57

Damn kids cannot eat a sandwich at home but they can eat one from here. Friendly Staff.

Review №58

Horrible customer service! The young lady who helped me was so rude! Asked me what i wanted and tha proceeded to cut me off each time I spoke, she never smiled and just looked unapproachable. Word of advise " If you don't like people, don't work customer service ". 8/24/18 7:20 pm

Review №59

Good sandwiches

Review №60

The roast beast was fine

Review №61

Try the new sliders

Review №62

Love this subway good and fast service.

Review №63

If you see an angry black girl behind the counter named Shay RUN to the other Subway down the street. Her unprovoked condescending, rude-attitude isn't worth the terrible sandwich she'll make you.

Review №64

The best subs.

Review №65

Quick, Easy, Friendly,Tasty

Review №66

Go here a few times a week. Usually pretty quick and they make the sandwiches how I ask. Not all subways will let you have it your way anymore.

Review №67

Not open 24 hours. Gf and I went in around 1130 on a Friday 4/13 and said they were closed. Door wasn't locked, lights were on, food looked fresh. Don't know whats up there... Sucks cause it was the only place open late I can afford. So in my experience they are NOT open 24 hours, get in before midnight

Review №68

Horrible. He didn't know how to cut open avacodo. It fell on floor and he didn't put on new gloves after picking it up before finishing making my sandwich.. Alot of my veggies fell out when the guy closed my sandwich.. girls all was rude. Didn't help.. I will never come back..

Review №69

Some delicious sandwiches, though, a bit expensive. Usually there are many nice people working at this particular Subway, and rarely, there'll be some awkward servers serving the sandwiches incorrectly. Otherwise, this is quite the excellent place to get sandwiches

Review №70

Had a friendly person at the counter, but then they left a sandwich out of my bag!! Solution come back for a new sandwich or come for a refund. Are they serious?! I guess we'll play paper-rock-scissors to see who doesn't eat today.

Review №71

Good sandwiches r good. all there food is good

Review №72

Love the food and service

Review №73

No long lines fast and great service thank you

Review №74

It is aweful when the only tool they can find to spread your mayo us a small slice of cucumber. One female employee makes this place not worth the money. Tackey. Ghetto

Review №75

The sandwich artist was spot on ... Loved the service and the food :)

Review №76

Busy but a good place to feed a hungry son.

Review №77

Good restaurant, small and fast

Review №78

Great food. Good sevice

Review №79

Pretty good service, about what you'd expect from a Subway.

Review №80

Gross, not fresh vegetables. Limited options when I went and bad service! Not recommended.

Review №81

Horrible service, veggies that look days old.

Review №82

They have a super friendly staff and good service I will come back to this store any time of the day .

Review №83

Always fresh and tasty !!

Review №84

Love cookies

Review №85

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLEWait in line for 20 minutes and they will either not have the ingredients for your sandwich, overcharged you, or just f*** up the entire sandwich in general.F *** T H I S L O C A T I O N.

Review №86

Fast clean and open 24 hours!

Review №87

My go to breakfast on the road. Steak n eggs with a cup of joe

Review №88

I've eaten here many times but this time I got bad food poisioning I feel so horrible I want to cry not sure if they didn't cook the chicken right in my habanero wrap or the mayo or veggies were bad but I'm in major pain

Review №89

Great sandwich and service!

Review №90

Bad service..... good service is hard to find should of went to wing-stop next door but it was to pack.

Review №91

Love my subs

Review №92

Black dude that has the nightshift is a headass dickbag.

Review №93

Good foodClose by

Review №94

Took my sister to lunch here. It's her favorite spot.

Review №95


Review №96

I like Subway a lot, you can't beat the $4.99 foot long sandwiches.

Review №97

Give it a 4 rating

Review №98

Favorite sandwich shop!

Review №99

Cheba Hut is always my first choice. Then subway

Review №100

Prompt service, polite and efficient service

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:6971 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, United States
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  • Phone:+1 619-697-2710
  • Caterer
  • Sandwich shop
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–11PM
  • Thursday:8AM–11PM
  • Friday:8AM–11PM
  • Saturday:8AM–11PM
  • Sunday:8AM–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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